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So, I remembered that I needed to still do my 2016 Follow Forever…. well, here it is (lol)! Here are my favourite blogs ever & I love you all! Thank you so much for being my friends & fellow bloggers! Those in bold have an extra special place in my heart! Love you, guys❤

a-c: @anythingandeverythingroyals, @ahappyroyalist@allthingscatherine, @acuite, @astraeawrites@bernadottewindsor, @bernadotteroyals, @cambridgeinspiration, @cambridgedom, @catherinemiddletonmafia, @cathcambridge, @catherinemidletons, @catherinemiddletonus-blog, @claireofluxembourg.

d-f: @duchessofostergotlands, @duchakaladydiana, @duchesskatemidd, @duchesscatherine-news, @duchesskatethegreat, @duchesskatemafia, @everythingroyalty, @europesroyals, @estelleisnotamused, @flawlesscatherine, @fuckyeahaaronrodgers, @fanofcatherine.

g-i: @georgeslays, @galaxyps, @gracefullycatherine, @harryandthecambridges, @harrrywales, @hrhtheduchessofclarence, @henry-wales, @hrh-wales, @hrhprincesssofia, @ilovethebritishroyals, @ifreakingloveroyals, @investigationdiscovery.

j-l: @jojolevesque, @johnabradley, @jacksdawsn, @katemiddletons, @killiamkween, @katemids, @katetheduchess, @kates-middleton, @kmiddletons, @lovelydianaprincessofwales, @lovelyprincessdiana.

m-o: @markstewartphotographyltd, @middletonlove, @middletonroyalty, @mymrharrywales, @mrharrywales, @maddeoneills, @middletonhellqvist, @mr-mrswales, @mrharrywales@ofprincessesandqueens, @onemoreblogaboutroyals, @oneillsofsweden.

p-r: @princesscharlottes, @princeharrygifs, @princegeorgealexanderlouis, @passionatelyroyal, @pippamiddleton, @princessestelles, @princesssofiamafia, @queenletiziaofspain, @queenestelleofsassden, @royalwatcher, @ravishingtheroyals, @royalsofbritain, @reignscreencaps.

s-u: @selenaisfallingnaturally, @sassycambridges, @swedishmonarchy, @swedishroyalhousemafia, @swedens-princess, @swedishroyals, @sofihellqvist, @sofiahellqvist, @simply-princess-diana, @theinnerduchessofkatemiddleton, @theduchesscambridge, @thecambridgees, @theroyalsandi, @theroyalweekly, @theroyalwindsors, @universallyroyals.

v-z: @verymuchkate, @whatwouldcatherinewear, @wills-and-kate, @willandkatefan, @willandkatedaily, @willandkateandallthatsgreat, @yetanotherroyalblog


HI. Ok first of all I hope it’s not too late to post this lol. Uh… I’m not good expressing myself but- I just wanted to thank  all of you not only for making my dash pretty af, but for making the difference in every post. I’m so glad that (somehow) I can get to know people like you (ik it sounds kind of cheesy but leave me alone). I know that we barely talk but I hope that you guys are finishing this year with lots of happiness and love and food. My best wishes for 2016. Love you xx. (That was short compared with all the things that I’d like to say but I told you i’m not good expressing myself, what can I do¿)

“Fail if you will but rise you must.”
-James Joyce
“The best project you’ll ever work on is you.“
“Go for it. Whether it ends good or bad, it was an experience.“

# @16pc @70scutie
A @actualdogvines @adelaidekane @agentqarter @allthatmattes @andialmostdo @anmnesias @arianagranre @ashbensos @asheathes @ashsonirwin @athosds @atrapadas-entre-libross @awselenamarie
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C @canadastratford @cantbetamed @captivatingsky @chainsaw-assassin @champagnepadre @chirsbrowns @chulaquiles @closertotheclouds @closetosuns @coltre @connotativewords @cuff-ee
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E @effys-closet @elizabthstonem @everlarkers @evredeens
F @facinaoris @fallenfaction @fallenforjoe @faorozco @fearlessknightsandfairytales @fiftharmonys @fireheartes @firestartres @foliques @freedvictors @frostingpeetaswounds @fuckyeahselenita
G @gayforkayascodelario @getnakedselenamarie @gifsforgomez @gihadid @godmezmarie @gomezes @gomeztribe @gomiez @grrrrrimes
H @holdtightgirl @hotelhalsey @huelesalluvia
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- Well another year is almost already behind us and there’s only a few hours till new 365 days of our life journey. This year has been great to some of us, tough for someone else, a lot of horrible situations happened in the world but on the bright side there were some full of happiness and excitement. Approach the New Year resolve to find the opportunities hidden in each new day. May every day of the new year glow with good cheer of happiness for you and your family.
- As for our fandom - DAMN JB what a year has been. Thank you for sharing every piece of your heart and soul with us, thank you for letting us enjoy it with you, we’re all so proud of the man you’ve become. And damn imma see you next year so you better make those dance moves right. I’m so looking forward to keep living this incredible journey with you.
- And now this is a list of the incredible blogs and people i follow that make each day better for me. Even tho we haven’t talked in such a long time and i don’t even know half of you you’re still in my heart for a reason. I’d love to get to know every single one of you. The bold are my favorite blogs and my friends. I’m really really sorry if i forgot someone!! Happy New 2016 Year, I Love You Guys ♥♥♥ (ps. sorry for the shitty edit) - Andrijana :)

