self harm

The Snapped/Broken Zodiac Signs

Aries: Quiet and barely talking, staring into the distance, lost, lacking energy, they’re dead inside and it scares themself, wants everything to stay the same, isolates themself

Taurus: Nit-picky, with obsessive, repetitive behaviors, twitching, randomly placed aggression, clings to stability even more, clingy

Gemini: Harsh with their words, instead of being friendly to your face and rude behind your back, they’ll tell you that you’re a piece of sh*t straight up, isolated, physically aggressive, controlling

Cancer: Oddly chipper, smiling creepily, optimistic, but it seems to be only because they don’t care about the (potential) consequences, sharp mood swings, tells you weird personal traumas, gets annoyed with questions

Leo: Really quiet, random loud laughing that seems to come out of nowhere, laughs short and harsh, brooding, looks a mess, skeptical

Virgo: A bit louder or quieter than usual, rapid mood swings, spontaneous dangerous activities- they don’t seem to care about the consequences anymore

Libra: Picking fights, physically aggressive, laughing loudly, self-harming behaviors

Scorpio: Frequent lapses of control, scared, almost terrifyingly erratic behavior, toothy smiles

Sagittarius: Cracking neck, back, and knuckles, constant glaring at everyone, steady voice, possessive

Capricorn: So open with emotions, don’t hide feelings at all anymore, morbid, completely uncaring about everything except for random, seemingly meaningless things

Aquarius: Random whistling, mood swings, confused, so distant, existential crisis, but instead of the ‘do whatever you want/makes you happy’ attitude, has a ‘everything is meaningless maybe I should just die’ attitude

Pisces: Morbid artwork, harmful behaviors to self and others, laughing at the weak/fearful (a.k.a. the way they used to be), randomly goes “back to normal” and then gets offended if you are uncomfortable when they do

crimsonrose95  asked:

For the anon that wanted to self-harm another app that might help is called Viridi and it gives you free virtual plants to take care of. They come in a very large variety and every week you sign in you get a new seed you can plant. You plant, water, and get a really cute snail. You also get free range to name them. You can also get it from Steam for your laptop and that app lets you take vacations. You can have up to 3 pots at a time with 3 snails and they have sets that they start ya w/.


How ironic
that we kill ourselves because we feel that we aren’t beautiful, but we pick, kill and destroy flowers because of their beauty
—  Viola CN ‘’beauty’’

Communicate. That’s the biggest and best first thing you can ever do. Whether it be with a teacher, sibling, friend, parent or even a counselor. Being able to communicate is the first step to your life getting better. It doesn’t have to be even talking; it can be a letter or email or text…let people know what’s going on in your life, your thoughts and emotions.

People can and will help you, you just need to search them out. Oh and one last thing, never EVER let someone bring you down. You’re you, and you is always good enough. Never stray from who you are because you never know who will come along and want and love “you”.

—  Marc M. (Brampton, ON, Canada)