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Hello! So today we are learning about soft frat bro Tyler Paul Seguin aka Segs or Seggy. He is a 6’1” 24-year-old Canadian forward for the Dallas Stars and wears #91. He was drafted 2nd overall in 2010 to the Boston Bruins. He made the roster the first year and his rookie season went on to win the Stanley Cup with the Bruins.

After his rookie season, the next year he lead the Bruins in scoring and then there was a lockout where he played in Switzerland. When the lockout ended, he resumed play with the Bruins who went to playoffs but were eliminated by the 2013 Stanley Cup champions - Chicago Blackhawks. In July of 2013, Seguin was traded to the Dallas Stars.

He’s played for Team Canada in 2009 for the Ivan Hlinka Memorial Tournament (Gold) and in the IIHF World Championships in 2015 (Gold). He made Canada’s selection camp for juniors (U18 & U20) but he didn’t make it past camp. He’s been to the NHL All-Star Game 3 times (2012, ‘15, and ‘16).

Tyler Seguin was known as a really big party boy in Boston. In fact he was a bit of a disaster. He missed team breakfasts that he would be scratched for (it’s a meme). There are pics of him partying after the Cup victory and he’s a mess. That’s why Boston included him in their trade to Dallas. However, when moving to Dallas, Seguin calmed down slightly and his partying antics were mainly contained to offseason and team holiday parties, and he’s kind of a hoe too but it’s chill. His friendship with now team captain and shy awkward boy extraordinaire Jamie Benn helped calm him down in my opinion and a lot of other people’s speculation.

He has a very flamboyant and flashy personality but he also has a very big heart. He has 2 labrador retrievers named Cash (black lab) and Marshall (chocolate lab). In 2012 one of Segs’s best friends suffered from a spinal cord injury, so when he moved to Dallas, he started Seguin’s Stars. This foundation is for people with spinal cord injuries and their family to enjoy a luxury suite at the American Airlines Center in Dallas and after the game, Seguin meets with them for autographs and pictures. One time this girl made a poster for warmups that said “it’s my 16th birthday” or something along those lines and she was wearing a Seguin jersey. He flipped her a puck and then after the game met her to tell her happy birthday.

While he knows he’s hot and takes pride in his appearance, Seguin is actually a huge softie and loves his dogs, his mom and sisters, his friends, and Jamie. He doesn’t fight in games most of the time and is very good at scoring goals. He’s also very sassy and boyish and high maintenance but he makes enough money to be high maintenance so that’s fine. He is the epitome of basic white girl, and he’s also really good with kids. In the past he’s been very problematic, but he was literally a teenager and has actually grown up quite a lot and I think there’s still hope for him to be less of a fuckboy because he is growing out of that. He also has an unhealthy love for Justin Bieber. He loves him almost as much as he loves Jamie Benn.


OHL: 9 players
QMJHL: 9 players
WHL: 12 players
NCAA: 2 players
*Returning players

(Age / Current team / Drafted by)

- Carter Hart (18 / Everett / Philadelphia)
- Conor Ingram (19 / Kamloops / Tampa Bay)
- Michael McNiven (19 / Owen Sound / Montreal)

- Jake Bean (18 / Calgary / Carolina)
- Guillaume Brisebois (19 / Charlottetown / Vancouver)
- Thomas Chabot* (19 / Saint John / Ottawa)
- Kale Clague (18 / Brandon / Los Angeles)
- Dante Fabbro (18 / Boston University / Nashville)
- Samuel Girard (18 / Shawinigan / Nashville)
- Noah Juulsen (19 / Everett / Montreal)
- Jérémy Lauzon (19 / Rouyn-Noranda / Boston)
- Victor Mete (18 / London / Montreal)
- Philippe Myers (19 / Rouyn-Noranda / Philadelphia)

- Mathew Barzal* (19 / Seattle / NYI) C
- Anthony Cirelli (19 / Oshawa / Tampa Bay) C
- Dillon Dubé (18 / Kelowna / Calgary) C
- Pierre-Luc Dubois (18 / Cap Breton / Columbus) LW
- Julien Gauthier* (19 / Val d’Or / Carolina) RW
- Brett Howden (18 / Moose Jaw / Tampa Bay) C
- Mathieu Joseph (19 / Saint John / Tampa Bay) RW
- Tyson Jost (18 / U. of North Dakota / Colorado) C
- Michael McLeod (18 / Mississauga / New Jersey) C
- Nick Merkley (19 / Kelowna / Arizona) RW
- Nolan Patrick (18 / Brandon / 2017) C
- Taylor Raddysh (18 / Erie / Tampa Bay) RW
- Nicolas Roy (19 / Chicoutimi / Carolina) C
- Zach Senyshyn (19 / Sault Ste. Marie / Boston) RW
- Blake Speers  (19 / Sault Ste. Marie / New Jersey) RW
- Sam Steel (18 / Regina / Anaheim) C
- Mitchell Stephens* (19 / Saginaw / Tampa Bay) C
- Dylan Strome* (19 / Erie / Arizona) C
- Austin Wagner (19 / Regina / Los Angeles) LW

Players eligible if their NHL teams let them go:
- Mitch Marner* (19 / Toronto) RW
- Travis Konecny* (19 / Philadelphia) RW
- Anthony Beauvillier* (19 / NYI) LW
- Lawson Crouse* (19 / Arizona) LW

Hellllooooo. Today is one of my top faves.