abc: @ayebieber, @ayebutler, @avonsjelena, @allthatmattersisjustin, @allthingskendall, @asntonfletcherirwin, @anticipatedly, @arinasgrande, @adorauhl, @allthatmattes, @blaming-nolan, @baerauhl, @baemez, @bubblybiebers, @bwjustin, @beybers, @bealrightts, @bealrightss, @beystin, @bizzlesblunts, @childrcn, @caucasiontrapgod, @connorswlash, @canadastratford, @canadaprince, @custin, @chirsbrowns

defgh: @downstoearth, @drewsafe, @dadddybieber, @dronkinlove, @drakefromthe6ix, @dyadreamin, @dieinyousarms, @deathsofme, @endofsthedays, @forame, @foreignbiebr, @flatsline, @freshbieber, @fakehoe, @foreversours, @ffondue, @firstmarch, @gomiez, @gihadid, @hometodaddy, @holyfuckselenita, @holdtightjustin, @heavierdirtysoul, @holdtighs, @hometojustin 

ijkl: @icanmakeyoufeelperfectisdead, @itssokidrauhl, @itsgomezsel, @iloveyoubiebs, @itsjustinsbieber, @idontrecalls, @justinconda, @justinbiebern, @justinscalum, @justinsexyman, @justinbiebae, @justinsdaddykink, @justinftdrake, @jadelust, @justinsmalik, @justinbiebera, @justinsebieber, @justinpleaseloveyourself, @jbpurpose, @justndrewbiebers, @justninbiebs, @jelenarulestheworld, @jelena-loove, @jdbsmg-star, @justinfuckenbieber, @jzstinbieber, @karuechetran, @kehloni, @ken-doll, @knowlescarters, @kidraaul, @kidrauhlhood, @kingbieber, @latingirlmp3, @lovekidrauhls, @liferuinedbyjustinbieber, @lonelymemorys, @lifeisworthlivings, @lukeyrs, @letterstogomez, @likeitwas1994 

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Hi lovelies! I haven’t made one of these in forever but just wanted to let you guys know how thankful for all of you. Thank you for continuing to make tumblr enjoyable for me!

ABC: @aaron9797 , @allthatmattes , @ariagomerys , @badforgomez , @bodyysayy , @burnthroughmyskin , @butterplys , @captainnwolf , @christmaseves , @closertotheclouds , @cockygomez , @completeresources

DEF: @darkheartrockerr , @detailselena , @disneydailly , @dlovato-news , @donotstaybroken , @fallingdownz , @fifthcabellos , @flawlessel , @foreversours ,

GHI: @gayforgomez , @goldenwishes , @gomezes , @harleyquinnsquad , @heartwantssel , @holyfuckselenita , @iiswhoiis , @irenesnovia , @ironpriincess , @itsphotoshop ,

JKL: @jelenarulestheworld , @katnisservdeen , @killemwihtkidness , @kimswests , @larrystylinsm , @letterstogomez , @lifeforsg , @lovatolovely , @loverinsgz ,

MNO: @melodiesgomez , @mvrderqueen , @neverevers , @nobodythm , @okayharry , @oldsways , @onikahminaj , @outlawmaries ,

PQR: @perfectionselly , @purxpose , @readytosurrender , @revivaldisney , @rhythmicgomez , @ryukomattoi

STU: @selcose , @selenaco , @selenafuckyeah , @selenagomezaf , @selenaisfallingnaturally , @selenamg , @selgomez-news , @selmaries , @slaylena , @smgallery , @starringselena , @strangerdown , @studiogomez , @supernaturaldaily , @taylorswfit , @texas7h19am , @thefamilybusinessx , @themiddleofnowheres , @tomoriddle , @tw0piecez ,

