Under the cut, you’ll find about #690 small/medium .gif hunt of Selena Gomez, divided by the following categories; general, negative, playful, wtf?, excited, affection, dance, misc, and text. All .gifs are 100% roleplayable, and there should be little-to-no repeats, similars, or gray boxes. This hunt pretty much has everything you’ll need for a Selena FC. Like/reblog if you found this helpful, por favor.

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                 ♔ ONE GIANT PNG PACK ♔ 

I decided to make a png masterlist of some beautiful ladies. I did a couple of the pngs or edited them myself, the rest I don't own. Please like or reblog if you download or found this helpful!

  • 10 Adelaide Kane Pngs Download  
  • 95 Ariana Grande Pngs Download
  • 40 Ashley Benson Pngs Download  
  • 126 Barbara Palvin Pngs Download  
  • 29 Cara Delevingne Pngs Download  
  • 115 Demi Lovato Pngs Download  
  • 25 Jade Thirlwall Pngs Download  
  • 27 Kendall Jenner Pngs Download  
  • 32 Lauren Jauregui Pngs Download  
  • 117 Miley Cyrus Pngs Download  
  • 69 Nina Dobrev Pngs Download  
  • 77 Perrie Edwards Pngs Download  
  • 128 Selena Gomez Pngs Download  
  • 58 Vanessa Hudgens Pngs Download  
  • 102 Victoria Justice Pngs Download  
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↳ #40 small, and medium, HQ gifs of SOBLENA (Selena Gomez gifs with any type of crying) that include the right HTML and avoid the grey box. None of the gifs were made by me, but were combined by me for a gif hunt. I apologize for any repeats. Please like and/or reblog if this helped you in any way, and if you have any particular faceclaim you want a please request here.

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325+ icons of selena gomez under the cut (240x240 in size), as requested by anonymous. can be used for rp snapchat threads, or just icons of selena in general. none of these icons belong to me, credit to the original makers! also, i apologize if there’s any repeats, as there’s bound to be one or two in there. if this helped you, a like or reblog would make me really happy.

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Under the cut, you will find #220, small/medium, HQ gifs of the gorgeous Selena Gomez. None of these gifs were made by me. A huge thank you goes to the awesome makers. All the credits go to them and I don’t claim any of their work as my own. A like or a reblog would make me very happy because it took me hours to finish this hunt.

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— Selena Gomez fc pack. Here I present to you a Selena Gomez faceclaim pack!! I know I probably shouldn’t have made this since she has a ton of resources already, but I couldn’t resist anyway since this was a FC pack I was already planning on making before the request was made. But I didn’t include too much just because. In total, there are #2,300 small/medium hq gifs#100 .png files#100 icons, and #70 sidebars. All gifs/.pngs/sidebars do not belong to me, all credits to their rightful owners. If anything in this pack belongs to you and you want it taken down, just let me know. I apologize for any repeats in advance, though there are probably gifs of the same scenes/interviews etc. I created all the icons, and credits for the sidebars belong to urariana. Please like/reblog if you found this helpful. Enjoy! xx


—— &* ( selena gomez gif icons ! )

under the cut you’ll find #281 gif icons of selena gomez ! none of these gifs were made by me, all i did was crop, resize, and add a texture to it. i tried to add as many recent ones as i could find through her tag, so this will most likely be updated as time goes on. make sure to like/reblog if you’re using these !

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