This is Jamie Randolph Benn aka Chubbs. He is a 6’ 2” 27-year-old Canadian forward for the Dallas Stars who wears #14 and who is the current captain. Jamie was drafted 129th overall to the Stars in 2007 and finally made the roster for the 2010-’11 season and spent the seasons in between that playing for WHL team, Kelowna Rockets.

Since being drafted, Jamie has played for the Kelowna Rockets, Dallas Stars, Texas Stars (Dallas’s AHL affiliate), Hamburg Freezers (of the German Ice Hockey League - DEL, Deutsche Eishockey Liga) during the 2012-13 lockout, and then back to the Dallas Stars - in that order. On September 19, 2013, Jamie was named the 6th captain in franchise history. In the 2014-’15 season, Jamie led the league in scoring which earned him the Art Ross Trophy. Just this summer, he signed a contract extension with the Stars that is for 8 years and worth $76 million which is about $9.5 million a year.

Jamie has played for Team Canada in some international competitions. These would be IIHF World Junior Championships in 2009 (gold), IIHF World Championships in 2012 (5th), 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics (gold), and was selected for the 2016 World Cup of Hockey where Canada won gold, but he didn’t get to go to because of injury. Jamie initially wasn’t even part of the 2014 Olympic roster because he wasn’t invited to the Canadian team selection camp, but he really pushed himself and eventually made Team Canada after a stellar season leading up to the Olympics. He scored the game winning goal against Norway in their first game and their only goal against the United States to win 1-0 and to advance to the gold medal game. He has been voted to the NHL All-Star Game twice - in 2012 and in 2016.

Jamie is awkward and shy but also a force of nature. On the ice he has a presence and he’s a pretty big guy who is good at scoring goals and good at fighting. His best friends on the team are Tyler Seguin and his brother, Jordie (and probably in that order, too, if we’re being honest). He and Jordie have matching tattoos that say “brother” and full sleeve tattoos on opposite arms. Jamie and Seguin have an incredible bromance and their name is even Bennguin. It’s disgustingly cute. They always interview together (like on Step Brothers) and one time when Segs was injured and Jam was being interviewed the guy said, “Batman, where’s your Robin?” One time when Tyler was interviewing him he asked if Jamie could take any two people out to eat who would it be, and Jamie responded with “Derek Jeter and the Stars PR guy.” Goodbye. RIP me. And you know how Segs really loves J-Biebs? Well Jamie really loves Shania Twain and plays her all the time in the locker room.

Jamie’s got a very soft voice and people joke that he still hasn’t gone through puberty yet which is also furthered by the fact that he’s kind of awkward like a 10th grade boy who just learned how to talk to girls. Much like Tyler, Jamie is a tattooed softie. He is also a very good leader who is pretty good at getting people to chill tf out (see: Seguin). Jam really cares about his team and he wants them to do well. Every win he attributes to his team and his goalies, but every loss Jamie takes personally - especially last season when they were projected to be in the Cup Finals but got eliminated second round. Honestly, Jamie Benn deserves the Cup so much and I want him to win it soon. He tries very hard and he loves his team and friends and city and he wants to bring victory to Dallas.

Jamie has large doe eyes and occasionally in interviews he looks kind of like a deer in the headlights. There’s a compilation video of him either saying “um” or trying to think of an answer to a question with elevator music in the background and he keeps answers simple but effective and not fluffed out. Some tags I’ve seen for him: #as simple as he is beautiful, #eyes of a cow body of a refrigerator, and #elevator music. He owns a cat who may or may not be diabetic - I can’t remember if he confirmed it but his girlfriend named Katie (who is literally magical and wonderful and I want to be bffs with) liked a tweet about his diabetic cat. The only problematic thing this man has done that people can think of is one time he tweeted that he didn’t “bunch mox” aka go down on girls. But that doesn’t matter to me because I’m legit not trying to get with him/don’t even have a chance so I don’t care. Plus Katie seems pretty happy so it can’t be that bad, amirite?

