The Sandman
[October 27th, 2009]

It was a cold October day in Louisville, KY as several wrestling fans and folk within the business gathered at the Davis Arena for a film taping. The movie, Ultimate Death Match 2, featured a bizarre selection of pro wrestling talent from several walks of life, including ECW and WCW wrestlers. One of the stars that was set to be featured was The Sandman, who was a favorite of mine and a wrestler I’d never gotten to meet, but I was told upon arrival by one of the filmmakers that he hadn’t been heard from just yet so they didn’t assume he’d be there.

As heartbreaking as that was, it was still a pretty cool day in general. I got to see the likes of Raven, Kevin Nash, Dan Severn, and many more in the flesh for the first time. During one of the scenes, a few wrestlers were in the ring while the extras on the outside cheered for whoever was battling, when suddenly, that familiar “Enter Sandman” music hit as the beer drinking, kendo stick swinging ECW original hit the ring. While I realized that this was for a film, the child in me who was obsessed with ECW couldn’t contain myself. I nearly screamed myself hoarse as one of my hardcore heroes started whacking everyone in sight. Later that day, this photo was taken:

Oh, and for the record, the movie was terrible. Badly edited, shot very weirdly, and the producer stiffed half of the talent on pay. Pretty good, right?

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Is Akashi scary? If he is what do you think makes him scary?

yeah I’d definitely say he qualifies as scary

  • have you ever met a 15 year old boy
  • have you ever met a RICH 15 year old boy
  • a rich 15 year old boy who has never failed at anything in his life
    • I have not met this particular breed of 15 year old boy and I’m glad bc I am not known for my strength of personality or assertiveness so lord only knows how it would go down
  • he’s willing to stab Kagami in cold blood????????
  • like straight up this motherfucker 1) meets Kagami, 2) confirms that Kagami is, in fact, Kagami, 3) tries to STAB Kagami
  • I know we all talk tough sometimes but I’m not going to start stabbing until someone has either stabbed me first or stabbed someone else 
    • I guess I’m a self-defense stabber.  I’m not looking to initiate any stabbings here.  I am very intimidated by anyone who is going to randomly start stabbing at the drop of a hat
  • I just can’t imagine trying to stab someone I’d just been introduced to for the first time as a friend of a friend
  • also can we go back to “Akashi has canonically never lost at anything or been wrong ever in his life”
  • like what the fuck
  • what the fuck is that
  • he’s never??? lost at rock-paper-scissors? or hit that one question on the test that wasn’t covered in class and he can’t remember from the book?? or lost a single basketball game from the day he started playing??  does he specifically select things that he’s talented at or is he one of the x-men
    • do you think he can always guess those “how many jellybeans are in the jar?” things right
  • his hobbies (outside of basketball and riding horses) are shogi, go, and chess
    • this would imply that he’s never lost at any of these games
    • everyone knows that smarmy asshole who’s in the chess club and thinks he’s the shit bc he’s better at chess than the other people in the chess club
    • that one guy
    • you know the guy
    • now imagine that the smarmy chess guy isn’t just the best chess player in your school, he’s the best at every other strategy-based board game you put in front of him
    • Akashi may not gloat, but that only makes him intimidating instead of irritating
  • is it possible for anyone to interact with him in a pleasant and meaningful way?
  • that’s a serious question, can he just?? joke around with people?? it’s kind of hard to relate to your classmates when you’ve never got less than a 100% on anything ever in your life
  • I don’t think he knows how to relax
  • here, look at this quote from his wiki page
  • “He also stated that if Rakuzan lost to Shutoku during the Winter Cup, he would gouge his eyes out and give them to his teammates. The reactions from all of his teammates and Midorima implied that they knew Akashi would actually do it, something that Takao noticed.”
    • bruh
Hiring Test

Several years ago I was involved in an animation company’s hiring process. The job category was animator. The process consisted of identifying, recruiting, and training individuals. The company wanted to develop talent by selecting ten or so hires from several hundred applicants. We were prepared to not hire anyone if we found that no one fit our criteria The selection process was similar to other corporate hiring procedures. The candidates passed through the process by submitting several drawings, then they drew pictures on designated themes, wrote essays, and were interviewed. […]

Not one applicant had any obvious creative ability or brilliant talent. The hiring process therefore turned into a complete muddle. We became desperate, as if we were digging for gold flecks in the sand, to discover at least one person who might not yet be a good artist but had the potential to improve. […]

Since then, I have changed jobs and made several films. On each project I have met young people whom I rejected during that selection process. Several of them are even core members of my current production staff. These newcomers, although rejected at the time, have grown and are working side by side with the others.

