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Valentines Day Dates with the crows

Kaz & Inej:
- Kaz leaves a note by Inej’s bed before she gets up with a note that says Come to the rooftop. It is not signed, but she could pick out his handwriting 
- He has a bundle of black roses for her. Inej does not know where they came from. Ketterdam flower shops did not sell black roses.
- She gives him a knife, not unlike her own. For some reason he still uses the knife he ever had as a child. He smiles at her
- He still calls her wraith, but there is something different in his voice, love perhaps
- They sit and talk quietly, watching the sun rise over the harbor, and they watch the couples wander around Ketterdam
- Kaz occasionally attempts to compliment her. The first few times sound…less like compliments but they get better as the day progresses. Nonetheless he is still an awkward teenage boy in the end
- After a few hours they get down and wander the shadows of Ketterdam
- They end up at the docks on the richer side of Ketterdam. Kaz tentatively puts his gloved hand in Inej’s as if to test it out. She smiles at him
- They eat mediocre noodles and drink hot chocolate at a small restaurant in the South end of town. It had been one of the first places he had shown her when she arrived in Ketterdam.
- The two continue to wander around, looking into the windows of random shops, and reminiscing about little moments they had together, such as Kaz showing Inej where the generous shopkeepers were, or Inej showing a grudging Kaz how to braid
- When they get back to Crow Club he stops her and pulls out a small object wrapped in a red handkerchief. It’s an obsidian crow necklace
- Kaz pulls down his shirt to reveal a matching necklace. Inej can’t help but smile. Tentatively, she hugs him. He hugs back, but immediately lets go. She doesn’t push it she respects his boundaries
- They end up on the roof, eating the Crow Club’s signature bread and end the day with a shot of expensive whiskey. Inej rarely drinks,  except when with Kaz. The flowers sit on Inej’s bedside table. 

Wylan & Jesper:
 -  So much food oh my god
- Both ended up getting one another chocolate
- Wylan got Jesper a box of the fancy chocolates he used to have as a child, because he wanted Jesper to know more of his life than just the trauma he went through
- Jesper had somehow managed to hand craft a flute out of dark chocolate for Wylan
- The walk downtown and hold hands the entire time and casually joke about buying each other stupid little trinkets
- They go to a nearby bakery and each other boxes of pastries they think the other will like
- The pastries turn into their lunch
- Wylan has a fancy dinner prepared for them at his manor, with a hearty selection of meats and liquor for both of them to choose from.
- In the middle of dinner, Jesper pulls out a box. He gives it to Wylan. Inside is a ring with the Van Eck family crest on it.
- “This is yours, it belongs to the firstborn Van Eck of each generation” he tells Wylan, “I nicked it back before you showed up, figured Van Eck would want it back but no, it’s my honor to give to you, my prince”
- Cue Wylan blushing and almost crying
- Jesper learns Wylan’s alcohol tolerance is incredibly low
- They slow dance in the main hall, which is decked out in  
- They cuddle together on the couch. Wylan eventually passes out in Jesper’s arms.
- When he wakes up, Jesper carries Wylan up to the balcony, stopping along the way to allow Wylan to throw up. He smiles sympathetically. He himself had been in that position many times
- They sit on the balcony and watch the stars. There is a shooting star. Wylan leans over and kisses Jesper as it passes.

Nina & Matthias:
- Matthias had never celebrated Valentines Day in Fjerdia so Nina insists on going all out
- She buys him pink and white roses and some “inexplicably” end up braided into his hair. There is also a yellow tulip in the mix. Matthias assumes it got there by accident
- Nina constantly flirts with Matthias
- He responds by grumbling, blushing, and “grudgingly” saying I love you
- They go out for waffles. Matthias is initially reluctant to indulge himself but eventually caved in and ate double the amount Nina did
- The two teasing one another about coffee orders(Matthias takes his black and Nina thinks it’s disgusting, but she takes it with plenty of hazelnut creamer and sugar and he thinks it’s the devil’s semen)
- Nina wants to take him out to dinner.
- While Nina is prepping to go out, Matthias finds a small bakery and buys Nina a giant box of moon cakes.
- Matthias is in a midnight blue suit and a black tie that Nina tailored for him as a gift. It compliments his hair well
- Nina is in a gorgeous red and white silk dress
- Dinner turned out to be a nice upscale bar with plenty of good food and mead
- Both get drunk
- Nina also manages to go through 7 margaritas
- Somehow Nina convinces Matthias to sing Karaoke with her
- It turns out he can sing, quite well. Everyone is surprised. Nina is absolutely in love. 
- They sit at a booth in the corner of the bar with plate of various appetizers sobering up a little
- After a few hours, the two begin to head back to Crow Club. Halfway there, Nina stops and stares at the moonlight glistening off the water. It is beautiful
- Matthias leans in and kisses her. They kiss under the moonlight before heading back, hand in hand.
- They immediately pass out in Matthias’ bed once they return. Everyone else, save for the few, lonely drunks, was long asleep.

do you wanna touch me (there) - Isaac Lahey one shot *smut*

Summary: After an exhausting day of running errands, you were disappointed to return home to an empty loft. Or so you thought.

Pairing: Isaac Lahey x reader

Rating: Mature for graphic sexual content, heavy swearing

Originally posted by smutdiaries

“I’m home!” you announced as you entered the loft, struggling to carry a week’s worth of groceries. Thinking you could hulk it out, you had grabbed all the bags from your car at the same time. Second trips were a bitch.

One of the bags slightly teetered against your arm, threatening to topple over. “Anyone here? I could use some help!”  you desperately requested. You were met with silence.

“Guys?” you squeaked. Still nothing.

Yeah, you regretted everything. 

Feeling like a rejected soccer mom, you huffed against a lock of hair that had fallen over your face. You trudged across the loft and into the kitchen, gingerly setting the groceries onto the counter. 

“Children,” you grumbled bitterly to yourself. Even though you were all the same age. Well, excluding Derek.  

“Everyone just runs around town chasing their little monsters, trying to save the whole damn world when they can’t even take care of themselves… So I’m just supposed to cook, clean, AND do their shopping for them… Which, okay fine, I don’t even mind that much. But it’s not like anyone has ever offered to help me with anything… “ You continued to mumble grievances under your breath as you stored the food away.

You placed Stiles’ favorite Cap’n Crunch cereal into a cabinet and Isaac’s cookie dough ice cream into the fridge followed by Lydia’s fat free Greek yogurt and Derek’s ample selection of lean meat and vegetables. Then, you put Scott’s specially requested three different flavors of Lay’s chips into the pantry and arranged Allison’s vegan cheese and bread on the counter.

You sighed as you leaned against the counter to relieve your sore feet. 

Suddenly, you heard a crash followed by a swift “fuck!”

You swiveled around, startled by the unexpected outcry. Sounds like someone was home after all.

Irritation bubbled under your skin as you set off to track down the source of the noise. You were rather curious as to who it was and what they were doing because apparently it was far more important than responding to your cries for help.

One by one, you kicked open the doors lining the hallway. You were feeling dramatic. 

All of the rooms were vacant so far, but there was one left at the end of the hall.

It belonged to Isaac.

You narrowed your eyes at his door, ajar and unsuspecting. You marched forward, ready to FBI his sorry ass when suddenly a deep, guttural moan broke through the air.

“Fuck… yes…”

You froze. Was he…? 

No. No way.

But it couldn’t hurt to confirm.

Creeping towards his room, you carefully nudged his door, peeking inside. What you saw caused your jaw to drop to the floor. 

It was Isaac, laying naked on his bed with a fist wrapped resolutely around his cock. He was a sight to behold with his mouth gaping, eyes screwed shut, face twisted in ecstasy as he stroked himself up and down. A sheen of sweat was visible on his forehead and chest. His cheeks were tinted bright pink. He looked divine, ethereal even, a sharp contrast to the filthy moans that tumbled sporadically from his lips. 

