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Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Peta Murgatroyd 2017 Maxim Halloween Party

People on here ENJOYING how the other queens went down for Valentina and posting how much they hate her, curious how they’re the same people who were complaining about the hate towards other queens.
Yes, she should of spoken earlier about it but when you go from nada to a huge fanbase, you don’t really know how to control it. Don’t you all think just for a moment that the queens went for her because of the hate they were receiving? Instead of transforming it into something positive just took it and gave her beef.
Also, it’s so funny how yall “cringed” with the Selena thing when Val represents México more than Selena. For starters one is TEX-MEX (so yeah, american influence is a big part of this) and the other is just, all about México. She speaks more spanish, her parents didn’t make her learn spanish to please an audience (come on, here in Mécico we know the real T about Selena, no shade and no shame but lets call things as they are), she’s more in touch with our culture, even her drag performance (the way she lipsyncs) is very mexican. Have you guys been down here to see mexican drag queens? SHE DOES represent México, everything in her drag is as if she came to Tijuana to study drag queens for more than a year. I understand you guys not getting it, as i said her drag is more mexican in México, not first gen mexican in the US. VERY different.
Since this season started i have never sent hate and wont start doing so. If you feel butthurt about my post, then this was for you. If you wanna send me hate about it, my point exactly on the hypocrisy.
Live and let live, support your fave without hating on others.
While you’re here hating, they’re all there booking more shows. They win, you don’t.

Realities of a Gay Teen Mom

Ok, this is my first attempt at blogging ever.. No harsh criticism.

To some, my title in life may seem bizarre; to others, it may be somewhat inspiring.. My name is Valerie, or Val. I am 17 years old, mother of a two year old boy, Shaun, and partner to my girlfriend, Selena of almost two years. In a generation such as ours, homosexuality is becoming much more accepted, but prejudice always finds its way. Well, if you are or aren’t prejudice, give me a chance to educate you a bit on our alternative side of life.

I had my son at 15, with his father who I had dated in grade school, pretty crazy, right? Well, yes. Teen moms are often viewed as irresponsible girls who threw their life away with one crazy mistake. Pregnancy at a young age, of course, isn’t very smart… Shit happens. No one has the right to judge these girls for their choices. Many, like myself, continue with school, and maintain a decent life for their child. We’re GOING TO fuck up, and need some help occasionally, but who doesn’t?! Most of these girls are even forced to face it alone, in horrible circumstances. I was lucky enough to have the full support of my son’s father, and my mom. At one point I had to do it all alone, when Shaun was still a newborn till about 5 months; I would take him to school with me, ride endless buses, and depended on no one. My heart goes out to all of you who have and are still been persevering for your children!

Having said that, I wasn’t always gay… obviously. I met Selena my sophomore year of high school -At that point, I no longer had Shaun in my care.. I was locked away in a group home, and his dad left with full responsibility.- I never pictured myself with a lesbian partner. I had nothing against gays, honestly. I just never thought I’d end up as one.-Selena was one of those people that I believe was born gay, and never gave up who she had been from the very start.- We started dating within a few months of meeting, spent a whole summer together, and started another school year never letting go of each other. As melodramatic as it may sound, we fell in love. I found myself hoping this wasn’t a teenage hormonal phase, and praying she’d stay in my life for good. So to all of you couples, gay or straight, when you really think you’ve found that inescapable infatuation for someone who feels the same way, treasure it, and don’t let society tell you it’s all bullshit emotions. I am in absolute surrendered love with my darling son, and an incredible punk rock dyke! She loves him, and he loves her. His innocence holds no prejudice for her abnormal image, or for my adolescent choices.

Beyond all the rude criticism, and arrogant judgements, I’m happy. Yes, life is always going to suck in some way, but it’s important to seek our light of day. Since my freshman year pregnancy, I’ve dealt with physical ailment, depression, substance abuse, addiction, group homes, homelessness, foster homes, and more than enough relationship problems. Now a senior in high school, ready to graduate(early if I wanted to!) and prepared for my future raising Shaun right, and hopefully starting a family with Selena along the way. I don’t care for society’s opinion. I am proud to be a lesbian teen mother. And hope that if you actually read this far, you took something from my ramble. Thank you.