Anywhom, Jamie also could have gone into baseball. It wasn’t until he realized that hockey could be a legitimate career that he started to solely focus on hockey. He didn’t even do actual hockey workouts until hockey was the only thing he was doing. He’s a big fan of Canada and Texas sports - like the Toronto Blue Jays, Texas Rangers, Dallas Cowboys, and UT Longhorns. He’s very supportive of the Dallas community, and his charity of choice is the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. He’s also really good with kids because he basically is one too. He also REALLY loves Christmas. One of his ex-teammates (Jason Demers - now with the Florida Panthers) said that on the plane around Christmas time Jamie plays Christmas music, he one time spent a stupid amount of money for a Christmas tree, and he even has a train set that goes around his tree. He even proclaimed it as his favorite holiday and said his favorite Christmas movies are Elf, Polar Express, and How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Now I dare you not to imagine Jamie in awfully tacky Christmas pajamas singing the hot chocolate song.

Thomas Chabot #1

Requested by Anon:  hey! can I have a Thomas chabot imagine where you guys are best friends and kinda have a thing. And where some of his teammates tease you and ask why you two aren’t together already. maybe have it set during world juniors ? Thanks babe, love your writing

*Hiii! Thank you so much. Here you go dear. :) Enjoy!*

Word count: 771

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It was Connor Ingram and his big mouth who saw you first, leaning on the wall just outside their dressing room.

“Hey best friend!” he said excitedly, “Chabs is on his way out,” he grinned, “date?”

You rolled your eyes at him, “I bet him you’re gonna lose to Russia,” you snorted, “I owe him a burger.”

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2020 Olympics Team Members?

I did a little looking back at the junior podiums at US Nationals throughout the years and I noticed a very intresting trend I thought I would share with everyone. Turns out, of the past four olympic teams; one gymnast who made the junior podium during an Olympic year would make the team the following Olympics. Here’s a (slightly) more in depth look:

2000 US Nationals Juniors Podium

1. Kristal Uzelac- short lived senior career, ended up retiring from due to injury in 2002. Went on to compete in collegiate gymnastics for Penn State. 
2. Terin Humphrey- 2004 Olympic Team Member (2x Olympic silver medalist)
3. Tabitha Yim- Made a run at the 2004 Olympics but fell just short of making the team after injuring her Achilles tendon just prior to the last selection camp.

2004 US Nationals Juniors Podium

1. Nastia Liukin- 2008 Olympic Team Member (5x Olympic medalist, 2008 AA Olympic Champion)
2. Shayla Worley- Made a run at the 2008 Olympics but was forced to withdraw from the final selection camp due to injury. Went on to compete for the University of Georgia in collegiate gymnastics.
3. Jana Bieger- Named alternate to the 2008 Olympic team.

2008 US Nationals Juniors Podium 

1. Jordyn Wieber- 2012 Olympic Team Member (2012 Olympic gold medalist)
2. Samantha Shapiro- Senior career largely limited due to injury, retired from elite in 2011 and went on to compete for Stanford University. 
3. Cassie Whitcomb- After a somewhat short senior career, Whitcomb went on to compete for UCLA in 2012, and then retiring the following year due to injury. 

2012 US Nationals Juniors Podium 

1. Lexie Priessman- After a fantastic junior career, Lexie Priessman was forced to retire from elite gymnastics due to recurring injuries. She now competes for the LSU gymnastics team. 
2. Madison Desch- After three years of competing for the US as a senior (which included being named alternate to the 2014 Worlds team) Desch retired from elite gymnastics in early 2016 and has now started her freshman year at the University of Alabama. 
3. Simone Biles- 2016 Olympic Team Member (4x Olympic gold medalist)

2016 US Nationals Juniors Podium

1. Maile O’Keefe
2. Riley McCusker
3. Gabby Perea

If history repeats itself, which one of the 2016 juniors will be part of the 2020 Olympic team? 

Haikyuu 209 review

After the controvesy of last chapter and how divisive Hinata’s decision became, I think this chapter really exemplified his character and the direction this arc is going to take. A lot of my initial predictions in response to the haters were spot on for this chapter but I’m gonna try and avoid the salt as best I can.

This whole arc is going to culminate the specific stressors of the past few arcs in order to tie up loose teamwork ends in time for nationals and new opponents. Since the training camp arc Hinata has been growing tired of being enabled by Kageyama and wants to compete on his own merits. What Washijou said just drives that point home and is just confirming (brutally) what Hinata already thinks about himself. We get multiple panels of just Hinata’s back as he composes himself and recovers from that devestating blow to his self confidence. 

But amazingly he bounces back and throws himself 110% into his new role.

Washijou thought Hinata’s ambition was rooted in baseless pride and that making it to Nationals went to his head. Instead Hinata shows him that he’s willing to improve at all costs- to sacrifice his dignity and his pride for the chance to touch greatness and learn from it. Without Washijou’s bias he would have been selected for the camp no problem, but now he has to prove himself yet again of being worthy to participate with his peers and grow at the sport he loves. I am so so proud of Hinata this chapter and I hope he keeps his dream alive even when the rest of the world is telling him to quit and to settle for less.

