i hope someday we get to know Yuya’s birthday cause i really want to be able to celebrate his birthday lol

although, fun thoughts, all four boys and all four girls would share the same birthday due to them all having come into existence at the same time.  

Imagine Yoko and Shuzo planning double birthday parties for their kids to have together since they all have the same friends anyway

Rin hacks into the orphanage database to get her birthday, finds out it’s the same day as Yugo’s, and surprises him with some kind of special treat she managed to nick out of the fridge, and they always celebrate together after that

Ruri and Yuto meeting for the first time and chattering and they find out they have the same birthday??? no way!!

Post-series all eight of them go out together for their birthday and get each other gifts, Yuuri gets dragged along unwillingly and insists that he did not enjoy a second of his time with these buffoons but he did eat three slices of cake so he’s probably lying.