Irritation quickly forgotten, you stood dumbly outside his door, transfixed by his movements. Well, this explains why he couldn’t hear you earlier. Looking down at his floor, you saw a broken lamp discarded by his bed. You thought back to the loud crash you’d heard. Perplexed, you wondered how in the world this kid managed to break his lamp trying to have a wank.

A faint whimper redirected your attention to Isaac. His bed was positioned against the wall of his doorway, so he was facing away from you, but you had a full shot of his body. You couldn’t help but just stare at him. You knew it was wrong, lurking like a creep behind him. Even though basic human decency would dictate that you leave immediately and give your friend his privacy, you physically couldn’t turn away, too afraid to miss a single moment. 

He was somehow more beautiful than you’d imagined. His body, splayed out in careless abandon, was something straight out of a Michelangelo painting. His arm strained to maintain his pace, muscles taut under glistening skin. A light smattering of hair adorned his chest, followed by a provocative trail leading down to his considerable erection.

Captivated by its sheer size, you swallowed your gasp, inspecting all the prominent lines and veins that decorated his cock. You licked your lips, mouth dry with desire. You’d never been so turned on before. 

It’s not that you weren’t sexually experienced, but those other guys barely lasted thirty seconds before they finished without you, leaving you unsatisfied and underwhelmed. Seeing Isaac pleasure himself was getting you off more than any of them ever had. 

You closed your legs, rubbing your thighs together in a feeble attempt to quell some of the tension pooling in your stomach. You weren’t even in the same room as Isaac and he was sending you over the edge. At this point, oxygen was becoming an issue as your struggled to even out your breathing. In response, your heart rate spiked, trying to restore equilibrium to your wanton state. 

Passively, you wondered why Isaac hadn’t sensed your body’s reaction yet, what with his werewolf hearing and smell. He should’ve heard your heart pounding or at least caught whiffs of your arousal. You were embarrassingly drenched. 

You strained your ears, trying to listen to what Isaac was saying. For about a minute, all you heard were soft moans until a rather strangled grunt caught your attention.


Your mouth fell open, eyes widening in shock.

Did he just say your name? Did Isaac Lahey just moan your name as he jerked himself off? It seemed more likely that you had finally reached the point of being horny where you just straight up start hallucinating.

In your everyday life, Isaac never regarded you as more than just a friend. You let him copy your Chemistry homework and he helped you train, running miles with you and teaching you fighting techniques, insisting you needed to learn in case he “wasn’t there to protect you.” 

Sure, every once in a while, he fell asleep with his head in your lap and you pretended that he didn’t nuzzle your inner thigh with his nose. And sometimes, he pulled you towards him and wrapped his scarf around your neck because he said he liked knowing you were warm and you ignored how good he smelled up close. 

But just because you fancied that there could be something deeper between you two doesn’t mean that he felt the same. It was impossible that Isaac was getting himself off thinking about you, especially because he was seemed so engrossed in his actions that he didn’t even notice that you were standing less than six feet away from him.

You were definitely hallucinating. 

“[y/n], fuck,” Isaac grunted again.

Or not.

He was louder this time, rubbing himself more aggressively. You sucked in a breath. Nope, definitely hadn’t imagine that.

This was real. Isaac was saying your name. Not Allison, not Lydia. You. 

You leaned pitifully against his doorway, your knees giving out at the realization that you were the driving force behind his euphoria. Out of all the resources at his disposal, he chose to think about you. You were the reason he was panting like a dog, gripping his sheets and muttering obscenities, one hand still deliciously twisting around his engorged shaft. 

“God, fucking dammit,” Isaac gritted, his voice quivering with desperation. He was close. 

You started to bounce on your toes, all of a sudden torn between your feelings. Fear hit you first because all you wanted to do right now was straddle him and help him finish, looking directly into his eyes as he repeated your name again and again. But what if he got angry that you’d been spying on him? You were currently in major violation of his privacy and if this went south, your friendship might not sustain the awkwardness.

A wave of courage surged through you. What if you decided to be bold? And what if he actually reciprocated your feelings? It seemed your lust, combined with your infatuation and dangerously inflated ego, had fostered a new brazen personality. You were tired of always putting others first, never pursuing what you wanted. 

Fuck it. What did you really have to lose? If he rejects you, you could just tell him to go fuck himself. Literally. While moaning your name.

Also, not only did you really want to do this, but you’d always considered yourself a good friend. If Isaac wanted to get off, then you were going to help. 

Taking a deep breath, you confidently strode over the threshold of Isaac’s bedroom, slamming the door into the wall. Your sudden intrusion alarmed Isaac out of his reverie. His unfocused eyes met yours, then widened in bewilderment.

“[y/n], shit,” Isaac scrambled around, seemingly trying to stand up and cower away at the same time. You swiftly made your way over, mounting his thighs and pushing his shoulders back down. He looked up at you, stunned in disbelief. You were both surprised by your dominance. 

“Hiii,” you chimed, your mouth tugging up at one corner. “What’s up?” 

You affectionately brushed away some curly tendrils stuck to his forehead. Isaac stilled at your touch, almost imperceptibly tilting his head into your palm. He swallowed, still unsure of what was happening. Frankly, you didn’t know either, improvising as you went along.

“[y/n], what’s going on?” he asked nervously, still panting a little. 

“I could hear you from the kitchen.”

“Oh–wait the kitchen?! You heard me… all the way from the kitchen. Great,” he finished lamely. “Was anyone else with you?”


“Okay, that’s–that’s good. Yeah,” he stuttered. “Um, did you hear everything I said?” 

“Yeah, I was standing outside your door,” you bluntly confessed. His face turned a deeper shade of red.

“Shit, okay, you know that I wasn’t being some creepy guy just jerking off to your name, right? I mean, I was jerking off… and saying your name… But it isn’t like that, I promise. You’re more special than that, okay? I didn’t even know anyone was home! Fuck, [y/n], you have every right to hate me–” 

You swooped down suddenly, pressing your lips against his, cutting him off mid-rant. Isaac sharply sucked in through his nose, going rigid under you in shock. You kept some distance between your bodies, supporting yourself on your hands to avoid overwhelming him all your weight. You lingered for a few moments, your hair curtaining your joined lips as you waited for him to recover. Hesitantly, Isaac responded, parting his lips as he leaned up to meet your movements.

Gradually gaining confidence, he lifted his hand to the back of your head, fisting your hair and bringing you flush against him. He cradled your jaw, holding you in place as he kissed you back emphatically. 

Your hands instinctively gripped his shoulder, clinging to him as your mind swam in delight. But when Isaac started to grind his bare hips into yours, you swiftly pulled away, surprised that you’d gotten carried away so fast. You sat up, taking in the flustered expression on his face, his eyes half-lidded in disorientation. You bit your lip, stifling the laughter bubbling in your chest.

“So, I guess I don’t hate you,” you remarked casually, gently caressing his cheek with your knuckles. You brushed your thumb against his bottom lip, which was still very red from your previous ministrations. 

Isaac blinked, absorbing your words, his chest heaving up and down. He looked forward at where your clothed sex hovered a few millimeters above his still erect cock that now rested against his stomach. 

“Christ, [y/n],” Isaac breathed out. You could tell he was still wrestling with his emotions just like you were earlier. His eyebrows were scrunched in concentration. Patiently, you waited for him to sort out his thoughts.

“Let me get this straight. So you just barged in here, fully aware of what I was doing, then climbed on top of me, seemingly oblivious to the fact that I am naked.” Isaac’s voice inflected at the end as he flippantly motioned to his persistent erection. “Then, you kissed me. And pulled away like ten seconds later!”

You nodded thoughtfully, then burst into giggles, amused by how baffled he sounded. If this is how people reacted when you stepped out of your comfort zone, you never wanted to play it safe again.

“And your point is?” you inquired innocently, a smirk teasing your features. 

He raised an eyebrow at you, locking his jaw. 