And people have already said, but this is pure humilation for Hinata. He already had the confidence vote of one coach and the recognition of the other attendees. Who all happen to be super tall. Washijou sees basically only height as the marker for potential and is projecting the dissappointment he felt being unable to cut it as a short volleyball player onto Hinata. By making him a ball boy Washijou is telling him that none of his hard work mattered because he’s still short and height is everything in volleyball. And that’s a veiw that is central to his character, because if Hinata makes it, what does it say about him? Did he not put in enough effort? Where did he go wrong?

I think in the rush to condemn Hinata for sneaking in a lot of people forgot that Haikyuu!! is fundementally an underdog story. And not being invited to a camp because of prejudice is just one block in Hinata’s road to greatness. People are always going to underestimate him or attribute his success to everything but hard work and drive and as the protagonist it’s his duty to prove them wrong and I think thats what this arc is going to be all about. For Kageyama it’s a completely different story…

Calum Drabble: Soccer Camp

This is actually inspired by Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants oops

Hey guys! I hope you guys will enjoy this as much as you’ve enjoyed Under the Bleachers! This is just a small one-shot, so enjoy! :)

There is a smut warning! 


You’re actually in Mexico. On one of the nicest beaches in the middle of the summer doing nothing but playing soccer before your senior year. This was the life.

You’ve been working towards this exclusive soccer camp for as long as you can remember, and when you had enough money saved up and was finally invited, you couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

You and the rest of your select camp were residing in beach huts for the whole two month summer. There were six soccer fields (three for games, three for practices), miles and miles of beaches (although they were used for running more than tanning), and the beautiful ocean to take it all in. 

You trudged across camp from your hut to the practice fields for the first day activities with your other two roommates, the thick heat attacking you instantly, making your soccer shorts and tshirt stick to your skin with sweat. You were from up north, and the heat was almost unbearable. Your roommates laughed and joked at you for overreacting, as one was from Texas and the other from Georgia. However, you still feel like you’re breathing in steam instead of the sad excuse of the Mexican breeze. 

Making your high school soccer team was easy. You’ve been practicing ever since you were a little girl, and you were even ranked on a national level for your position. If anyone deserved a full ride to college next fall, it was you. 

As you reached the fields, you and your new friends stand together as you survey the coaching staff, the head counselor and head coach already calling out names.

Your ears are alert for yours as your eyes lock onto a tall and tanned guy, who didn’t seem to be much older than you were. Tattoos decorated his arms, his dark green shirt tight on his taunt muscles. His long legs were just as muscular, and if you’d see him anywhere but here, you’d think he already went pro just by the way he stands. There was a blonde streak in his jet black hair, and his jawline was sharp. His bulging arms were crossed across his broad chest, his eyes set on the girls and guys in front of him, already strategizing.

God, help you.

“Michelle Fraser, blue team!" 

Your friend smiled at you and ran off to the girl with way-too-blonde hair and a bit of an orange tan, her blue shirt short and tight as she bounced on her toes. You laughed, rolling your eyes at the young coach.

Your eyes turned back to the coach in the green, and you watched him as he surveyed his clipboard in his large hands, using a pen to check something off every time his team was given a new player.

Please say green, please say green, please say green….

”(Y/N) (Y/L/N), green team!“ 

You couldn’t hide your grin as you walked over to your new coach. His eyes met yours for the first time, and you could have gone weak at the knees then and there.

His face was warm and soft compared to his athletic build, and he returned your grin almost instantly.

"Welcome to the team, (Y/N). I’m Calum.” He said in a thick accent, sticking his hand out. You shook it, and your heart leaped at the affirmative way he squeezed your hand. 

“Nice to meet you, coach.” You say, and he crinkles his nose as he looks back to the girls lined up in front of you.

“No, no, no.” He says with a small laugh. “Don’t call me coach. That makes me feel old. Just call me Calum.”

You nod and you can’t help the smile on your face that makes your cheeks ache, but you can’t think of anything else to say, forcing the conversation dead.

A few more girls are added to your team, and there’s only a few left to be assigned when Calum turns to you again.

“I heard you’re pretty good, (Y/N).” He says, giving you another warm grin. This was going to be one long summer.

“I’m okay,” You reason, hoping your modesty would get you somewhere.

“Best striker in the country is way more than just okay. It’s badass.” He tells you, winking at you, causing you to blush. You mentally praise the sun and the humidity, because without it, he would definitely catch the heat in your cheeks. 

Suddenly, as quick as the smile appeared, it faded. “But I don’t want you riding on just the fact that you can kick ass out there. I want to see you work. I want you working twice as hard as these girls, showing them what to do. I want to see you sweat.”

You can’t help but think of the unintentional double meaning behind his last sentence, but you nod, your throat dry as you swallow. 

