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How can elected officials rage about deficits when we propose to spend money on preschool for kids, but not when we’re cutting taxes for corporations?  How do we excuse ethical lapses in our own party, but pounce when the other party does the same thing?  It’s not just dishonest, this selective sorting of the facts: it’s self-defeating.  Because, as my mom used to tell me, reality has a way of catching up with you.

Take the challenge of climate change… We can and should argue about the best approach and solve the problem.  But to simply deny the problem not only betrays future generations – it betrays the spirit of this country.

Selection Characters sorted into their Hogwarts Houses

So I’ve seen a lot of other fandoms do this, and I don’t believe I’ve seen anyone else do this (correct me if I’m wrong) but I’d like to sort our favorite selected and royals into their hogwarts houses! Me and @skylars-selection worked very hard, and credit to her for having great input! I’m basing these off of the house descriptions and if you have anything to add, anything you think should be changed, or anything at all, feel free to add onto this post! Without further ado…

(It will be formatted like this:)
Character: house: reason why:

America Singer/ Schreave: Gryffindor: She’s very daring and brave, often known for doing stupid things.

Maxon Schreave: Hufflepuff: Maxon is incredibly patient with America and he’s a very hard worker.

Aspen Leger: Gryffindor: Aspen is daring, brave (he risks his life as a guard) and he has hella a lot of nerve.

Lucy Leger: Hufflepuff: Lucy has been working to survive since she was a young girl, she’s very loyal to America, and she works very hard at everything she does.

Kriss Ambers: Ravenclaw: She’s very intelligent, I mean she was a part of the rebels and was able to infiltrate the selection without anyone realizing. She’s also very witty.

Celeste Newsome: Slytherin: Celeste is so cunning and ambitious, she was able to get innocent little Maxon into a full on make-out session. She had a huge plan for how to win the selection and was close to winning.

Marlee Tames/ Woodwork: Gryffindor: My original thought was Hufflepuff but one of their main qualities is loyalty and… well you know why that doesn’t work. I think she’s a Gryffindor because she was very brave and daring to be with Carter and take that canning. (Sky thinks she should be Hufflepuff still.)

Carter Woodwork: Gryffindor: He’s risking his life as a guard and also by having an affair with a selected. This just makes sense.

Elise Whisks: Slytherin: Elise was raised from birth to be intelligent and she’s very driven to be perfect, even though it isn’t her choice.

Clarkson Schreave: Slytherin: Not to enforce the whole “Slytherins are evil trope” but Clarkson is very ambitious, hungry for power, and he’s also very cunning.

Amberly Schreave: Hufflepuff: Amberly is loyal beyond belief to her husband, even after he cheats (although she might not have known, it’s still remarkable she stayed by him through everything he has likely done. She must’ve suspected something) and she was originally a 4, and she valued hard work.

Eadlyn Schreave/ Koskinen: Slytherin: Eady is ambitious and driven to be great, granted it’s because she has big shoes to fill, but I feel like that’s most Slytherins. She’s also very stubborn.

Ahren Schreave: Gryffindor: He acts on impulse, not thinking of consequences. He’s driven to do brave and daring things, and he’s very chivalrous.

Camille de Sauveterre/ Schreave: Hufflepuff: She is pure and loyal to Ahren, going as far to elope with him. Eady says she always appears calm and collected, like stuff doesn’t get to her and she’s just very charming and easy going. (Sky brought up that on the other side of things it takes a lot of poise and intelligence to uphold this demeanor, possibly making her Ravenclaw).

Kaden Schreave: Ravenclaw: Hands down, no doubt in my mind, Kaden is the living embodiment of a Ravenclaw. He has a constant thirst for knowledge and just has a true passion for learning.

Josie Woodwork/ Schreave: Slytherin/ Hufflepuff?: Josie has always been into being in power and claiming the bit of power she does have. However, I’m caught in a crossroad because after she let that go I feel like she’s definitely a Hufflepuff because she works hard to help Eady and she’s loyal. Tell me which you think.

Osten Schreave: Slytherin: Osten is very mischievous and cunning, sneaking around and pranking everyone all the time. He’s driven to create chaos.

Kile Woodwork: Ravenclaw: Kile is very into architecture and learning and being intelligent. He’s also very witty and sarcastic.

Fox Wesley: Hufflepuff: Fox is really good natured and very much go with the flow. He plays fair and always tries to lighten the mood and he’s a hard-worker.

Hale Garner: Gryffindor: He’s a brave dude, I mean when he first met Eady he was very upfront and bold. He also stepped in nobly when the people threw tomatoes at her.

Ean Cabel: Ravenclaw: We don’t know an astounding amount about Ean, but we do know he offered Eady a deal, one logically based instead of passion based. He also got quite a few of the trivia questions right and we know he writes. I would say he’s very intelligent.

Henri Jaakoppi: Hufflepuff: Henri is all around a very easy going, loyal, and patient guy. He works hard to learn English and he’s always so dedicated to his cooking.

Eikko Koskinen: Ravenclaw: He is fluent in two languages, which is no easy feat. He is also incredibly witty and has a very intelligent aspect to him. I also contemplated Hufflepuff for his ability to calm Eady, but I feel Ravenclaw is more accurate. Do you agree?