“I mean, was there a problem with what I did? Because if you’d prefer to just take care of yourself, you can tell me. I’ll just leave you to it,” you shrugged nonchalantly, slightly lifting off the bed. You were abruptly pulled back down by Isaac’s large hands clasping your thighs, squeezing the flesh as he held you down. You huffed out a breath of laughter, placing your hands on his torso to balance yourself.

“You shouldn’t start something you’re not going to finish,” he warned evenly, his thumbs tracing circles on your inner thighs. You sobered at his tone, now trying to hold back a whimper. 

“What if I want you to finish?” you challenged. “What if I want to watch you finish, hear you say my name over and over like you were doing earlier.” 

He raised his eyebrows, an amused smirk pulling at his mouth. Neither of you had ever experienced your smug side before.

“Tell me what this is, [y/n], and we’ll do anything you want. Tell me what happens next,” he demanded, his voice so commanding that you felt it rumble through your core.

You exhaled, considering the implications of his questions.

“Well, I don’t know what ‘this’ is… but I know I don’t want to stop,” you offered candidly. 

“Yeah?” Isaac murmured with a small smile, kneading his hands up and down your thighs. “I don’t want to stop either.”

“That’s good,” you whispered airily, shivering as his fingers trailed the bare skin just below your ass. “And as for what happens next…”

You crossed your arms over you body, grabbed the hem of your t-shirt and lifted it over your head. 

“That depends on you telling me exactly what you pictured me doing while you were touching yourself.” 

Even though you spoke confidently, you secretly wished you’d worn a different bra. Maybe something lacy or black, just anything that wasn’t white and cotton and thrown on in haste. But Isaac didn’t seem to mind, staring open-mouthed at your chest. 

He looked at you, rendered speechless by your initiative. He quickly regained his composure, his eyes a darker shade of blue than before. 

“This looks about right, actually,” Isaac approved. He folded his hands behind his head, propping himself up. He observed you, cocky and thrilled that you were giving yourself to him. “We’re just missing one thing…”

You frowned, cocking your head to the side. What did you forget? 

He chuckled lightly at your questioning look, answering you silently by gently tugging you forward to slam his lips against yours. Oh. 

You smiled into the kiss, giddy with contentment, thinking back to before when you’d pulled away a little too early. You were eager to act out all of Isaac’s fantasies, but you would’ve also been happy if this is all he wanted to do tonight. 

Because right here–you wrapped in his embrace, his hand in your hair, your tongue in his mouth–was exactly how you pictured it.

What happens to a dream deferred?

Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun?
Or fester like a sore -
And then run?
Does it stink like rotten meat
Or crust and sugar over -
like a syrupy sweet?

Maybe it just sags
like a heavy load.

Or does it explode?

—  Langston Hughes, Harlem

When a total bitch takes over the convent you live in

When you just come back from months in Africa and she lays out a tiny selection of cold meats for lunch

When she sells your tv

When she sends away a mentally infirm sister against doctor’s orders

When she tries to move a distressed mother to the hospital against her best interests

When a small dry sherry won’t hit the spot

Tyler Seguin- You can do better

Request:  Maybe a Tyler seguin w a dialogue prompt? “Hey! Don’t talk to her like that!” “And who the hell are you!?” “Who the hell am I!? Who the hell are you!? Maybe like her bf could be saying mean stuff or even a guy that’s talking to her. Idk 🤷🏼‍♀️

Author’s note: I didn’t follow the dialogue perfectly but I hope you still enjoy it!

Warnings: cursing, signs of abuse, etc.

Up next: Morgan Rielly

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✧ . 🌾 Summer Crossquarter Solitary Rituals 🌾 *✧

The Summer Crossquarter is also referred to as Midsummer and in some pagan circles Lammas and or Lughnasadth.
Midsummer is only next week! It is the zenith of Summer (almost metaphorically like a full moon of the season) where it’s at it’s height and it’s hottest but after will begin the steady transition into fall and shorter cooler days. This is also the middle of the year where we start to enter the darker half of the remaining year and we acknowledge what we’ve gained so far (reaping what we sowed) yet seeing what it might take to reach our goals which lies ahead. It’s time to finish projects and enjoy the first harvest of the harvest season! Enjoy the wonderful concert of crickets, the height of summer and the wheat and corn feast. I have a personal correspondences post that might help explain why I chose certain things! (Also here is my personal tag!)

A lot of us witches practice alone and have our own solitary rituals for each sabbat that we observe (or the ones we’ve created just for ourselves that we observe alone!) Like any solitary eclectic witch I do things my own different way but some of these things might line up with others practices.

When I am alone and casting spells a lot of it is visualization/intent so my solitary rituals are more like activities I like to do then specifically casting a spell. If I am doing a spell with an activity based on it a lot would be listening to music to get in the mood and focusing on a candle while visualizing for a period of time! Eves are also important to my celebration as I like to stay up until midnight and cast a spell then!

Midsummer Eve

Monday July 31st 2017

  • Go to a farmers market and support the summer harvest there. If you have a bee farmers tent, support them and buy beeswax carved candles for your ritual and some honey. The farmers market at this time of year will have delicious and many ripe things along with glorious summer flowers.

  • If you have a garden or work with a community garden, give your garden some offerings. Offer it water, crushed eggshells, and your gratitude. If you take things for your feast remember to thank it.

  • Enjoy some snacks while doing crafts like popcorn, wheat crackers, sunflower seeds, fruit gummies, peach rings, potato chips, fries, corn on the cob. 

  • Decorate your Altar and coat it in sunflowers, wheat, things that are bee related, maybe even potato related, corn husks, wheat structures and corn dolls, lazy eyed susans, ivy and beeswax candles. Use the colors that remind you of midsummer and the harvest! I also like to add gold coins or even chocolate coins that are coated in gold foil that symbolizes prosperity and the rewards that come with hard work.

  • As a mixologist I love to make my own infusions and liqueurs and I also think alcohol drunk with intent can be very magical. This time of the year as everything is in season and herbs are at their peak I love to do an infusion with mint and gin or vodka, basil and vodka (most things with vodka cause vodka is like the ‘water’ of alcohol since its pure with no flavor. It’s like the clear quartz of spirits lol), rosemary and vodka, jasmine flowers and vodka and summer fruits with vodka too. I usually let them sit in large mason jars and when I shake them up I shake it with my intent. I take shots when getting into a headspace for magic or when I go to a circle with friends I make special drinks with them. If you work with entities it can make a wonderful offering. If you want to turn any of them into a liqueur (a sweeter smooth alcohol) just make simple syrup and you can add the same ingredients into the syrup to make it flavored to enhance the flavor of the infusion once you mix it in there. 

  • If possible if you have a nice park somewhere or an area that’s safe that you can go to, go camping! Spend a night under the stars and sing with the fireflies. For me to do a midnight spell under the stars would be glorious but I am also lucky to have a massive backyard with a massive lawn space and little fear of anyone bothering me there (other than racoons lol). I also have a sunroom I can sleep in.

Midnight Spell:

  • Focus on what you would like to complete and goals to accomplish. This sabbat is great to set goals and help break through obstacles.

  • If you prefer a more physical activity based ritual than a visualization one you can do a practice by making a vision board of what you want to accomplish. Place it down on the floor like a grid and light a candle in the center to focus energy and intention to what you want (also energetically charging it) before hanging it in front of your bed. 

  • Basil is also in season and basil is an herb of prosperity. You can eat basil in a spell to symbolize the wealth you will gain or make an oil spell with it by infusing it in a carrier oil to bring prosperity into your life when you apply it on you. (Oregano as well!) 

Midsummer (lughnsasadth) Day

(Wednesday June 21st 2017)

  • Go on a journey! If possible take a trip to the woods! Hiking and just spending time outside where it’s sunny is nice too. The beach during this time of the year (August to mid September) is IDEAL because throughout summer the heat has warmed up the water so the water is a lot warmer. 

  • Bake Bread! If wheat is not your thing then corn bread or corn muffins are lovely! There is also zucchini bread as zucchinis are also in season and zucchini bread is delicious! If bread isn’t your thing at all no matter it’s contents then you can always enjoy a baked potato! 