A couple days pass, and you learn more about Calum. He’s all the way from Sydney, Australia, but he plays collegiate soccer in the states at Columbia as a sophomore, which is just a short bus ride from your home. He was on the Australian national team at eighteen, but he gave it up to play in the USA. He’s by far the youngest coach here, but from what you’ve heard, he’s also the best.

He’s just too damn nice. It’s infuriates you. It’s like he knows you’re head over heels for him. The more you try not to smile and you frown instead, he smiles more. His voice is always so soothing when he’s conversing and sexy when he’s yelling. 

"Keep pushing, these holes you girls are leaving in the defense is looking like shit!” He yells at your team with a red and exasperated face, and your eyes can’t help but travel to his long neck, his veins protruding in a way that you should definitely not find sexy, but you do anyways.

His gaze turns to you, and you blush as he smiles. “Good work getting to the goal, (Y/N).” He says breathlessly, trying to calm himself down from his little rant. “You’re working hard. I love to see it.”

He jogs off to the other side of the field to work with the defenders,  you can’t help but stare after him. His thin white t-shirt clings to his broad shoulders and tapers down to loose fitting athletic shorts. His ass is ridiculous. His black and blonde hair is mussed, as if he’s ran his hands through it a thousand times before practice. 

As every day goes on and as the June warmth turns to the July heat, and the July heat turns into the August hell, the shirt begins to come off by noon and under all the soft cotton is miles of skin that might as well be bronzed marble. His chest and tattooed arms and the damn cut v of his stomach makes him look like he should be some type of model. 

You hate this. 

You hate this because you want him.

He was out on the roof of the dining hall, where everyone goes to just relax, and he smiles at you when you join the coaching staff and some of the older campers on the roof. You felt the smile all the way to your toes.

He asked about home and you found that he was easy to talk to. You also realized that Calum Hood knew a lot about you. It was as though you weren’t just another camper. You didn’t know if you should be elated or nervous.

The more you’ve gotten to know him, the harder it is during the days. Every singe time he yells across the field, all you can think about is how it would feel to see his muscles straining around you. Whenever your team is running on the beach, you race him, just to see him collapse onto the sand, his chest slick with sweat as it rises and falls harshly with every gasping breath. You can’t help but allow your mind to wander, imagining what it would be like to have him under you. 

He, however, seems completely and utterly unaffected.

Still, you meet him. On the roof with the rest of the staff and senior campers, beneath the moon falling for Calum Hood and he has no idea.

Tonight was different.

The campers and the coaches all mingle when the days of long practices and games are done. Romantic relationships are off limits, but come on. You are all stranded on this ghost of a beach with nothing to do except play soccer for 10 hours, so you all hang out. Ashton, another coach and a friend of Calum’s who, you hear from the red team players that’s he’s a bit of a flirt, offers you some of his “powerade”.

You’re pretty sure it’s just blue tinted vodka. And you would have said no. The word is forming in your mouth until you feel his eyes on you. Those dark brown eyes are narrowed at you in disapproval from across the room. 

He doesn’t want you to do this. He’s probably telling himself that it’s because he doesn’t want you hungover for your practice tomorrow, but you know he knows it’s far deeper than that. He doesn’t want you to share drinks or even this couch with someone else. It makes your heart race and you can only think that you want him to be bothered. As bad as it is, you want him jealous. You want just for a second for him to be as frustrated as you are.

So you smile and take a long swig of blue fire. It burns your throat and makes your eyes water. Blood rushes to the surface of your skin. Ashton smiles, and Calum clenches his jaw. 

God, you love that.

The coaches for the most part are all college students, like Calum, so after a few hours they all decide they’re heading out to a club. Ashton, more than a little drunk, asks you to come. Calum flares his nose and sucks in a deep breath and it makes you say yes.

Something about the effect you’re having on him makes you drunk with power.

You’re underage but apparently if you show enough cleavage at the foreign club the bouncer just doesn’t care.

The air is stagnant with body heat and pounding music. With just enough vodka heating your veins you feel loose and see no reason not to agree to dance when Ashton asks. But it is Calum who you watch over your shoulder as he leads you to the dance floor.

With your arms raised over your head you sway and easily find the rhythm. It feels good and you actually smile when Ashton becomes distracted by the bouncing set of boobs dancing next to you.

The song melts into something sexier and slower when you feel him. He brushes against you and slowly eases his hands onto the strip of skin exposed between your crop top and shorts. Your skin burns under his hot touch.

You love how he smells like the fall, even though it’s the middle of summer. Musk and spice fills your lungs as he presses his warm chest to your back. Each time you roll your hips his fingers dig into your skin and he pulls you harder against him.

