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“Selena Gomez ain’t shit” lmao sure babes keep telling yourself that

C: So I guess if Samuel L. Jackson is saying that an American black man would added more to the role of “Get Out” than a British black man, can we then retract Don Cheadle’s involvement of Hotel Rwanda since he never experienced the genocide of Rwandans? Or can we erase Morgan Freeman’s involvement of Invictus since he never experienced Apartheid like Mandela did? Since, you know, an actor has to ethnically match the role they’re playing. Maybe J. Lo shouldn’t have played Selena, either.

Nohrian Festival: Selena and Camilla Conversation Pt. 1 & 2

Whoops, looks like Severa let an old name from the past slip~ 

I like the relationship between Camilla and Selena, because Camilla lavishes Selena with all the affection and attention she wants. It’s actually something that Selena needs, what with her inferiority complex and deprived childhood. Though she lets it get to her head a bit too much…

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Drunken Confessions (Jelena One Shot)

Drunken Confessions (Jelena One Shot)

Follow-up to Friends With Benefits?

Third Person’s POV

The sober part of her knew that she shouldn’t do it.

That was she was doing was wrong.

But that was the thing about alcohol, the rules of right and wrong didn’t apply.

It was all about taking a risk and going with the flow.

Liquid courage they called it.

And maybe it was because of the high percentage of liquid courage flowing through her system that she decided to slip away from her friends and find somewhere quiet so that she could call him.

Because heaven knew she couldn’t when she was sober.

Quickly dropping her unstable body onto a bench, she dialed his number and waited as it rang.

The young boy who was still mourning the official death of his relationship was playing with his dog when his phone blared.

Confusion clung to him as he saw her name flash across the screen and he briefly wondered why she was calling him after she had thrown him out of her life yet he answered regardless.

“Hello?” He greeted generically.

“Justiiiinnnn!” Her voice squealed through the phone.


“Hi.” She responded cutely. “You know, I like your voice. It’s so perfect. And I love how you say my name. It makes me feel special.” She rambled innocently and he listened to her, loving how happy she sounded.

“Baby are you drunk?” He asked, the term of endearment slipping out randomly.

“Yes. No. Maybe. Possibly. I think so but I don’t know. I like when you call me that too.”

She was definitely drunk.

“Where are you?”

“At some club. The girls are all inside having fun but I missed you.” Her tone turned sad and his heart squeezed painfully as he heard her start to cry, everyone of her sobs tearing him apart.

“And I know it’s my fault cause I fucked us up again but I’m really really sorry because I miss you. Like really really bad and it hurts. And I don’t know what to do anymore to make it stop. I need you Justin.” She confessed brokenly.

“Selena! What the fuck? Turn off the phone!  You’re drunk!” He heard some shouting in the distance and he deduced it was her friends.

“Shit.” She swore as she got up to run.

She headed back inside the club and locked herself in the bathroom, leaving her friends outside the stall, banging on the door as they tried to get her out.

“Justin?” Her voice sounded small and shaky.

“Yeah Sel?”

“Please don’t leave me.” She begged vulnerably. “I know you probably hate me by now because it looks like I’m playing games with you because I don’t know what I want but I’m so sorry and I miss you and I love you and I need you. Please don’t go.”

“Shh baby, don’t cry. I don’t hate you. I already told you that. I’m not going anywhere alright?” He soothed.

“Selena Goddammit! Get off the phone! You’re going to regret this in the morning!”

She whimpered, curling into herself more. She just wanted to talk to the guy she loved in peace. Why was everyone against them?

“Justin, why don’t my friends want us together? Why don’t they like you with me?” She asked quietly.

“Because love bothers people baby, especially ours.”

“But you still love me right?” She sounded afraid.

“Always. I will always love you angel.” He vowed.

Silence lapsed between them, the only sound being her friends’ failing attempts to get her to open he door.

“Selena, do you want me to come get you?” He offered in a gentle voice.

“Will you?” Her voice was hopeful.

“Of course. Just tell me where.”

“The Nice Guy.” She replied hastily.

“I’m on my way.”





“What are you doing here?” Theresa asked glaring at the blonde as he entered the female bathroom.

“I’m here for Selena.” He informed confidently.

“Justin leave. She’s drunk, we’re not going to let you take advantage of her.”

His anger flared. “I’m not going to take advantage of her. She wanted me to come get here and that’s what I’m doing. Now get the fuck out of my way.”

He brushed past her and headed to the closed stall.

“She’s not going to open it.” Ashley told him, crossing her arms across her chest.

He rolled his eyes, choosing to ignore her. Once upon a time he actually used to get along with Ashley.

He knocked on the door. “Baby? I’m here.”

Instantly the door opened and the brown haired beauty launched herself into his arms as her friends angrily stared on in shock.

“Let’s get out of here princess.” He whispered into her hair, hugging her tightly. She nodded against his chest, keeping her arms around him.

“Selena,” Courtney began slowly. “You’re not actually leaving with him are you?”

Her voice practically dared Selena to say ‘yes’ so she did.

“I’ll call you guys tomorrow.” She dismissed their opinion, allowing Justin to take her home.





As the rays of sunlight hit her directly in the face she let out a groan, burying her head into her pillow.

Justin chuckled from behind her and she turned around to face him, opening her eyes.

“Good morning.” He smiled at her. She had fallen asleep in his car on the drive over so he had carried her up to his bed then dressed her in one of his shirts.

“Good morning.” She mimicked his actions, fragments of the previous night coming back to her.

He watched the realization flicker across her face and his smile dropped as his fears plagued him.

“You…you don’t regret calling me do you?” He asked, his voice unsure as his nerves attacked him.

She frowned. “Of course not. I’m kind of upset I didn’t get drunk before.”

He laughed as she moved closer to him, burying her head in the crook of his neck.

“So what does this mean for us? Because your friends weren’t very happy last night.”

“I don’t care. I’m done thinking everything through. I love you and I want you. I need you. I want us to be together. Fuck everyone else.”

His heart soared at her words.

“Are you still drunk?” He teased.

“Maybe.” She breathed a laugh. “But I’m serious. I want to be with you. I love you.”

“And I love you.” He kissed her head.

Little Mix confession by anonymous

Worldwide, Get Weird has sold 399K in just six weeks. That’s around 17k more than Selena’s Revival and around 39k more than Demi’s Confident and in the UK alone it has sold more than 1D’s MITAM and is Syco’s best-selling album this year. How the fuck are people, especially from those three fandoms, still calling Little Mix flops?!