I wonder what was the meaning of that selection process after all.

I’ve been reading Miyazaki’s book Starting Point this week, and thought some of you might dig this story from a 1987 interview

Shinya’s verses

Child Shinya: Shinya was a student of the Order of Imperial Demons’ Kindergarten. He was one of the selected talented children to be the future husband for Mahiru. His childhood was filled with training and fighting. Shinya was soon chosen and adopted into the Hiragi family and engaged to Mahiru. 
v: childhood 

Student of Shibuya: At the age of sixteen, Shinya was one of the many students at Shibuya. He was engaged to Mahiru because of the Hiragi family wanting to improve their bloodline. Shinya was sly and ruthless though because of everything that he went through when he was a child. He can friendly though, mostly to the ones that became his friends. v: student 

Major General: Being the major general and apart of the Hiragi family, Shinya is one of the many high-ranking members. He is loyal to Guren, but careful around Kureto because he knows how his family can be. He is an excellent sniper though and very helpful in long-range battles. v: soldier 

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Kylux Art Academy AU

“Your pieces are so…ordinary. They´re nothing special on them. They are so perfect, symmetrical done. Art is not supposed to be perfect, art is supposed to make you feel something” The man said, as he shook his long raven head. “Are you even capable to do this? The pride you carry in your being is so much that you´d become like your father? A soulless perfectionist artist”

“You dont talk about me about perfection, Ren” he gritted his teeth “How you even got in the Academy? Was it with the help of your precious mother , Senator Organa? Youre not talented enough to get in here on your own . You know that you´ll never become an artist good enough as your famous grandfather.”

The First Order is the most prestigious Art Academy, only a selected piece of young talented artists can be accepted to it. B. Hux ll is a descendant of notorious artists on his family line, recognizable for their perfection in every piece. Kylo Ren intends to follow the path of his grandfather, abandoning his political life and name to become an artist.

[esquire - november ‘15 issue] interview with jonghyun
translation by: thatcoolcatmeow
(the translator asks that you please do not translate to other languages.)

esquire: all of the the staff (that) you worked with today for the photoshoot were all new faces to you because i arranged the casting. i was really surprised. i thought you would only work with staff that were in charge.
jonghyun: i think the main agent is not me; it’s just that the subject of the photoshoot happens to be me.

esquire: you are not the main agent?
jonghyun: no, it’s not my album.

esquire: ah …
jonghyun: i’m kidding. photoshoots are a visual thing and it’s not my professional area. i tend to trust the staff and go along with them. i’m sure reporter-nim selected talented people.

esquire: your new collection album, story. op 1, has been released.
jonghyun: i have put the songs that i’ve released on a radio show that i host, blue night. perhaps because i participated in (the) composing and the writing of the tracks…, i think it strongly shows off my personal taste. i planned tehe direction of the rearrangements, chose the order of the songs after deciding the tracklist, and observed the process when (all of the) musicians were recording. there was no part (of the process) that has not received my personal touch.

esquire: your album promotion is unusual. you held guerilla concerts rather than going on music shows.
jonghyun: i made new attempts in terms of music with this album so i wanted the promotion to be original, too. busking allows singers to communicate closely with the audience and it was the kind of performance i’ve been wanting to do for a long time. since i had to consider the safety of the fans (though), i can’t say it was entirely busking (though) and i had to carry (it) out more as a form of guerilla concerts.

esquire: your have been meeting with your fans through your solo concert, the story by jonghyun, during october. i heard you also participated in the planning and the direction of the stage. did you have a particular course of direction you wanted to lead (in)?
jonghyun: interaction. that’s why the concert is named “story” too. the story by jonghyun is incomplete when it’s on it’s own. it needed to be completed with the audience. there are actually parts that can only be finished with the participation of the audience.

esquire: it’s a stage where you exchange with the audience, then?
jonghyun: people who have watched the concert (have) told me: “thank you for letting me listen to your story.” i don’t think it was a story of my own (though); it was a story of us.

esquire: after releasing the album you also debuted as an author, publishing the novel, skeleton flower: things that have been set free. how was writing (a novel)? is it a different work from writing lyrics?
jonghyun: it seemed very different? rather than thinking that “i’m going to write a novel”, i started as wanting to suggest a different way of enjoying music. my ambition was grandoise.

esquire: enjoying music through a book?
jonghyun: in the novel the lyrics of the twelve songs i made are put here and there. if the lyrics come out while reading the book, have a listen to that song. it might sound new even if you already knew the song.