The songs change and you can’t understand the language of the music but you two don’t stop. It feels like you dance for hours and move closer the longer you do. Sweat makes your skin feel slick and he buries his face in your neck and his breath is how but still makes your skin flush with every exhale. You reach your hand up to tug on his hair lightly as his own become more brave, gripping your thighs and just below your breasts. His mouth is open and you feel his bottom lip drag along where your neck meets your shoulder. It makes a low whine escape your lips and you pull on his hair again, holding him there so you can feel his lips once more.

It’s when he gets hard against you that he pulls back. But you feel it. Thick and hot pressed to the back of your thighs and you grind down one more time and it’s like you’ve burned him. He stumbles back with his eyes hazy and wide and an apology on his lips, his tanned skin slick with sweat that you caused.

You stare at each other and you’re breathing so hard and you want his hands on you again so much that all you can do is blink. He apologizes again and this time it just pisses you off so you do what you learned to do best and scowl. For the rest of the night and ride back to camp you ignore his imploring looks and the soft way he says your name as you walk away and into your hut.

But the way it left his mouth and hung in the air in the still night keeps you up for hours as you slip into bed, careful not to walk your roommates. It’s as close to tasting him as you can get.

Only less than a week is left of camp. You can survive four more day.

Turning his back to you Calum pulls off his shirt. The sun bounces off the tan muscles stretching and straining beneath his sweaty skin. They roll and ripple when he drags his hand through his hair. You have a one on one set up today, and it will only be just you and him. He said it would be because he wanted to see how good you would play in college, but now you were second guessing everything.


Just.. fuck.

Who are you kidding? You won’t make it out alive.

You will die from lust exhaustion or frustration. It takes all the willpower you possess not to spring across the fucking soccer field and mount him.

The only day to deal with this is to fight back. He might think it’s wrong but last night, he wanted you. You felt every glorious inch of how much.

Well, he’s not the only fighter.

His brown eyes light up as you approach him and then scan up and down your legs. Maybe it was wrong to roll your already too short and too tight short twice, but hey, your excuse was that you gotten a nice tan from the summer sun, and you just wanted to show a bit off. You never said you’d fight fair.

“(Y/N)…. about…”

He never finishes his sentence because you’re pulling your t-shirt over your head. Plenty of the other boys work out shirtless, and the other girls train in sports bras. You just never have. Now you regret never showing a bit of skin because Calum is staring at you like he’s starving, and he wanted to eat every inch of skin you expose.

When he finally finds his words you just shake your head. “No big deal. We danced. It’s okay.”

His smile falters slightly. “No big deal.”

Grinning, you gather your hair and knot it on top of your head. “You’ve had your hands all over me all summer training me, Calum. What’s the big deal, right?”

He swallows and you catch him staring at your now bare neck. “Right.”

The morning is delicious torture and you think he begins to catch on because he finds any excuse to touch you. Every time he touches you hips to realign your body, your hands find his arms. You make excuses to check your shoes and bend over right in front of him effectively. You lose your balance way too many times and he catches you before you fall, actually hissing as you unintentionally on purpose press your ass to his groin.

Soon, he play as well, and those brown eyes get darker and darker.

His hands soon never leave your body. His thumbs find their way beneath the waistband of your shorts and it makes you shiver when his fingers reach for the undergarment and pops the elastic of your underwear. When he talks positioning and alignment, his mouth is near your ear and his lips brush your ear a little too long and you dig your nails into his forearms so your legs don’t give out. 

He fucking smirks at you before whispering into your hair “Baby, you won’t wind this.”

He should really know better than to challenge you. Because after a quick bathroom break he learns. When you come back he’s stretched out on the field, his legs slayed in front of him as his arms prop his body up from behind. You purposely untie your shoe in the bathroom just so you can tie it in front of him. Bending down, you give him a view, and he curses behind you. 

Hearing the filthy word leave his lips makes tossing your pink panties in the bathroom trash completely worth it. 

This time when you fall, he catches you around the waist and you’re suddenly toe to toe and he looks dangerous. His jaw clenches and his throat bobs and you are so turned on by the way he stares at you you’re shaking. You bite your lip and something like a groan leaves his lips.

When the camp breaks for lunch you don’t have to turn around to know he’s following you. You bypass the dining hall and keep going. Your steps are silent on the sand to the hut but his are not. They are loud and fast as he stalks behind you. You spin with your back to the door just as he catches you. 

You can feel the heat of his breath on your cheek. He smells of sweat.

You’re staring at his mouth when you whisper, “Here to finish me off?”

He reaches behind your body to open the door, lightly shoving you inside before he kicks the door close and grabs your thighs to lift you all, all in one motion. “I haven’t even started, baby.”

His mouth is on your as you spill into the room. You know you don’t have much time. You can takes the sweat from above his lips as they move on yours. He swallows the shallow pants that leave your mouth and the soft whimpers that leave your throat.

