anonymous asked:

If you lived in Ravnica, what guild do you think you would be in?

Sadly, I don’t know enough about the guilds outside of the broadest strokes. Given my tendency toward the arts and entertainment, I would likely either be with I think Selesnia, Gruul, Rakdos, or maybe Izzit. Orzhov is a consideration, but I doubt it.

And even then, that is a guess at the broad strokes. I know that while i might have some respect for the Boros (or at least some within the group), I am a terrible fit for their ranks. Azorious is structured enough, but also too absolute about things for my tastes.

Dimir is too ‘shadow organization’ for my morality to let me join. Simic, while creative, seem like the kind of creative I would likely stay away from I think… and then there is Golgari… which actually now that I think about it, I would maybe be a part of, mostly from how I feel right now…

Not even touching Guildless… I mean, right now in my life literally, I would likely be considered ‘guildless’, but that is not the spirit of the question XD