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One of my biggest inspirations is Sophie Turner. I love her in Game of Thrones, her amazing style and her relationship with Maisie. Her looks are so unique and seem to fit perfectly with the occassion. One of my favourite looks is the first picture of Sophie at Wimbeldon and her pink co-ordinates for the Topshop Unique’s show! I would definitely raid her wardrobe if I could! Scroll through the collection below to see some of my Sophie inspire items.

Natsu climbed into the bed and under the layers of covers. He hesitantly scooted over to Lucy and closed her in his arms careful not to startle her. After a few seconds he felt her breathing ease up and she unconsciously moved closer to his embrace.

In the morning she didn’t say anything when she woke up curled up in his arms.

The next night they ended up bundled up together once again.

When the worst of the cold eased up they never stopped.

A fan art from me and @watchmist1412 collab fic “Falling to Pieces”

You can check it out here: Tumblr | FFN


Nine Etsy Jewellery Stores You Need to See

Etsy is one of my favourite websites for finding unique items, especially jewellery. Over the last few weeks I have collected my favourite shops to share with you. All the prices are in Australian Dollars, so remember to convert if you’re from overseas. Continue reading to see the favourite stores!

LuvMinimal is one of my absolute favourite Etsy stores. Specialising in minimalist, dainty jewellery, there is so much I could buy. My sister came across this store in early 2015 and we’ve ordered lots of different pieces since. I purchased my formal jewellery which you can see buy clicking each of the words - necklace, earrings, rings. Each of the pieces were beautifully packages and look beautiful so I would definitely recommend!

MinimalGV is another delicate jewellery store which offers worldwide shipping. Offering a mix of minimalist jewellery and opal pieces, prices start from around $10 and go up to $100. My favourite items include this choker and these arrow themed ear climbers!

Another one of my favourite jewellers in London based, Wild Fawn Jewellery. These items are all handmade from eco friendly & ethical sterling silver and gold! Wild Fawn offers all my favourite minimalist jewellery including ear cuffs, and hammered geometric inspired earrings. Shipping is available within the UK, Europe, North America, and the Oceania region. You can follow Wild Fawn on Instagram here!

Seeflower is another Etsy store which creates handmade gold and silver jewellery. With numerous funky designs including astrology necklaces, ear jackets and fox bracelets there is something for everyone! These pieces could make super cute and unique gifts for friends.

Specialising in edgy, minimalist jewellery AIRlab is another store which you need to see. Based in Sweden, these handmade pieces are great for those who like to have stand out jewellery. AIRlab’s jewellery averages around $25 and offers worldwide shipping. These geometric line earrings are one of my favourites!

Another one of my favourites is GLDN Jewellery which specialises in all kinds of necklaces. Designs include V necklaces, Y necklaces and geometric necklaces. My favourite piece is the Friendship Necklaces, which comes in two, three and four pieces. Each piece comes with individual box which makes it a great gift for a group of friends! 

Happylittledainty is a Singapore based Etsy shop which makes fun and quaint jewellery. The store offers worldwide shipping for only $3.50 for the first item and $0.50 for subsequent items! Some of my favourite pieces include these Ball Ear Jacket Earrings and these Snowflake Earrings for $19.43.

Another store that I love on Etsy is Shazoey. Based in Sydney, shipping can be within 2 days which is fantastic! Whilst this store is relatively expensive it seems to be worth it, as the reviews rate Shazoey five stars! Giftcards are avaliable at $25, $50, $75 and $100 which are fantastic for presents for jewellery obsessed friends and family!

The final store on my list is RabbitsFantasyWorld, which is based in the Netherlands. This store is a mix of quirky, unique and minimalist jewellery. A few of my favourite pieces include these super cute and Christmas themed reindeer earrings (I would seriously buy these for the holidays!) and these eye stud earrings. In my opinion the store is really well priced, especially as pieces are suitable for sensitive ears. RabbitsFantasyWorld also offers worldwide shipping which is great for us living in Australia.

