My first tattoo was “sachi preet” which means “true love” in Punjabi and it is the true love I have for myself.

I had been in an unhealthy relationship in my late-teens and compromised my own happiness to stay in it. After that first break-up I decided to get this tattoo so it would be a permanent reminder after learning such an important lesson…

Nobody in this world will love you the way you want to be loved unless you know how to love yourself. My “true love” is the kind of love that is supportive, will never be doubted or compromise self-worth…it’s the kind of love that always has my best interest in mind…it’s the kind of love that is selfish when it comes to my happiness…it’s the kind of love that reminds me how beautiful I am. It’s the kind of love that allowed me to form the most important relationship in my life…the one with me, myself and I.

Be your own “sachi preet”. I promise, if you make it unconditional and strong your “true love” will never falter.

Take a bow, spend some time alone, be extra good to yourself.

∞love, SD

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