Marid Illea: Slytherin: I think it’s safe to say that this one is obvious. Marid went far out of his way to try and ‘seduce’ Eady purely for the crown and throne. He even tried convincing the media of it. He’s cunning in his tactics, seeming like a good guy at first before turning when Eadlyn wouldn’t cooperate.

Also, a note. I think a lot of the palace staff are Hufflepuff, due to their hardworking, and I think a lot of palace guards are Gryffindor, due to putting their lives at risk for the royal family; that’s very brave. Of course this isn’t true in every case, just in a general aspect. 

So here is my completed list! Forgive me if I’ve forgotten a character, it’s midnight and I am exhausted. So again, feel free to voice your opinions. I really want to know what you guys think. Is this accurate? Anything that should be changed? Thanks guys!


Viewing and Sorting Your Matsus!

Clicking the first icon after the pine symbol brings you to your “Osomatsu List.” You can view every matsu you’ve collected, and those you’ve battled but had escape. Clicking the small yellow button underneath the back button (reads “sorting”) brings you to this box (“please select the sorting conditions”). You can sort by ascending ID, descending ID, ascending and descending rank.

Underneath that, there are three blue boxes with checks. The first shows those that you haven’t yet discovered (unchecking it removes those empty blue boxes). The second shows matsus that escaped. The third shows matsus that you have successfully captured.

Denali, black bear. Black bear people are not the socially selective, cliquish sort. They’re very friendly, accepting people who don’t tend to be especially judgmental of others. They are very non-aggressive, sociable people who tend to have a very relaxed, laid-back demeanor and that make themselves very easy to read. They strike as the type to be very approachable, warm souls. As sociable, expressive people with a relaxed attitude towards life, black bear people are likely to be playful, fun-loving people. Black bears tend to be playful animals in the wild, often playing even with unrelated bears and often swimming just for their own enjoyment. Black bear people are not easily angered or riled up. As sociable, passive people who tend to be very relaxed, black bear people do not strike me as the stubborn type. Given their intuition and their sociable nature, black bear people are the type to be very sensitive to the feelings of those around them. They easily sense the feelings of those around them and are very perceptive sorts.

anonymous asked:

Do you know what coat colors are most dominant in feral cat communities? Are dilutes and white cats rare or impossible to get? How common is a ticked cat? Would most to all cats be on the ginger scale, brown, tortie and calico? Are brown calicos rare? Does longhair vs shorthair all depend on place? Sorry for the barrage of questions!!! Im just so unsure where to look when it comes to whats common in feral cats.

It varies a ton based on where they are! Sometimes it’s due to natural selection of some sort, but it also depends a good deal on what genes the population started out with. For example, classic tabbies are quite common in Britain but uncommon everywhere else. Colorpoints pop up in my clans frequently because I know the shelters in that area tend to have quite a few kitties who look to be descended from Siamese cats. 

There are some genes that you will pretty much only find in purebreds, like chocolate and cinnamon, colorpoint, and ticked, and anything that came from mixing with other species. But as I mentioned, if you start out with a few cats with those genes they can certainly keep cropping up.

Some genes that I’m sure will vary a lot depending on location will be dilute, whitespotting, ginger, tabby and long hair. I’d expect those genes to be in pretty much every population to some degree, but how common they are probably varies a lot, and these are likely to actually be tied to climate and camouflage. Epistatic white will be pretty uncommon anywhere because it is linked to deafness, and I would guess silver is usually uncommon as well.

The last thing is that in most feral populations, ginger cats will look quite yellowish or washed out. The rich reds in show cats have been pretty specifically bred for. And the most common eye colors are hazel and yellow-green!

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Ashlee: What kind of deadline/timespan are you planning on? Can there be a fourth section for crafters? A non-digital category for anything handmade like jewelry, woodworks (signs for doors, dolls), knits (yeah clothes, but also dolls), crochet (& amigurumi), embroidery, origami. At 20k I'm sure there'd be quite a few entries.

I suppose that may depend on how many people are looking to submit non-drawing stuff like crafts and whatnot! I plan to combine these into the “fanart” section of the contest UNLESS I get quite a selection of these sorts of entries! Then at that point I may very well be happy to make a fourth section. ;) Please let me know here or in an ask if y'all would submit things like this so I can have a rough idea on what would be best, if you’d guys like!!

(Also regarding your ask about drawing Sam with your creations, who knows!! Some of this I’ll be figuring out as I go along, but ya never know what will happen at the end of the contest. Depends on how busy I end up. ;))

(This is possibly one of the most embarrassing things I’ve ever written. Here is a cheesy Kate and Leopold AU for patater ft. Russian baron Alexei Mashkov and NHL Kenny who takes in and houses time traveling barons and this scene)

“Good morning, Kenny,” Alexei says, and places a mug in Kent’s hands. He presses a kiss to Kent’s temple. “I make breakfast, you see?”

