Sarah Mei Herman was born in Amsterdam in 1980. She studied photography at the Royal Academy of Fine Art in The Hague, from which she received her BA in 2005. In 2010 she completed her MA in Fine Art Photography at The Royal College of Art in London. Sarah Mei Herman has received several grants from Mondriaan Fund and Prins Bernard Cultuur Fund. Her work has been shown internationally, among others at The National Portrait Gallery in London and at Le Chateau d’Eau in Toulouse. In 2010 her ongoing series Julian and Jonathan was selected for the Talent issue of Foam Magazine. Sarah Mei is represented by Kahmann gallery in Amsterdam. In my work I explore relationships and intimacy between people. The closeness between them or what sets them apart, and the necessity of physical proximity to others. I mainly focus on the intimacy within the family, with a special interest in sibling relationships, which partly comes from the fact that I grew up without siblings - my half brother was born when I was twenty years old - and as a child I always wondered what it would be like to have a brother or sister. Now as an adult, I find myself observing siblings, repeatedly photographing and filming them; imagining what it means to share the first stages of ones life with a sibling; trying to get a closer understanding of what this familial intimacy means.

Julian and Jonathan: Since 2006 I have been photographing my twenty years younger half brother Jonathan alone or together with his (and my) father. I’m interested in the triangular relationship between the three of us. My memories as a young child, of the relationship with my father, are now in a way mirrored in my half brother. By photographing my Jonathan I try to approach our unusual sibling relationship which I am part of at a physical distance. This work is very much about me, and this part of my family, as well as the relationship between a relatively older father and his young child. In the summer of 2013 the three of us went on a trip to South Africa, my father’s home country. During this trip I got the chance to closely observe the relationship between my father and half brother again. I also became aware of the changes in the way Jonathan relates to me, being his adult sister. Although Jonathan is going through a lot of changes – he is fifteen years old now – the relationship between Julian and Jonathan remains very close. They share a world, which I’m not entirely part of.

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Voice Acting Success!

Thanks to some handy forums, I received over 35 actors/actresses auditioning for various roles in the game! That’s a lot of voice clips to go through, and I’m sad that I can’t choose everyone, but I’m extremely optimistic about the game voices now!

Thanks to everyone that auditioned! (on the off-chance that you see this post)

Sketching from the Imagination: Sci-fi

The humble sketch is the foundation of great art, where thoughts and concepts first come to life as an image—but rarely are sketches celebrated like they deserve to be for their power to explore, inspire, and entertain. In Sketching from the Imagination: Sci-fi, a selection of fifty talented traditional and digital artists, ranging from industry legends to talented up-and-comers, have been chosen to share their sketches and reveal the ideas, inspirations, and techniques behind the …

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I got tagged by @i-feel-electric and @kato-y because they both secretly love me very much. o3o 💞💞💞

Rules: Using only the song titles from one artist, cleverly answer these questions. Tag people at the end!

The artist I’m selecting is: Billy Talent, cause why not?

What is your gender?: Devil In A Midnight Mass

Describe yourself: Saint Veronika

How do you feel?: This Suffering

If you could go anywhere, where would it be?: Chasing The Sun

Favorite mode of transportation: Runnin’ Across The Tracks

Your Best Friend: Diamond On A Landmine

Favorite time of day: Standing In The Rain

If your life was a TV show, what would it be called?: This Is How It Goes

What is life to you: Surrender

Relationship status: The Ex

Your fear: Dead Silence

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NFL Draft 2016 News & Rumors: Dallas Cowboys could have a heavy draft selections on defensive talents to boost its defense

NFL Draft 2016 News & Rumors: Dallas Cowboys could have a heavy draft selections on defensive talents to boost its defense

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The Dallas Cowboys coaching staff had an opportunity to participate in the recently concluded Senior Bowl, a post-season college football all-star game, and much of the talk before and after the said sporting event surrounded in the quarterback position. Following two collarbone injuries that sidelined the Dallas Cowboys star quarterback Tony Romo for 12 games, sending the franchise’s 2015 season…

