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Some time ago we made a photoshoot inspired by works of Nygmobblepot artists which we love, who really inspire us and keep us in the fandom even if the ship is almost sinking… 

Here’s one photo for the greatest @selene-yoshi-chan@nygmobblepot-fanart  ♥ We love you and admire you so much! You’re truly the soul of this fandom and your art is simply gorgeous. 
(And we’re so happy that you noticed our cosplays before ; ; )
Based on this art and of course we have more for you! :D


So Lucia (@heartpoisedfanarts) and I drew the boys as teens cause High School AUs are awesome. Dapper Nerd and Angry Bird for life u v u I also listed two songs on mine I listened to while drawing my part. And for Lucia MCR holy crap yes.

We’re both so hyped how cute and sexy they are haha and I’m sure you guys will looove the next thing comin’ up <; stay tuned~

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Okay guys so Robin’s birthday is coming up in June so I’m starting this now so that we have plenty of time to get this going around and get this started. I’m going to be making a fan video to say happy birthday to Robin Lord Taylor June 4th on his birthday, so what I need from you is some videos saying happy birthday! 


  • Video’s must be 10 seconds or under (I may allow a few more seconds slip depending on how many submissions we get) 
  • Submissions must be in BEFORE May 15th 2017 so that I will have time to edit the video together
  • You can say anything you want in your message, but as expected, please be respectful, watch your language, etc. 
  • You can say anything you want in your message, you can say more than just happy birthday, but as stated above, please be respectful, and please keep it within the 10 second area. 
  • Please save files with your username or name you want to appear in the description as the title of your file
  • If you would like a link to your blog in the description on youtube, add that into your email when you send it and I will add it in.

The video itself will be given to Robin via Twitter and uploaded on youtube on his birthday. Whether he sees it or not, we’ll see, but I think it would be a nice little project to get the community together, and tell him just how much we appreciate him. 

Please submit videos to the sooner the better! 

And on a side note, if anyone has any non copy-written music we could use in the background, something that would be suiting for a video compilation like this, that you would be willing to let me use, feel free to send that video email as well, I will credit you in the youtube description. If not, then it will be musicless, which isn’t a big deal, I think it’ll be great either way.

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Attention Gotham fandom:

All of us at this point know who owns these blogs below:


We all know who @selene-yoshi-chan is at this point, rather we ship Nygmobblepot, Gordlock, zsaszlepot, or whatever, because quite a few of us have commissioned from her before or requested from her when she was nice enough to draw what we asked from her.

She needs our help.


She told me that if 10 people could just put forth 20 dollars each she can get the amount of money she needs. Imagine if even more of us can put forth as little as 5 or 1 dollar??? She’ll hit it in no time.

Please, she has given us so much as a fandom, let’s give back to her to show her our appreciation!!! Even if she doesn’t have a post now, I’m sure she wouldn’t mind any of us sending her money through PayPal!!!!! Please, let’s do something, give what you can, friends!!!

Photographs of War- Chapter 1

For the amazing @selene-yoshi-chan​ and her incredible pieces of WWII AU Nygmobblepot and Gordlock. I had to make this a multi chapter fic because of reasons. 

Read here on Ao3

Summary: The year is 1944 and American forces have finally entered the European Theater in France. Never knowing which day could be their last, Technical Sergeant Oswald Cobblepot finds himself slowly falling for the only other man in his platoon that seems to want to take the time to get to know him; Medical Specialist Edward Nygma finds a friend and maybe something more; Second Lieutenant Jim Gordon fights for his own brand of glory and recognition in the eyes of a man he’s looked up to since the war began; and First Lieutenant Harvey Bullock tries his damnedest to not let his feelings cloud his judgement as the leader of G Company. 

Raiting: M for now, might go up to E depending on how the characters treat me. 

Warnings: None for this chapter. 

Dear Mother, 

I finally received your letter last week. It has been difficult getting time to write back to you as we’ve been marching non stop. Don’t worry, we haven’t come under any fire.  Lieutenant Bullock says that there’s no reason to be worried, but I can see he looks more and more drained the closer we get to the border. 

It’s beautiful here. I can see why you loved it and why it was so hard to leave. We might be entering the front lines soon, but I can hardly get a word out of the upper ranks. 

They tell me that we’re getting closer to your home town. I’ll bring something back for you, I promise. Thank you for the chocolates you sent me. Don’t worry, they didn’t melt. I would share them but I don’t particularly have anyone to share them with. 

I promise that I’ll be home as soon as I can. I hope I am making you proud. 



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Gobblepot Spring 2017

Dear Gobblepotters,

Everything in nature is coming back to life, and we hope so are your Gobblepot feelings too! In anticipation of Gotham’s return, we’re organizing an event between 15 – 23 April focusing on positivity and cuteness. We collected Spring/Easter related prompts in this bingo card to inspire you, but please feel free to tackle an original idea. :)

Just like with our previous events, you can write, draw, gif, make fanvids, playlists, or anything that you can think of, featuring Jim and Oswald.

Post your creations on Tumblr using the hashtag #GobblepotSpring2017 so that we can find them and reblog them (you can tag us as well). You can also post on Twitter using the same tag #GobblepotSpring2017, but make sure to mention us too @Gobblepotevents

We have a collection for the event at AO3: HERE

Please reblog and retweet so that other fans will know about our event. If you have any questions, just send us an ask or contact one of the mods.

Our art was created by the lovely @selene-yoshi-chan / @gobblepot-art-and-ask-blog and banner made by the amazing  @grndmstrexo

We’re looking forward to wonderful creations!

