Planets and their associations

The Sun

Energies: self-confidence, success, vitality, courage, authority, dignity, fame, self-knowledge

Colors: gold, orange, yellow

Day: Sunday

Star Sign: Leo

Number: 1

Metal: gold

Stones/materials: diamond, citrine, yellow jasper, topaz

Deities: Ra, Apollo, Helios, Lugh, Isis, Diana, Brigit

Herbs: angelica, ash, bay, calendula, chamomile, celandine, eyebright, frankincense, juniper, mistletoe, rosemary, saffron, safflower, Saint-John’s-wort, sunflower, tormentilla, walnuts

Seal of the Sun

The Moon

Energies: psychic knowledge, dreamworking, childbirth, fertility, past life recall, imagination, the subconscious mind

Colors: lilac, silver

Day: Monday

Sign: Cancer

Number: 2

Metal: silver

Stones/materials: pearl, abalone, moonstone, selenite

Deities: Selene, Nuit, Luna, Artemis, Sin, Inannur, and Khonsu

Herbs: almond, anise seed, cabbage, camphor, cucumber, fennel, iris, jasmin, lettuce, lily, lotus, moonwort, mugwort, pumpkin, violet, watercress, white sandalwood

Seal of the Moon


Energies: victory, aggression, achievement, energy, action, assertiveness, strength, sexual desire

Colors: Red

Signs: Aries, scorpio

Day: Tuesday

Number: 5

Metal: iron and red brass

Stones/materials: garnet, ruby, carnelian, bloodstone

Deities: Ares, Hercules, Tiw, Minerva, Maeve, Pallas Athena

Herbs: aloeswood, asafoetida, basil, broom tops, briony, cactus, cayenne, cumin, dragon’s blood resin, galangal, garlic, gentian, ginger, hawthorn, horseradish, honeysuckle, mustard, nettle, peppercorn, red sandalwood, rue, safflower, sanicle, tobacco, wormwood

Seal of Mars

Martian energy is intense, and most of the time Mars’s herbs and oils are used in conjunction with the energies of other Planets to intensify their effects, rather than in a “simple”—a formula that uses only one Planet’s herbs. Here are some examples of how a touch of a Mars herb can act with and upon other Planetary energies to enhance their effectiveness:

Sun with Mars

Sun is confidence, personal power, health, and self-expression. Add a little Mars and increase your control over your life, enhance your ability to express your interests and goals with even greater success, or enable yourself to stroll through life with energy, health, and personal charisma.

Moon with Mars

Lunar energies keep you in touch with your emotions, your psyche, and your subconscious. Add some Mars to quicken the development of your psychic abilities, motivate yourself to transform bad habits into good ones, or add vitality to your system if you are working on fertility issues.

Mercury with Mars

Eloquence, intelligence, and business endeavors are some of the energies of Mercury. Combining Mercurial herbs and oils with an herb or oil belonging to the dominion of Mars will help you to be more persuasive, have an even quicker mind, and be charmingly assertive enough to get the job you deserve.

Jupiter with Mars

Expansion, honor, authority, and growth all belong to Jupiter. Add a Mars energy to grow and expand faster in an area of your ambition, garner recognition of your accomplishments, intensify your authority in any area of your life, or expand your understanding of the best ways to accomplish your goals.

Venus with Mars

Romance, beauty and the arts—what’s not to love? Combining Venusian energy with a touch of Mars will add passion to the romance, help you to express yourself confidently as an artist, and make people look twice when you pass.

Saturn with Mars

Protection, understanding of karma, endurance, self-discipline, and control are the areas where

Saturnian herbs are used. Add strength and energy with a Saturn-Mars combination to protect your home if you live in a particularly dangerous area, to work through karmic debt, to vitalize yourself in a situation which requires hard work and endurance, or to accomplish a difficult task requiring much self-control.

Neptune with Mars

Neptune is the Planet of out-of-body experiences, creative genius, and the mystical. Bringing a little Martian energy into the equation will help you to harness and express the creativity residing in your subconscious, master astral projection more quickly, and experience more intensely any meditation, trancework, or altered state.

Uranus with Mars

Intellectual genius, innovative thought, and transformation of thought patterns fall under the dominion of Uranus. Mars will increase the workings of your mind to higher levels, bring action to your original thoughts, and hasten your ability to change the way your brain works, taking you out of any thought doldrums.

