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Solar System: Things to Know This Week

Get the latest on women making history at NASA, our Juno mission, the Curiosity rover and move!

1. Women at NASA Making History, Creating the Future

Throughout Women’s History Month, we’ve been presenting profiles of the women who are leading the way in deep space exploration.

+ Meet some of them

2. Juno and the Giant

Our Juno spacecraft made its fifth close flyby over giant Jupiter’s mysterious cloud tops.

+ See the latest from the King of Planets

3. When the Road Gets Rough, the Tough Keep Rolling

A routine check of the aluminum wheels on our Curiosity Mars rover has found two small breaks on the rover’s left middle wheel tread–the latest sign of wear and tear as the rover continues its journey, now approaching the 10-mile (16 kilometer) mark. But there’s no sign the robotic geologist won’t keep roving right through its ongoing mission.

+ Get the full report

4. What Do Mars and Dinosaurs Have in Common?

Our research reveals that volcanic activity at the giant Martian volcano Arsia Mons ceased about 50 million years ago, around the time of Earth’s Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction, when large numbers of plant and animal species (including dinosaurs) went extinct. However, there’s no reason to think the two events were more than a cosmic coincidence.

+ Learn how scientists pieced together the past

5. A Comet in Commotion

Images returned from the European Space Agency’s Rosetta mission indicate that during its most recent trip through the inner solar system, the surface of comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko was a very active place – full of growing fractures, collapsing cliffs and massive rolling boulders.

+ See the many faces of Comet #67P

6. Next Generation Space Robot is Ingenious, Versatile–and Cute

The next rovers to explore another planet might bring along a scout. The Pop-Up Flat Folding Explorer Robot (PUFFER) in development at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory was inspired by origami. Its lightweight design is capable of flattening itself, tucking in its wheels and crawling into places rovers can’t fit.


7. Shadowy Dawn

According to data from our Dawn mission to Ceres, shadowed craters on the dwarf planet may be linked to the history of how the small world has been tilted over time by the gravity of planets like Jupiter.

+ Find out how understanding “cycles of obliquity” might solve solar system mysteries

8. On Orbit and Online

We’re developing a  long-term technology demonstration project of what could become the high-speed internet of the sky. The Laser Communications Relay Demonstration (LCRD) will help engineers understand the best ways to operate laser communications systems, which could enable much higher data rates for connections between spacecraft and Earth, such as scientific data downlink and astronaut communications.

+ See how it will work

9. A Big Role for Small Sats in Deep Space Exploration

We selected 10 studies to develop mission concepts using CubeSats and other kinds of very small satellites to investigate Venus, Earth’s moon, asteroids, Mars and the outer planets. “These small but mighty satellites have the potential to enable transformational science,” said Jim Green, director of NASA’s Planetary Science Division.

+ Get the small details

10. Rings Around the Red Planet?

It’s possible that one of our closest neighbors had rings at one point – and may have them again someday. At least, that’s the theory put forth by NASA-funded scientists at Purdue University.

+ See more details about the once and future rings of Mars

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Lowly zombie. Do you honestly hope to save the world?

“Under the cut are ### gifs of...”

Nope. No no. ### is not a number. And it will only take a matter of seconds to change that into the actual number of gifs in the gif hunt, which is infinitely more useful.

“But Neil,” I hear you cry into the void, “It takes a lot more than a few seconds to count hundreds of gifs, and I easily lose count. It’s just not worth all the effort.”

Nope again. You don’t have to hand-count the gifs. There’s a simple way to get your gif count in seconds. I’ll demonstrate with my most recently-posted gif hunt:

Now, the gif count is there anyhow, but let’s say for the sake of the argument that I didn’t know how many gifs are in the hunt. What do I do? Well, first, I add “/mobile” to the end of the URL.

Then I right-click somewhere on the page and select “View Page Source”. (For Firefox, press Alt to bring up the menu, then select Tools, then Web Developer, then Page Source.)

Which, of course, opens up the source code page.

Now, I type Control+F (Apple+F on a Mac) to pull up this handy-dandy search-and-find thingamajig:

Type in “img src”.

And if the gif you use as your example gif is also included under the cut, subtract one.

There you have it. Your gif count. Mere seconds passed, no blood was shed, and now people know exactly how many gifs are in the hunt. And you can now go ahead and change that “###” to the number of gifs. Easy as pie.


Pika-Monuments by Pierre Kauffmann

Pierre Kauffmann was born in 1973 and has grown up in Alsace (East of France). He’s studied ne arts in Mulhouse’ s artschool where he’s obtained two diplomas in visual arts (1994 DNAP : Diplôme National d’Arts Plastiques, 1996 DNSEP : Diplôme National Supérieur d’Expression Plastique). Based in Paris, he was professionally launched into the show business and the street show where he’s learnt the techniques to creates costumes, sets, and so on.

It was in 2008, that he’s combined techniques and mediums he likes in a personal project to start the Pika-monuments collection. The artist travels all over the world to search for architectures. Once the site has been selected, he develops plans and volumes adaptable to the human body. He creates structures / objects / suits that he stages in situ. His work led him to explore the graphics of the photography as well as video projection. From these series of photos, he builds a universe of playful and decorative objects, pushing farther and farther the declension of his own researches.

The architecture, sewing, performance, photography, graphic design and art installation con rm its major tools of creation. For more than 7 years, The Pika-monuments collection stays his key project. His work was presented in personal and collective exhibitions in Paris and in France.

Follow the Source Link for images sources and more information.


Request: How about an imagine were Emma’s daughter is new to Storybrooke. Herself and team family don’t quite get along despite their multiple attempts to connect they just can’t connect with her and she dislikes them. (Mutual disliking among all members and reader). Reader often opts to be alone or will flat out ignore her family in an effort to remain alone and they are always fighting one another. Let’s see what happens


You frowned, looking at the information in front of you. It couldn’t be right, people don’t just disappear. The last trace you could find of your mother was her car at a gas station, filling up the tank, with a boy, probably about ten years old, which would make him around the same age as you now, in the passenger seat. After that, there was nothing, nothing in the past five years. You’d checked everything you could get your hands on in the towns and places that were accessible from that road in the direction she was heading, but there was nothing. There was one town, Storybrooke, on a map, but there was no trace of it online anywhere.

You sighed and opened a new tab, looking for ways to get to Storybrooke from your town. You didn’t own a car and didn’t know how to drive anyway, so that was out of the question. After about half an hour, you worked out that the easiest (and cheapest) way to get there was to get a bus to the next closest town, because apparently no bus went there, and then walk.

With one last look around your foster home, you made your decision and booked a bus ticket. You put everything you owned into a backpack, and zipped it shut. You had to squeeze it a little to get it to close, but you still found it sad how little you owned.

Two days later, you found yourself walking into the Sheriff Station in Storybrooke. You walked up to the desk, and the blonde woman behind it smiled at you. “Hi, can I help you?”

You nodded, holding your bag tightly. “I hope so, I’m looking for my mum.”

The woman nodded, looking through her files. “Where are you from? And what’s your mum’s name?”

“I’m from New York.” You said tentatively, chewing your lip. “My mum’s name is Emma Swan.”

She froze, looking up at you before standing and walking around the desk. “What… what’s your name?”

“Y/N?” You frowned. “Is something wrong?”

She shook her head. “I… I had twins, but one of them wasn’t breathing when they were born, she was my daughter. They took her away, to try and save her, but because I’d put them up for adoption, they refused to tell me if she survived. I’m Emma Swan.”

You looked up at her, and then you felt your eyes fill with tears. “Why did you abandon me?”

“I wanted to give you your best chance. I was in jail at the time.” She sighed, pulling you into a hug. “I’m so glad you’re alive.”

You carefully hugged her back, closing your eyes. The hug felt nice, but it didn’t feel like you’d expected it to, there was no feeling of home, and safety.

She pulled back from the hug, smiling down at you. “Let’s introduce you to everyone, alright?”

You nodded, covering your mouth to stifle a yawn just as your stomach rumbled. “Sounds good.”

She rested her hand on your shoulder and guided you out of the station, down to a diner called ‘Granny’s’. “We’ll get you some food, don’t worry.” She smiled, leading you to a booth and handing you a menu. “Order whatever you want, I’ll be right back, I’m just running to the bathroom.”


A few weeks passed, but you couldn’t seem to fit in with the town. The whole fairytale thing was ridiculous too, but as well as that, you were sad, because you were as much Emma’s child as Henry, and yet he got all the powers and the attention. At the moment, you were laying face-down on your bed, with earphones in, listening to music to drown out the sounds of the plan-forming going on.

You had to admit, they were all immensely idiotic sometimes. Yes, whatever this new threat was was strong, but if they all attacked at once, it wouldn’t stand a chance. It also wouldn’t stand a chance if one of them had a gun, but apparently this town frowned on guns.

You jumped, feeling a hand on your shoulder, and rolled onto your back to see Henry smiling down at you. “Gonna join us?” He asked, as you pulled out your earphones.

You sighed, sitting up. “Listen, Henry, I appreciate it, I really do, but, we can both feel it. This town isn’t the place for me. I don’t belong here.”

Henry frowned and sat down beside you. “Maybe you’re right. I’ve noticed how you avoid us, and to be honest, I do the same to you sometimes, but that doesn’t mean we’re not gonna try. You’re family, we don’t give up on that.”

You nodded with a sigh and stood up, walking down to the kitchen where everyone was plotting. “Hi. What’s happening?” You asked, hoping to start a conversation.

“Are you serious?” Emma groaned, running a hand through her hair.

Regina turned and shot you a glare. “Haven’t you been paying attention at all? We don’t have time to be explaining this again!”

“Why don’t you go back upstairs, sweetie?” Snow offered. “I’m not sure you’ll be able to help.”

You nodded, crossing your arms and looking between them, including Hook and David. “I think that might be a good idea, I’ll just grab some food and stop getting in your way.”

“That’s not what we meant-” Emma argued, but you ignored her, going into the kitchen to get something to eat.

“Well that went well.” You sighed to yourself, looking through the cupboards until you found a packet of instant noodles. You made them, put them into a bowl with some spices, and then went back up to your room, making sure the door shut securely behind you.

As you were eating your noodles, you could hear Snow. “Hey Henry, do you think you could help us out with this?”

You sighed, knowing that continuing to listen to their conversation would only make you feel worse, but you did it anyway.

“Could you try this?” Henry suggested, and then his voice dropped, so you couldn’t hear what he was saying.

I bet I probably would have thought of that, if they’d given me the chance. You thought bitterly. They just seemed to disregard your ability because you hadn’t been raised around these fairytales. You wouldn’t have minded if none of your ideas were accepted, but at the very least you felt you deserved to be listened to, you were the Saviour’s daughter, after all.

You stood up and walked to the window, looking out at the sky. It was starting to get dark, and the stars were peeping out. Maybe it was just how bad you were feeling, or maybe it was the full moon, or maybe it was your history of acting on a whim. Whatever it was, you climbed out of your window and then ran down the road. You hadn’t made a single friend in your time in Storybrooke so far, but that didn’t mean you had nowhere to go.

Having spent a lot of time alone in the town, you had developed a selection of hiding spots, but your favourite, and arguably, best, was in the forest, where a tree had fallen down. It was hollow, but the bark was thick enough to provide heat and waterproofing. As well as that, there was moss growing inside the tree, all around the circumference, so it was nice and comfy. Once you got there, you curled up into the moss bed, and closed your eyes. It was nice to actually be apart from them, instead of knowing that they were just one floor away.

You hadn’t realised you’d fallen asleep until you woke up to sunlight filtering through the end of the tree, and a stiff neck. Looking around, you stretched as much as you could within the small space, and then took out your phone, looking through your games. There were no messages about your disappearance, but you hadn’t expected any, given that you’d left late in the evening and it was now early morning. Everyone was probably still sound asleep.

You heard footsteps, and put your phone away, pretending to be still asleep. If anyone gave out to you about disappearing, you’d say you’d been sleepwalking. The footsteps came closer, and then stopped. You could feel someone looking at you, so you tried to keep your breathing shallow, like it would be if you were asleep. After a few seconds of this, you felt a hand on your arm, shaking you gently, so you slowly opened your eyes, blinking sleepily. You frowned at the person, but you couldn’t see them very well because the sun was behind them.

“What happened? Where am I?” You asked, rubbing your eyes and then looking around at the inside of the tree.

“It looks like you sleepwalked your way into my hiding spot.” The person said, and then stepped back from the entrance, so you could crawl out. “What’s your name?”

“Y/N.” You mumbled, looking at the person, who you could now see was a guy. He was difficult to look at, as his hair constantly shifted between a range of colours, as did his eyes. “You?”

He smiled bashfully and ran a hand through his hair. “I’m not actually sure. I just got to town yesterday.”

“What did they call you where you were before you got to town?” You asked curiously.

“I didn’t have a name then either. But I like the name Ash, so you can call me that if you want?” He smiled, putting his hands into the pockets of his trousers. He was dressed in varying shades of brown and green, so if he had been hiding, there would be no way that you’d have seen him.

You nodded, then gave him a friendly smile. “So Ash, if this was your spot, how come you weren’t here when I sleepwalked into it?”

“Oh, I was hunting for some food, but I’m not used to these woods, so I couldn’t catch anything much.” He looked down at his stomach with a playfully sad expression.

You frowned, and checked the time on your watch. “I’ll get you some food, by the time we walk back into town Granny’s should be open, and she does some amazing pancakes.”

“That sounds nice, but won’t someone be worried about you? You did disappear in the middle of the night, didn’t you?”

“Yeah, but no one really cares, they probably won’t notice I’m gone.” You smiled and started walking, signalling Ash to walk beside you.

“But I thought this town was full of heroes, that their whole state of being was to care? That’s the whole reason I came here.” He was starting to sound worried.

“Oh don’t worry,” You sighed with a sad smile, “it’s just me they seem to dislike.”

Ash laughed. “Well you seem lovely, so if they dislike you, you’re either cursed, or just pretending to be nice and are actually super evil.”

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Printable solar cells just got a little closer

A U of T Engineering innovation could make printing solar cells as easy and inexpensive as printing a newspaper. Dr. Hairen Tan and his team have cleared a critical manufacturing hurdle in the development of a relatively new class of solar devices called perovskite solar cells. This alternative solar technology could lead to low-cost, printable solar panels capable of turning nearly any surface into a power generator.

“Economies of scale have greatly reduced the cost of silicon manufacturing,” said Professor Ted Sargent, an expert in emerging solar technologies and the Canada Research Chair in Nanotechnology. “Perovskite solar cells can enable us to use techniques already established in the printing industry to produce solar cells at very low cost. Potentially, perovskites and silicon cells can be married to improve efficiency further, but only with advances in low-temperature processes.”

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anonymous asked:

Why was effy mute?

Children can develop selective mutism due to anxiety or personal/family issues. We know that Effy was mute as a child. In one of the unseen clips Effy meets her younger self she says, “Don’t give me that bullshit, I know you can talk.” or something along those lines. With Effy I think it could have been more of a control/attention thing to manipulate those around her.

anonymous asked:

Are crosses of cancer-prone breeds like the boxer or golden retriever any less likely to develop breed-associated cancers, or is it just a genetic crapshoot based on the purebred parent? Assuming you are not breeding two dogs that are both predisposed to developing cancer.

The genetics of cancer are interesting and complicated. All cancers could be considered a genetic disease, because all cancers are due to genetic changes in the cell. Some of these cancers have a distinct pattern of running in bloodlines, and are probably at play in purebred dogs with known cancer predispositions.

Very broadly and generally speaking, there are two types of genes we consider.

  • Oncogenes. These can be thought of as pro-cancer genes. The more you have, the more they’re expressed, and the more likely you are to have a cancer.
  • Anti-oncogenes. Sometimes called anticancer genes. These genes prevent oncogenes being expressed, or check for DNA transcription errors. If you lose these or have less for any reason, cancer becomes more likely.

In a living, multi-cellular organism, like dogs in this case, every cell starts with the same DNA. In the course of life some cells will receive genetic damage, such as from UV light or due to certain viruses or carcinogens, for example, and their DNA may change. DNA errors may include duplicating or activating an oncogene, or losing an anti-oncogene, and so cancer develops.

Broadly speaking, the more ‘safety nets’ in an individuals genome, the more difficult it is for them to develop cancer, but they wont be immune. Every time a cell replicates you basically roll dice, and if the numbers come up badly, you lose.

Now, there’s not just one gene for each cancer. That would be far too simple, though some genes are more common than others. There are multiple, multiple genes at play and we probably don’t know what all of them do. It’s really all one big mess.

Dogs have 78 chromosomes, but they have far more than 78 genes. There are lots and lots of different genes on the same chromosome. There are some genes that are commonly inherited together, two different traits that seem to go hand in hand. Sometimes these are linked genes. They are genes that occur on the same chromosome. Genes can switch from one chromosome of a pair to another. The closer two genes are to each other on a chromosome, the stronger they are linked together and the more likely they are to always occur together.

A living organism, a dog in this case, is a great big mess of interacting genes and multiple traits. Through the process of artificial selection, or selective breeding, we have developed families of dogs that share the traits we’ve been selecting for.

However it is also likely that we’ve inadvertently selected for genes we didn’t want, genes that are strongly linked with traits we were targeting. 

My personal theory is that the genes for domestication, the genes that make dogs so trainable and fond of humans, are linked with oncogenes that we had no way of knowing about. We probably have accidentally selected for pro-cancer genes in our dog breeds.

This might be why it always seems like the nicer dogs get the nastier conditions.

But back to your original question, if you cross two dogs that have the same oncogenes, you will have the same risk in the offspring. If you cross dogs that have different oncogenes, you might get lucks and the offspring may not inherit either of them, or they may inherit sets from both parents and be more at risk. If you cross two dogs and the offspring happen to inherit more oncogenes and less anti-oncogenes, then you will have a higher cancer risk.

So the answer depends on information that we currently don’t have a means to gather, but you are rolling the dice with every breeding, and with every cell division within the individual. Usually we roll well. Sometimes we roll badly.
Bethesda’s new DLC marketplace won’t sell existing Skyrim and Fallout mods
Bethesda has clarified its new Creation Club system — the program that will sell additional content to both The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim and Fallout 4 — specifying that the service will not be used to sell existing mods. Creation Club, which was announced during the publisher’s E3 keynote last night, will instead allow players to buy officially sanctioned characters, weapons, and other add-ons created by Bethesda’s own studios and selected third-party developers. Also available via Creation Club will be new clothes, areas, and even game modes. Read more

DOA5LR - Hidden Unused Stages

There are hidden stages that are unused nor able to be selected by normal means. This is the PC version of DOA5LR.

How do I get these stages on PS4/Xbox?

A: You can’t. There is no other way besides opening up addresses files on PC and opening up the stages from there. PS4 and Xbox can’t access them.

Is there any walls or breakables within these stages?

A: There are walls, but they are not real true walls nor breakables either. They are samples that are just there for visual purposes but hold no real purpose in combat since those stages can’t be selected. Therefore, the developers never bothered putting effort on them because the player wouldn’t be able to select it anyway.

Will we see these as DLC stages one day?

A: Wish I knew the answer for that one. Two of these stages are already in the game but starting in somewhere else completely different or story related. Some of them might not be possible to be actual DLC since a few of these stages look rather….uncomfortable to play in. Kasumi’s hideout is an example. Some just look plain weird to even be considered playable.

2016: This Year at NASA!

As 2016 comes to a close and prospects of the new year loom before us, we take a moment to look back at what we’ve accomplished and how it will set us ahead in the year to come.

2016 marked record-breaking progress in our exploration activities. We advanced the capabilities needed to travel farther into the solar system while increasing observations of our home and the universe, learning more about how to continuously live and work in space and, or course, inspiring the next generation of leaders to take up our journey to Mars and make their own discoveries.

Here are a few of the top NASA stories of 2016…

International Space Station

One Year Mission…completed!

NASA astronaut Scott Kelly and Russian cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko returned to Earth after spending a year in space. Testing the limits of human research, findings from their One Year Mission will help send humans farther into space than ever before.

Commercial Resupply

Commercial partners Orbital ATK and SpaceX delivered tons (yes literally tons) of cargo to the International Space Station. This cargo supported hundreds of science experiments and technology demonstrations crucial to our journey to Mars.


Expandable Habitats

The Bigelow Expandable Activity Module (BEAM) was one of the technology demonstrations delivered to the space station in April. Expandable habitats greatly decrease the amount of transport volume for future space missions.

Booster Test Firing

In June, a booster for our Space Launch System (SLS) rocket successfully fired up. It will be used on the first un-crewed test flight of SLS with the Orion spacecraft in 2018. Eventually, this rocket and capsule will carry humans into deep space and one day…Mars!


This year we updated the milestones for our InSight mission with a new target launch window beginning in May 2018. This mission will place a fixed science outpost on Mars to study its deep interior. Findings and research from this project will address one of the most fundamental questions we have about the planetary and solar system science…how in the world did these rocky planets form?

Solar System and Beyond


On July 4, our Juno spacecraft arrived at Jupiter. This mission is working to improve our understanding of the solar system’s beginnings by revealing the origin and evolution of Jupiter.


In September, we launched our OSIRIS-REx spacecraft…which is America’s first-ever asteroid sample return mission. This spacecraft will travel to a near-Earth asteroid, called Bennu, where it will collect a sample to bring back to Earth for study.

James Webb Space Telescope

In February, the final primary mirror segment of our James Webb Space Telescope was installed. This will be the world’s most powerful space telescope ever, and is scheduled to launch in 2018. Webb will look back in time, studying the very first galaxies ever formed.


In May, our Kepler mission verified the discovery of 1,284 new planets. Kepler is the first NASA mission to find potentially habitably Earth-sized planets.

Earth Right Now

Earth Expeditions

Our efforts to improve life on Earth included an announcement in March of a collection of Earth Science field campaigns to study how our planet is changing. These Earth Expeditions sent scientists to places like the edge of the Greenland ice sheet to the coral reefs of the South Pacific to delve into challenging questions about how our planet is changing…and what impacts humans are having on it.

Small Satellites

In November, we announced plans to launch six next-generation Earth-observing small satellite missions. One uses GPS signals to measure wind in hurricanes and tropical systems in greater detail than ever before.

Aeronautics Research

Our efforts in 2016 to make air travel cleaner, safer and quieter included new technology to improve safety and efficiency of aircraft arrivals, departures and service operations.


In June, we highlighted our first designation of an experimental airplane, or X-plane, in a decade. It will test new electric propulsion technology.

Drone Technolgy

In October, we evaluated a system being developed for the Federal Aviation Administration to safely manage drone air traffic.


Electric Propulsion

We selected Aerojet Rocketdyne to develop and advanced electric propulsion system to enable deep space travel to an asteroid and Mars.


Our technology transfer program continued to share the agency’s technology with industry, academia and other government agencies at an unprecedented rate.

Centennial Challenges

Our Centennial Challenges program conducted four competition events in 2016 to spark innovation and enable solutions in important technology focus areas.

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Neptune thru the Houses

1st house – these individuals experience confusing and blurriness when it comes to placing their identity. They are unsure of who they are and what their role is on this planet. These people tend to be hyper-sensitive to their environment, acting like a sponge, picking up and absorbing the energies and feelings of the people around them. Neptune here gives the first impression to others as being a compassionate, sensitive, and understanding soul, therefore you may find that many people feel as if they can confide in you and pour their heart out to you, even if you may not know them that well. It just comes with being a neptunian person. However, neptune in the 1st individuals will have boundary issues, specifically between yourself and other people. This placement can lead to mimicry, a poor sense of self, and taking the role as a “mirror” – just reflecting other people. It’s easy for these people to act as a martyr and for others to take advantage of their selflessness/compassion.

2nd house – those with neptune here desire a deeper understanding for the value of money and their possessions. Neptune dissolves and blurs, so this may take place when it comes to the individual’s income/money/possessions. The person may be obsessed with money, maybe not even obsessed with having it, but could be obsessed with other people who have it. They can see money has being the main root of solving all of their problems, as their savior in life that will heal them from all. They also may feel like the world owes them some kind of favor, leading to an unexplained feeling of self-entitlement. On the other hand, they can feel ashamed or guilty for having what they own, and undeserving of it. Individuals with neptune in the 2nd should re-evaluate their self worth, their self esteem tends to fluctuate often throughout their life as well. They also might be the type of person to always be dissatisfied with what they own and constantly want more.

3rd house – neptune in the house of the mind, communication, and short distance traveling can confuse and scatter the individual who has it. The positive attributes of neptune being linked with mercury/the house of thinking is the natural and innate intuition and ability to pick up on the undercurrents and vibes in their surrounding environment. What they lack is logical thinking/reasoning and practicality. Neptune, the planet of fantasy and rich imagination, blesses this person with these qualities as well. They tend to make great storytellers, making you feel like you’ve experienced just about everything right there with them. This person can develop a selective perception though – only seeing what they want to see. Neptune is a trickster; fooling us into what is beautiful or lovely constantly. We overlook the bad things and cover them up with neptune’s delusions and blindness. Individuals with this placement may be so open minded that they confuse other people’s thoughts for their own, because neptune is such a dissolving planet that completely diffuses boundaries and links us all together as one. 3rd house also rules siblings; maybe the native with this had to take care of a sibling, or was extra sensitive to them, or maybe they were an only child who longed so desperately for another sibling to have. Neptune here makes great poets, writers, and artists, having a mind full of beauty, it just comes naturally to them, causing them to lack in normal everyday verbal communication.

4th house – plenty of people with neptune in the 4th can either tell you that their childhood was spent playing with rose colored glasses, or that it was probably horrible. The 4th house rules a person’s roots; their upbringing, their background/where they came from, the mother (sometimes). Even if the individual experienced some kind of suffering as a child, or their childhood was the typical “perfect” upbringing, they can experience an almost painful feeling nostalgia and yearning to be back. This placement can be an indicator of emotional abuse from the father or the mother depending on what this house represents for you (mainly, the parent that provided the most nurturing). The mother may have been very mentally or physically ill, and the individual with neptune here may have spent much time in their childhood taking care of them. There may have been a case of infidelity – mother/father had an affair, marriage was ruined, etc. The person with this placement was usually called upon to make sacrifices in the home or for the home, pretty often, for whatever reason. The household may have been filled with delusion and/or lies, maybe ridden with drugs/drug addicts/alcoholics, maybe artists and inspirational individuals, visionaries and maybe the individual was raise with much spirituality. The mother might have been just as hyper sensitive. The family might have taken in strays; animals or people, and the individual now may continue to do this in their own home in the future. You may have lived by the sea/a body of water and desire to in the future.

5th house – with neptune in the house of pleasures, romance, children and creativity, it can be as good as it is bad. Neptune here brings the gift of beautiful creative expression and a knack for painting/the arts. Though, you may have felt guilty in your younger years for even just wanting to have fun, and this feeling may follow you around still. You may give up things for what you love often, like giving up a stable job to continue being involved in some area of the arts, or maybe drugs. Having an outlet to pour their emotions into is very important for these people because it comes to naturally to them. Romantically, they feel this on another level. Neptune is the higher octave of venus, enabling a limitless capacity to love and be loved. They can fall for people who are unavailable or abusive though so be careful. This placement could lead to issues in drugs, gambling or sex addictions as well. Neptune could get so lost and entranced by the house of pleasures that it can’t get out. These people can feel martyred by children, feeling that they stopped them from being able to do other things with their life, or that the child saved them from themselves or life itself.

6th house – neptune, ruling pisces, in it’s opposite ruler’s house, mercury/virgo, can lead to some obvious difficulties. For one, virgo/the 6th house rules order and organization. Neptune dissolves everything in touches and doesn’t understand this too much. Neptune here can result in neglecting organization in the everyday life and the body itself; this placement is notorious for strange illnesses and conditions. You’ll find that the person with neptune here could be labeled as “spontaneous” but more so in the sense that they just go with the flow of things because they’re incapable of organization/ordering their day to day life. Positively, they may seek jobs in healing or occult areas, enabling the proper use of their gifts in a way the 6th house approves of; putting it to work instead of letting it pile up and be ignored.

7th house – individuals with this placement are usually seeking a partner to save them or to save. The boundaries between them and other people are usually non-existent as well. They believe in unreachable levels of romance, they idealize relationships so much and romanticize things that should not be romanticized. They may be drawn to or attract those that are drug addicts, alcoholics, criminals, people with bad reputations/shady pasts, victim-types, or unstable/mentally ill people. They’re the most common to get wounded bird syndrome. The other side of them is being drawn to artists, musical geniuses, visionaries/inspirational types and gurus. These people experience relationships on an almost complete psychic level, and relationships are an awakening for them. Love is the key to fix all their problems, and nothing in life is worth it unless there is love for these people. They are very selfless in love, though sometimes they may spend so much of their time and energy saving another person that when they realize they are getting nothing back, or the relationship is really not what they thought it was at all, they can experience such profound and extreme hurt, disappointment and betrayal. There can also be a danger of scandal/problems with lawsuits if neptune is badly aspected. They may also be scapegoated by others because of their compassion and vulnerability to others. They may take jobs in social work, therapy, psychology, counseling or the arts.

8th house – besides the home of neptune (the 12th house), the 8th house is pretty much the next best thing for this planet. With neptune residing here, the individual’s intuition is very developed and very powerful. Sex is a very spiritual and important experience for these people, as to them it represents a complete spiritual act of merging with another soul to form one. By losing their own boundaries and self within another, they satisfy their spirit as well as their physical self. With the planet of dissolving and confusion in the house of sex, there can definitely be confusion with one’s sexual identity. There can also be a fear of letting go with some people with this placement, especially if neptune is poorly aspected or if saturn is involved somewhere with this. The 8th house rules joint finances and other people’s money, so neptune here can help someone else acquire money or their can be deception and delusion to shared money. They may fantasize frequently about unavailable people, or people they are not involved with currently too. These people can also have very poor coping mechanisms, they can lead to self destructive behavior when sad/depressed/angry. People with this placement usually do not fear death.

9th house – those with neptune in the 9th house of beliefs/higher education and traveling seek salvation and savior through what they believe in. These are the people that are most likely to be drawn towards joining a cult, philosophy, religion, etc. They are entranced by anything that will give them insight on what heaven is like, or what the other side holds in store for them. They usually believe in enlightenment. The problem with this is believing that one faith or belief will hold the answer to absolutely everything, and will solve every problem you have, which leads to severe disappointment and hurt, as neptune does pretty often. They may experience the greatest hurt of all: finding out what they believed in was a lie or fake. The psychic they may have been seeing all along was an alcoholic or mentally ill, or on drugs. The cult was all just made up or stolen from someone else. Their priest went against everything they believed in. These kinds of catastrophes will ruin a neptune in the 9th house’s soul. Travel can be used as method of escapism for these people. When life gets tough, they’re planning a road trip across country, or flying to another country to take a break from it all.

10th house – with neptune here, people look upon this person as a savior, or one that completely understands the struggles of everyone below them. They are drawn to healing professions and have an innate ability to comfort others. These people are usually those that hold a vision of how things should be, or something that no one has thought of before. To give you a better image, JFK had neptune in the 10th and so does bernie sanders. See how idolized they are? They “speak for the people” and want to do what’s right. They hold much compassion for the public and are recognized for this. The downside to having neptune here is the struggle of not knowing what career path you want to take, not knowing what role you have in the public/career’s eye, they may work for shady or corrupt businesses. The father may not have been seen clearly to the individual and may have exhibited some of neptune’s characteristics; addict, alcoholic, absent/abandoned them, hyper sensitive, etc.

11th house – these people believe in having compassion for all of mankind. They usually join spiritual awareness groups or are working for meals on wheels to help serve and give back to the world they live in. They have the tendency of losing themselves in their social life, or becoming too involved, or using it as a escapist method. They could promise too much to others and never follow through with it, but they usually do have good intentions. Their social circle of friends may have many neptunian types. Friends may not see the individual that clearly. They might be notorious/have a shady reputation amongst others socially. They could experience deception or hurt through friendships often and be blind to it. They believe in second chances and that the meaning of life is to help and serve all, because that is what everyone deserves in the end.

12th house – neptune is home in the house of pisces. This is the best house for neptune to be in, besides the fact that it’s home, it is the less dangerous place for neptune to be in. The 12th house works in the background of things; we don’t see it or understand it. Neptune here may give a person great intuition, but high sensitivity to the undercurrents and feelings of others. They may feel guilty for their own feelings at times and as if they have to sacrifice them a lot. Positively, with neptune here, the subconscious or unconscious mind of the individual can be the source of very rich imagination and be used as a source of inspiration for creative endeavors or to gain ideas. Neptune here can also become too involved with the lives of others because they want to escape their own. Anywhere neptune is, compassion is as well. The subconscious of the person may want to escape their own subconscious. They may feel that the world is out to get them and that they cannot escape failure or disappointment, while this may all not be true. They feel as if they have to suffer for other people because no one can match their expectations of a friend or a lover. The person with neptune in the 12th strongly values beauty and harmony, and it is important for them to be surrounded by this or positivity so they don’t try to escape themselves.

stop calling ships you personally don’t like abusive 2k16

NASA Selects ‘ShadowCam’ to Fly on Korea Pathfinder Lunar Orbiter

NASA has selected an instrument developed by investigators at Arizona State University and Malin Space Science Systems as a U.S. contribution to the Korea Aerospace Research Institute’s (KARI) first lunar exploration mission, Korea Pathfinder Lunar Orbiter (KPLO). ShadowCam will address Strategic Knowledge Gaps, or lack of information required to reduce risk, increase effectiveness, and improve the designs of future human and robotic missions. ShadowCam joins four KARI-developed instruments on KPLO.

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Betta tail types breakdown

Let me just start with saying I don’t breed betta and am not super knowledgeable on the genetics of them at a bio level, so most information in that regard will be researched from other sources and condensed based on my understanding. I do however know many of the types and have seen common correlations associated with certain traits. This will be a guide on the different tail types and future ones will be made on coloring and patterns. If you ave any points to add based on your own personal experinces send them my way and I’ll add them.

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Posts that work may or may not give me time to write

an explanation of the different tone this blog has taken lately and getting into some terminology stuff

why purples should theoretically make the best allies and why in practice they’re often more likely to vocally hate reds

pollution doesn’t real parts 2 & 3

a red-focused version of the ‘caste overlap’ thing; the tl;dr is that job wise if it needs to be done in a red district reds do that job, but I also wanted to go into overlap of personality traits and attitudes, like for instance I’m becoming more and more convinced that ‘selection pressure to develop borderline-sociopathic levels of pragmatism’ might be a trait strongest in Blues and Reds

why red oppression is dysgenic

red anti-natalism in a bit more detail

also wondering if I should do a (password-protected?) side blog that does the stuff I used to do when I had an almost entirely red following, unlikely I’ll have the chance to maintain both tho.