Your mods,

@destielfourever, @grndmstrexo, @guanin and @butterfliesandresistance


Gordlock drabble @selene-yoshi-chan 

It was a pleasant day to visit Harvey. The sun was warm on his skin, and Jim shrugged off his coat and slung it over his arm as he stepped out on the grass. They had something to celebrate, and Jim had a flask of whiskey in hand for the occasion.

Taking a soft breath, he ignored the protest of tired muscles and joints as he sat down, leaning his back against warm stone as he pulled the flask from his jacket. The view from Harvey’s place was lovely, overlooking the city and the river that was becoming busier with incoming fisherman’s boats. He smoothed over the mustache he’d grown out, taking a moment to take in the peacefulness of it all. 

“You know Harv, all those years and all the crazy stuff we’ve seen… monsters… people who come back to life… now the precinct has a Batsignal on the roof.” Jim chuckled, glancing down at his hands. Knuckles still had faint bruising and he ran a hand through hair that was fading in colour. “Even crazier…they made me Commissioner.”

“Can you believe it… Commissioner Gordon…” A quiet look fills his blue eyes and Jim smiled. Lifting the flask in salute, he poured bit out for his friend before sipping at the drink himself. Turning slightly, he read the familiar name carved into headstone.

Harvey Bullock. Beloved Friend & Captain.

Jim’s smile turned wistful and tears glinted. “Wish you were still with us partner.”

My appreciation to you beautiful and lovely people~ <3<3<3

(sorry if this doesn’t make sense- I’m still reeling/fried from the finale, lol)

Gotham season 3 is over and that finale was awesome, and even though there were some things that still disappointed me, like the fact that Ed and Os should have kissed like Babs and Tabs, and killing mama Fish off like that, it was still good overall.

I love Gotham so much!! And the reason is not just because of the amazing cast and the story, but because of you wonderful people who make me smile (and torture me with headcanons and theories, lol)~

Yes, most of it is of Nygmobblepot, but if it weren’t for this ship, if it weren’t for that one, beautiful and emotional gif I saw, I don’t think I would have been interested in Gotham seeing as I was never a big Batman fan.

Even though I’ve never talked a lot with you guys (I’m not good at conversations. >w<), I’m still happy to be part of this fandom, and I want to thank you all for giving me such happiness in this fandom!!! (I have a lot of ships, and I guess Outlast was kinda my first fandom I’ve been in, but I consider Gotham as my first since I’m more “active”.)

Anyways, time for all the peeps I want to give all my love to!!!

@nygmobblespot For the messages and doing the letter project for those of us who couldn’t meet with Robin- thank you many times, lovely~

@the-great-snape-debate For the RLT birthday project- it was so nice and I hope Robin saw it!!

@mrgoldsdearie For the Gotham/movie live streams you do for us- it’s so fun to watch together with everyone (even though I can’t keep up with chat and I keep missing movie nights. lol)

@mymycorrhizae For that Gotham countdown and being such a mama penguin for Ozzie- we shall protect our precious sons as long as we live!!! (and I’m sorry it’s taking so long for me to finish that jealous!Ed fic- I’m still bad at writing. >_<)

@m4dh4ttey @selene-yoshi-chan @vertibird @toriirdz @heartpoisedfanarts @my-chemical-romanoff For the AMAZING artworks you guys do!! I want to buy stuff from you guys, but I don’t have money and I don’t think my mom would like it, lol.

@baskervilleshund @endless-nygmobblepot @okimi79  @colfernygma @justgotham For all the edits, gifs, fanfics, and all the smiles you guys give me everyday!!!

And just everyone who’s been positive and continued to support Gotham and all the ships- thank you, thank you, thank you, you talented, beautiful, people!!! 💗💗💗

Love you all~ 😘😘😘

(it sounds like I’m leaving or something, but I’m not, lol. just thought this was the right time to do this~ <3<3<3)


                             Happy Valentine’s Day!

For Valentine’s Day, I got the sublime artist Selene Volturo to create some illustrations for a fic that I wrote as a gift for @themasterplanner last Xmas. The story’s called “The Most Beautiful Bird in the World”, and you can read it here

If you want to know what Oswald and Jim are up to, and why Oswald has that white streak in his hair, you’ll have to read the story.

A special Happy Valentine’s Day to @themasterplanner , to @selene-yoshi-chan      and to all the Gotham fandom!

anonymous asked:

Hello, do you have any problem if random people from the fandom message you and try to talk to you?

oh no of course not! People I’ve been talking to have been really sweet and amazingly weird~ <3 Every connection I’ve had in the fandom has been unforgettable and fun, and thank you for that really! Whether it’s sharing theories, headcanons, issues, so on and so on! I love you guys a lot, even though I don’t talk with some of you that often~

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Have a fabulous day!!

❀ Gobblepot Week - September 21-September 27, 2015 ❀

The first Gobblepot Week has arrived! Let us celebrate our favourite ship with fanfiction, drabbles, fanart, meta, fanvids, fanedits, etc. All works are welcomed as long as it is Gobblepot. Gobblepot Week is about sharing our love for Team Jim and Oswald, and Gotham!

Remember to tag your post with gobblepotweek2015 and please feel free to submit your work.

Day 1 - September 21: Favourite Scene

Day 2 - September 22: Scene Rewrite

Day 3 -  September 23: Role Reversal

Day 4 - September 24: Crossover

Day 5 - September 25: AU

Day 6 -  September 26: Future

Day 7 -  September 27: Free Day! Whatever tickles your fancy.