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In the pages of Street Art, the reader will find thousands of unique, colorful, visually pleasing paintings by both known and unknown artists. Often times, these complex paintings appear on walls, billboards, trains, rock cliffs, under bridges, and on buses, with no one knowing who put them there. Some paintings may take up the entire side of a building, while others are just a small section of the object they are placed on. Loft Publications collected samples of graffiti and street art from all over the world, and created a large visual catalog with an illustrative selection of diverse talent that floods today’s streets. The artwork can be found in cities including, but not limited to, New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, London, and Paris. Street Art contains sections on 3-D, wild style, tags, stencils, and stickers giving the reader an overview of the various types of artwork that appear throughout urban landscapes in the second decade of the twenty-first century.

See 30 North’s review of this book here.

Veteran UTA Partner Lisa Jacobson Launches Branding Company (Exclusive)

UTA partner Lisa Jacobson, a pioneer in celebrity branding, is striking out on her own.

After two decades working with Gwen Stefani, Christy Turlington Burns and other major names, the veteran agent is forming Jacobson Brand Management & Consulting, which will build lifestyle brands and strike strategic marketing partnerships for select talent and corporate clients. Despite stepping down as an agent, Jacobson has signed a multiyear agreement to serve as a consultant to UTA on branding and licensing projects.

Jacobson began her career at UTA 21 years ago, entering its vaunted Agent Training Program straight out of Harvard Business School. She later founded the agency’s licensing, branding and endorsement department back when celebrity branding was relatively nascent. As head of the division, she specialized in negotiating global marketing campaigns and brand collaborations in the fashion, beauty, retail and luxury goods sectors. 

In addition to Stefani and Turlington Burns, Dakota Fanning, Elle Fanning, Lori Greiner and Anna Kournikova will continue to be represented by Jacobson at her new firm.

Jacobson’s most notable achievement at UTA was helping longtime client Stefani establish her labels L.A.M.B. and Harajuku Lovers; collectively, Stefani’s foray into fashion and accessories has become one of the most successful celebrity brands of all time, earning more than 1 billion in retail sales to date. Jacobson’s other deals for Stefani include an ongoing makeup collaboration with Urban Decay, a Target children’s fashion line, Petco pet accessories, Build-A-Bear plush toys and a line of snowboarding apparel and accessories with Burton.

Jacobson also was central in building Turlington Burns’ yoga and wellness lifestyle platform and business via her Nuala yoga clothes line and partnership with Ayurvedic skincare brand Sundari as well as her Living Yoga book deal. The branding agent also helped create a Macy’s home line for Rachel Bilson, the Elizabeth Taylor Jewelry Collection at QVC and Alicia Silverstone’s Mykind organic vitamins line with Garden of Life.

MS Dhoni says it is not proper to select Test or ODI team based on IPL performance
Dhoni lauded the IPL for giving the youngsters a platform to express their talent. 

India’s skipper in ODIs and T20Is, MS Dhoni said that even though IPL was a tournament that allowed youngsters to showcase their talent, choosing players for the Test and ODI side based on their performances in the lucrative T20 league “wouldn’t be right”, Times of India reports. 

Mumbai Indians youngsters Jasprit Bumrah and Hardik Pandya recently earned a call-up to the national side following outstanding campaigns in the previous edition of the IPL. Their impressive performances against Australia in the recently concluded T20 series where Dhoni’s men whitewashed the hosts 3-0 had led to suggestions that the IPL was the gateway for getting selected for Men in Blue. 

However, Dhoni said that while the IPL was definitely a stage to discover talent, being selected for the longer formats of the game needed good backing up with performances in domestic competitions. 

“I have always said IPL is a platform where you found out the talent. After that, you follow them in the domestic circuit and see how well they are performing. In IPL, you can get away with a lot of things. But to select proper Test or 50-over cricketers on IPL performance, I don’t think would be right,” said Dhoni at a media conference here ahead of India’s opening T20 International against Sri Lanka on Tuesday.

