selectively developed

Honestly, the daily Pokemon community is so sweet and welcoming. I’m so glad to be a part of it! You guys are really great and I wish I had the capability to interact with you all!!!

stop calling ships you personally don’t like abusive 2k16

Uncharted 4 Playlist

In case anyone was unaware there are Uncharted 4 character playlists on Spotify.  Not fanmade, ones created by Playstation™ music.  The best part so far is the little descriptions that go along with them

Nathan Drake - The Uncharted 4 game developers selected the songs that showcase the older, tougher and wiser Nathan Drake in this exclusive mix.

Victor Sullivan - Mentor in so many ways, Sully’s hard-won wisdom shines through on a mix tailor-made for this classy rouge.

Elena Fisher - Partner in life and adventure, Elena enjoys downtime with these tropical tunes, full of sun-soaked Latin vibes.

Sam Drake - Nathan Drake’s mysterious older brother is introduced in Uncharted 4. Get a feel for Sam in this exclusive mix.

Nadine Ross - Nadine’s upbeat tunes showcase her homeland and hide an agenda that puts Nathan, his family, and friends at great risk.

So far no playlist for Rafe.  He’d probably just copy what Nate and Sam had and claimed he liked them first.

In addition to 21 species of facade creepers at the Oasia Hotel Downtown, another 33 species of plants and trees are selected throughout the development, making a total of 54 species of plants and trees to improve biodiversity in the downtown city centre. Shown here is the 12th storey sky terrace, which is also the hotel’s ‘ground level’ 📷: K. Kopter via @woha_architects

  • what she says: I'm fine
  • what she means: The X-Files is an American science fiction horror drama television series created by Chris Carter. The program originally aired from September 10, 1993, to May 19, 2002, on Fox, spanning nine seasons, with 202 episodes and a feature film of the same name, before returning with a second film in 2008 and a six-episode tenth season in 2016. The series revolves around FBI special agents Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) who investigate X-Files: marginalized, unsolved cases involving paranormal phenomena. Mulder believes in the existence of aliens and the paranormal while Scully, a medical doctor and a skeptic, is assigned to make scientific analyses of Mulder's discoveries to debunk his work and thus return him to mainstream cases.

“kylo carried rey bridal style back to the ship showing a tenderness for her!! this proves that they love each other!!”

  • firstly, “love each other” – did we watch the same scene in the forest??? you know, the one where rey is shooting at him to try and injure him and crying because she’s so scared???
  • his clothing didn’t allow him to throw her over his shoulder and if he had thrown her over his shoulder there would have been a risk that he could have dropped her or someone could have taken her (can confirm, it is easy for a person to grab you when you’re slung over someone’s shoulder.) plus his scarf blocks most of his shoulders anyway.
  • there was no other way to carry her. he couldn’t have made her walk because he fuckin’ knocked her out with the force (but then again all reylos seem to suddenly develop selective memories when this is mentioned so i’m not surprised.)
  • there was nobody else around to do it for him – all other stormtroopers were busy fighting at maz’s castle. there were only a few around that he could have used and it wouldn’t have been appropriate to pull them out of battle when he had to question rey as fast as possible.
  • he wasn’t doing it because he loved her or because it was affectionate. he was literally doing it for practicality and time management.
  • please, reylos,
  • stop reaching.
How to Experiment Like Darwin

The Museum’s library is part of the Darwin Manuscripts Project, which aims to digitize the papers, manuscripts, and correspondence of Charles Darwin. 

Darwin famously held back from publishing his theories on evolution for decades. It wasn’t just his religious scruples that kept Darwin from publishing the details of his ideas about natural selection, though. He needed that time to establish his reputation as a scientist and do the necessary work on his selection theory, developing evidence and preparing to face the objections of critics. To test his theories, Darwin bred pigeons, dissected orchids, and skeletonized rabbits. He spent so much time studying barnacles that his children thought that was just what fathers did; one of the boys reportedly asked a friend, “Where does your father do his barnacles?”

After publication of On the Origin of Species, Darwin’s days at the family home, Down House, were filled with experiments, often using no more sophisticated equipment than a microscope or a magnifying glass. His notebooks are a wonderful record of the scientific method in practice—raising questions based on his theory and then testing them. The index page shown here, from Darwin’s “Experimental Book” begun in 1855, hints at the breadth of his explorations, dealing with everything from snails to sweet peas, wild cabbages to frog spawn.