esquire: so, you can listen to music while reading a story. how did you come up with this idea?
jonghyun: music has a wonderful power. it allows one to explode with imagination. it makes on to imagine: “what was the situation that made the singer sing this song?, what happens afterwards?” i know this can be a little mean, but i wanted to own that imagination. as a person who created that song i wanted to tell people what happened before and after that song directly through the novel.

esquire: what is it about?
jonghyun: it’s about a break up. they say your first work becomes very autobiographical, and i think it really is looking back after it has been completed. the main male character, who’s an author, has a lot of emotional ups and downs. the female character, who’s a reporter, is tired of the same every day routine but is trying to be hardwording resembles me. the dj portrays the social role that i have which is obsertved from the perspective of someone from the outside. lastly, the female junior collegue character portrays someone who comforts people without saying words which is the kind of person i wish to be. i tried to depict every day lives of ordinary people rather than ones who seem extraordinary.

esquire: i think it’s not ordinary, starting off with the role of the author.
jonghyun: i think the standard is very vague. there’s definitely a side of me who meets someone ordinarily, falls in love, breaks up, experiences a hard time, and is trying to overcome that hard time. there may be variations in the intensity of the ups and downs, but i think that the feelings we experience are all the same.

esquire: then you must find inspirations in your every day life while writing music, too.
jonghyun: i tend to take a lot of notes when making discoveries in daily life. i will tell you a memo that i took yesterday. [on jonghyun’s mobile phone it was written: “nights are (more) dangerous than alcohol. you are (more) dangerous than the night.”] just like this, i write something short. i thought of this suddenly one night. you tend to get emotional when you’re drinking. it goes up and down like this, but i become more emotional in meeting the night than during drinking. when i discover something like this i express it metaphorically or poetically and unravel that into music. it’s really nothing.

esquire: that’s how you complete your song. shall we talk about your radio now? anyone who has listened to your radio at least once will know that you have a strong attachment to your radio show.
jonghyun: it’s fun.

esquire: perhaps you might earn more moeny if you invest that time on something else?
jonghyun: (laughs) i earn enough from other things. i’m not doing it for profit reasons.

esquire: then what do you earn instead?
jonghyun: interaction. it’s a medium of intimacy. it feels like we’re talking right next to each other, and i can meet people that i don’t know (personally). ah, i’m not talking about the guys. i’m talking about the listeners. since i have a whole two hours to myself i can share from trivial to complicated stories.

esquire: how many stories do you receive?
jonghyun: i receive four hundred at mimimum and two thousand at maximum each day.

esquire: you wouldn’t be able to read them all, then. do you only read the ones that are selected by the radio script writer?
jonghyun: no, i read them. all of them. i check them in realtime through the monitor installed in the radio booth, and also read stories when the advertisements are being aired. i receive an amount that i can read (through) all of them.

esquire: what are the stories mainly about?
jonghyun: since the time of radio is at night i usually receive stories like: “i’m tired”, “it’s hard” or “my day has been like this”, and such.

esquire: don’t you feel worn out when reading stories about how tired they are (though)?
jonghyun: i’m a person who can keep a good pace, so i don’t feel like that.

esquire: you comforted people saying it’s okay not to be okay. i think you’re an expert in comforting people. where did you learn this?
jonghyun: there’s no place to learn something like this. (laughs) i think i’m a warm hearted person then…, um…, i think if you have the will to really listen to someone’s story, worry about them and want to comfort them…, i think your heart will be delivered.

esquire: is there a virtue a good dj should possess?
jonghyun: this is something i talked about during my radio last night. i think trying to sound happy when you’re actually not is not a good attitude to have as a dj. i think you should be able to say that you’re sad when you’re sad and say that you’re having a hard time when you’re having a hard time. it might not be a good attitude for a star to have but a dj is someone who shares stories with the listeners so i think, as the listeners are showing their true feelings (to me), i shouldn’t be hiding mine. this way i won’t act cowardly.

esquire: what do you do when you take a rest?
jonghyun: i haven’t been able to take a rest. i don’t want to take a rest either. i like to work…, no, i’m person with a compulsive need to work. i feel like i’m worthless if i don’t do anything.

esquire: i see that there really is a (type of) person who cannot take rests.
jonghyun: sometimes i think: “why can’t i take rest?” maybe it’s different from person to person. i don’t know what the right thing to do (is).

esquire: that’s contradictory from someone who sings: “you can take a rest putting everything aside for a day.
jonghyun: it’s something i tell to other people. it’s something like: “you can be that way although i cannot (be)”? i have wrote a lot of songs that comfort other people. they weren’t (written) for me though.