  • make a bee fountain because there’s always time and wonderful magic in making a bee fountain. 

  • Do an enjoyable physical activity like hiking, bike riding, rock climbing, swimming, archery, fishing or kayaking. Lugh was a god of friendly sport and competition and this sabbat can be enjoyed by engaging in fun sport. If none of this sounds appealing to you (highly understandable) there are other ways to enjoy the summer outdoors passively without much physical effort. 


  • Celebratory Dinner
    Cook a dinner with foods of the summer harvest! Eat corn, wheat, potatoes, berries, melons, peach ciders, bread bowls, pastas, popcorn. For the ‘meat’ selection I love to eat fish as it resembles wealth in many cultures and catching a reward.  and enjoy any beer, cider or fruit juice that corresponds with midsummer as well. 

  • Make a plate for any entities you like to work with.

  • Also practice feeling gratitude for the things you have accomplished and acknowledge the rewards of your hard work.
Grocery Mayhem

Starting to take requests for my Fem!Izuku storyline - Hidden in Plain View. Here is one of the first requests I received and was inspired to write about! Hope you all enjoy it! :’D

Well, for my first one will be a fem!Izuku x Katsuki! It’ll totally include the Deku Protection Squad! Uraraka was about to get a snack in the dorm kitchen when she sees Izuku crying and Katsuki gripping her by the shoulders, yelling at her. Furious at him, Uraraka decides to assemble the Deku Protection Squad for the main purpose of protecting their precious cinnamon roll. When learning that Izuku had to go grocery shopping with Katsuki as ordered by their parents, the DPS set out to spy on them, sabotaging and pranking Katsuki until he figured out what was going on. Izuku explains that she had cut herself in the kitchen and Katsuki was just concerned for her, yelling at her to be more careful.


Uraraka moved through the halls, sleepily running at her eyes. It was late into Saturday evening and she had just woken up from an unintentional nap to grab a late dinner. Moving towards the door that led to the common room, she paused as she heard a loud yelp and then what sounded like Bakugou yelling. Pushing the door open a little bit, she peered into the common room and noticed two figures in the kitchen standing next to one another. She hurriedly moved to the wall that separated the dining room from the living room and peered behind it to look more into the kitchen. Her eyes focused on the pair of students as one of them pushed the other to sit on one of the benches on the long dining table.

“You FUCKING idiot! Didn’t I tell you not to do that?! Now look at what fucking happened! Deku you idiotic fuck!”

Her eyes narrowed as she took in the form of Bakugou gripping Izuka’s shoulders tightly as he proceeded to yell at her. Uraraka’s eyes focused on Izuka’s face, seeing her red puffy eyes and how she held her hands to her chest. Clearly they were fighting… again and Uraraka wouldn’t stand for it anymore. She moved to intervene when Izuka pushed away from Bakugou and marched towards the girls’ wing and went through the door. Bakugou stood there for a while, running his hand through his hair before turning to walk away.

She heard shuffling in the kitchen, things being put away before a curse came from Bakugou and he moved towards the boys’ wing. She moved from her spot against the wall and walked into the kitchen, sighing as she ran her hands over her face. It was time to get the Deku Protection Squad to assemble again.


“So what’s this about Uraraka-san? You said it was urgent?” Todoroki stood off to the side of the room, glancing around at the other students in the room taking various positions. To his right stood Iida and Kirishima with Kaminari sitting on the floor picking at the covering on his phone. To his left stood Uraraka who looked nervous with Tsuyu next to her.

To his front he was shocked to see two other students he hadn’t originally been in their group chat until recently. Mina stood in the middle with her hands on her hips and the weird purple haired boy with tired eyes leaned against Uraraka’s bed. Todoroki for the life of him couldn’t remember his name.

“Yeah, if this is about Izuka then where is Bakubro? He is normally the first person here when there’s something going on with our girl.” Kirishima looked from his spot as he rubbed at his chin.

Uraraka took a deep breath before shaking her head. “He’s not here because he’s the problem this time Kirishima. I saw him being overly handsy and aggressive at her the other night.”

“Are you sure it wasn’t just one of his normal explodo-moods? You know how he gets with anything.” Kaminari looked up from his phone and cocked an eyebrow. “He’s always that way with Izuka. HELL he’s like that with everyone.”

“No! It wasn’t like that at all! He pushed her onto the bench and proceeded to yell at her for being an idiot! She even had withdrawn from him and was crying! You know how much it takes to get her to cry these days you guys!” Uraraka stamped her foot on the ground and Tsuyu moved to place her hand on her shoulder.

“It’s okay, ribbit. We’ll figure something out.”

“That is a most concerning thing however!” Iida moved forward into the group, his hands flying around as he pointed in random directions. “If Bakugou cannot control his temper around her than who’s to say he won’t move to more physical harm next time? I say we intervene tonight if we must!”

“Woah hang on guys, I think we need to know more about what exactly happened than just jumping the gun here.” Kirishima held his hands up and looked down at Kaminari. “We know them both pretty well and it doesn’t sound like something Bakugou would do anymore. Maybe if this happened at the beginning of the school year but he’s different now-”

“I know what I saw Kirishima! She was crying- crying! Izuka doesn’t let his words normally get to her like this but it - the way she looked…” Uraraka looked down and took a deep breath. “I’m just worried about her.”

“And you have a right to be, she is a dear friend to us all. I say we look into it.” Todoroki spoke his kind and met Uraraka’s eyes. “Deal?”

“Ye-YEAH… Thank you Todoroki!”

“I can figure out their schedule for tomorrow. Give me a few minutes.” Shinsou left the room as everyone watched him leave. An awkward silence fell over the group as they waited in baited silence before a knock came from the door and in walked Shinsou again. “They are going grocery shopping tomorrow as requested by Aizawa-sensei. Supposedly tonight they nearly used up everything in the kitchen with whatever they were doing.” His bored eyes traveled around the room, taking in the shocked expressions of everyone. “What?”

“How did you- how?” Mina looked startled as she stared at him with wide eyes.

Shinsou sighed and taped his head. “Mind control. Remember?” He smirked at the uncomfortable look on her face. “You do know how easy it is to get Midoriya to talk right? All I had to do was say hi and she instantly opened up.” He snickered at the relaxed looks from everyone.

“So what’s the plan then?” Kaminari stood up from his spot and pocketed his phone. “Do we follow them?”

“I think we need to do more than just stalk them this time…” Uraraka hit her hand into the palm of her other. “Bakugou needs to learn not to mess with our girl.”

“So… sabotage?” Kirishima grinned as he nodded. “I like the sound of that.”

“The only reason why you like it is because you get to mess with Bakugou while he’s out with Izuka…” Kaminari snickered as he whispered to Kirishima, a dark blush crossing over Kiri’s cheeks as he was caught.

“Sh-shut up Denki!”

Todoroki couldn’t help but overhear and silently agreed with Kirishima. It would be nice to get back at Bakugou for once…

His eyes widened a bit at his own thoughts before he cleared his throat, gaining the attention of everyone in the small room.

“I think it’s best if we plan this all out tonight to be prepared for tomorrow.” A collective group of nods showed the groups support as Todoroki sat down and grabbed a notebook from the nearby desk. “Let’s begin.”

The rest of that night was spent making a plan for tomorrow.

