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Kings Of Leon - Hands To Myself (Selena Gomez cover) in the Live Lounge


Dove Cameron Congratulates Selena Gomez On Winning #FavoriteTour At The RDMAs 4/29/2017.

New Music Taste Ep #10

Welcome to New Music Taste, a series of music recommendation for your listening pleasure. Uploaded every weekend, also on Wednesday for a special episode (optional). My usual taste in music is pop music and pop punk scene, but I always explore for new music because that’s what “New Music Taste” is all about.

Sunday, 09/04/2017

New Music Releases

  1. Sign Of The Times by Harry Styles
  2. Only You by Selena Gomez
  3. Two Princes (Radio Mix) by Fake Pictures
  4. Ghost by Husky
  5. Bruises by Lewis Capaldi

New Music Discovery

  1. You by The Native Architects
  2. In Our Bones by Against The Current
  3. We Are Stars by Virginia To Vegas, Alyssa Reid
  4. Charlemagne by Blossoms
  5. Draw Your Mind by Mascots

Since Harry Styles set the date to release his debut song as a soloist, I’ve been wondering what kind of genre that he would bring. It turned out to be a pop rock classic song. Sign Of The Times is an okay song, but I need to listen to it more to get into it. Beside Styles’ new song I didn’t find another “big thing” releasing this week. Of course there are The Chainsmokers and The Maine releasing their new album, but I’ll put ‘em on special episode!

That’s all I got for this week’s episode, I hope you listen to these songs and if you love it, share ‘em with your friends.

Spread music, spread love. - agirlwithsevenloadedpens