I hope you’ve found this post helpful. What is your favourite piece of jewellery or store? If you have enjoyed this post, please like and reblog! x


Character Selection, I.iii.5-11 

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Answers at last…? 

Please read the FAQ at the bottom of the new Character Selection about page before sending in any questions. 

  • so i finally got some time to re-do my master list, hopefully everything is much easier to find.
  • ** means it contains smut
  • last updated 08/22/17

justin bieber 🌸

you’re crazy

baby don’t you know you got all my love

come thru part I

come thru part II

club nights


you’re all that matters to me

welcome home **

she don’t like the lights



10 minutes

all i want is you

christmas eve

flatline part I

flatline part II



a bet is a bet

loyal part I

loyal part II

cold nights

all i could do was cry part I

all i could do was cry part II

all i could do was cry part III


deserve part II


stay with me

second chances


suit and tie

i’ll be your soldier


the comeback

no pressure

cuddling + horror movies

parties in la

real love series (discontinued)

part one

part two 

part three

part four

part five

controlla **


overtime **

distraction **


bucky barnes 🐻

always + forever

let’s give them a show **

we’re not just friends

how would you feel **

tears always wins

ride **

steve rogers 🌻

birthday girl **

i’ll always come back to you

donald pierce 💥

well i’ll be damned

no regrets

first kiss

movie night

harry styles 🦋


First part of the guide is here!! And this will be all about styles. But first, what exactly are styles? According to the MS Word description.

“A style is a set of formatting characteristics, such as font name, size, colour, paragraph alignment and spacing. Some styles even include borders and shading.”

In plain English, they are a bunch of programmed formats for text. So, instead of going paragraph by paragraph, an setting, font, size, alignment, spacing, and so on; you just click and the text is done.

Besides the convenience of using them, and the benefits of a great look, they give your document consistence and that makes it easier an more pleasant to read. Also, they help you navigate your document, which comes handy when you have a lot of pages.

With that said, the guide is on!! But below the cut, because I am conscious of people’s dashboards and my own.

Note: I’ve just hit my first 100 followers! And I wanted to thank everyone, for helping me reach this first milestone. I hope to be able to keep contributing to this lovely community. Thanks!

Love, Andrea

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A peek at Eren’s life - Instax style!

This is a heavily modified version of Aqua-rell’s post. Because there is no way I’d keep to a 30-days long challenge, I tweaked it to suit my gaming style; selecting prompts from the list and doing it all at once - the lazy man’s way. Naturally. 

@aqua-rell - I’m sorry for butchering your challenge, I hope you don’t mind! And thank you for creating it, I had lots of fun ♡

Туториал \ Tutorial

«Как я обрабатываю свои превью». \ “How I edit my preview”. 

Всем привет! Данный туториал будет доступен на русском и английском. И да, я не буду объяснять здесь основы пользования фотошопом, лишь сам процесс создания превью. \

Hello! This tutorial will be available in Russian and English. If you something will be not clear – can use the original Russian text and interpreter. I also want to warn you that my photoshop is in Russian and I tried in the pictures to make English tips (forgive me for my curve English) X) And I’m not going to explain here the basics of how to use photoshop, only the process of creating previews. 

1. Для начала берем любой фон, который вам нравится. Но учитывайте размер изображения, ведь это и будет размер всего нашего превью. \ 1. For a start, we take any background you like. However, consider the size of the image, because it will be the size of our preview.

2. Заходим в «Фильтр» -> «Размытие» -> «Размытие по Гауссу». Обычно я ставлю радиус 10-12 для фона, но вы можете использовать любой, какой вам понравится. Если после размытия по краям вашего фона появились просветы, то просто немного растяните изображение (не забудьте зажать «Shift»). \ 2. Go to «Filter» - > «Blur» -> “Gaussian Blur”. I usually set the radius of 10-12 for the background, but you can use any one you like. If, after blurring, the edges of your background appeared gaps, just slightly stretch the image (remember to hold «Shift»).