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I want to help out with fellow young adults~

  • When cooking potatoes, you know they’re done if you stick a fork/knife through and it goes in easy and out easy
  • When cooking pasta, if you can easily cut a noodle they’re done. (if you’re making spaghetti add a tiny bit of salt to the water and parmesan if you have it)
  • You can also add parmesan to the spaghetti sauce as well
  • do not put dishsoap in the dishwasher or the washing machine/dryer
  • only use dish soap for dishes in the sink
  • do not use laundry detergent in the dishwasher or the sink
  • remember to clean the lint out of your dryer
  • please don’t mix chemicals! (as seen on another post)
  • If you have periods and you accidentally stain your clothes, use cold water and hydrogen peroxide (you can also pour it on the article of clothing) and let it soak then wash it in cold water
  • if you’re cramping, try using a pad (I always do) also, heating pads are your best friend
  • learn the self-heimlich 
  • buy a first aid kit
  • do not i repeat DO NOT take out the battery in your smoke detector!
  • If you happen to have a kidney stone, drink PLENTY of water! Do not drink 1L within an hour though, keep in mind of waterintoxication it is a thing. If you are in pain try drinking water and if it’s bad take your medicine. Drinking anything with lemons helps break up the stone and take it easy. Don’t over do it!
  • a lot of grocery stores will have a last chance meat selection where you can get cheap meat for that night or within the next couple of nights
  • if your frozen meat is brown, it’s bad
  • magic erasers are your best friend
  • acetone (what’s usually found in nail polish remover) can be used for removing super glue
  • if you’re in a hot climate and working outside soak a towel and put it around your neck
  • if you’re working out in a hot climate, soaking the towel and freeze it overnight
  • stay hydrated, I believe if your urine is yellow you’re not hydrated enough. (Information from the kidney stone but also works any other time) if your urine is more clear then you’re okay
  • keep your phone/a phone close to you at all times in case you need it
  • keep an object (bat, walking stick, a small statue, anything that’s small and easy to hold) by your bed just in case
  • keep all doors, windows, and anything locked when you’re not using them
  • if there is a problem but it’s not an emergency, have your local police department’s phone number 
  • don’t be afraid to buy the generic brand
  • do not ever drink (alcohol) and take any type of medicine
  • don’t forget to take care of yourself, everything will be okay if you’re living on your own. do the best you can and take what you can get, and always remember that if you have a question, ask it. no matter what it is. Do your best and take care, remember to stay hydrated and eat (even if you don’t feel like, eat something)
Friend or Foe? -part 2

Hey! So @arc852​ and I are doing an art trade w/ the awesome @ashiftingworkshop​! She does actual art and we do writing, lol. Hope you enjoy!

Read the first part here:

Jack let go of Mark’s finger, dropping his hand back to his side. He took a few casual steps back. “Well, thanks for breakfast and, ya know, not eating me. But, I really should be going.” He glanced at the door, which was still closed.

“Mind, ah, opening the door for me?”

“I can’t let you do that.” Mark shook his head.

Jack froze up at Mark’s words. What the heck was that supposed to mean? Did…did Mark want to keep him?

“W-why?” He mentally cursed his obvious stutter.

“Well, the thing is, a full moon actually lasts three nights.” Mark explained, finishing his own breakfast. “Last night was just the first night. If I let you go now, my pack would just find you tonight and you’d be a goner. It’s safer to keep you here until the moon passes.”

Jack shivered at the thought of being caught between more wolves. He definitely never wanted that to happen again. He looked back up at Mark.

“Okay, but you’ll let me go afterwards, right?”

“Oh, of course!” Mark nodded immediately. “I don’t want to hold you hostage here, it’s really just a matter of your safety.”

Jack nodded. He supposed he did feel a bit safer in here than out there. Both places might’ve had wolves, but at least this one wasn’t gonna eat him.

“Okay then, so now what?” Jack asked.

“Hmm.” Mark put a finger to his lips, pondering what he had to get done today. Of course his original plans were thrown out the window with the addition of Jack. “Well, I suppose I should go grocery shopping. I’m running low on food and I certainly don’t have enough fruit to keep you healthy. In fact, how about you just come with me and tell me what you like to eat?”

“Um…” Just the thought of that sent Jack on edge. “Yeah, being around all those humans? I don’t think so.” Jack had a thing about humans. They weren’t as terrifying to him as werewolves or other supernatural creatures, but they were still terrifying all the same. Not to mention the fact about all the stories there were about humans tracking down leprechauns for their gold. Or a wish. Which wasn’t exactly true.

“Okay, but I really don’t see another way to do this.” Mark pointed out. He knew nothing about what leprechauns eat. Besides, he wasn’t comfortable leaving Jack alone in his home. What if Jack tried to run off despite Mark’s warning? “It’ll be quick, I promise. And I’ll stay away from other people.”

Jack sighed, not at all happy or comfortable with this. “…Fine.” Did he really have a choice though?

“But, how are we going to do this?” Jack eyed Mark’s hands and took a unconscious step back.

“Well, uh…” Mark looked around, trying to come up with a solution that Jack would like. He took one look at his red plaid shirt and suddenly got an idea. “You could hide in my pocket.”

“No,” Jack said without thinking, but then stopped to do so. It was really the only place that made sense. The shoulder would be too out in the open, and something like a bag would be a rough ride. Jack sighed. How did he find himself in this mess again?

“I guess that could work.” Jack said reluctantly.

“Great!” Mark went over and put the red shirt over his white t-shirt, coming back to kneel in front of jack. “Can I, uh, give you a lift then, I guess?” Mark slowly put his hand down in front of Jack, palm up.

Jack stepped back when Mark’s hand came down, looking at it like is was going to attack him. He glanced at up at Mark and then back down at the hand before standing straight and walking over to it. He hesitated a long moment before climbing on, using Mark’s thumb to steady himself.

It was incredibly weird and Jack wasn’t quite sure what he thought of it. He could feel a slight beat coming from the hand and the uneven surface was strange. He stayed standing in the center of the palm, looking up at Mark, hoping again he was right in trusting this guy.

Mark slowly raised his hand, watching Jack’s tiny form with awe. He could feel Jack’s miniscule movements tickling the palm of his hand. It was bizarrely fascinating, especially because Mark had always been secretly obsessed with tiny things.

Not wanting to be a creep, Mark quickly but gently set Jack down into the chest pocket of his shirt.

“How’s that?” Mark asked, holding the lip of the pocket open so he could peer in. 

Jack shifted around in the pocket. It almost felt like a hammock if he laid a certain way. A loud beating from beside him caught him slightly off guard, but he soon recognized it as Mark’s heartbeat. All in all, it wasn’t as bad as Jack thought it was gonna be. He looked up at Mark.

“It’s weird, but…nice? I guess?” Jack said, shifting a bit more.

Mark smiled, glad that Jack seemed okay. He let the pocket close and stood up slowly. Walking carefully to avoid jostling his little passenger, Mark gathered up his wallet and began to walk into town. He shied away from the other pedestrians, which was always a habit of his during the full moon. He wasn’t usually sociable during this time of the month.

Reaching the grocery store, Mark grabbed a basket and headed straight back to the meat section. He gathered up what looked tastiest and threw it in. Mark started to walk towards the checkout before remembering the whole reason Jack came along. Mark made his way over to the produce aisle and checked around for other people before holding the pocket open once more.

“Alright, what would you like?” Mark said quietly, hoping the family on the other side of the aisle didn’t hear him.

Jack hesitated before peeking out of the pocket. His eyes widened at the large assortment of fruit. Some he recognized and others not so much. Jack was so used to finding and eating berries and nuts he found in the wild, it was crazy to think that humans (and humanoid creatures) had all this at their disposal. It was kind of overwhelming.

Jack scanned the foods, trying to find some familiar items and maybe some he could try. “Um…how about those blueberries.” He pointed to the right. “And, oh! Strawberries.” He pointed to the middle. “And…that?” He wasn’t quite sure what that was, but it looked interesting. They seemed to be cut in slices, the inside red and the outside green with stripes.

“Watermelon?” Mark shrugged and began putting the fruits Jack requested into the basket. “Alright, anything else? Do leprechauns eat anything except fruit?”

“Well, we also eat nuts.” Jack said, remembering all the times he had acorn.

“Oh, okay.” Mark wandered around the store for a little bit. “Hmm, nuts, nuts…” Mark muttered to himself, wondering where the nuts were kept. The same family from the produce aisle watched him, probably thinking he was nuts.

“Aha!” Mark gave a triumphant cheer when he found the right aisle. He opened the pocket once more. “Alright, take your pick.”