His tongue parts your lips and meets yours as your back meets the creaking twin bed in the corner. He bites your bottom lip and you arch up into him just as he thrusts down. 

“Fuck. Fuck.” He repeats, already working to remove your sports bra. “You drive me fucking crazy.”

Between each word his mouth works magic against your neck and across your chest. When his teeth drag over your collar bone you feel as if you might hyperventilate. His big hands are everywhere and he’s easily dominating you. His long fingers work your shorts off your legs, groaning again when he gets another look at you going commando before attacking your lips once more. 

Every deep moan that leaves your lips makes him grind harder against you and you think you you could come apart from this alone but suddenly he’s slipping out of his shorts and boxers and he’s pushing into you and thrusting with long quick movements.

“Fuck,” He moans, hitching one of your legs around his waist, knowing you have to work faster if you want to finish before lunch is over. Your nails rake over his back, and you know he knows he won’t be able to take his shirt off the rest of the summer without everyone seeing the red lines you’re leaving behind. “Fuck… You’re going to get me in so much trouble.”

But he doesn’t seem to mind because his lips are moving on your neck to the same beat as his hips rolling into yours and it’s only a matter of minutes before you’re a mess under him, squirming and panting and whimpering as he comes apart on top of you.

“I’ve been wanting to do that all summer,” He mutters into your neck, panting to try and get his breathing back to normal. Your bodies stick together as he kisses you again, just as hungry as it was the first time. 

He’s getting eager again, and you can barely understand him as he murmurs “How much longer until lunch is over,” into your neck, biting down lightly on your collar bone. 

You don’t know how you answer coherently, but you tell him “Twenty minutes,” and you can feel the grin on his lips against your hot skin. He’s bruising your body with his hands and your neck with his lips, but you don’t care as he works you back up again, using his fingers this time, and his mouth the next. 

And before you know it you have his number and he’s visiting you on the weekends and you’re going to his games and you’re going to school at Columbia as well. He’s sneaking you into his room and he’s keeping you up all night and he’s being a little too rough with your sore body from the amount of work the college coaches are giving you but you don’t care when you look in the mirror the next morning to see love bites all over your body. And when you slip on his light blue jersey with HOOD printed on the back over the number one which is pretty much yours at this point, he slaps your ass and kisses you just like he always does, telling you to always “Kick ass today,” Just like he told you at camp all those summers ago.

BTR with Bridget Sloan (Episode 1)

So this episode is basically just a walk through of Bridget’s career. It’s actually kinda sad but definitely one of my favorite episodes. Bridget is so candid and open in interviews..she reminds me a lot of Asac. Anyways, not going to be doing a whole lot of screen caps in this one just because it’s mainly her talking to a camera. 

Bridget said it wasn’t until 2007 that she really knew she wanted to be an Olympian. 2007 was her first year as a senior and she was kinda a “no name” at the time. It wasn’t until she made the World’s team that people started to realize her potential. When the team arrived in Germany for World’s she was named an alternate and she remembers sitting in the stands watching her teammates win gold thinking “I never want this to happen again”. She decided that she was going to work harder than ever before.

In March of 2008 she tore her meniscus in Italy. Up until that point she felt like she had a shot of making the Olympic team. She remembers sitting on the plane going home thinking “Is this really it? Are my chances over?” and her doctor grabbed her by the shoulders and said “This is not the end. You WILL make it. You will make your dreams come true." 

She says the Olympic trials was one of the worst meets she’s ever had. She was coming back from her injury and was super stressed out. She felt like Marta saw something in her and that’s why she let her come to the selection camp. The team was announced at camp after two days of competition. The announcement was made in the cafeteria where they had one couch set up. All the gymnasts sat on the same couch and listened as the names were read off in alphabetical order. Bridget’s name is the last one alphabetically. She said she was sitting next to Alicia who started laughing after her own name was called, and she was like "I don’t know why you are laughing, but this is not the time for laughter.” Alicia said “Bridget we made it" and then Marta called her name, which triggered so many emotions! She said everyone started crying, even Marta, Kathy Kelly, and Steve Rybacki!  Her mom literally fell to the floor! She said in this moment she realized "It all paid off”

Then she begins talking about her Olympic experience. She says Prelims was the most intense for her personally. Then she talks about Sam Pezek’s injury right before they went out to compete. She says Sam went to do her pass one last time, she landed it fine, but then she heard a pop and started to have a freak out because she realized, “oh, they need me now. Like they REALLY need me." 

Sam told the girls "do not feel bad for me, I am still here…I am going to be the biggest and best cheerleader.” That’s when a lot of the girls realized she was right and that they could do this. “We are team USA! Throw anything at us…we will work with it” she said. 

After prelims, Bridget said she was so happy she was able to contribute on more than one event and she was confident with the teams performance. After it was over she said “Alright, great job guys, we have no worries!” And then everyone looked at her like….


