Star Signs in the Selection Series
  • <p><b>The sweetheart:</b> Taurus, Cancer, Pisces<p/><b>The diva:</b> Aries, Gemini, Leo<p/><b>The perfectionist:</b> Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Aquarius<p/><b>The one:</b> Sagittarius, Capricorn<p/></p>
SHIPPING NAMES because people have opinions

queenillea made a fantastic list of ship names, and I’ve reposted them with the most popular versions. Bolded are the contentious ones and have multiple options.

Maxerica: Maxon+America

Asperica: Aspen+America

Luspen: Lucy+Aspen

Keadlyn: Kile+Eadlyn

Eadrik: Eadlyn+Erik

Headlyn: Henri+Eadlyn

Naxom: Maxon+Natalie

Celespen: Celeste+Aspen

Amerileste: America+Celeste

Elison: Maxon+Elise

Maspen: Maxon+Aspen

???: Ean+Eadlyn

Marter/Carlee: Marlee+Carter (I personally feel like Marter goes better with their storyline, but we’ll go with the majority vote)

Krisson/Maxiss: Maxon+Kriss (the popular ones are Krisson and Maxiss, thoughts?)

???: Maxon+Marlee

Maleste/Maxeste: Maxon+Celeste (thoughts? I feel like Maleste is sexy in a suggestive way)

Kox: Kile+Fox (thought I’d introduce a new ship to you guys)