selena gomez slow down music video

GUYS I just had the most fucked up dream of all time and it was about the slow hands music video, a warning that this shit is crazy. So it starts off and Niall is making out with someone and we find out that she’s Megan Fox so that goes on for a bit then all of a sudden Selena Gomez runs in and is like stop she’s not who you think she, but before she can finish Megan fox pulls out a gun and fucking kills her then she pulls down a sheet on the wall to reveal hundreds of photos then she tells Niall that she’s on a mission to kill all of his past lovers so that she’ll be the only one and Niall says I knew this would happen one day, and they start fighting but Megan knocks Niall out then she leaves. Then deo comes running in and Niall is like what are you doing here and he says that Selena had texted him to let him know what was going on so he came right away. They then get into separate SUV’s and FBI agents show up so there’s like 10 cars and Niall is in the first and deo in the last and he’s sitting in the back seat but all of a sudden he morphs into Megan fox and kills the two FBI agents in the front seats and then kills everyone else but it’s revealed that Niall is still alive and the end of the video is Megan(or is it actually deo??!?????) driving away and then it says to be continued with on the loose