Kent does see. Two plates of unburnt toast spread with cream cheese and sliced strawberries. Next to that sits a pitcher of juice. And behind the chair that has been obviously pulled out for Kent was Alexei Mashkov, a self-proclaimed, real-life time traveling Russian baron from the 19th century. The very same Alexei who, three weeks ago, Kent found wandering around the beach at midnight fully decked out like he was going to a costume party for historical reenactment enthusiasts. Who, three weeks ago, Kent almost called the cops on but in the end decided that Alexei probably had some sort of selective amnesia and needed a place to stay (and okay, he had a bunch of empty guest rooms, and yes, maybe he was feeling shitty and lonely after his last meeting with Zimmermann where they officially ended everything, sue him; besides, it wasn’t like Alexei was hard on the eyes and he was probably not a crazy murderer). Who, two and a half weeks ago, had a visibly apparent internal battle when Kent straggled in late with a guy he’d picked up from the bar and bumped into Alexei, who had set up camp reading on the living room couch.

(Alexei had quickly retreated into the guest room then. Kent lost his boner and shoved the guy out, who grumbled but more or less complied. He himself was having his own internal struggle deciding whether or not to explain to Alexei—but what would he even explain? Sorry, I forgot you lived here. I was bored and lonely and horny and oh yeah, this is a stranger whose dick I am about to suck. But I will do it in the privacy of my room and we can pretend this never happened. God, Kent had thought. If Alexei had some retrograde amnesia that made him believe he was a time traveling baron, the extent of Kent’s history knowledge all pointed to the conclusion that chances were probably pretty fucking high that being anything other than straight was a huge no-no in Alexei’s book. He had been about to arm himself with a hockey stick before he went in to explain to Alexei—just in case—when Alexei emerged all on his own, seeming to have composed himself.

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sorted uni out
took myself out for lunch at my fave vegan haunt
booked tattoo sesh for tomorrow
got new earphones
bought new joint papers finally back in stock
got orange poppyseed vegan cake for 2nite
planning mini trips and feeling slightly better
loving my real friends
trying to forgive and understand select people
feeling some sort of harmony and trying to slow down and prevent burning out at uni again this year like the last year and a half

Sorting 50 numbers with two classic algorithms: quicksort (above, topsy-turvy) and selection sort. While quicksort is in another class of time complexity and is more commonly used, it’s the selection sort that uses fewer exchanges; in fact, it minimizes them. Here, it makes 46 exchanges, quicksort 68.

Sorting: The Selection

Sorting by: @justafallacy

America: Gryffindor; She isn’t afraid of being punished for what she believes in, and fights for the rights of her peers

Maxon: Hufflepuff; He cares deeply for EVERY girl selected and wants them all to have the best experience they have. He also loves America deeply and shows friendship before romantic interest.

Aspen: Slytherin; This was a hard one, but if there is one word to describe Aspen it is that he’s determined. He wants to provide for his family himself and is confident of getting to where he wants to go.

Marlee: Hufflepuff; Need I explain? Marlee is literally a cupcake in human form.

Celeste: Slytherin; She is cunning and determined. She uses these traits both while she was the antagonist and when she redeemed herself. From deciding to rip Americas dress so she would get the spotlight, to when she gave Maxon the “father” talk about “I’ll kill you if you hurt her”

Kriss: Slytherin; Kriss was a hard person to sort. She is brave for being apart of the rebellion even before coming to the palace, and she is kind and loyal based on her undying affection for Maxon. Ultimately it came down to her keeping her alliance with the rebels a secret for so long and her determination to win Maxon’s heart.

Lucy: Hufflepuff; No need to explain.

Elise: Ravenclaw; She was placed in the Selection and kept because of her connections in New Asia, and throughout the series she exploits this information to her advantage, swaying the public to favoring her to end the war. She knew how to play her cards and she is also clever.

Natalie: Ravenclaw; I am tempted to sort Natalie into Hufflepuff, but Natalie is literally Luna Lovegood so I could not resist.

Not that I’ll have grandchildren, because I don’t want children, but I can just imagine myself recounting my life to these imaginary grandchildren one day. “Children, there was a period of a few years, in my early 20′s. The TJLC wars. It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. It was touch and go for a bit. Every few years would see the work of natural selection, an evolution of sorts that weeded out the weak and the exhausted and the nonbelievers, and saw the influx of new followers to boost the army. There was an intellectual, artistic and literary revolution as we created our own stories to get us through the long years. And then, one day…the rapture. The hells of fire smothered by the flames of requited gay love. And the world was reborn. And magic sprung like fountains in the air, and gave me you, my imaginary grandchildren, just so I could pass this story down through the generations.”

“Unbounded” - Coastal Milky Way, by AronCooperman

** Best On Black ** Lately, it seems that the Milky Way has been a very popular photography subject. To be honest, I’ve kind of felt that its “jumped the shark” with the amount of Milky Way photos I see on facebook. Knowing this, I really wanted to be highly selective with any sort of Milky Way photo I decided to post… I wanted this image to tell a story, more then just here is the Milky Way over the same beach, rock or landmark that had become so common High in the hills, outside of the fast paced world of Silicon Valley… you can find a light that is so bright, the night sky glows as the coastal fog fills in-between the redwood trees below.