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The Zodiac Signs and Success

Grows conceited: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Leo, Scorpio, Capricorn

Gets excited but tries to remain patient so they don’t slack off later or insults themself so they don’t become too confident: Cancer, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Pisces

u kno that moment when u give up and u just feel this immsense wave of relief wash over u? that shit is dangerously addictive

i  am   eternally,  devastatingly  romantic,   and  i  thought  people  would  see  it  because ‘romantic’  doesn’t  mean  ‘sugary.’   it’s  dark  and  tormented   —   THE  FUROR  OF  PASSION,  THE  DESPAIR  OF  AN  IDEALISM  THAT  YOU  CAN’T  ATTAIN.           /          independent  rebekah  mikaelson, from  the  cw’s  the  vampire  diaries  and  the  originals,  as  interpreted  by  sofia.

First things first: I woke up today with horrid nausea and bad cramps that were so bad, Sam let me sleep and I slept in until 2 pm.

Sucks but it happens.

Second: last night, I started feeling severely insecure and sure that me being back here would be just a total repeat of me being just a horrid rp partner. Despite seeming cheery and jokey and “better” than I used to be before I left this account for months, I still have severe issues with self esteem.

That’s not something that’s easy to change despite how I’m working hard on that.

As for the anons I got last night.

Maybe you’re right. Maybe you’re wrong. Maybe some people DON’T like a lot of shit posting.

Maybe some people DON’T like how much I goof around.

Maybe they find it “unprofessional” but here’s the thing. This is “rp”. This is, by no means, a professional hobby. And I don’t care whether you agree with me or not. Because as much as RP can help your writing, it’s still just a HOBBY. And you can’t make a freaking career out of it.

Hobbies are here for ENJOYMENT. It’s not something that will ever help you go further in life in professional terms. I’m sorry if anyone might be struck by that but it’s true.

So I don’t know. Maybe I shouldn’t be shit on for just lightening up and having a good time and MAYBE I shouldn’t have to feel guilty for joking around as much as I do and then feeling bad and then shitting on myself for not taking things as seriously as everyone else does here?

It’s just writing with fictional characters.

So I don’t know…

Thank you guys for messages of support after I left last night to go to bed to not get huffy.

I appreciate it but I won’t be posting them.

I shouldn’t have even eaten into anons crap.

I’m sorry if I ever seem bummed out at times. As I said: I am STILL working out severe issues of lack of self esteem and on top of that, I’m still bpd…so it can be HARD for me to be so happy all of the time. So I appreciate any patience.

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I came into class today and a <100 pound girl pour two monster energy drinks and 4 5 hour energies into a bottle and drank the entire thing in less than a half an hour. This is the girl those self care posts were talking about

She’s becoming too powerful