selen garcia


10 Latino anime characters:

  1. Yasutora Sado (Bleach) Mexican
  2. Lala Gonzales (School Rumble) Mexican
  3. Pepe Lima (Michiko to Hatchin) Brazilian*
  4. Rosarita “Roberta” Cisneros (Black Lagoon) Colombian
  5. Jose Collins (AD Police) Assumed Latino
  6. Team Garcia: Argo, Ian, Selen, and Enzo Garcia (Beyblade Metal Masters) All Brazillian
  7. Aldebaran De Tauro (Saint Seiya) Brazilian
  8. Fabiola Iglesias (Black Lagoon) Venezuelan
  9. Winters Sokaro (D Gray Man) Mexican
  10. Leon Garcia de Asturias (Trinity Blood) Assumed Latino

*Michiko to Hatchin is an anime based in a fictional place heavily influenced by Brazil. Most characters are mixed or stated to be Brazilian. This was added here so that way they didn’t completely take over this post but do deserve to be mentioned.