Hey guys so this isnt really one of those wow I’ve achieved my goal follow forever’s, basically I’ve been gaining followers reaaaally slowly lately and I realized I just wanted to say thank you to some of the blogs who have been following me and who i have followed for a long time c: 

Yoo so if you are bolded I admire your blog like a lot and if you’re italicized/linked i left you a message and you can hover to see it :)

ps i got too lazy to make a nice banner but here is the fabulous artist

yayayay friends first ((or at least i consider u guys friends)) and i couldn’t be borthered to put that in alphabetical order so here you go:

MayaMolly, CamilaIvana, RachThaliaSkylarAlex, Mia, Binna, Jamie, Amy, LinnaMay, Banna, Nia, Di, Melia, Lena, Tyler

oh and networks all the people in these are fab too (not gonna link just because they’re all password protected

athenaparthenosproject, theromanfoundation, annabamfnetwork, frankzhangnet, queenreynanet, jercynetwork, mathshatersclub


aillsonargent, annabanging, annabeht, annabethschases, annabuttchase, aphrodete, augustusswaterss, beckendorph, castellanpride, claraoswaldl, clarisselawar, crystalrede, fininick


ghostlynico, gracingpiper, gryffndour, h-appydragon, headcounselor, heroesolympus, herrnes, heyclarisselarue, highschoolau, holyaphrodite, huntressgrace, intartarus, jasohgrace, jasongracist, l-leovaldez, leovaldaez, leozhang, lovegoode, lukecastelland, lukecastellar


milosreturn, nicoisbroken, ohgillan, opercy, pandemoinum, percabaeth, percabreath, percv, perhcy, prcabeth, preatoreyna, quatersquel, rachaldare, reallygrey, rechelare, reyansm, ricksriordan, rorvpond, royalreyna


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+blogroll because i definitely forgot some people and i follow around 180 fabulous blogs c: