Let her be. She ran a long way, / the hunting pack at her heels. / She ran from dawn to past noonday / before the pack at her heels. / The hunters never came near her / even at the last. / The end of desire dared her / and she did not let it past. / From dark to deep brightness gone, / from racing to rest, / we may not idly mourn / her whose brightness blessed. / Let her quit body be / whose light runs free.
—  Marie Ponsot, from Springing: New and Selected Poems; “To Forbid Grief”
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in kind of a weird mood so i don’t know if i’ll get to replies/asks

but like this for an aesthetic/moodboard thing for your muse because i could use a distraction ! or i can do one for our muses ship/friendship, so either leave a reply or message me for that. ♥

I'm lonely

You wanna be friends with me? I’m a social chameleon, I’m friendly, I’m selectively confident, I’m sorta okay at video/board/card games and, well, I think I’m funny… Please? I’m an introvert and I think my lack of human interaction is seriously starting to effect my psyche…