Notable for their simplicity, some of his experiments are ideal science lessons for children—for example, his weed plot experiment, which aims to seed what species of weeds, like the dandelions above, are the hardiest. Another looks at the viability of plant seeds that have been soaked in salt water. Detailed instructions for carrying out these experiments, as well as a third on insect-eating plants, can be found in the Schools section ofThe Darwin Correspondence Project.

Learn about Darwin’s family life in Darwin at Home. For more about the origin of the Darwin Manuscripts Project, read Digitizing Darwin’s Work.

This story was originally published on the Museum blog. 

Somebody tell me what the hell was the point of Carol starting a relationship with Tobin when they

  • Never showed it, it happened almost entirely off-screen
  • Immediately discarded it
  • Never used it to address her past issues with Ed
  • It brought her no comfort, she always looked sad after they kissed, and it was lumped in with the rosary and cigarettes, two things symbolizing her punishing herself
  • But they also never addressed that
  • Her overall storyline, of isolating herself, being unable to trust, etc, did not lend itself to her starting a relationship with some random dude who did not know her

They spent more time on Abraham wondering which wonderful woman too good for his ass he would get to choose to bang, regardless of how that fit into HER story, then they did on Carol, a character whose been there from the beginning, starting a relationship with a man for the first time after her physically and sexually abusive relationship with Ed. They deemed Abraham’s male bullshit more worthy of screentime than that, and Abraham more worthy of screentime than a complicated lesbian who actually added an interesting voice (a psychologist) to the story.

Why does Tobin exist? How is he justified in the narrative? What was the point of him, especially since it’s obvious Carol derived no comfort from him? The writers made Tobin happen. Why?


The characters development. 

Through the pages we see all the characters growing, not physically, but mentally and emotionally. We see the way they behave in the first pages and how they changed in the last ones, we know their flaws and fell in love with the way they get over them. I think is one of my favourite things in the series, and I wish I could find the right words to explain it clearly ahh


How Logical Are You? (Psychology of Reasoning)

So just how logical are you? This 4-card selection task developed by Peter Wason in 1963 will help you find out! All you need to do is assess which of the 4 cards must be turned over in order to determine whether the rule has been followed.

By: Wonder Why.


do people not realize how plainly stupid they sound when they say nxt is the solution to #givedivasachance? what are we supposed to do? migrate every woman down to nxt and keep them there? yeah nxt is great for women’s wrestling and all but did you develop selective amnesia that somehow erased the fact that paige and emma came from nxt? gee, and they were two of the people involved in the match that finally kickstarted the #givedivasachance movement

remember when charlotte appeared on raw 3 DAYS before her big title defense against sasha banks, and had a match against natalya that was probably 2 minutes tops including entrances and ended with a cheap roll up loss that made charlotte look like a complete joke? nxt is not the solution stop pretending like it is
Old Victoria Infirmary campus in Glasgow sold for housing - BBC News
The former Victoria Infirmary campus in Glasgow's south side is to sold for housing.

The former Victoria Infirmary campus in Glasgow is to sold for housing.

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde said the 9.5 acre site would be developed by the Worcester-based not-for-profit housing and care provider Sanctuary Group.

The health board said Sanctuary planned to keep a number of heritage features while creating homes for families, first-time and older buyers.

The developer will consult Glasgow City Council and the local community before making a planning application.

Peter Martin, Sanctuary’s group director development, said: “We are delighted to be buying the old Victoria site and are committed to listening to local communities to select the best development solution.

"Our plans are to retain the key heritage features of the site while delivering a beautiful place to live.

"The development will also create much needed jobs and we look forward to beginning this exciting project.”

The hospital began treating patients at the site in Langside, on the south side of the city, in 1866.

I sincerely hope that they do actually keep the parts of it that are aesthetically pleasing as it is an iconic building of the south side.

Considerable developments in biotechnology have led breeders of plants and animals to develop more efficient selection systems to replace traditional phenotype-based selection systems.

Marker assisted selection (MAS) is an indirect selection process where a trait of interest is selected, not based on the trait itself, but on a marker linked to it. For example, if MAS is being used to select individuals with disease resistance, the level of disease resistance is not quantified but rather a marker allele that is linked with disease resistance is used. The assumption is that the marker used for selection associates at high frequency with the gene or quantitative trait locus (QTL) of interest, due to genetic linkage (close proximity, on the chromosome, of the marker locus and the disease resistance-determining locus). MAS can be very useful to efficiently select for traits that are difficult or expensive to measure, exhibit low heritability, and are expressed late in development.

However, it is usually essential to confirm at certain points in the breeding process that the selected individuals or their progeny do in fact express the desired phenotype or trait.