Jack looked out of the pocket and looked at all the cans. His eyes narrowed, none of these looked the least bit familiar. He pointed to a random can, one that said ‘cashews’ on it.

“Um, that one?”

“Cool.” Mark grabbed the can and added it to his stash. Satisfied with the choices, Mark made his way over to the checkout where a nice cashier began to ring him up.

“Planning a barbeque, are we?” The girl teased, looking at the large selection of meat as she put it in bags.

“Uh, yeah.” Mark lied, used to getting comments like this when he went shopping. He quickly paid for the food and left. Walking down the street towards home, Mark’s strong nostrils were suddenly flooded with a delicious scent. Mark gave a slight puppy whimper as his stomach growled. Being a werewolf, he often ate up to six meals a day, so it was no wonder he was hungry again.

Mark didn’t want to keep Jack out too long, but suddenly he didn’t think he could wait the whole walk home to eat. Mark stepped into the diner, hearing a ding as the bell went off signalling his entrance. Sitting down at a booth near the back, Mark opened the pocket.

“Hey, I hope you don’t mind, but I’m just grabbing a quick bite to eat before we head back.” Mark whispered. “Do you want anything?” Before he could hear Jack’s reply though, a cute perky waitress came over to Mark with a menu in hand. Mark quickly looked up, letting the pocket close.

“Welcome to Denny’s!” She greeted, setting the menu down in front of him. “Can I start you off with anything to drink?”

“I’ll just take a water.” Mark said, hoping she hadn’t seen anything strange. Well, besides the bags of groceries sitting right next to him.

“Coming right up!” She left, and Mark gave one last look in her direction before propping the menu up for some privacy. He pretended to skim it while he opened the pocket.

“Are you hungry?” Mark asked quietly

Jack had flinched had the voice of the waitress, very loud and very close. He hated this, he really did. Mark said it would be quick, this wasn’t quick at all. He sent a glare up at the wolf, trying to keep himself from shaking at the loud sounds of the diner.

“We just ate.” He said, annoyed.

“I know, but i’m hungry again.” Mark explained. “Werewolves eat a lot during the full moon. Do you want something or not?”

Jack folded his arms, curling in a little bit before mutter a small ‘fine.’

“Just get me fruit, I don’t care what.” Jack sighed.

“Don’t be grouchy with me.” Mark rolled his eyes. Seeing the waitress coming back with his water, Mark closed the pocket.

“Here you go.” The waitress set his glass down. “And are you ready to order?”

“Yes, I’d like a double cheeseburger with a side of seasonal fruit, please.” Mark handed her the menu.

“Coming right up!” She left to take his order back to the kitchen. Mark sighed, drumming his fingers idly on the table while he waited. He wanted to talk to Jack, but thought it would look strange talking to his pocket more in public and he certainly wasn’t going to put Jack in danger by taking him out into the open.

Jack glared at nothing, not at all happy with Mark right now. But along with his anger he was also slightly panicking. He took deep breaths, trying to focus on Mark’s heartbeat rather than the human’s in the diner around him. It was soothing in a way and helped quite a bit, but Jack still wanted to get out of there as soon as possible. Mark was gonna get a talking to after they got back.

In fact, Jack elbowed the wall next to him for good measure.

“What the…?” Mark felt a tiny hit to his chest. He was about to peek in to see if Jack was okay, but then he saw the waitress coming back with his food. She really did seem to have the worst timing.

“Here you go, sir.” She said, setting it down. “Will that be all?”

“Yes, thank you.” Mark’s reply was a bit distant as his attention was elsewhere. As soon as she was gone, Mark peered into the pocket. Relieved to see that Jack was okay (although clearly pissed), Mark smiled and handed the little guy an apple slice.

Jack glared but took the apple slice and nibbled on it. It was really good and Jack ended up eating the whole thing, ignoring the smell of meat a few feet away.

Something he couldn’t really ignore, though, was the sounds of Mark eating. He was right up on his chest and could therefore hear every bite and swallow. He shivered and set the skin of the apple to the side. Though he was pretty sure by now that Mark wasn’t gonna eat him, he couldn’t stop his mind from going through all the what ifs.

“Mmm.” Mark made a satisfied sound as he finished off his burger. A few moments later, the waitress made a reappearance.

“Would you like any dessert?” She smiled.

“No thanks.” Mark answered. “But i’d take a box for the fruit, if you don’t mind.”

“Coming right up!” She was back in moments with a box and the check. “Take as much time as you need.”

“Thank you.” Mark boxed up the fruit and left some cash on the table, gathering up his groceries and leaving. He made sure to quicken his pace home, knowing Jack was probably angry with him. Still, that burger had really hit the spot.

After the long walk home, Mark finally returned from his grocery shopping adventure. He put the bags in the fridge, washed his hands to make sure they were clean, and then reached in to grab Jack.

Jack’s thoughts were interrupted by light shining down on him, he looked up, only to see a hand coming for him a second later. Panicking, Jack started flailing, trying to push away and dodge the hand.

“Woah, hey!” Mark’s voice was calming as he tried to gently grab hold of Jack’s flailing form. “It’s just me, calm down.”

Jack blinked at Mark’s voice, realizing what he was doing. He didn’t want to be grabbed, but that was the only way out. He forced himself to still and steeled himself as he allowed Mark to finally grab him.

Mark slowly pulled Jack out of the pocket, holding his other hand under him for safety. Mark set him down on the kitchen counter.

“There, that wasn’t so bad.” Mark said.

Jack gained his balance on the table and then turned towards Mark. He crossed his arms and glared up at the wolf.

“You said we were going grocery shopping and then coming back.”

“Well, we did!” Mark argued. “I just had to take a quick snack break.”

“A snack break that lasted an extra thirty minutes!” Jack yelled. He ran a hand through his hair, trying to calm down.

“That’s it, never going out with you again.” Jack said, turning around and throwing his hands in the air a bit too dramatically.

“Oh come on, don’t be like that.” Mark crouched down and put his chin on the counter to be level with him.

Jack glanced at Mark and walked back over so he was now face to face (well, whole body) with him. He stood there for a moment before bopping him on the nose.

Mark blinked, surprised as he went cross-eyed trying to look at Jack. “That’s fair, I suppose. I did deserve that.”

“Oh yeah, definitely.” Jack couldn’t help but smile a bit. But his smile dropped when he thought back to the diner. He stepped back a bit and rubbed his neck.

“And, uh, next time we eat? I’d rather not be in your pocket.” He said vaguely. That had probably been the worst thing out of the whole trip.

“Uh sure, but why?” Mark asked, frowning. He didn’t understand why Jack would rather be out in public than in the pocket.

Jack face palmed when Mark didn’t catch on. It was awkward having to explain it. “Just, ya know, everything is really loud. Especially a certain somebody.” He gave a pointed look to Mark.

“…oh.” Mark blushed, getting his meaning. He gave a slight awkward cough. “Uh yeah, sounds good. So, am I forgiven then?”

Jack sighed. “I suppose.” The leprechaun rolled his eyes and turned his gaze to the kitchen. He had only caught a glimpse of it the night before, when Mark had carried him in.

Speaking of…

“You said the full moon lasts three days? Does that mean you’re going to be a wolf again tonight?” Jack asked, already guessing the answer and not really liking it.

“Well, yeah.” Mark nodded. “I usually meet up with my pack in the woods just before the moon rises. But… it’s probably best you stay here tonight.”

“Yeah, that sounds good.” Jack agreed quickly, not wanting to think about what would’ve happened if Mark hadn’t been there last night. He started wandering around the counter, just taking in the sights around him.

“What do we do until then?” Jack asked.

“Well,” Mark thought for a moment before realizing he was hungry again. “How about we start with lunch?”

Jack gave Mark a look. “We…we just ate.” There was no way Mark was already hungry, Jack sure wasn’t.

“I know, but I’m hungry again.” Mark gave him a shrug. “It’s just what happens during wolf days.”

