Possibly Unpopular Opinion(?)

i think the gems looking like ‘humans’ could work if they were all designed to be somewhat Uncanny Valley-ish or i guess just straight up alien depending on how this goes

i’m no good at articulating exactly what i mean but here’s some examples off the top of my head w/ minimal revision of what i’m talking abt

Pearl (and pearls in general perhaps) being pretty but her limbs are too long and heck she’s just Too Long in general. maybe ‘jointed’ looking elbows/knees/other bendy parts to sort of give off a sort of mannequin/doll feel??? maybe has a ‘spidery’/spindly motion to her

Lapis keeping the mirror eyes and having her arms be either Too Long(again) or kinda like an oar w/fingers (to force water around w/), maybe legs kinda like a waterstrider bug to kinda stand on water (in this case maybe have arms/hands that are similar)

Amethyst keeping her more ‘catlike’ features, maybe getting some more sharp teeth (for the sake of keeping it animate-able i’m gonna say they’re just sharp ‘V’ teeth but im mostly imagining a sort of  general ‘carnivore’ mouth) - maybe she has spikes too

Rose just generally being pretty but it’s the sort of pretty that’s just deeply unnerving?? kinda like a really realistic porcelain doll?? i have no idea how to word this honestly 

All Gems ranging from either “uncanny valley people” to “holy shit what is that” depending on their relative strength or something i dunno

The Diamonds are just fucking gigantic blobs of tinted light w/ ‘faces’ and discernible forms when they want (or need?) those - the murals of them are art of their most ‘common’ manifestations of what they wanna look like

feel free to add more if you have other ideas bcs im fresh out and the first sentences of this post became less and less relevant as this went on im sorry

Is my soul asleep?
Have those beehives that labor
at night stopped? And the water
wheel of thought,
is it dry, the cups empty,
wheeling, carrying only shadows?

No my soul is not asleep.
It is awake, wide awake.
It neither sleeps nor dreams, but watches,
its clear eyes open,
far-off things, and listens
at the shores of the great silence.

Antonio Machado, from “Is My Soul Asleep?,” Times Alone: Selected Poems (Wesleyan University Press, 1983)

Semi-hiatus notice

After much thought, and much beating up of myself, I am moving Fin into a state of semi-hiatus.  This is for my own physical and mental health.  I will still be around, and doing some replies, but most of my activity will probably be on endy-mixn.  For more information, look under the cut.  I don’t want to bore you all with the details if you do not want to read it.

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tryin to think of what kind of relationships id love to plot w anyone whos interested in mi trolls and theres more than i thought

for faldur id rly love to find him more rivals, black crushes, casual black flings, but also some ex matesprits that just didnt work out

for florem id love to find her some less friendly relationships,,mayb even a kismesis

sarky needs more highbloods to piss off and maybe a boyfriend,,,

n vel needs anything,,,a girlfriend for her would be awesome
i guess if anyones i terested then hmu?? ;3c

The List For The Upcoming Hetalia!Warrior Cat Story!

Turtlestar-SPAIN- Bengal, sleek brown body with spots//Riverclan leader//Honeymoon’s mate

Sunnystream-ITALY- Chausie, auburn almost beige coat// Riverclan Medicine Cat

Honeymoon-ROMANO- Chausie, dark brown with longer fur around the muzzle and tail// Riverclan Queen>Warrior//Turtlestar’s mate

Cranepaw-JAPAN- Japanese bobtail, fluffy black coat with a white patch on the stomach//Riverclan Medicine Apprentice//BLIND


Stonestar-GERMANY- Russian blue, short bluish-grey coat and a pair of piercing blue eye//Thunderclan Leader//

Silvermist-PRUSSIA- Highlander, a huge cat with a striped fur of white and silver//Thunderclan elder (injured leg from attack)//Stonestar’s eldest brother

Eaglewing- AMERICA- American Short Hair, fiery red fur with white patches over one eye, his stomach, and paws//Thunderclan warrior//

Dewyleaf-ENGLAND- Munchkin, small cat with pale blond fur and a puffy tail//Thunderclan Medicine cat

Rosewhisper-FRANCE- Chartreux, pale grey with pale blue eyes//Thunderclan warrior//


Icystar-RUSSIA- Himalayan, cream and brown patches, very fluffy coat//Windclan leader

Minnowsong-CHINA- Nebelung, medium hair cat with grey fur and amber eyes//Windclan Medicine cat

Maplebreeze-CANADA- American Long Hair, pale blond fur with a pushed in nose and green eyes//Windclan Warrior//

Normalize disabled voices

Echolalia, monotone voices, stuttered speech, slurred speech, labored breathing between words and sentences, mechanical AAC voices,  AAC or sign users who consider those to be their voices, selectively mute voices, disorganized speech, speech with vocal tics, speech considered to be of “inappropriate volume”, speech with vocal stims, all disabled voices and the ways they present

Normalize disabled voices