I’ve wanted to hold your hand for so long Taylor
I remember watching “journey to fearless ” and you said you like to bend down and put your hand forward during forever and always and let the fans hold your hand because you said there’s some so special about holding hands .
And in that moment YEARS ago I wanted SO badly to hold your hand .
And not only did I get to hold your hand , you made me feel SO special while you held my hand and so important while I told you about loosing a friend recently and how my mom has cancer like yours to and the way your face lit up when I told you my username from tumblr is evswiftie and when I told you I’ve seen you sense then fearless tour and flew all the way to Gillette to see you for 1988 . And when I told you I love you AND Selena Gomez so much and fact that you actually told me you would text Selena and tell her I love her ??
All I wanted was to hold your hand , but you gave me so much more . You gave me your undivided attention and your genuine love .
And you gave me my friend Anna @redlipclassictswiftie that I met a year prior to meeting you from our fan accs for you
And you gave me you , when my sister told you I’m an awesome person but I don’t have friends and you should be my friend and you said “duh let’s take a bffs picture and hug ” ..
But then I turned that down and wanted to hold your hand .
I don’t take any of those Seconds with you for granted
I miss you every day @taylorswift