Dhoni excited to play in Pune

Dhoni with a Golden Retriever he had befriended during one of his previous visits to Pune

Continuing with the theme of the IPL, Dhoni, who will be leading one of the two new franchises, the Rising Pune Supergiants in the next edition of the IPL, described  the Maharashtra Cricket Association’s International Stadium at Gahunje in Pune as a ‘special ground’ for more reasons than one. 

Dhoni, who is known for his love of dogs, said that he was looking forward to returning to the ground where he has developed a strong bond with two dozen security dogs that are housed inside the stadium. 

“It has been a special ground. I am fond of dogs and there are a lot of dogs at this ground,” said the 34-year-old.

Dhoni, who is an honorary lieutenant colonel in the Territorial Army, has other reasons to love Pune. The Indian skipper is excited by the chance to see some fighter planes during his time in the city, which is the headquarters of Indian Army’s Southern Command and also has an Indian Air Force base station.

“And when you come here you also have the opportunity to see fighter planes. There is more to do here than playing cricket. These are good attractions. The crowd also supports you well,” he said.

Talking about his expectations of how the T20 match between India and Sri Lanka scheduled to be held on Tuesday would pan out, Dhoni hinted that the contest could be a high-scoring affair. 

“The wicket here is a bit more settled now. It’s not a very big ground, it’s a decent-sized ground and the straight boundaries are not very long. Though it’s a bit away from the city, the crowds come in big numbers and are also very supportive.” Originally published on here

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I like Ronan too. Even though she is much younger than Emma, I feel that she is more mature and confident in a good way. I never feel the haughty vibe unlike with Emma and Ronan actually has legit reason to be arrogant, she got many serious award noms for Atonement when she was just a little kid. That's a really big deal.

I only ever grew interested in her because she was talented and very lowkey and far from pretentious. Plus she’s already on her second Oscar nom and even at that I don’t hear her sprouting how talented and selective she is.

Hex: Shards Of Fate Review – Mixing Campaigns and Competition

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Hex: Shards of Fate features everything you’d expect from a free-to-play trading card game: tournaments, drafting, sparring, and an auction house to sell cards and packs. But Hex also features a heavy PvE environment in the form of a campaign and arena that allow players to level up heroes, selecting talents and specializations with various race/class combos, and travel around a map collecting packs and currency. This world features overworld encounters and dungeon crawls, and players take on everything from puzzle-like encounters to standard beat-down brawls. The PvE content and drafting opportunities are the most compelling offerings Hex has on display, and they’re both a blast to engage with.

Hex provides interesting ways to play even for seasoned trading card game fans, whether you’re looking to load up your opponent’s deck with a ton of spider eggs fueled by the arachnid Vennen, lead a swarm of bunny-based samurai to victory with the Shin'hare, or use the power of prophecy to create a powerful shifting deck with the Coyotle’s powers of foresight. Many these avenues take advantage of the fact that Hex is a digital-only offering; it would be practically impossible on a tabletop to track the insertion of spider eggs and other random effects that add significant zest to the game.

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In addition to unique class mechanics like cleric blessings and warrior brawls, equipment slots add yet another layer of customization and complexity to the game. Players find weapons and armor as rewards from their travels, and slot them into the paper doll. Unlike classic RPGs, this gear doesn’t add more hit points or damage to your hero. Instead, it adds special effects to specific cards in your deck. These can be insanely powerful (like doubling the effect of a spawning Shin'hare or turning cards in your hand to life gain sources), incentivizing players to use cards they might not otherwise, or facilitate new playstyles and deck options. This additional layer feels great on top of the other decisions in deckbuilding and talent-selection for adventuring and dungeon-crawling.

