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It’s been more than a day and I’m still laughing at how the Squire pact in TOZ-X is now just a friendship bracelet while Mikleo and Sorey apparently have each other on telepathic emergency speed dial LOL.

inb4 bro gaydar jokes

Here’s Aawari with her friend and future master, master Shoban who belongs to @rakiah :D Aawari loves how colorful Shoban always is, she probably timidly asked her if she could wear robes like hers one day… and who can resist this baby Nautolan’s sad puppy eyes? ;^) 

Soooo I couldn’t resist and I bought a porg stuffed animal and a Kylo/Rey lightsaber pen set at the Disney Store haha. Oh, and a TLJ bag! You can’t tell from the pic but the Kylo side is holographic/lenticular or whatever. It’s pretty neat. Btw today they’re giving away sets of those teaser posters at the checkout if you buy anything! (At least at my local Disney Store in Southern California)

side note: I totally fangirled out @ the reylo-ish graphics in front of the store lmao


Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Hostage Rescue Team.
Law Enforcement’s Tier 1 Counter-Terrorism unit.

The FBI Hostage Rescue Team (HRT) is the counter-terrorism and hostage rescue unit of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The HRT is trained to rescue American citizens and allies who are held hostage by hostile forces, usually terrorists and/or criminals. The Hostage Rescue Team was founded in 1982 by Danny Coulson, former Deputy Assistant Director of the FBI, and completed its final certification exercise in October 1983.

It was originally composed of 50 operators. However, this number has since increased to well over 90 full-time operators. The HRT commonly functions as a high-level national SWAT team in extremely sensitive or dangerous situations. Today, it is part of the Tactical Support Branch of the FBI’s Critical Incident Response Group (CIRG) and is based at the FBI Academy at the Quantico Marine Corps Base, in Stafford County, Virginia.

The primary roles of the HRT are hostage rescue and counter-terrorism. Secondary roles of the HRT include:

- Apprehending barricaded subjects
- Executing helicopter operations and rescue missions
- Executing mobile assaults
- Performing high-risk raids, searches, arrests, and warrants
- Coordinating manhunt and rural operations
- Providing force protection for FBI personnel overseas

To a lesser extent, the HRT may deploy teams or individual operators to act as snipers, or to provide protective service details for certain high-profile federal witnesses or dignitaries. Teams provide support for missions overseas and support Joint Terrorism Task Forces. Teams at home and abroad perform typical law enforcement activities, such as making arrests, processing scenes for evidence recovery, and testifying in court.

The HRT has provided traditional law enforcement during hurricane relief operations, tactical surveys, and special events such as the Olympic Games, presidential inaugurations, and political conventions.

Prospective HRT operators are selected based upon their background and experience, as well as their demonstrated performance during the HRT selection course. The rigorous two-week selection process includes long-distance runs, forced marches, obstacle courses, and other tests of physical and mental stamina. Throughout the entire selection process, candidates are evaluated on their ability to think under pressure and to perform while physically exhausted. After a six-month initial training period known as “New Operator Training School” (“NOTS”), they are headquartered at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia. Both the selection course and NOTS are near mirror images of the 1st SFOD-D (“Delta Force”) selection and training courses, with some minor adjustments for mission differences. Experienced HRT operators assigned to observer/sniper teams are sent to the United States Marine Corps Scout Sniper Basic Course. After successfully completing the course, they receive further instruction from HRT snipers. Maritime platoon operators are sent to a variety of maritime special operations courses, including Phase II of U.S. Navy BUD/S at Naval Amphibious Base, Coronado, California. HRT operators receive other specialized interoperability training from various U.S. Special Operations Command entities. HRT operators also conduct training with Allied nation counter-terrorism units such as the British SAS and German GSG-9.

When not operationally deployed, the HRT conducts full-time training for its members at various sites across the country. Two to three hours each day are set aside for physical training, a defensive tactics session, and combative training. One day a week is devoted to maintaining either perishable skills (such as fast roping, breaching, and photography) or specialized skills (such as mobile assaults, manhunt and rural operations), maritime operations, helicopter operations, parachuting, weapons of mass destruction training (provided by the United States Department of Energy), and cold weather operations. Three days are spent honing sniping or close quarters combat skills on the various training ranges available to the team. Biweekly, one day is allotted for gear maintenance. Discretionary time to be used by team leaders is built into the schedule. During a routine week of training, it is not unusual for HRT operators to fire 1,000 rounds of ammunition to keep their shooting skills honed. Every 12 to 18 months, the HRT also participates in at least one major combined exercise that may involve a variety of governmental entities, such as the FBI and the departments of Defense, State, Energy, and Homeland Security.

Three teams rotate through three 120-day cycles: training, operations, and support. During the training cycle, the team refreshes its skills and takes part in exercises, attends other courses, or trains with foreign and domestic units. During the operations cycle, the team is available for deployment (domestic or foreign). During the support cycle, the team works on special projects, maintains the HRT’s equipment, and conducts research.

