Some additions! I associate dark blue/indigo with Artemis so I added a candle as such, I added my selenite wand, some wildflowers I found in the woods, and finally an 11.5 in tall Apollo statue! I’m so pleased with it, I hope he is as well. Artemis’ statue is coming within the next couple weeks, so I’ll post an update when it arrives. I hope you like it!

rings-ofsaturn  asked:

Hey I just stumbled across your blog, and was wondering if you knew of any spells or crystals for the Neptune dominate person? I would love to channel and nurture that energy inside of me.

Hey there! Ocean/sea magic isn’t my area of expertise but I’ll give you as much information as I can! For crystals associating with the sea I recommend aquamarine, lapis lazuli, ammonite, moonstone, and selenite 

💙 Aquamarine channels clear and heartfelt communication to the sea.

💙 Lapis Lazuli utilizes water energy by it’s stillness, quiet strength, and purification.

💙 Ammonite is an extinct, shelled cephalopod. It’s sacred geometry converts negative energy into a positive flowing spiral and can increase energies for magic spells. 

💙 As its name implies, Moonstone has a tangible connection to the magic of the moon. Because the moon is primarily responsible for the rising and falling of ocean tides, moonstone is able to channel that energy 

💙 Selenite derives from the name “Selene" - The Greek Goddess of the Moon. And as we know, the moon has a very intimate relation to the water element

** There are more crystals associated with the water element here **

I also suggest items using items you’d find at the beach such as abalone, pearls, driftwood, sand, and shells! 

As for spells, I don’t know of any but  have both spells and rituals.

If anyone has anything else to add please do so!

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It’s definitely looking like Spring around here! 🌷🐇

Yesterday I set up another small crystal grid on my beautiful Nyxturna altar tile, this time in honor of the Spring Equinox / Ostara. The crystals I chose are rose quartz, selenite, and my favorite smoky quartz point. I also have pink chrysanthemums which are supposed to symbolize a long life and good luck in the home. 🌸✨

crystals every witch should have

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every crystal has a vibration and an affect on a person. certain crystals prevent negative energies, whereas others attract love. these these are the top 5 crystals every witch should own. (in my opinion)

🌙rose quartz
rose quartz is a very beautiful stone, a crystal of unconditional love. it represents tenderness, healing, nourishment, and comfort. i suggest using this crystal in any love spell.

selenite can evoke an immense amount of protection from foreign realms. It is an extremely spiritual stone, as it dispels negative energy. selenite is a crystallized form of gypsum. it can clear, open, and activate the crown and higher chakras, making it excellent for all types of spiritual work.

citrine is a yellow/orange variety of quartz. it is a powerful gem, as it is well known for it’s cleansing abilities. it can be used to cleanse you, your magickal tools, and other crystals. it can also diffuse a situation or disturbance in your home, such as nightmares.

amethyst is a light to dark purple variety of quartz. it helps deepen meditation, improves psychic ability, and aids in the remembrance of dreams. wearing the crystal, placing it on your pillow, nightstand, or altar will produce the greatest effect. it is a good offering to any gods or goddesses you believe in.

ruled by the moon, this milky white in color crystal aids in dream recall and increases intuition. it calms emotions, like rose quartz, and benefits health. like the moon in the sky, it seems to illuminate.

i believe that crystals choose you. in whatever time you need them most, their vibrations will draw you to them. if you are going to buy a crystal or start a collection, i’d suggest going to your local crystal shop to buy them, unless you know exactly what you want. enjoy your crystal collecting!


Last week I set up a small crystal grid on my beautiful Nyxturna altar tile to bring in some much needed protection + emotional well-being + loving energy. The crystals I chose are selenite and rose quartz. 💗

🌊  🌊 What to use for your Mermaid altar? 🌊 🌊 

As a sea witch, I love Mermaids! I know that I am not the only one and that a lot of you work/want to work with them. Here are my ideas for elements you can use for a Mermaid/sea magic altar:

  • seashells
  • sand
  • drifted wood
  • sea glass
  • pearls
  • aquamarine
  • turquoise
  • larimar
  • clear quartz
  • rose quartz
  • fluorite
  • moonstone
  • selenite
  • rose
  • jasmine
  • lavender 
  • cards you want to manifest (for example, from the Oracle of the Mermaids)
  • wishes to them written on a paper

This is not an exhaustive list, feel free to add up to it!

PS: @orriculum , I feel like this might interest you for your Mermaid post series?

This is Selenite! It is named after the Greek word “Selene,” which means moon. It has a moonlike glow when polished. This is one of those special few in the crystal realm that doesn’t require charging. 

Selenite has such a cool property in that it can be used to cleanse your other crystals and stones! Awesome! Just lay the crystals in need of cleansing on top or touching a piece of Selenite for about 15-30 minutes and let this gorgeous crystal clear them! It’s able to do this because of its unique ability to clear blockages or pathways of energy.

Selenite vibrates with a rather high energy. This makes is a great stone for the mind! Some of the lore states that if you and your partner are fighting, exchanging a Selenite stone will bring peace to the relationship.

And lastly, this interesting healing stone is a very powerful protection talisman. It is said to protect the wearer from outside dangers and protect the home when placed in a prominent location.

This particular piece is available here.