It has gotten to the point where Bieber’s fans are being brainwashed by his good-looks and fame to the point where they feel that he can do whatever he want and that he should not be dealt the consequences of his actions, and it is truly getting way out of hand. Their excusing his public outbursts was natural. So was their hate for Selena Gomez when she and Justin started dating and when they broke up. Stuff like that happens in every fandom. But it’s reached a point where Justin is pulling unacceptable stunts and his fans are getting upset at those who tell them how wrong it is.

First it started off with him showing up to a concert several hours late. His fans were outraged — not at Justin, but at the people who left the concert when he didn’t show up, because it was late. They would say terrible things about those who left the concert over twitter and tumblr, and excused Justin for his tardiness. Excusing him would have been understandable had it only been a one-time thing. But this happened on numerous occasions, and I don’t think he understands that fans are traveling from all over to see him, and keeping them out for hours longer than they had planned is really inconvenient and inconsiderate.

And then, when Justin Bieber was caught smoking marijuana for the first time, his fans started self-harming themselves in an attempt to make him stop. And did he address them over this? No. But he did continue his drug habits anyway. Recently, his tour bus was also stopped at the Canadian border and he was arrested for drug possession. His fans still think that, “He’s Justin Bieber, he can do what he wants” is a good enough excuse to let him off the hook.

And finally, this picture was recently taken of him not only SPITTING ON HIS FANS, but LAUGHING ABOUT IT. And what do you think his fans are doing about it? Excusing him, because he’s Justin Bieber, he’s famous, he’s talented, he’s super-gorgeous, blah blah blah.

Justin Bieber’s fans have been brainwashed to the point where he can disrespect and mistreat them to any extent, but as long as he tweets “I love my fans” every once in a while, it’s okay. His ego has gotten to his head, and I really think his fans need to realize this, because this is blowing far too out of control. They cannot keep excusing him like this and letting him walk all over them. His fame is no excuse. It doesn’t give his fans any less worth. I think Justin Bieber needs to realize that if it weren’t for the people he has been treating like crap, he would still be a nobody from Stratford, Ontario posting videos on YouTube.