Pluto with Mars

Karma, unconscious behavior patterns, letting go, facing fear, and your Shadow Self are all Plutonian in nature. Partnering Pluto’s herbs and oils with an herb or oil of Mars will help you open those scary “memory boxes” in the back of your mind that make you so uncomfortable, break through barriers when you are working in psychotherapy, recognize karmic debt, and enable you to actively work to release it. This is not a fun combination, be warned. It is very intense, and if you choose to work with this combination, expect dramatic changes that will rock your life.


Energies: communication, divination, business success, intellectualization, learning

Color: yellow

Day: Wednesday

Sign: Virgo, Gemini

Number: 7

Metal: quicksilver

Stones/materials: quartz, opal, Herkimer diamond, yellow calcite, optical calcite, yellow jasper

Deities: Janus, Hermes, Thoth, Ogma, Maat, Shesat, Calliope

Herbs: bergamot, caraway, cinnamon, dill, ephedra, gum arabic, gum mastic, horehound, lavender, licorice, marjoram, mouse-ear, mullein, papyrus, peppermint, star anise, savory, thyme, woodruff

Seal of Mercury


Energies: expansion, career, ambition, luck, material success, spiritual growth, humor

Color: Blue

Sign: Pisces, sagittarius

Day: Thursday

Number: 6

Metal: tin

Stones/materials: sapphire, turquoise, blue topaz, lapis lazuli

Deities: Zeus, Llyr, Thor, Hera, Gaea, Rhiannon

Herbs: agrimony, borage, carnation, cedar, cinquefoil, dandelion, figs, fir, hyssop, linden, magnolia, maple, meadowsweet, oak, oak moss, pine, poplar, saffron, sage, sassafras, sumac, rosin, wood beton

Seal of Jupiter


Energies: love, friendship, artistry, attraction, music, pleasure, sensual delights, beauty, balance, compassion

Color: green

Day: Friday

Sign: Taurus, Libra

Number: 3

Metal: copper

Stones/materials: emerald, malachite, apatite, green fluorite

Deities: Aphrodite, Aradia, Persephone, Eros, Cupid, Faunus

Herbs: catnip, cherry, coltsfoot, damiana, feverfew, lemon verbena, lilac, maidenhair, mandrake, myrtle, orchid, passionflower, peach, periwinkle, plumeria, rhubarb, raspberry, rose, spikenard, tansy, tonka bean, vanilla, vervain, violet

Seal of Venus


Energies: form, stability, karma, discipline, occult knowledge, protection, patience, endurance

Color: black

Sign: Capricorn

Day: Saturday

Number: 4

Metal: lead

Stones/materials: jet, onyx, hematite, smoky quartz

Deities: Kronos, Dionysus, Anubis, the Cailleach, Danu, Ceres

Herbs: asafoetida, balm of Gilead, bistort, boneset, comfrey, cypress, dill, fumitory, garlic, hawthorn, hemlock, hyssop, patchouli, petitgrain, rosemary, Solomon’s seal, Saint-John’s-wort, valerian, vetivert, wolfsbane, yew

Seal of Saturn

The rest of the planets do not have seals because they are not the seven classical planets used in witchcraft.  So many people many not agree with the rest of this lecture, but here is the rest and what the majority of people use.  


Energies: illusion and imagination; useful in hypnosis, trance, dreamwork

Color: green-blue

Number: 11.

Stone/material: seashell, amber, labradorite, cat’s-eye, lemurian crystal

Deities: Poseidon, Apa, Dylan, Tiamat, Ceridwen, Nimue

Herbs: cannabis, datura, lobelia, lotus, orange blossom (also known as neroli), peach, poppy, skullcap, wild lettuce, willow, wisteria


Energies: enlightenment, objectivity, technology, genius, eccentricity, breaking free from old patterns and electrical impulses of the brain

Color: electric blue

Number: 22

Metal: white gold

Stones/materials: quartz, rutilated quartz, kunzite, amazonite

Deities: Merlin, Shu, Ur-annu, Prometheus, Urania, Varuna

Herbs: allspice, betel nut, chicory, clove, coffee, elemi, guarana, mahuang


Energies: death, alchemical transformation, regeneration, decay, the deep unconscious, catharsis

Color: smoky black

Number: 13 or 33 to some

Stones/materials: ash, lava stone, obsidian, black opal, apache tear, black tourmaline, bismuth

Deities: Arawn, Pwyll, Osiris, Demeter, Rhea, Astarte

Herbs: barley, black cohosh, corn, damiana, fly agaric, galangal root, mushrooms, myrrh, oats, patchouli, pomegranate, psilocybin, rye, saw palmetto, wheat, wormwood, yohimbe

*Disclaimer: I do not suggest the use of herbs for medical purposes and I suggest you research each of them throughly before use.  