esquire: what is a question (that) you ask most frequently to yourself?
jonghyun: it’s not really a question. i frequently tell myself to be hoenst, because i’m not that honest (with myself) yet. but i want to be…, i don’t want to embellish myself. though it’s a lot for me to be that way right now…, but i’m sure someday i will be?

esquire: you might end up getting hurt or hurting someone else trying to be honest (though).
jonghyun: i will need to put an effort in dealing with getting hurt or hurting someone, but i think that’s also a sign of growing up. another erson on why ii want to be honest is that i want to become a young man / youth that i dream of.

esquire: what kind of young man?
jonghyun: a young man making contibution to society.

esquire: you’re a bright young man.
jonghyun: i’m a pessimist. a dreamer, but we need a lot of dreamers, to be honest.

esquire: i agree that you’re a dreamer, but a pessimist…, why? i think you are a person in possession of many things. you receive a lot of love and are financially affluent.
jonghyun: pessimism, according to the definition of a dictionary, (is where a person) perceives the world or life as misery and becomes disillusioned to the point of living in hopelessness. i’m not like that to that extent, but i think we need to be aware of the negative sides of the world as well as the beautiful and happy ones. i want to be a person who can bring a positive change from that. it’s not something entirely negative.

esquire: why do you want to change the world that much?
jonghyun: i feel like i have been rejected when justice gets denied. although the world isn’t going to change with me alone i think it’s necessary to have a (sense of) direction and strive forward in the right way.

esquire: what is the world that jonghyun dreams of?
jonghyun: a society where everyone is equal so that it’s a peaceful world.

A Talent a Day 

Jennifer Niederhauser Schlup (1981, SW) was selected from the Foam Talent Call in 2014. “Every image we see resonates in comparison to what we have in our memory.” On Sunday 20 March the call closes. Make sure to submit your work on time at

Image from the series Blank © Jennifer Niederhauser Schlup, courtesy of the artist

Scope Dogg’s Mecha Showcase: Aim for the Top: Gunbuster

This is part of a series of reviews I plan on doing on various mecha franchises. The only rule is that I’m not touching the three franchises I think are the most well known (Gurren Lagann, Evangelion, Gundam) in an effort to spread the love towards some series that I feel fly somewhat under the radar for non-mecha fans. Any spoilers will only be very minor and will typically only concern the very beginning of the story.

Why you should watch it, in brief:

Exciting action and emotional drama delivered through excellent animation. A short but very sweet classic series.

The setting:

Humanity is starting to extend its reach towards the stars, when one of its fleets is suddenly and violentally attacked by a species of massive spaceborne lifeforms called Space Monsters, leaving very few survivors. Amongst ththe slain is Admiral Takaya. His daughter Noriko enlists at a training school as a trainee Machine Weapon pilot, as humanity begins to gear up to fight back. Noriko seems like an unlikely heroine, as she is clumsy and not as capable as many of her schoolmates, especially her supremely talented idol, Kazumi Amano. However, Coach Ohta, who is on the lookout for recruits to take into space, believes that Noriko has hidden talent, and selects her and Kazumi as candidates for the Top squadron, humanity’s most elite unit of Machine Weapon pilots. Noriko must overcome physical and emotional hurdles in order to live up to the expectations of the Coach and her comrades - and in so doing, become worthy of piloting humanity’s newest secret weapon, the Gunbuster.

Why you should watch it, in full:

Director Hidetaki Anno is most noted for the famed Evangelion series. However, it wasn’t the first impact that he made on the mecha genre. That honour belongs to his debut work Aim for the Top, more colloquially known to mecha fans as Gunbuster, published by Gainax between 1987 and 1988. It’s a very different animal to Evangelion in a lot of ways, being a much more straightforward story, and lacking the many layers of symbolism and striking imagery that Anno’s later work would go on to become acclaimed for, but for devoted fans of this genre, Gunbuster is no less memorable, and is a landmark entry both to the fledgling Gainax studio that published it and to the genre as a whole. More after the break.

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Lamborghini Young Drivers & GT3 Junior Programs

Lamborghini Squadra Corse is back on track in Vallelunga (Rome) for a two-day test session reserved for the drivers who are part of the Young Drivers and GT3 Junior Programs.

The test session continues Lamborghini’s investment into young talent, and comes just a few days after the successful debut of Patrick Kujala and Alberto Di Folco (both aged 19) in the Misano Blancpain Sprint Series, where Kujala along with Mirko Bortolotti seized P3 in the Main Race.