3. Далее заходим в «Фильтр» -> «Шум» -> «Добавить шум». Выберите «Равномерный» и уберите галочку, если она стоит, с «Монохромный». Здесь также можете менять значение, как угодно. Обычно для фона я использую не больше 4%. \ 3. Next go to “Filter» - > «Noise» - > «Add noise”. Select “Uniform” and uncheck if it is, with “Monochrome”. Here also you can change the value, as you like. Usually for the background I use no more than 4%.

4. На этом этапе вы придумываете «вид» своего превью. Шрифты, расположение названия\расцветок и т.п. Мою нынешнюю концепцию вы видите на экране и в моих СС. Прошу не копировать ее (с изменениями или без). Придумайте что-то свое, будьте неповторимы и оригинальны, чтобы вас можно было узнать по превью.
Когда вы придумали и расположили нужные элементы, можете сгруппировать их. Для этого выделите нужные слои и нажмите «ctrl + G». Это поможет вам не запутаться в слоях. \ 4. At this stage, you come up with a “view” of your preview. Fonts, position of the name / colors, etc. My current concept you see on the screen and in my CC. Please do not copy it (with or without modification). Invent something special, be unique and original that you could be recognized according to the preview.
When you come up with and placed the right elements, you can group them. To do this, select the layers and press “ctrl + G”. This will help you not to get lost in the layers.

5.  Теперь мы берем наших моделей (которых заранее заскринили в игре, на зеленом фоне) и помещаем их на изображение так, как вам удобно. Затем берем инструмент «Волшебный ластик» (ПКМ на «Ластик») и нажимаем на зеленый фон. Нажмите повторно в тех местах, где он остался. \ 5. Now we take our models (which previously screan in the game, on a green background) and put them on the image as you wish. Then take the tool “Magic eraser” (right-click in the “Eraser”) and click on the green background. Click again in the places where he stayed.

6. Чтобы убрать лишний фон с волос нам понадобиться инструмент «Фоновый ластик». В палитре цветов на панели инструментов выбираем:
- нижний цвет – тот, который нужно стереть
- верхний цвет – тот, который надо оставить
Не забывайте менять вверху «Допуск», чтобы убрать весь лишний цвет. \
6. To remove unnecessary background from the hair, we need the tool “Background eraser”. In the color picker on the toolbar, choose:
- the bottom color is the one you want to erase
- the top color is the one that should leave
Do not forget to change-up “Limit” to remove all the excess color.

7. Затем с помощью инструмента «Пластика» («Фильтры» или Shift + Ctrl + X) мы поправляем все косяки нашей модели (локти, волосы, одежду и т.д.) \ 7. Then use the tool “Plastic” (or “Filters” or Shift + Ctrl + X), we correct all the schools of our model (elbows, hair, clothes, etc.)

8. Следующий этап очень индивидуален. Мы редактируем наших моделей. Я, например, прорисовываю волосы и тени на одежде\коже. Вы можете полностью перерисовать модель, исправить пару косяков или не трогать модель вовсе. \ 8. The next stage is very individual. We edit our models. For example, I draw the hair and shade on the clothes / skin. You can completely redraw the model, to fix a couple of joints or not touch the model at all.

9. Теперь мы берем наши расцветки (которые заранее заскринены в игре) и помещаем на превью. Обрезаем так, как нам надо и размещаем в том виде, в котором вам будет удобней. \ 9. Now we take our colors (which are screan in the game) and put on the preview. Cut as we have and placed in the form in which you will be comfortable.

10. Объединяем все наши слои с расцветками – в один (выделяем все слои -> ПКМ -> Объединить выделенное). Затем два раза щелкаем по нему ЛКМ. У нас откроется «Стиль слоя». Выбираем «Обводка» и ставим те значения, которые нравятся (регулируем цвет обводки и ее толщину). Мы получим рамочку вокруг наших расцветок. \ 10. Combine all of our layers with colours – in one (select the layers -> RMB -> Merge all selected). Then double click on it LMB. We will open a “layer Style”. Select “Stroke” and set the values like (adjust the stroke color and width). We get a frame around our colors.