“Well I’m not, but go ahead and eat ya glutton.” Jack said jokingly. “But, while you’re doing that could I maybe explore a little?” He didn’t like staying in one place too long.

“Well, I guess you could, but explore where?” Mark asked, beginning to pull out food from the fridge.

“I don’t know, just around?” He motioned toward the whole house and then shrugged. Anywhere was fine with him as long as he could walk and move on his own.

“Okay.” Mark nodded, turning on the oven. “Just, please be careful.” He was nervous to let Jack wander about unsupervised, but hopefully his wolf senses would help him keep tabs on Jack from a distance. Not to mention, Jack deserved a little freedom since he was basically being held against his will.

Jack smiled and nodded before going over to the edge of the counter. He blinked away the dizziness he felt at the height, but was determined to climb down himself. He gripped the edge and suddenly found himself hanging as he felt around for a hold for his foot.

“Woah!” Mark rushed over to hover, putting his hands under Jack for safety. “Are you okay? Do you want some help?”

Jack kicked at Mark’s hand. “I’m fine! Heights may not be my thing, but I know how to climb!”

“You’re making me nervous, Jack.” But Mark pulled his hands away to give him more room.

Jack rolled his eyes and finally got a hold, after that, it was a piece of cake. He scaled down the counter quickly, not looking down the entire time. When his feet hit the floor he let go and looked up to smile up at Mark. His smile fell slightly at the sight of Mark from the ground, but he tried not to focus too much on that.

“Ta da!” He yelled and did a little bow.

“Impressive.” Mark gave a few claps. “I underestimated you. Just try not to stay underfoot, okay?”

“Got it!” Jack yelled up and then started walking. He headed towards the living room, tile ending and replaced with carpet. It reminded Jack a bit of grass, but still completely different. He looked at the looming furniture, coming across the couch. His eyes widened and he froze.

Large claw marks littered the bottom part of the couch. They were deep and plentiful, as if whatever had made them was desperate. But for what? Jack took a step closer. The position of the marks were as if the creature was trying to get to something underneath.

Jack gulped.

Mark finished cooking the chicken, digging in eagerly. The plate was clean in moments. After washing up the dishes, Mark slowly made his way into the living room to look for Jack. Sniffing the air, Mark looked down and found Jack looking at something under the couch. Quietly, Mark got down on his hands and knees.

“What’cha looking at?”

“AHH!” Jack yelled and found himself running under the couch. He looked back, seeing that Mark had somehow managed to sneak up on him. He gave Mark a flat look and started to come out before remembering the marks that littered the couch. He stayed put.

“Woah, easy!” Mark gave a loud laugh. “I didn’t think I’d scare you that bad. It’s just me.”

Jack didn’t move and he looked at Mark warily.

“Jack?” Mark crouched down even lower to peer under the couch. “Jack, c’mon, it’s alright. You can come back out.”

Jack shook his head, he wasn’t gonna come out yet, but he should at least give Mark a chance to explain himself first.

“What’re those about?” He did his best to motion to the front of the couch.

Mark looked at the scratch marks on the side of the couch, and suddenly painful memories began to rush back to him. Mark cringed.

“It’s nothing.” Mark answered, but as he began to reach under the couch to grab Jack, his hand seemed to line up perfectly with the claw marks in the upholstery. 

Jack put as much distance as he could away from the approaching hand. His back hit the wall and he looked in time to see Mark’s hand matched the marks. What did that mean?! Why wasn’t Mark telling him anything? Was he… had he been lying this whole time?

Jack felt like pulling out his hair at how confused he was. Just the day before, he knew where he stood and he knew where werewolves stood. But then Mark came and turned that on his head. And for a little bit, he thought he knew where Mark stood. But he wasn’t so sure now.

“You call that nothing?” Jack said through gritted teeth, trying to hide his fear. He motioned toward Mark’s hand and the claw marks.

“Jack…” Mark sighed, his hand stopping midair. “Look, if you really want to know, it’s from one of the times the pack locked me up inside. They don’t really like me, so sometimes they lock me in to keep me from going them for a nightly hunt. Except the wolf side of me gets cabin fever, so one night I started clawing at the couch in a hissy fit.” It wasn’t a total lie, but it also wasn’t the whole story. Mark just didn’t want Jack to distrust him any more than he already did.

Jack looked at him skeptically. He didn’t fully believe Mark, even if some of the story did indeed sound truthful. Jack didn’t know what to do. If he kept asking about it, would Mark get mad? He had never seen the giant wolf mad before, but that was not something he ever wanted to see. And especially directed at him.

Jack looked Mark in the eyes, seeing nothing malicious in them. Jack sighed. Jack hated that he was dropping it, but it was for both of their sakes. Maybe he would find out later. If Mark was still the wolf he claimed he was, that is.

“That isn’t the full story.” It wasn’t a question, cause Jack knew it was true. “But, I won’t push for the rest.” Yet.

Another day another drama. That had become your mantra at columbine. The jocks and ‘popular/rich kids’ ruled the hallways and classrooms. Teachers constantly turning a blind eye to the horrors happening in front of them daily, or simply just not caring. You’d been here around 8months now, and right from your 1st week, you’d became a target.
Why? Because you’d had the audacity to turn down Brian wemply. Head honcho if the 3inch thick skull squad or otherwise know as the schools champion wrestler. When he had cornered you in the halls the sleeze just oozes off him making the bile raise in you throat. You shook you head trying to dislodge the memory.

“Hey sexy thing your new here! Why don’t you let ol Brian show you…a good time?”
His eyes flowed over your body, like you were a selection of meat cut he was considering buying.
“Yea….nah that ain’t happening” you’d replied calmly trying to push past him and onto freedom. He’d grabbed your arm painfully and forced you to face him.f Pulling you close till there was only centimeters between you.
“Hey you don’t talk to me like that bitch, don’t you know who I am? And whatever I want I get!”
The fury that burned in his eyes terrified you. Then, ah yes then came your saviour, your heart and soul to your rescue.
“LEAVE HER ALONE YOU PIECE OF SHIT BRIAN!!! DIDN’T JO MAMA TELL HOW TO TREAT LADIES?!” Youd seen a shorter and smaller built guy come barreling up in a fit of rage yet as soon as your eyes met they softened, questioning if you were ok.
“Fuck off faggot she’s mine, go back to your loser crew and faggot boyfriend!” Brain spat at him, during their exchange your wrenched your arm free. Brian swung back to look at you as your knee connected with his groin.
“DON’T EVER TOUCH ME AGAIN CREEP” you’d screeched at him as he groaned pityfully on the floor.

That’s how you and Eric Harris had 1st met. Two weeks later you were dating.
You’d never felt so alive or in love until that moment, you never cared for cliques in school. Eric’s group were known as the outcasts, the losers and trouble makers. But honestly, they were all so amazingly sweet natured and caring towards most people. But if you had done them wrong….well let’s just say they could also be your worst nightmare.

Snapping back to reality you sighed deeply. At least it was FINALLY the weekend. You and Eric had made plans for the whole weekend, star gazing, bowling and lots of….alone time. A smile spread across your face as you closed your locker, butterflies fluttered in your stomach as you headed towards Eric’s locker. A loud shout caught your attention and quickened your steps. The shout was followed with a loud bang that turned your pace into a run. As your rounded the corner you saw Eric being flung against his locker. Brian crowing with laughter, his cronies forming a semi circle around Eric, blocking his escape.

“What you gonna do huh faggot?!” Brian laughed as Eric tried not to crumple to the floor. Brian had at least 4-5 inches of height on Eric but pound for pound could easy push Eric down. You gasped as Brian spat right in Eric’s face. The glob oozing down his cheek. Rage bubbled deep within you, rage so frightening and red hot it would of matched Eric’s burning cheeks.

Running forwards you burst through the semi circle, taking Brian and his buddies by surprise.

“Well well well, if it isn’t the fags little dyke girlfriend, you know y/n I’m still available if you want to see what a REAL man can do” he posed dramatically infuriating you even more.

