selena ramos

Im scared

Trump has just tried to silenced the most influential mexican journalist and that makes me afraid. He has tried to silenced the man who has talked to presidents and that makes me think that if it was that easy to silence the most influential journalist in the latino community, how easy would it be to silence us? Im afraid that if he does end up becoming president that me and my family will get deported back to Mexico. Trump and everyone supporting him see us as a problem that needs to be removed. Im scared that families are going to be ripped apart and im afraid. I cant even vote for fucks sake, i cant do anything to help, not only mine but every latinos future. Im afraid.

How would you feel if a future president called you, your family, a whole fucking community criminals? How would you feel if you no longer felt safe enough to walk alone because people might feel so “passionate” that they would attack you without warning, without reason, without mercy? How would you feel if the person who might be next president justified the attacks of your friends, neighbors, family? How would you feel if you were treated as a monster instead of a person who has sacrified their health, their sleep, their tears for the sake of their families? We have every right to be angry. Because even if we are not citizens of this country does not mean we did not help build it. Do you know how much it would take to deport all 11.6 million of us? (not counting the kids born here if Trump does remove the 14th amendment) I’ll tell you, $12500 per immigrant, if you multiply that the total amount would be 400 to 600 billion. Are you willing enough to pay that? And this is not including the amount of money that it would be to build a fence all across the border. Do you think Trump has even close enough amount of money to do all the things he says he will? Or will he be using government money we do not have? Have you ever had a history course in your life because if you are not native american, you are an immigrant. Your ancestors came here because they were desperate for freedom just like us. The only difference is that you call that “colonization” instead of “immigration”. While Ramos did speak out of turn, do you really blame him? The man who has called all of us criminals and rapists? And don’t give me the “he called the illegal ones that, not all” because once you insult one of us, you insult us all. While you have the media, the police, and the goverment protecting you because of your skin, we only have eachother and that is something you will never experience. So thank god and every other god you were born white because you, you rule the world. But not for long.