11. Последний шаг. Мы делаем цветокоррекцию с помощью «Уровни», «Выборочная коррекция цвета» и «Кривые». Я не буду объяснять работу этих инструментов, вы можете посмотреть это самостоятельно. После манипуляций с цветом, мы выбираем «Фильтр» -> «Усиление резкости» -> «Контурная резкость», но делаем это только на слое с нашими моделями. Другим элементам превью резкость не нужна. Ставим настройки, как на картинке: Эффект - 100%; Радиус - 0,5 (это самый оптимальный вариант, но вы можете их поменять под себя). \ 11. The last step. We do color correction using “Levels”, “Selective color correction” and “Curves”. I’m not going to explain these tools, you can watch it yourself. After color manipulation, we choose the “Filter” -> “Unsharp” -> “Unsharp”, but only do this on the layer with our models. Other elements of the preview sharpness is not needed. Put the settings as in the picture: Effect - 100%; Range - 0,5 (this is the best option, but you may want to change them for you).

12. Даем название нашему СС, делаем завершающие штрихи и ГОТОВО :)  \ 12. Give the name of our CC do the finishing touches and READY :)

Spiritual/Yokai anime you may never have known about

I totally did not keep up with my plans to do a series of movie/anime recommendations. So sorry. Medical issues distracted me. But I have a lull day today, so here is a list of little known anime dealing with the spiritual or ‘demonic’ that you may not have heard about.

Rules of selection:

- An animation style that is compatible with the sometimes disturbing or spooky narrative.

- I’m sticking with the creep factor for the most part, so there wont be much comic relief. And if the show isn’t out-and-out ‘creepy’, it will at least be contemplative and serious about it’s own story.

- ‘Spiritual’ is a deliberate and broad genre title, because even though I aimed for stories that dealt with yokai and traditional Shinto lore, there isn’t much of a selection. So I did my best with some good ol’ mysteries that have the air of the supernatural. 

Alright, here we go.

Red Data Girl

Red Data Girl is a beautifully animated show that follows the troubles of Izumiko Suzuhara, a girl fated to be the final, heavily protected vessel of the entity known as the Himegami. The show mostly follows the burgeoning friendship (and maybe romance) between Izumiko and her reluctant bodyguard Miyuki, along with the shadowed idea of a hierarchy of exorcists that go to this one upscale school and vie for political power. The supernatural themes showcased in this anime are relatively unique, to the point of being a little hard to follow if you look away for a moment, so don’t do that. But all of the characters are relatable, and the annoying ones get a back bone pretty quick.

Red Data Girl is an adaptation of a novel series by Noriko Ogiwara. It has been adapted into a manga as well. If you like this, I would urge you to seek out the English translation of Noriko’s other novel Dragon Sword and Wind Child (and it’s sequel). It is exquisite. Red Data Girl is comparably low-key, as Red Data Girl focuses on what happens to a 21st century school girl, and DSandWC is a high fantasy based on Japanese mythology.

Total of 12 episodes

Based on a light novel (series)

Overall rating: A

English Dub: excellent

Manga adaptation: yes

Psychic Detective Yakumo

It seems to me that despite being an excellent supernatural show with enjoyable characters and fascinating plot-twists, Psychic Detective Yakumo was somehow eclipsed in the west where shows like Ghost Hunt and Ergo Proxy and what not managed to get more publicity (those are good shows too, if you are interested). 

Reserved college student Yakumo Saitou was born with a red left eye that allows him to see ghosts and spirits. He uses it with the belief that if he can communicate with them and resolve any issue they may have, then the ghost or spirit can move on to the afterlife. A fellow college student named Haruka Ozawa appears one day, asking him for help to save her friend, who she believes is being possessed by a spirit. He reluctantly accepts and afterwards gets involved in other supernatural related mysteries with her helping him.


Based on a novel (series)

13 episodes

No Dub

Manga adaptation: yes

Mōryō no Hako

If you start this show and are put off by the bizarre story telling that surrounds the two high school girls at the center of this murder mystery, try not to be. After the first two episodes, once the story really picks up steam, it isn’t quite such an uncomfortable or bizarre watch. 

