Sooo!!!, here it is.  I was hoping for append some others doodles but… keep myself in a writing mood (for that last moments of Natasha in the white whale)… and I-AM-REALLY-FEELING-IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMGODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!! FEELS!!! 

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Pfff sorry, this is not place to put my feels out. I need to control myself. 

So yeah!. Some time ago @jaxstronomy up on discord a nicely doodle  and i offered to color it. This is the result.

First of all, im sorry if I changed some little details… I tried to keep it as originaly you drew it, but my method allows me to change anything at any moment. Still, (i say it before) you have an excellent understanding of the volume and form (some small issues with depth  and hands, but everybody has troubles with hands ) depth is hard BTW I have problems with it too
and perspective is my headache!!!!.

You have so much nicely drawings everywhere. 

Mina belongs to Jaxstronomy

Rourke belongs to @mandoesthatfeelgood

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So I've recently read through Speed Demons and I was wondering if you had a playlist in mind for both Kageyama and Hinata's music? I'd love to listen to it!

Hi! So! The short answer is - YES I DO! 

The long answer is… I never posted it, because I use Spotify, mostly, and it’s grown to 40+ songs (Kageyama’s music/Hinata’s music/general music for the series) but I’m not sure how many of my followers are active Spotify users… and I got too overwhelmed to make a YouTube playlist, after a certain point.

But I think what I’m gonna do is kinda… organize it, and make a shortlist for YouTube, and then make a post with that + put up a link for my Spotify playlist for anyone who wants to see all of it (and it keeps growing, mind you). 

(If you aren’t familiar with Spotify, getting the free version will still let you listen to the playlist on shuffle on the app, or regularly on the desktop/web player!)