Selena Gomez interview with Zane Lowe
About Taylor's new album
Selena Gomez interview with Zane Lowe

Zane: There’s a lot of great records coming out this year… man have you heard the Taylor album? Is it good? What can we expect? Is it incredible?

Selena: […laughing at “is it good” question…] By the way, would you expect any less? Are you kidding me? It’s honestly so inspiring, it’s really cool to surround yourself with people and be involved with people who are aspiring and changing the way that they dictate what they love, whether it’s acting or music… and she’s one of those people who will continue to do that.

Zane: Did she play it to you? Did she take your side and go ‘check this out’?

Selena: Yeah, yeah, for sure! Of course, I mean… I obviously love her so much, I want her to do what she does and she’s killin’ it and it’s everything you would want and more, so… I’m very proud. And obviously - major fan.

I’m sure this will get buried in all the screaming at the current nonsense, and it’s really just to add to the pile, but in Selena Gomez’s Vogue interview today, she actually states that she no longer has her Instagram password and that her assistant runs the account. If you didn’t know, Gomez has the largest following on Instagram at the moment, and has for a long time, if memory serves.


Shawn Mendes Imagine You are famous and Shawn is a fan of you. One day, you talk about him in an interview…


Radio Interview with Selena Gomez
Radio Interview with Selena Gomez

I love Taylor. She’s been my sister for years. As far as us working together - I think that’s always something we’ve talked about but our friendship has always been most important. So I’m not saying that we never will. I would love to, I love her and I love her music… we’ll see. I don’t know, maybe… what I’m saying is not right now.
— Selena Gomez about Taylor and possibility of collaborating in the future

Sirius XM Morning Mash Up Show 6.5.17

Interviewer: Rocking out to one of your girls, Taylor!

Selena: TSwifty!

Int: Now you guys both … um, first of all both of your careers have been so amazing to watch, um, so many great things coming your way. Um…Both of you have some new things going on in your lives? You have some new people in your life, have you gotten a chance to hang with each other and your new people?

Selena: [laughs]

Int: Just saying!

Selena: Uh, I hang out with my new person a lot…

Int: Okay,… as you should!

Selena: No I’m… honestly if my friends are happy then that makes me happy, that’s all I care about, so I’m super stoked too, it’s been a good time.

Int: Has it been fun to kind of be backstage and like, watch? I feel like that would be so cool to kind of like, cheer someone – 

Selena: Yeah of course, yeah of course, but I’m such a … to me.. I love, I love being supportive, like I love just being there and just kind of having somebody’s back. It feels good. I haven’t had that feeling in a while.

Int #2: What’s the difference between being on a tour where it’s your tour and you’re busy and working, and you’re just kind of .. watching?

Selena: Um … my hair in a bun and I get to dance all night!

Both Interviewers: yeah!!

Selena: That’s the difference.