“Y/n! Get out of here, I don’t want you-” Eric mumbled before Brian pushed him up against the lockers again. Your body acted if it’s own accord as you got between the pair and pushed Brian backwards a few paces.

“Oooooo the little bitch has spunk! I like that in girls…” Brian began until your slap echoed through the hallways, silencing everyone and everything. Your hand print was clearly outlined on his face as he held his cheek, dumbfounded. His buddies mumbling and shuffling from foot to foot.

“How dare you. HOW DARE YOU! YOU WORTHLESS PILE OF SHIT!!” You roared, for someone so tiny your voice was loud and your ferociousness stunned all nearby, including Eric whom was staring at you in awe.

“GET OUT OF MY FACE DICKHEAD! OR SO HELP ME GOD I WILL FUCKING BURY YOU AND PISS ON YOUR GRAVE!” You continued to scream at the thick headed waste of air. Brian shot Eric a filthy look.

“This ain’t over Harris, next time your little slut won’t be here to fight your battles” he growled.

“Next time how bout acting like a fucking real man and come at us one on one! Without your fucking faggot friends holding your hands you little pussy bitch!” You growled back fire still in your eyes.

Brian went to open his mouth again but was met with another loud hard slap from you.

“Leave my fucking presence Brian! Come near me or my boyfriend again and YOU WILL regret it…” venom dripping from your every word.

“Whatever dyke” Brian grumbled as he turned away, dragging his busted pride behind him.

You turned to Eric who was looking at you, his jaw almost touching the floor.

“I’ve never seen that side of you y/n! That was…was…” you cut him off with a kiss.

“I’m sick of their shit baby, hopefully now they will think twice before trying anymore shit. And I think it’s safe to say I knocked doofus off his high horse, he’ll be nursing his wounds and probably will be the laughing stock of the jocks for a while” you told Eric as he swung his arm around your shoulders.

“Have I ever told you how much I fucking love you y/n” he said smiling down at you.

“Everyday baby, every day…” you smiled back.

Yoongi; next time, definitely

✉when Yoongi tries to bring you back to bed, he ends up following you around 
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Yoongi wakes up to the sound he recognizes coming from the bathroom but he still makes no effort to actually wake up. You know, when he mentions in interviews that he can sleep for hours, and hours, and hours, you’d pledge to be a witness because let’s not talk about how that one time he nearly slept over twenty hours and you’re worried he’ll need food or something or something but no, no he doesn’t—he just wants to sleep and if you try to interfere that, you might get a fist to the face so you didn’t try. At least he apologized the day after and made it up with sweet loving but—hey, hey, hey, never mind. He stretches his arm out, feeling his joints pop when warmth is not by his side and he groans, well-aware that you know he needs you there to ensure a nice sleep unless it’s back to those days where he’s beat tired and life grabs the best of his energy but no, not today.

He sits up reluctantly, eyes still sealed together as he yawns, messing up his hair even more and takes a peek to see that damn it, when did it get this bright and he’s falling back in the sheets, of soft mattress and pillow that smells like you so he rolls over, face front on your side of the bed and inhales, sighing after that and he groans, “Babe…! Where are you?!” He wasn’t actually expecting a reply but then he’s got one when the bathroom door opens and he smells that amazing body wash you’ve bought sometime while he’s away and damn, when he’s got a whiff, the citrus mix of lemon and orange does wonders to his mind. He reaches out mindlessly, calling again, “Baby… come back here…”

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Decisions (Dean)

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    “Hmm, what should we get?” Hyuk asked, looking at the large selection of lunch-meat options in front of you.

    You shrugged, linking your arm through his. “I don’t mind. You pick.”

    He groaned. “I hate picking stuff like this.”

    “That’s why I’m making you do it,” you said, and he frowned at you. “But! In return you get to choose whether you want me to kiss you or cuddle with you after we eat.”

    “Can we do both?” he asked, and you shook your head.

    “You have to pick! That’s the whole point.”

    “Why today?” he asked, pouting.

    You shrugged. “We gotta start somewhere.”

    You had decided to take on Hyuk’s never-ending issue with indecisiveness. He didn’t have trouble making decisions about big, important things, but when it came to the small stuff, like lunch meat or ice cream flavors, he always agonized over decision-making and usually doubted his choices afterward. He leaned his head on your shoulder. “One of these days you’re going to make me into a tolerable person to be around.”

    “What are you talking about?” you asked. “You’re great to be around. I’m the annoying one.”

    He laughed. “No you aren’t.”

    Just then the your turn came up in line and you gave Hyuk a gentle push as he glanced at you uncertainly. “Okay, can we have half a pound of thin-sliced, um… ham!” he exclaimed emphatically, seeming to startle the butcher slightly.

    “You got it,” the butcher said, and you shot Hyuk a thumbs-up when he glanced back at you.

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Left upon the stones of the main entrance to the ruins of Qarn, was a good-sized wooden basket, decorated with a pale blue fabric. A letter lay inside once it was open, neatly folded on crisp parchment. Underneath, there was an assortment of things all kept chilled by a few clever ice crystals woven into the basket itself.

A few freshly made sandwiches. Some slices of fresh fruit. Bottles of chilled teas and juices. There were also selections of dried meats and fruits, meant to keep much longer. And, but of course, a few small cookies and pastries packed away inside as well.

Dearest Ruran,

I know what you must be thinking, and I shall have none of it. It was not trouble, and you owe me nothing for something such as this. I’ve already hired a courier full-time and you shall receive a basket just like this every third sun. My only regret is not thinking of something like this sooner, and that it took a passing comment of mine on our recent trip to Kugane to realize I should have.

Now, you’re more than welcome to be stubborn. I’m sure the scavenging animals will enjoy this all the same if you leave it out in the sun and I would never know. But I know how safe you feel inside that dusty old place, and if you will not eat there, I suppose I shall never get you to eat anywhere, hm?

The next we meet, do let me know what you like best, will you? And I shall make an attempt to fill it with all your favorite things. Perhaps I will even go to the Bismarck now and again so you will not have to suffer my cooking always. And no, I will not fill it all with sweets. 

You may leave the empty basket where you found it. I instructed the courier to pick up the old when delivering the new. Do try not to think much of this, alright dear? It is a pleasure in the morning to be making something for someone other than myself. 

You cannot perform any duties on an empty stomach, as much as you have seemed to try and prove me otherwise until now.





The party I’m going to this year is at a hacker space and will probably involve a game of giant fire jenga (the blocks are 2x4s and you hit them out of place with sledge hammers wrapped in flaming rags), frankly irresponsible amounts of alcohol, welding, lock picking, lovingly restored arcade games, a selection of smoked meats, and people dressed in clothing that is frighteningly incompatible with most of the other stuff. It should be awesome and hopefully nobody will lose any teeth this time.


touken ageswap au headcanons

((inspired by this picture aaahhh))

one day, at night at a park waiting for his best friend, freshman-high-schooler Kaneki Ken hears someone crying. after some searching, he discovers a girl in a tattered dress on a swing with her hands crammed to her face. after spotting him, she tries to run away, and trips, flat on her face.

Kaneki helps her up and begins wiping at her tear- and snot-smeared face with a handkerchief. she takes the handkerchief from him and starts to wipe her face herself. as she does, he asks her questions.

“Are you lost? Where’s your family?”

no matter how many times he asks, she doesn’t answer, just keeps her face buried into the handkerchief. people are starting to look at him, and, feeling incredibly self-conscious, Kaneki starts leading her and finally picks her up (with some difficulty) and carries her back to his apartment. she is too exhausted to protest and by the time he gets back to his place, she is fast asleep. he takes off her shoes and places her on his bed and covers her up with his blanket, and pulls out a futon for himself.

he starts to send a message to Hide, but when he opens his phone, he sees that there’s a message for him already.

Sorry, I’m not coming over today. There was a ghoul busted in my ward, a really powerful one. You should go home too, just in case more come out of the woodwork.

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