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Small devotional acts.

  • Go for a walk at night
  • Listen to peaceful, serene music
  • Keep track of the moon phases
  • Wear crescent moon jewelry
  • Spend some time around horses
  • Create constellation sigils
  • Decorate your home with flowing white fabrics and moon decorations
  • Sleep outside
  • Drink sweet herbal teas, like jasmine or chamomile
  • Look at a map of the moon
  • Wear a tiara or silver headband
  • Put fairy lights in a jar to mimic fireflies 
  • Keep crystals that remind you of her or the moon. SELENITE, Quartz, Opal, Moonstone, etc.
  • Wear light blues, white, silver and black
  • Use glow in the dark fabric paint to add the night sky to your clothes
  • Make moon water
  • Grow flowers: White rose, jasmine, orchid, lilies, etc.
  • Go stargazing, use a telescope or binoculars to observe the moon
  • Stay up late to see the moon, or wake up at dawn
  • Wear long, flowing clothes
  • Go for night drives
  • Think of her when observing celestial events
  • Burn candles or incense with scents that remind you of her
  • Get a moon app so you’ll always know what phase it’s in
  • Greet strangers with kindness
  • Many, many, many other things not said here

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Wiccan Goddesses' Titles

Crone Goddess - Title used for Wiccan Goddesses of death, rebirth, and wisdom, such as Cerridwen, and Hecate. Signifying wisdom, mystery, the Gates between the Worlds, etc.

Earth Goddess - Title used for embodiments of the Earth, such as Greek Goddess Gaia, Demeter, Cybele.

Great Mother Goddess - Creatrix existing in most religions, under various names such as Demeter, Gaia, Isis, Parvati (also Great Goddess, Great Mother, Divine Mother).

Moon Goddess - Title used for Goddesses of the Moon, such as Luna, Selene, and Artemis.

Mother Goddess - Title used for the bountiful embodiment of the Earth (see Earth Goddess). Signifying life, procreation, fecundity, abundance, etc.

Maiden Goddess - Title used for Goddesses who personify the youthful energy of spring, such as Kore, Diana (also Virgin Goddess)

Queen of Heaven - Title used for Virgin Mary, Asherah, and possibly other Great Mother Goddesses

Queen of the Underworld - Title used for Ereshkigal, Persephone, and possibly other Death Goddesses

Star Goddess - Primary Goddess, Creatix of All

Triple Goddess - Worshipped since the 7th millennium BC as the Goddess in three aspects—as a young woman, a birth-giving matron, and an old woman (Maiden-Mother-Crone). Passed down through the ages into virtually all religions:

Parvati-Durga-Uma (Kali) in India

Ana-Babd-Macha (the Morrigan), and Brighid in Ireland

Hebe-Hera-Hecate, the three Moerae, the three Gorgons, the three Graeae, and the three Horae in Greece

the Fates or Fortunae in Romans

the Norns to the Vikings

Diana Triformis to the druids

Virgin Goddess - Title used for Goddesses who are solitary, choosing to stand alone, without consorts. Signifying Spring, beginnings, innocence, purity, etc. See also Maiden Goddess.

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hi!! baby cosmic witch here- are there any deities that pertain to cosmic witchcraft? tysm

Hello! Nice to meet you! I’m interested mostly in Greco Roman pantheons so I’ll do my best.

Sun - Helios, Apollo, Sol
Moon - Diana, Artemis, Selene, Luna
Mercury - Hermes
Venus - Aphrodite
Earth - Gaia, Dionysus
Mars - Ares
Jupiter - Zeus
Saturn - Cronus, Kronos
Uranus - Ouranos
Neptune - Poseidon
Pluto - Hades, Persephone

And then…
Nyx - night goddess
Asteria - star goddess
Phanes - creator god
Summanus - nocturnal thunder god


The Signs as Ancient Godesses pt. 4 of 4 (Water)

Cancer - Hebe/Juventas Goddess of youth

Hebe is a young, beautiful and elegant looking woman. She is the goddess of youth, the keeper of the fountain of youth and she serves ambrosia at the heavenly feast as the cupbearer of the gods. Hebe is also the patron goddess of the young bride and an attendant of the goddess Aphrodite. As the personification of everlasting life she is known as a kind, self-sacrificing woman who always strives for upward movement. Hebe believes in magic and therefore is depicted as a pure and innocent goddess. She is also associated with the hero-god Heracles, whose bride she became when he was received into heaven.

