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Ladies with a Gentleman in a Top Hat (1888). Julius LeBlanc Stewart (French, Realism, 1855-1919). Oil on canvas.

The gentleman, said to be Comte Ludovic Napoleon Lepic (1839-1889), is conversing with two ladies in a gallery, possibly at the Paris Salon of 1888. Ludovic Lepic was quite the renaissance man, many-talented and much-liked. An artist in his own right, he studied under Cabanel and Gleyre.

Sean Kingston told Justin that he should marry Selena and that she was good for him during his interview with BBC Radio 1 (November 7, 2017)

“I told him Selena was good for him and he should marry her.  But you know when you’re young people pulling you this way so it tend to mess up the vibe but i see he’s back with her." 

BBCR1: @seankingston told @justinbieber he should marry @selenagomez all along…