“It was awesome though!” she says. 

Then she talks about winning a silver medal in team finals…

“We might have gotten silver, but you know what, we earned silver! Getting a medal in the Olympics games is so big! I know a lot of people were like ‘you guys just got silver’ but I was like 'yeah, we got a silver medal in the Olympics!’ That group of girls was not just a team, we were a family. we were a sisterhood! Thinking back, I don’t know how I would have got through some of my days without having Alicia or Sam by my side, or Shawn, or Nastia, or my roommate Chellsie! Seeing the American flag and hearing the national anthem after the Olympics….you don’t really see them the same. It’s really a representative of what I did for my country and what us six girls did for team USA!” - Bridget about team finals. 

She then talks about how everyone thought the 2008 team would be done after the Olympics, but 2009 was her year to say “Boo-ya I’m back!” She said 2009 was a great year for her because she never really came down from the high after the Olympics. After winning nationals she was like “You know what, that’s pretty cool. I won Visa Championships…that’s awesome! Now I want to go to Worlds!” She says she remembers thinking before they left for Worlds how much she really wanted it and she remembers asking her coach if he thought she had a shot at winning and he said “You have surprised me so many times! You will always have a shot no matter what!" 

Looking back now, she thinks "how did I do that?” about winning Worlds. She said 2009 was her year to prove herself as an individual and show everyone she wasn’t done just yet. 

In 2010 she started dealing with several injuries. Her ankles were giving out and she tore a muscle in her shoulder. “Who does that? …. I do” she said. Then in 2011 she had bicep tendon surgery and she thought “what is going on?” She said she was always known for having no injuries and staying healthy and then suddenly all these little injuries started flaring up. 

This was when she realized that if she really wanted this, she really had to step it up. She started training twice a day and was basically living at the gym. (They show a few clips of her training at Florida here!) 

Then she talks about 2012 Olympic Trials and she starts to get very emotional. She said she was warming up bars before the competition, and when she went to do her church release she knew something was off. “I knew what was gonna happen next.” she said. 

She said she came right down on her elbow and when she hit the mat her arm ricocheted up. She got up and and immediately knew something wasn’t right. She tried shaking if off and telling herself that it was okay. She went back to the chalk box and Jordyn Wieber asked her if she was okay. She said she was fine and that it just took the wind out of her, but she was alright. Then she went to go get back on the bar and she couldn’t grab the bar. Marvin asked her what was wrong and she said she couldn’t feel anything in her arm. Everything from her elbow down was tingling. Her elbow started to swell, so Larry Nassar came over to take a look and she told him not to touch it because it hurt so bad. She said the hardest moment was walking out of the arena thinking “I’m going to the training room and I’m probably not coming back." 

So she called her parents and told them they needed to come down to the training room. Then she told them "I think I’m done.” while she was hysterically crying. She said Marta and Kathy Kelly came in sobbing- everyone was in shock. She said this was the worst moment of her entire life. “People always say you throw in the towel, well I threw in the leotard.” She said she sat in the training room with her dad for a long time and she kept thinking “this isn’t fair” and “this isn’t happening” It was one of those moments where she thought “is this what it feels like to retire?…I’m actually done. And not because I didn’t make it or not because I wasn’t good enough. My body is literally done." 

At trials she was rooming with Alicia and when she came in the room Bridget said "Just stop! Do not say anything, just walk to your bed and sit." 

Then once Alicia sat down she said "okay, can we cry now?” And they cried together. Bridget said she also ripped her toe open on top of her elbow injury, so she had to get stitches in the hotel room. So she was also hysterically crying because of that. “I don’t do needles!” she said. Then her doctor told her everything was going to be okay and she says “no, call my parents! They need to start scheduling my funeral!” The doctor told her again to calm down and she said “My elite career is over, I’m getting stitches, I have a broken elbow…what is there to life?” And the doctor responds “Uhmm, the gators?" 

And that’s the end of episode 1! 


National Team Selection Camp Begins and Shang Chunsong Wins the 1st Challenge

Today marks the start of two week selection camp for the National Team.  Over 40 young girls and their coaches from all over the country were invited to the camp. The youngest gymnast invited to camp being only 9 years old as part of the identified training group for 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Head Coach Huang Yubin has set new training targets for the National Team members where trampoline trainings will be incorporated in their daily training.  All male gymnasts are expected to complete 4 twists on trampoline where female gymnasts are expected to complete 3.5.  An internal test will be given at the end of the winter training; all gymnasts will be tested on their training results and the gymnast(s) who fails the training target then will be eliminated from the training squat for the 2016 Rio Olympics.

During Monday’s weekly team meeting, Shang Chunsong was awarded a new cellphone for being the 1st gymnast to complete the training goal of 3.5 twists on trampoline. ^_^

(Photos via Che Li’s Weibo)