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Happy Birthday Selena Gomez
Your our queen Selena Marie Gomez and i cant believe it’s been eight years that we have been supporting you. Selenators means family and we all have stuck together to be here for you no matter what. I remember the child in Barney, the sarcastic teenager I saw in Wizards of Waverly Place and now I see women being successful in the world and making people happy, I feel so proud to have my time set aside for you to know that you are growing, no matter how much older you get you will always be Alex Russo and the curly haired girl from Barney. You make me want to become a better person and youve showed us to succeed no matter who tries to put you down, that every difficult situation can be overcomed, no matter what, you always have to give your best, that’s what you do, even with all the difficulties, people are threatening to kill you every day you ignore it and keep smiling. Fans admire you more then ever. You are the most genuine person, but especially radiant, smiling, endearing, you’re you, you’re Selena Marie Gomez, who was born in the small town of Grand Prairie, Texas July 22, but above all you are human, is my inspiration, so I love you and wish you a happy birthday, Selena Marie Gomez. “


“You fall in love and it completely consumes you, so a part of you is broken when that’s gone. And part of you wants to have that rebellious feeling where you’re just like, forget it - I can do anything I want. I’ve tried it, and I’ve never been that girl. I’m always going to be the girl you want to take home to your parents, not for the night.”

- Selena Gomez

Happy 24th birthday Selena Gomez!!!