selection T1 & selection T1 wall TV are NOW available!

The NEW selection T1 wall TV and the selection T1 TV are now available for Download.

> The normal selection T1 TV is from my last years X-MAS GIFT PACK.

> The selection T1 wall TV is completely new and have a tilt for better TV entertainment.


- Full HD Textures

- Videogame Console Compatible

- Little tilt for more realistic look (T1 wall exclusive)

- Glossy Look

- Clean and Realistic Look

- Completely Designed by myself

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selection T1: [Sim File Share]

selection T1 (wall):  [Sim File Share]

X-MAS GIFT Pack:  [Sim File Share]

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“The Elite”

Names origins and meanings.

   America Singer

   Marlee Tames

   Natalie Luca

   Celeste Newsome

   Kriss Ambers

   Elise Whisks

All of them looking at the camera because they want to win Maxon’s heart more than anything … except for America, who’s completely uninterested.

Why I am not like the lead females from YA books
  • Hazel: *has lung cancer* climbs up steep stairs
  • June: *stabbed with a knife in a fight* discovers the person guilty of a murder
  • Katniss: *scarred from the hunger games where she survived twice* becomes symbol and leader of the rebellion
  • Teresa: *in a coma* tells thomas many things using telepathy
  • Mia: *in a car accident where no one in her family survives* becomes famous cellist who plays in concert halls
  • America: *shot while trying to help Maxon discover more information on rebel attacks* helps a homeless girl by giving her a place in the palace
  • Tris: *shot and is in an area surrounded by death serum* stops a deathly action from happening
Selection-Themed Asks
  • Maxon Schreave: who's your celebrity crush?
  • America Singer: what's your favorite food?
  • Aspen Ledger: favorite childhood memory?
  • Celeste Newsome: favorite article of clothing?
  • Elise Whisks: who do you think puts the most pressure on you?
  • Marlee Tames: describe your best friend.
  • Kriss Ambers: have you ever had your heart broken?
  • Natalie Luca: favorite song?
  • Queen Amberly: who's your role model?
  • King Clarkson: what really gets on your nerves?
  • Gavril Fadaye: favorite TV show?
  • Silvia: do you notice the big things or the little things?
  • Lucy: fears?
  • Eadlyn Schreave: best qualities?
  • Ahren Schreave: can you make decisions quickly?
  • Osten Schreave: favorite joke?
  • Kaden Schreave: favorite subject in school?
  • Princess Daphne: dream destination?
  • Princess Camille: favorite flower?
  • Fox Wesley: favorite season?
  • Gunner Croft: first kiss story?
  • Hale Garner: hobbies?
  • Ean Cable: sexual orientation?
  • Henri Jaakoppi: what languages do you speak?
  • Kile Woodwork: your dream job?
  • Eikko Koskinen: describe your crush.
  • Marid: do you ever feel annoying?
  • Lady Brice: what's your biggest secret?
  • Josie Woodwork: your wildest fantasy?
  • ask me in my ask box and I promise I will answer!