VWXYZ: @versacexr , @weowntnight , @woifiecindy , @yeahps


First of all, many of you may be confused, so a little reminder: i was alwaysgomez. This year as the others i want to thank everyone that follows me, this year i wasn’t very present on tumblr and you guys didn’t unfollow me, well that means a lot to me. A special thank you for the blogs that are on the “follow forever”, you make my dashboard prettier with all your things and i hope that 2k15 was a great year for you and that 2k16 will be even better. Happy Holidays and don’t forget that i appreciate each of you ♥ (ignore my english, because its not my native language).

@alexrussogifs @alwaysdisenchanted @anmnesias @ariashastigs @brunormars @claryshrondale @deathsofme @dobrev-nina @drakeful @dronkinlove @dylanbrians @dylangomezz @favoritecelebs @firestartres @foreversours @getnakedselenamarie @gigihaddid @godmezmarie @gomezes @gomiez @holyfuckselena @holyfuckselenita @justinscalum @letterstogomez @lilycollrns @loverinsgz @lovewllremember @melodiesgomez @nicminajs @onselena @phobetonkins @rebible @revivalera @rhythmsel @ronesweasley @sameoldloves @selcose @selenaisfallingnaturally @selenamaris @selenangomez @selenaslook @selenasquad @selenastiles @selesnamarie @selgomezgifs @sellyg @starringselena @stylishhazz @surprisebitch @texas7h19am @triedtoforget @tylerposey @vanessaannes @wedonthavetofallfromgrace @zendayva @zenddaya

(And don’t forget to follow @cockygomez, cause i’m glad to be part of this amazing blog, thanks ♥)

i’m sorry if i forget someone, more perfect blogs here and HAPPY HOLIDAYS 


Guys! I recently hit 10k followers which is absolutely mind-blowing for me. I honestly don’t think I deserve them but it makes me really happy that you actually like my blog enough to give it a follow so I wanted to give a shoutout to my favourite blogs on here whom some of them actually follow me back, ily guys so much! Thanks for being so sweet and amazing.

(in no particular order) @onselena @vanessaannes @texas7h19am @selenamg @anmnesias @gomiez @itsgomezsel @alexrussogifs @selenagonez @swagonsel @starsdancingwithselena @thheartwants @jenmrrison @gracieteefey @fuckyeahselenita @dailydoseofselena @goemz @selenangomez @unfselenita @foreversours @sameoldlve @selenaisfallingnaturally @selmge @selenasapparel @selenastruly @lylsmg @letterstogomez @holyfuckselenita @birtday @freshgomez @writeshername @selenadaily @godmezmarie @gomezes

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sorry if i didn’t include you in this but if i follow you it means that your blog is amazing as well and if i don’t don’t hesitate to ask me to check out your blog. Love you all so much and thank you babes.


I just wanted to say thank you to all my followers y'all are amazing!!

So this is my first follow forever, since everyone was doing it I thought I should do one too. It won’t even be that long since i don’t follow that many blogs. So here you go…                                                                                                     
But first of all a big shoutout to all the amazing blogs I’m a part of

ABCD                                                                                                        @aarigrande @arigransde @ayebieber @biebaerauhl @biebsquad @champaynepapi @confidentgomez @detailselena @dianasaesthetic@downstoearth

EFGH                                                                     @elegantgomez @flashyselena @forame @gomeztribe @harambieber @holdmebizzle @holdtighs @hometoselena @hugeselenatorswiftie

IJKL                                                                                                   @idontrecalls @jaggedwires @journallz @justinftdrake @justinscrew @justinscrew @justinsmalik@lifeforsg @liferuinedbyjustinbieber @lovewillrememberrs

MNOP                                                                                            @makesusbelieve @marchfirsst @onselena@purxpose @pydtime

QRST                                                                                                     @rainyjelena @rickthesizzles @rihahna @rihonnas@rnbieb@rnbieber@saderenade @sasican @se-le-na-tothegomez @selenaisfallingnaturally @selenasquad ​@sexybieb @shawtymoan@sheshislatingirl @slayselena @sirbieber @taakeyou @traviscotts

UVWXYZ                                                                                @undercoverbelieber@vanessaannes @versacexr @wdymbitch@weaimtogomez @wedonthavetofallfromgrace @wefuckeduptheparty @whatdoyomean @youngxdancer @zaynrecalls @zustin