Summer takeovers continue. Our next guest is Brooklyn, NY based photographer Noel Camardo. I was lucky enough to recently swap a copy of Selektor with 2 of his books, Dusty Roses and Cellphone (cellphone photos above). I’m eager to see what he has planned for us. Starting tomorrow.

Noel Camardo’s website.

A huge thank you to Elizabeth Weinberg, our previous editor, whose posts can be permanently found here, on the ‘Takeovers’ section of this blog. Don’t miss this cutting-edge selection of talents.

It has been two years, six months, 13 days, and counting. Counting, that’s what Maxon remembers, not the few months before it. The newest pictures taken hang on the wall, if you consider two and a half years ‘new’. Counting, that’s only what Maxon remembers what to do. He waits for the days she will take his place. He will be free of the work. It has been two years, six months, 13 days, and one hour; since America Singer left his side forever.


Friendships are being formed. #AGT


Tuesday night was the 3rd and final week of Quarterfinals on season 10 of America’s Got Talent. The last 12 acts perform for our votes, and of course we will have the last semifinalists advance tonight.

Chapkis Dance Family-I loved these guys in Judge Cuts, but we haven’t seen them in over a month so I didn’t even remember who they were. They wanted to please Howard, oh God please don’t do that! They came out with this crazy set, and they danced really well too. I love watching hip-hop dance so I liked it. After all the other dance acts we’ve seen though, I wasn’t overly impressed with it but it was good. Howard still didn’t like it, I’ll be so happy next year when he’s not on the show. I think they could make it, but I’m not convinced that they will.

Metal Mulisha Fitz Army-They had to do this act outside, again obviously pre-recorded. They did some cool and impressive stunts, but I was kind bored after watching it for about 30 seconds. None of them died, but it felt really repetitive and not really any different from what we’ve seen them do. I’ll be surprised if they make it.

Daditude!-They were also cut in Judge Cuts (I thought so), but they were given a second chance for what reason I don’t know. They said they wanted to prove that they’re not just an old guys’ dance act, but that’s exactly what it felt like to me. Howard and Howie buzzed them fairly early on, and then Heidi and Mel followed suit. I thought they danced decently but all the dance acts are better than them. Nick said he thinks it’s the first time that an act got 4 X’s in the live shows, I don’t believe that but whatever. No way they make it, but they’re happy to be there.

Alicia Michilli-She sang “I Put a Spell on You”, which has been done about 100 times on these shows so the spell never works. She sounded good, but it all felt a bit too sweet and clean to be fully believable. I think she has a good chance of making it though, and Heidi gave her a standing ovation.

 Gary Vider-I didn’t like him at all in Judge Cuts, and he said he wants to win so he doesn’t have to walk dogs or live with his terrible roommate anymore. Honey, you’re going to have to do something because you’re probably going home tonight. I thought he was really awkward, his roommate didn’t laugh and neither did I. Believe me, I love to laugh, but this guy wasn’t funny at all. The judges loved him, I didn’t get it.

Mountain Faith Band-They sang “Shut Up and Dance”, bluegrass of course. I thought the arrangement was okay, but you all know my feelings towards bluegrass. Even worse, I kinda thought this was their weakest performance all season. The lead singer looked quite nervous and it felt flat to me. I think they could make it, but I won’t be surprised or upset if they get the axe tonight.

Oz Pearlman-This time, he had the judges try to read his mind. He had a jar of gumballs and had the number written down. He even had Heidi turn around at one point, but that was for the men of America. Do men really gush over Heidi Klum anymore? They all wrote down their numbers, and they were all wrong. Mel B was the closest through, and he posted a video to Instagram saying that they would all be wrong, but Mel would only be off by 2. Nick then reached into the jar to pull out the receipt, and the number on top was all their numbers written across the top. I have no doubt we’ll be seeing him again.

Selected of God-They sang “Impossible”, which describes their chances of getting eliminated. It’s been done a lot on these shows, but they sounded great. There were a few sloppy parts here and there, but the soloists were fantastic, their presence was just killer. We will see them in the semifinals.

The Professional Regurgitator-Can I just skip this act, please? He swallowed Heidi’s ring, followed by a lock and key. He opened the lock up, put the key inside, and coughed it back up together. Then he swallowed a pool ball and got that and the key back up. It was cool, but I’m still super grossed out by this dude. I hope he doesn’t make it, but I won’t be surprised if he does.

Benjamin Yonattan-He’s lost even more vision since Judge Cuts, and it’s to the point where the glasses don’t help him when he’s performing. He wanted to be seen as a great dancer instead of a blind one, well good luck with that one! He’s a great dancer no doubt, but I have seen much better dancers not only on this show, but on all my other shows and in my dance recitals and such. He got a 3-judge standing ovation, Howard sat it out. I have no doubt he’ll be safe this week though, more based on his story than anything else though.

Daniella Mass-She sang “Bring Him Home” from Les Miserables, which is a tenor solo so I don’t know if I fully understand this song choice. She sounded really nice, but I had a hard time understanding some of her words. The judges loved her, and I’m sure she’ll make it through this week.

Freelusion-Their background looked like something straight out of one of my mom’s Lord of the Rings computer games. They were wearing skin-toned shorts and bra, so they looked pretty much naked from afar. It was really an impressive act, but once again I wonder if they would be as impressive without all the production stuff. They were good though, and got a 4-judge standing ovation. I have no doubt we’ll see them again.

That’s it for this week. 7 acts will advance tonight, and I think they will be: Freelusion, Daniella, Benjamin, the Regurgitator, Alicia, Oz and Selected of God. Results tonight, with a performance from Le Reve.

Sketching from the Imagination: Sci-fi

The humble sketch is the foundation of great art, where thoughts and concepts first come to life as an image—but rarely are sketches celebrated like they deserve to be for their power to explore, inspire, and entertain. In Sketching from the Imagination: Sci-fi, a selection of fifty talented traditional and digital artists, ranging from industry legends to talented up-and-comers, have been chosen to share their sketches and reveal the ideas, inspirations, and techniques behind the …

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Tips to Selecting a Talented Forex Broker

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The niceses Landscapes of this fantanstic world … ♡So great saturday morning coffee news to tell You♡My love favorite place landscape bw photo is featured by amazing @world_in_bl and selecting by talent @niceviewpr ♡I’m so happy and broud of this and wellcome You all to visit and follow these wonderful galleries and tag Your photos to #world_beautiful to be featured too♡This is so fantastic♡


Shaking out the nerves like. #AGT


Summer Exhibition 2015: Open Day

Following on from our nation-wide call for art submissions earlier this year, this month saw the opening of the Summer Exhibition 2015, displaying our shortlist of emerging contemporary artists.

Representing the diverse nature of contemporary art, the exhibitors range from painters, photographers and sculptors working in a myriad of materials from pen and pastels to charcoal and oils, and they all came together on 22nd August for the Open Day.

The pictures above offer a small taster of the event and our selection of talented artists. Click here to discover more.

The Summer Exhibition 2015 shortlisted artists

winterexclusive asked:

-whispers- JAMES AND MATT

Name: William Steven Barnes-Murdock
Gender: Male
General Appearance: Dark brown hair, blue eyes, 6′ 
Personality: Hot tempered, with a load mouth, yet he has a soft spot for a select few. 
Special Talents: Master swordsman and martial arts. 
Who they like better: He loves them both but they both get on his nerves because they can be super strict with punishment. 
Who they take after more: James really. 
Personal Head canon: William learned how to push the people he loved away from Matthew. He had one serious girlfriend in his life, but he got scared at the way things were progressing and ended it. In a real nasty way. 
Face Claim: Ben Barnes