Scorpio - Persephone/ ProserpinaGoddess of spring and queen of the underworld

Persephone appears an attractive, mysterious and majestic woman. Once upon a time when she was playing in a flowery meadow Persephone was abducted and seized by Hades and carried off to the underworld as his bride. Although the young goddess grew to love him, she remained lonely for her mother and the life she had known on earth. Part of her missed her mother, but another part had grown fond of her husband. Persephone was allowed to rejoin Demeter, who arranged her release. However she had to return each Fall to spend 4 months in the underworld. Persephone possesses an introverted temperament and is deeply concerned with the world of spirit.

Pisces - Selene/Luna Goddess of the moon

Selene is depicted as a beautiful winged goddess who wears a golden crown that radiates light. She drives the silver moon chariot which is carried by snow-white horses. Selene is also known for her numerous love affairs like for example Zeus or Endymion. As the patron of feminine she has the power to ease childbirth and inspire love. Selene can mask reality and conversely, to pierce illusion. Among these powers she is awaken to intuition and psychic visions. Selene is a selfless person who is obsessively passionate about her duties.

Roman Luna on a Globe Statuette, 2nd-3rd Century AD

Luna was the personification of the moon, equivalent to Greek Selene, often shown as an aspect of the Roman triple goddess (diva triformis), along with Proserpina and Hecate. Her billowing robes represent the endless forward motion of the goddess in her celestial chariot, while the silver detailing of the figure evokes moonlight.  Her chief temple was on the Aventine Hill in Rome.

Her Greek name means “light’ or radiance” and she was the daughter of the Titans Hyperion and Theia, and sister to Helios, the sun god, and Eos, goddess of the dawn. Several lovers are attributed to her in various myths, including Zeus, Pan, and the mortal Endymion. In classical times, Selene was often identified with Artemis, much as her brother, Helios, was identified with Apollo. The poet Aeschylus calls Selene “the eye of the night” and other ancient literary references describe her the “bright and beautiful haired.” The Orphic Hymns give Selene horns and a torch, describing her as “all-seeing”, “all-wise”, a lover of horses and of vigilance, and a “foe of strife” who “gives to Nature’s works their destined end”. Paired with her brother Helios, Selene adorned the east pediment of the Parthenon, where the two framed a scene depicting the birth of Athena, with Helios driving his chariot rising from the ocean on the left, and Selene and her chariot descending into the sea on the right.

From Pausanias, we learn that Selene and Helios also framed the birth of Aphrodite on the base of the Statue of Zeus at Olympia. There are indications of a similar framing by Selene and Helios of the birth of Pandora on the base of the Athena Parthenos. Selene also appears on horseback as part of the Gigantomachy frieze of the Pergamon Altar. Due to her association with the moon she was the tutelary deity of magicians and sorcerers.

In Defense of Channary

I know no one will say that Channary is their favorite character and we’re not even suppose to like her, but I have to admit, I kind of do!

Yes, she was a horrible little girl and a horrible teenager but what do you expect from a spoiled Lunar princess? It’s not like her parents or the people at court were any better. 

What I thought was really interesting about Channary was that she didn’t care who Selene’s father was and didn’t want to know. She wanted her daughter to be queen and not be held back by a man who could lay any sort of claim on her. 

Some people may argue that Channary was the root of all of Levana’s troubles and yes, after reading Fairest, I did feel some sympathy for Levana but lets not forget, girlfriend was crazy with a capital CRAY! Of Levana’s volition, she glamoured herself to look like Solstice, she [lets not sugar coat it] raped Everet, ordered the assassination of her husband, attempted murder on a three-year-old, physically and mentally abused her step-daughter, engaged in biological warfare and genocide, forced an eighteen-year-old to marry her and probably would have raped him too, and who knows what else. 

The only person Levana loved was herself, but lets not forget that Channary loved Selene. Really, truly loved her. She encouraged the maids to touch her pregnant stomach, changed and fed Selene herself, even had a bassinet next to her bed so that Selene could sleep in her room. She wanted a marriage alliance with Earth so that Selene could be the most powerful queen in the history of Luna. 

If Channary had survived and Selene grew up on Luna, maybe Cinder wouldn’t have grown up to be the cuddlely cyborg we all know and love, but she would have grown up with a mom who loved her and wanted to give her everything in the world.