• Will:How do we get there? How did you get here, by the way?
  • Halt:Do you ever...
  • Halt:Manage to ask just one question at a time? Or does it always have to be multiple choice with you?
  • Will:Do I do that? Are you sure?
  • Selethen:Halt, I could be wrong, but I think you were just guilty of the same fault. I'm sure I heard you ask two questions just then.

anonymous asked:

Hi could you that blog thing with Seletin? Thank you very much :*

I’ll do it! But it’s been a while since I read one of the books with selethen in it ah well

  • their blog url : @ hawk-selethen
  • the kind of posts they reblog: okay, so I don’t know what fandoms he’d be in, but he’d def love the crossover posts between fandoms (because he’s the one who came up with the crossover battle plan that won in nihon-ja) also he’d reblog funny cat photos because why not
  • the first person they followed: not sure….thoughts?
  • what kind of theme they’d have: tons of javascript animations and epic autoplay music
  • what kind of text posts they make at 2am: failed attempts at funny text posts