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Liberal Democrats lash out at DNC, say overhaul needed to woo back working-class voters
Lawmakers, advocacy groups are looking to remake the organization in the wake of Trump's win.

In the wreckage of Hillary Clinton’s unexpected loss, liberal lawmakers and advocacy groups have started plotting a major overhaul of the Democratic National Committee, with the aim of using the staid organization to reconnect the party with working-class voters it lost to President-elect Donald Trump.

Much of the talk since Tuesday’s election has focused on selecting a new chairman, with the most frequently mentioned successor being Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.), a leader of the Congressional Progressive Caucus who backed the primary bid of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.)

In an interview, Sanders said he is lobbying for Ellison and argued that the DNC needs to be reoriented so that it becomes less of an insider’s club “preoccupied” with raising money and more of an advocate for the concerns of the working class.

“You can’t tell working people you’re on their side while at the same time you’re raising money from Wall Street and the billionaire class,” Sanders said. “The Democratic Party has to be focused on grass-roots America and not wealthy people attending cocktail parties.”

Sanders acknowledged the need for the party to continue its function as a fundraising vehicle, but suggested a model akin to his presidential campaign, which raised much of its money from small-dollar donors.

“Millions of people are willing to put in 20 bucks, 30 bucks, 50 bucks if there’s a party to believe in,” Sanders said.

I keep seeing people getting baffled at best and annoyed at worst by how Kaylie acted last episode and I’m starting to feel like there’s a hidden camera somewhere and I’m being punked or something, because that is… that is not exactly a subtle or complicated character choice there, that seems like a very very very easy to understand and extremely believable response.

I definitely don’t wanna rag on folks who have trouble with sympathy/empathy (especially when it comes to fictional characters!), because that can be an excruciatingly hard thing to learn for all sorts of reasons, and I guess this stuff can also get easier to contextualize with life experience, and there are always nights where you have a bit of a brain fart and it takes a second to clue into what’s going on, but I’m a little disturbed when that sympathy/empathy becomes hyper-selective and entirely focused on the woobified dude of the week. I just—and this is probably unfairly hyperbolic—worry that these folks are so stuck inside their own heads that they go out into the world with these impregnable walls around their sense of sympathy/empathy for anyone who doesn’t fit a very narrow range of behaviors that they have personally experienced or decided to find laudable in media.

One of the things I really appreciate about this show is that, much as it occasionally leans a little on a familiar sort of artificial narrative structure, the relationships between the characters really do have an unusual depth and maturity (…it feels so weird to say this about a D&D game) because there are real people at the helm of each and every one of them. 

Nobody’s content with being shuffled off into a two-dimensional stereotype because nobody wants to spend four hours a week for years at a time completely dedicated to playing out somebody else’s understanding of their character, so there’s all these amazing sort of ping! moments where somebody’s preconceived character arc ricochets off the honest-to-goodness real person sitting across the table from them (Scanlan’s proposal was a great example of this). It takes two to tango, and having to keep both sides on board—not just for romance, but for friendship or rivalry or conflict—means everyone’s putting in a huge amount of effort to make things feel realistic, to communicate. And sometimes those ping! moments happen when there’s a ricochet off the fandom-composite versions of these characters.

From where I’m sitting, Matt’s great strength as a DM is his empathy; he clearly has a real feeling of responsibility toward the story he’s telling and the characters he’s building, and he’s extremely good at nudging his players from time to time to remind them that they don’t have to go the easy route just because it’s the way a story like this would normally go. Kaylie’s not gonna wholeheartedly support her father with no reservations whatsoever, she’s not gonna go through this without having to wrestle with a hell of a lot of resentment and ambiguity, because any other choice for a character like that would be dishonest and over-simplified and would show a complete lack of empathy for people who really do experience those mixed-up feelings of betrayal and hatred and worry and rage even in the worst possible moment.

It frustrates me sometimes that the very thing that makes this show so astonishing—its dedication to, and I can’t stress enough how weird this is to say, mature and careful characterization over adherence to easy narrative tropes—is also what’s been fueling so many complaints in the fandom.


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Mira Nair (b. 1957) is an Indian American filmmaker, best known for such works as Monsoon Wedding or Salaam Bombay! Her films often deal with themes relevant to Indian society and culture, and have received numerous international awards.

She studied at Harvard University and began her career by producing documentaries which explored Indian culture and traditions. Films such as India Cabaret, that shows the exploitation of sex workers in Bombay, or Children of a Desired Sex, focusing on selective abortion, were controversial but well received by critics.

a bunch o umbreon subspecies !

enigma - named after the berry they resemble, seen often on eevee who evolve on the full moon

woodland - their striped pattern helps them blend into the dusk-time forest. very warm shades of gray rather than black

bandit - considered a mutation introduced by the zorua line, very uncommon in the wild

maze - these umbreon are often spotted in the city. their markings are rather elaborate and often lean towards the cooler yellow range ring-wise

speckled - these umbreon appear most often in the countryside during the half moon. they prefer open fields

royal - also commonly referred to as ‘banded’, this umbreon design was selectively bred by contest-focused breeders. their rings are prone to more of an iridescent appearance rather than truly glowing due to how the banding forms.


Building reliable tools built for soldiers in the field, Hakke values simplicity over intricacy. Function over flair. Hakke weapons all start with a more tightly focused band of base stats that don’t spike as high or low as other weapon families, granting a solid foundation for growing the weapon. On a Hakke talent grid you’ll see a simplified set of scopes that work best for the weapon, front-loaded perk nodes, with the stat upgrade options occupying the final column. Hakke perk selection is focused on offensive actions and combat tactics. Hakke Pulse Rifles fire a burst of four rounds with damage adjusted to match the DPS of a three round burst, meaning the pulse rounds do less individually but are equal as a group. Fire time between bursts is slightly faster.

I would recommend this hypothesis: imprecision is tolerable or plausible in literature because we almost always tend toward it in reality. The conceptual simplification of complex states is often an instantaneous operation. The very fact of perceiving, of paying attention, is selective; all attention, all focusing of our consciousness, involves a deliberate omission of what is not interesting. We see and hear through memories, fears, expectations. In bodily terms, unconsciousness is a necessary condition of physical acts. Our body knows how to articulate this difficult paragraph, how to contend with stairways, knots, overpasses, cities, fast-running rivers, dogs, how to cross the street without being run down by traffic, how to procreate, how to breathe, how to sleep, and perhaps how to kill: our body, not our intellect. For us, living is a series of adaptations, which is to say, an education in oblivion. It is admirable that the first news of Utopia Thomas More gives us is his puzzled ignorance of the ‘true’ length of one of its bridges.
—  Jorge Luis Borges, “The Postulation of Reality” (1931)
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In The Moment | The Ocean

Humans have only explored 5% of the world’s oceans, meaning the vast majority of bodies that cover 71% of the our planet are completely unknown to us. Oceans have a great sway over our weather, were some of the original keys to transportation of people and goods across the globe and nourish us with their bounty. They also ignite our imagination, our longing to feel the openness of a distant horizon and our marvel at its sheer power. This week’s Moment Mobile selection focuses on the photographers ability to confront the questions the ocean poses while pointing a camera at the vast expanse.

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