The story brings together a war traumatized cop, a strange novelist, an eccentric detective and a brilliant bookstore owner/Onmyōji (esoteric priest) who are involved to various degrees with a prolific and incomprehensible dismemberment case. 

Based on a novel (series)


14 episodes

No Dub

Manga adaptation: yes

The Twelve Kingdoms

The Twelve Kingdoms is a great coming of age adventure story that takes place in a world of Asian myth and heroic empires. The lead female protagonist Yoko has probably the best character arc I’ve ever seen in an anime. This show also has some of the greatest quotes for anybody ever that’s looking for some inspiration. 

Give it a watch if you like swords and sorcery, because this is a beautified Japanese version of that classic trope. It’s more fantasy than it is supernatural since all the mythical creatures exist physically, but I’ll break some of my original parameters with this list just so I can spread the word about this under-loved anime.


Based on a light novel (series)

45 episodes

Good dub, but original is better

Manga adaptation: no

Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit

Moribito, like The Twelve Kingdoms, is a fantasy adventure, but unlike the aforementioned tale, the supernatural goings-on in this story are strictly limited to their own world and rules.

Balsa, spear wielder and bodyguard, is a wandering warrior who has vowed to atone for eight deaths in her past by saving an equivalent number of lives. On her journey, she saves Prince Chagum, and is tasked with becoming his bodyguard. His own father, the emperor, has ordered his assassination. The two begin a perilous journey to ensure the survival of the prince. Balsa’s complicated past begins to come to light and they uncover Chagum’s mysterious connection to a legendary water spirit with the power to destroy the kingdom. 

Great characters and a fascinating mythos. Also, it is one of those rare anime that showcase middle aged persons as the main characters.


Based on novel (duology)

26 episodes 

Great dub

Manga adaptation: yes


Mokke is a beautiful slice of life series in a similar vein as Natsume Yuujinchou and Mushishi. It follows the sisters Shizuru and Mizuki, the older of which possesses supernatural sight and the younger of which is easily possessed by all manner of strange and mysterious yokai. 

The sisters are very cute and enduring and their encounters are often very touching and deep. It is a manga original, and I would recommend the manga over the anime because I think it does a better job of showing the growth and seriousness of it’s characters.

A+ (for the manga)

No dub

24 episodes and 2 OVAs

Karakuri Zoushi Ayatsuri Sakon

I’m willing to bet most of you have never even heard of this one. It’s from the late 1990′s and centers on a sweet and usually quiet young man who solves murders with his trusty Bunraku puppet, Ukon. It’s actually very enthralling and unique. Though it is more horror than supernatural, the ambiguous nature of Ukon provides this anime with a safe position on the list.

Really it is very good. I’d recommend it to anyone who thought they’d exhausted all of the good mystery anime out there.


26 episodes

Manga original with a light novel adaptation. As per usual I prefer the manga.

No dub

Witch Hunter Robin

Witch Hunter Robin is a little remembered gem from the early 2000′s. It follows a young witch named Robin who is tasked with hunting down her fellow witches, being led to believe that many of them have gone mad due to their power. The relationships between characters are subtle, but meaningful. Most, if not all characters are likeable. It has a steampunk/gothic flavor to it, and the cases Robin and the gang solve are unique unto themselves and generally sorrowful. It is sort of episodic, but the individual cases eventually help to weave a clear picture of the linear plot line.

Unlike the aforementioned shows, Witch Hunter Robin is an anime exclusive series with no novelised origin or manga adaptation. It’s a great one for all of us that love a little paganism in our animation. It’s one of those Japanese originals that did it’s non-Japanese myth material justice.


There is a total of 26 episodes.

