First, and frankly, I find the position “because we don’t have X readers in my library, we don’t need X books” to be racist. This position implies that we as selectors view diverse books as inherently less-than. If we argue that only black youth will want to read about black youth, we are really saying that the experiences of black youth have no relevance or meaning to youth of any other race. We are saying that the experiences of the youth in the books we do buy have broader relevance and resonance. That is the very definition of otherizing and making a particular perspective, experience, or group less-than.

The position that “because we don’t have X readers in my library, we don’t need X books” also denotes a fundamental lack of respect for the children we are supposed to be serving. It suggests that we think our young readers cannot handle, relate to, or be expected to understand an experience that does not mirror their own. Not collecting—and collecting but not promoting—titles with diverse protagonists projects the selector’s own bias onto the reader instead of letting readers freely encounter stories and information.


Tonello AW15 Pitti Preview

I first came across Tonello a few years back while working at Por Vocação. At the time, the Italian brand comprised most of our suiting offerings and rightfully so… The attention to detail in what regards construction, fit and fabric selection is paramount, resulting in a wide range of sartorial options suitable for most styles. 

Tonello is yet another example of how Italian tailoring brands have evolved and adapted to meet current market demands, adjusting its collections to incorporate a much sought “casual tailored” line. Its unstructured T-Jackets for instance, deliver a more relaxed approach through bold patterns and updated fabrics such as casentino or jacquards. The AW15 collection featured an outstanding range of lightweight trench coats and macs perfect to take your layering game to a new level.

Ph: Beyond Fabric


“Maxon lowered his lips to mine and gave me the faintest whisper of a kiss.

Something about the tentativeness of it made me feel beautiful. Without a word, I could understand how excited he was to have this moment, but then afraid at the same time. And deeper than any of that, I sensed that he adored me.

So this is what it felt like to be a lady.” 

- The Selection by Kiera Cass

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