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• Name : Magali
• Nickname : I don’t want to answer. Just try to pronounce my name
• Birthday : 6th of December
• Gender : ♀
• Sexuality: I love everyone *^*
• Height : I don’t even know
• Time zone : CET(GMT+2)
• What time and date is it there : 13th December 2014, 13:59
• Average hours of sleep I get each night : 7h35
• OTPs : I, me & myself (I’m going far, faaaar away)
• The last thing I Googled was : pokeball
• First word that comes to mind : Oh
• What I last said to a family member : Bye mom
• One place that makes me happy and why : When I’m walking in the streets with my headphones and music, I feel like I would never stop thinking
• How many blankets I sleep under : One
• Favourite beverage : 7up, pepsi, grenadine, (pine)apple juice
• The last movie I watched in the cinema : Nightcall
• Three things I can’t live without : Some persons that don’t feel the same, writing and music
• Something I plan on learning : I would like to play piano
• A piece of advice for all my followers : Don’t go outside without a lot of clothes on you to protect yourself from the cold. Be careful and take care of yourself.
• You have to listen to this song : Stabilo, Flawed Design
• My blog(s) : This one

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Phases of the Moon #5: Broken Bicycle & A Ruined Love Life

Two or five or maybe seven years in the making, this is my zine about being in an abusive relationship with an alcoholic and subsequently escaping. It is about trauma and memory and addiction and “recovery” (and may be triggering).

It is 120 pages half-letter size (5.5"x8.5"), very text-heavy except for a few photographs and drawings, with saddle-stitch binding done by hand.

It is US$10 (postage paid) and can be ordered via my website or my etsy.
I will consider trades (of similar length/worth) or alternative payment options/amounts on a case by case basis.
Email to graceful dot unravelling at with any questions.

Note: I am most likely going to have to print-to-order for $reasons so please allow for a shipping/handling time of up to two weeks (maximum).

Thanks to Maggie/Trouble for the cover image and Marie/Ghost Boat for editing.

Some pieces included in the zine had been published online in different forms so if you’d like to read a preview, check out (TW): “they all stank…”, “better put the bottle down…”, “it provokes the desire…”, “having a […] pity party…”

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“Wake Up, Young Man,” Pittsburgh PA, 04.01.04

The most unrequited love I’ve ever had. He gave me a song & I took his picture. I remember swooning when I pulled the negatives out of the developing tank: “OH GOD THEY ARE SO GOOD,” I wrote in my journal. These portraits aren’t really that good at all, technically or compositionally, but they are of him, all my favorite parts of him – traced & outlined in blue, here, because I couldn’t touch him. He was everything, for a few months when I was 20, though nothing ever really happened between us. Everything started happening because of us: the song he gave me was the song that sent me Southbound, & brought me to New Orleans for the first time. I was 20 and everything was happening.