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I think my brother @brittwright_ is on to something with his #CurationDC event. I’m not missing the next one. Make sure you join him and the rest of his handpicked selection of artists & talent for the next one on Friday, October 2nd from 5:00pm-10:00pm for a “special edition” of #CurationDC. Also follow their Instagram account @CurationDC, for photography, video footage and details on the upcoming show.
Powered by Britt Wright (@brittwright_) and The NetworkDC (@thenetworkdc)

Video Credit: @bofields #KnowBo
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A Talent a Day

Daniel Everett (1980, US) is an artist working across a broad range of media, exploring the possibilities and limits of personal meaning in public spaces, both real an imagined. He was selected from the Foam Talent Call in 2014. What kind of direction do you work in? Submit until Sunday at

Image from the series New Existence © Daniel Everett

So I went into my subscribed tags to find the ship hate spammers so desperate, they were trying to recruit the ihatejonarbuckle humor blog into their harassment. It can’t possibly get more cosmic or hilariously pathetic than that. At least they tried something more whimsical than bald-faced lying for a change!

When politely asked to take the post out of the tag, ihate readily complied. Shame the ship haters wouldn’t follow THAT example, but they do have a real talent for selective comprehension.

I’m losing my dragon age luster! I’ve played them so much that I can’t even make it through a play-through anymore. Any suggestions of play style? It’s not exactly as freeing as skyrim to me as far as new ways to play?

We had this question in our inbox.  For suggestions, maybe

1.  Come up with a character concept before playing and make decisions based on how the character would behave- maybe you’re ruthless, a smartass, or exceptionally kind?

2.  Pick a class you don’t normally play and then select talents you don’t normally use.

Anyone else have any suggestions?

Delphine Arnault and Karlie Kloss, fashion souls

Karlie, can you explain your role in the prize? 
K. K -. I joined the team of experts. My mission is to select eight finalists from the twenty-three designers present tonight. I take this role very seriously, because I am aware of the good fortune that this award is for all those young designers. I’m really touched that you thought of me, Delphine. 

DA - Your place is more than legitimate!The role of experts is not only to make a selection, but also to share with the young designers, give them advice, to encourage them, to warn them about this or that faux pas … Your route fashion and the way you lead your career commands respect. All young designers have a lot to learn from you. You have the profile of the perfect expert.

Through your respective trades, you are in constant contact with the creators. What have you learned from them?
DA - The generosity and kindness. For example, it is Nicolas Ghesquière me first talked to me about JW Anderson. He said, “This boy is interesting, you should look at his work.” Like every year, when I see the how much time Karl Lagerfeld gives to each of the twenty-three selected talents, I am totally blown away!
KK - I’ll join you! I found over time that the fashion industry was certainly a business, but it was primarily a story of human beings and encounters.

Are you creative yourself?
KK - As a teenager, I was interested in science and math, I could see myself making a career in this field. Fashion has upset all my prospects. More precisely, it has expanded them! Rub shoulders daily creative people an incentive to look further. This is probably why coding and making cookies excite me so much. Why stop?

What advice would you give to young people who want to get into fashion today?
DA - Think long term. Fashion is a marathon, not a sprint. You have to give all … lengthwise. Also be aware of your specificity and never lose sight of it. Competition is tough and we can lost ourselves. Your strength will be what makes you unique.
KK - You’re absolutely right. You have to stay true to who you are. If you knew how many times in my career I’ve been rejected. You have to know how to take punches, to develop a thick skin and to be able to cope with negative experiences.

You are both knowledgeable businesswomen. Did being a woman penalize you?
KK - I have three sisters, and we are all women of character in the family. In my case, the only man, my father, is the one we should be sorry for. (Laughter.)
DA - When you think about Karlie’s journey, being a woman does not seem to have slowed her in the least.
KK  - And I do not intend to stop there! I really feel the desire to be an entrepreneur, to build. Besides, Delphine is part of the women who inspire me tremendously. I admire the way she manages her professional and private life. This balance seems difficult to find.

Let’s go on fashion. You are gathered to celebrate the creators of tomorrow.What are the young designers you wear regularly? 
KK - Gosh! I’m obsessed with Rosie Assoulin. Ditto for the work of Virgil Abloh with his Off-White label. I also wear a lot of dresses from The Reformation . It is a mark of Los Angeles that recycles vintage clothes. The cuts are impeccable.

Were you fashion victims?
KK - I come from a small town in the Midwest. I coined my style in contact with designers, stylists. I learned from them that clothes allow you to get into the skin of a thousand characters. I often see myself as a chameleon. The fashion power is pretty amazing.” (x)