English dub: Excellent

Dantalian no Shoka

Dantalian no Shoka is an episodic anime. There really isn’t an over arching plot, aside from the rules of the story which are as follows: At some point in the past (as in thousands of years ago) a few young girls were somehow turned into mystical vessels that, when ‘unlocked’ by their keykeeper, can be used to retrieve phantom tomes (huge ass alchemical texts) in order to counteract the supernatural crimes that seem to abound in this post-WWI English setting. So aside from the weird sprinkle of near loli-ness that is the ‘opening of the vessel’ (young girl) and retrieval of the books, this story is pretty enjoyable. Huey is Dalian’s Keykeeper. Dalian is the ‘Dark Reading Princess’/gateway to the mystic library of Dantalian. They have a pleasant relationship, the poetry that is read in nearly every episode is great, the animation is good and the crimes that we see them solve are very fairy tale-esque. That is important, guys. You might be put off by the non-sense that is half the show, unless you accept before hand that you are watching a straight up fairy tale. But for me, I love that shit. And the characters are all really sweet. The crimes we see can be a bit disturbing at times, but the soft animation sort of takes away the true brutality of it.

This too, is based on a light novel series, and there is a manga as well. So if you want more once you finish the anime, you might step on over to a scanlated version of the manga and check out what other troubles our lovely leads find themselves in.

Romance is questionable in this one, but there is genuine love of some sort and since you can find any anime that gives you lolicons, I’m glad this one leaves that alone in favor of the show’s more unique aspects.

One 12 episode season + one OVA


No Dub

Bonus: This one has my favourite opening song in any anime ever :)

Wolf’s Rain

It’s hard to say how Wolf’s Rain really fits into this list. There aren’t any yokai, unless you consider the wolves themselves to be that, and the setting is about as un-Japanese as one can take it. But Wolf’s Rain is a fantastic anime, rich in myth-like lore and vibrating with desolation and the strong bonds that can be forged in the hopelessness that accompanies it. 

Every character in Wolf’s Rain is likable and interesting and the story has a satisfactory conclusion despite the sadness in getting there. Watch it for the beauty, the intelligence and for the music. And skip episodes 15-18 as they are completely useless recaps. 


30 episodes, the last 4 of which are considered to be OVAs

Terrific dub

Though this is an anime original it has a questionable manga adaptation which I do not like.

Mermaid forest

This little gem is a work of horror by the very same author as Inuyasha and Ranma ½. Though there isn’t much ‘spiritual’ about this show, the themes and atmosphere create the same appeal. 

Yuta and Mana are travelling companions, forever searching for a cure to their immortal condition which was brought on by the consumption of mermaid’s flesh. Along the way the two meet many tragic characters whose pursuit for or misuse of mermaid’s flesh has turned them into monsters. We also get several flashbacks to the time before Yuta met Mana and was travelling alone.

I prefer the manga original called Mermaid Saga, but the anime is good and the English dub is well done. There were a couple older OVAs before the creation of the 13 episode Mermaid Forest anime, but I think the latter is the most well done.  


Hoozuki no Reitetsu

Okay, I know I said the shows would be creepy, and this totally is! It is hilarious but if you really think about all that goes on in this series it is black humor to the max.

Hoozuki no Reitetsu follows the daily exploits of Hoozuki, King Enma’s second in command, as he troubleshoots the many issues that occur in Japanese hell. (So, yeah, plenty of yokai and ogres and what-have-you)…

Oh, god, is it funny. The show is set up episodically with two distinct stories about ten minutes apiece in each 24 minute long episode. There are 13 episodes and four OVAs and no dub. (And a second season on the way! AH!)

You may need to have a greater understanding of Japanese custom and lore to totally appreciate and pick up on the hilarity that lurks in every second of this show, but even without that knowledge, i’m sure it is worth trying out.

The original manga and the anime adaptation are exactly the same, so I’d recommend the show since it’s fun to watch comedy in action.




Nearly all of these can be found at and watched in high definition on either or

Artbent Challenge

So a year ago I made this Troll Click and Drag But I realized how many amazing homestuck characters I was neglecting. So here’s an updated version! All choices are optional!
Please tag with #Artbent Challenge or my username so I can see what you got/made! (If you didn’t like what you got just keep trying)

UPD8: Added an AU or two. If there’s something you’d like me to add to the gif lists just note me!

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