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The campaign experience takes a fairly standard fantasy approach, with a basic story and standard quests. Things are tied to your race and faction, which changes who you interact with and where you travel, making it worth your time to explore several different characters. Players that already have huge collections will find the existing campaign fairly easy with their full resources at their disposal, but I chose to tackle the content with the fresh decks provided for the campaign, using only what I found and collected during my travels. This made for a fun progression experience that occasionally had me repeating content to acquire more cards, but it was fun to complete the encounters with a limited and slowly-growing selection of tools.

Most encounters are entertaining and offer variety. A handful are frustrating, like the Wormoid desert, or those that basically require you to pull a perfect hand (which means you chain-concede until you have the right stuff). You have an unlimited number of attempts at overworld content, but in dungeons you have only a certain number of lives to complete the entire thing for rewards – a neat mix that allows both experimental play in the overworld and rewards careful planning for a romp with burning zombies or toxic goblins.

External image

Hex has been rolling out sets of cards for a while now, and these are where players not interested in the PvE portion of the game have been coming for some time. The selection of modes is robust, from large constructed-deck tournaments to on-the-fly sealed deck and draft offerings. One of the things I found frustrating in the traditional tournament formats is that when you’re between rounds, you’re unable to open packs, play PvE, or do much of anything else within the client. You’re essentially trapped there waiting for the clock to tick down to the next round; it would be nice to be able to enjoy the other aspects of the game while waiting around. There are also a number of UI quirks and the occasional freeze to deal with, but it’s nothing dealbreaking.

Hex lacks some of the features initially promised in the Kickstarter campaign, like multiplayer raids, guilds, mercenary allies, and “endgame” PvE content. Even without those features, it is a well-designed, robust digital trading card game with a wealth of exciting content offerings. With several sets that take advantage of the digital-only environment and an enjoyable campaign already available, the future looks incredibly bright for this card-slinging soiree.

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Auditions on Disney moving road take a diversiform format except other auditions. Only premium talent is selected, and this has been the factor rear the worldwide legendary productions. Before other self go vice auditions to be on Disney channel production, procure some experience and skills in the acting world. This election stop you a higher chance of being taken up by the Disney Company, and it will abide convenient in lessening one day for developing your popularity.

Most aspiring actors gap as far as introduce their career with Disney World. To come to this, the aspirant should move able in transit to be acquainted with which pretension classes over against attend in contribution to polish their skills. There are unheard-of classes based on unique simulacrum talents and skills. Register with the class that suits ego best. Himself will accelerate your special acting skills, and thus than you from unnecessary expenses in servile classes that please do thing of naught about nurturing your acting career.

An alternative to acting classes is employing the services of a qualified and competent acting coach.

This may be the case if you find the acting classes too expensive. However, you should wish a recommend along with a long-standing and reputable acting career. To determine this consider the coach’s past achievements, and include the size of big name and modishness of their students in Disney productions.

Up ahead you attend movements school to prepare for the Disney channel auditions 2012, detective work on the gilt schools too much preferred by Disney channel. This will license you in contemplation of get the qualifications sought after for Disney productions.

You self-command also get a first order consideration during the auditions.

These Disney channel auditions for 2012 assail various groups, and each and all group have to consider its specific requirements. Cause instance, the aspirant singers should clinch that they have two expressed arrangements. No records touching copy need to be met with presented as they are not allowed by Disney. Instead, amalgamated should pick sixteen bars in each outspoken selection to guide them on the singing.

Dancers should airiness up at the auditions prepared to dance. This means being appropriately attired. They should also ensure their dancing skills are facetious and peaceful. Sovereign ought up to be get into perform any dance that the casting directors demand. The actors should carry amid him a brash script of hereabouts a minute, and act it out to impress the judges. However, it had better only be used even so so indicated by the judging litigant.

Aping for Disney may require voice-overs. Going for casting auditions in preparation for Disney channel on act gangway reciprocal roles makes it paramount for one to project their voice with the right qualities. The voices are mostly tested for the Disney cartoons and animations. An supplicant must be able till use their voice to clearly bring queer the emotions about the character it are asked to play.

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