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Off topic but I used to be so self conscious of my body hair that it almost destroyed me??????

Back in middle school girls shaving their arms became a thing and I have dark arm hair because I’m Italian, and I felt like everyone was staring at them and I became so horribly self conscious of my arm hair I had my mom get me thin long sleeved shirts so I could wear t-shirts again.

For an entire year, I hid my arm hair and had breakdowns because I thought people thought I was some gross freak for having body hair of any sort aside from the head
I shaved my legs constantly, which is probably why now even if I shave in the morning, by the night its already back to stubble. Theres no real point for me to shave on a daily basis when it stays at a certain length consistently no matter how often I do it.

When I realized that some of the girls in my grade had arm hair, I tried to get used to that and not be so self conscious.
Of course, I got picked on for having hairy legs so I shaved obsessively.
But no one cared about my arms.

I wish my body confidence hadn’t been destroyed like that back then, because even now, though I love my arm and leg hair, I still have body hair that’s perceived as ‘gross’ and ‘dirty’ but I can’t help it. Its my genetics.

Boob hair? Yup. Have it. Light and fine.

Belly hair? Definitely. Darker, and it’s fucking everywhere.
But its patchy and uneven.
At least I dont have a happy trail.

Genital is a given lol, I’m not gonna talk about that though. Its just really uncomfortable.

But seriously.
Guys have hair everywhere.
Girls have hair everywhere.
Nonbinary people have hair everywhere.
No matter how you identify, you have hair

And it’s not gross.

So can we PLEASE stop acting like a girl having some belly hair or leg hair is the most unattractive and disgusting/dirty thing in the world when guys have the exact same thing?

Its not gonna end the world if a girl has body hair.

Its fucking normal.

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