The HRT is known to conduct joint training exercises and participate in exchange programs with US military units such as the US Army’s Combat Applications Group (otherwise known as 1st SFOD-D or Delta Force) or the U.S. Navy’s DEVGRU. The HRT routinely trains with other federal tactical teams such as the DEA’s FAST Team, the United States Border Patrol’s BORTAC unit or the United States Capitol Police’s CERT. Occasionally the HRT trains with French GIGN, British SAS and Special Boat Service, Irish Garda ERU, the Australian SAS, German GSG 9, and other international units. In addition to the HRT’s own facilities, the HRT routinely uses private and 1st SFOD-D Delta Force shoot houses and ranges. The HRT has also been known to train at Camp Peary and Harvey Point.

I’ve been reading tweets and stuff about the possibility of women joining the draft, and it’s amazing what a different tune many are singing now that it’s a real possibility :( And then I came across this screenshot, and I swear, without the threat of going to war and watching their friends die in front of them, maybe a lot of people don’t have a clue what the draft means, and maybe making it a reality for them is the only way they’ll actually do something about it (like that’ll happen). 

Except then I see tweets like this

And I’m reminded that no, people won’t be more eager to abolish the draft for everyone, men are still disposable. They can’t rise above their programming. 

Have some more tweets

why yoda ruined obi wan’s life

yoda exploited obi wan’s relatively young age and lack of experience to transform him into the perfect tool to control anakin through him and repeatedly forced him into situations where he had to ignore his judgement and his emotional attachment to anakin in favour of following the council line. 

(SIDE NOTE: i guess it’s also possible to stretch this to argue that yoda was responsible for the psychological fuckery of all the jedi by continuing to enforce the system of selecting force sensitives at a young age and brainwashing vulnerable children to believe an extreme ideology… well anakin was too old and world wise and intelligent to fall for your tricks.. anakin was RIGHT you crusty FUCK and you destroyed him for it)

the association of emotion with guilt is the psychological force which drives the entire prequel trilogy and it’s fucking YODA who enforces it with his blindness to the flaws of the extreme traditionalist philosophy which he enforces. obi wan must have had a pretty big complex over the love he felt for anakin and the desire to help and protect and comfort him and the shame he had about feeling any of these things because ‘good jedi’ are emotionless and unbiased. if obi wan had been able to emotionally support anakin it’s possible that his downfall could have been prevented but in a really solid example of jedi repression breaking down under intense pressure he only admits that he loved anakin after it was already too late. 

yoda is responsible for the ideology which drives anakin’s fall to the dark side and he leaves obi wan with the GUILT of this downfall by using him as a council tool to keep anakin in line. and instead of helping obi wan or helping the resistance to clean up his mistake yoda just fucks off to a swamp 

fuck it’s even possible that obi wan thought that his love for anakin was evidence that he was a bad jedi who was in turn a bad master to anakin which made him responsible for Anakin’s fall. 

imaine how terrible obi wan must have felt. for how long and how bitterly he felt the weight of the past. his happiness and potential for good wasted and half of his life spent in solitude and suffering AND IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT YOU WRINKLY GREEN BALLSACK


#ThankYouBones Week

Day 8: 5 B&B moments that made you fall in love with them

This is by far the most difficult day of the challenge for me. This was the day I dreaded most. Because it’s just that- a challenge. I could sooner choose a favorite family member than be forced to select just five Booth and Brennan scenes. Like most, I knew- right from the beginning. I knew that these two were going to be both my greatest joy and my ultimate downfall. I knew from the very first “Don’t call me Bones.” I fall more and more in love with them with each passing scene. It all commenced in the pilot, and will live on through the finale. So the first and last scenes I chose are symbolic of that fact. Because I loved Booth and Brennan from the moment I met them, and I will continue to love them until the end of time. This couple radiates true love. They are the most genuine embodiment of pure unadulterated love on television. Booth and Brennan have proved time and time again that with mutual trust, support, and love, they can conquer anything life throws at them. “You know we’re better together.” There is no obstacle they cannot overcome together. No battle they cannot win. They can bend, but they will never break. Their bond is truly impenetrable. They are partners. They are a team.  And at the end of the day, when all is said and done, they still want to spend their time together. They love this. They love their routine. Booth and Brennan have been each one another’s standard from the start. They are each other’s partner for life. And they are each other’s eventually- ALWAYS.

Pretend as though I included every last B&B scene from the entirety of the series. Because that’s what I would do if it was possible. I feel truly blessed to have watched these two for twelve incredible seasons. They are my home. 

Attack On Titan Chapter 94 Thoughts

This chapter focuses entirely on the dehumanization aspect of the Marleyan regime.

I made a small post prior to writing this chapter post talking about how no single character is really at fault - something I’ve also mentioned in my prior chapter posts. This needs some more clarification.

None of the lower ranking officers, regular soldiers and regular people are at fault because they simply believe what the leadership selectively forces them to believe and they don’t really have the real picture of what’s going on - they haven’t seen that these people are equally human to them.

Gross and the officer mocking the traumatized soldiers in this chapter are as equally victims to the worldview Marley created than any of the innocent Eldian civilians. This is why I don’t have a direct gripe of these characters seeming so one-dimensional (they’re also very minor characters).

They don’t have many ways of knowing differently. So this manifests differently between the minority and majority, naturally with the minority being exploited and discriminated against, treated inhumanely.

This is the perspective of a regular person, Marleyan AND Eldian, not just the warriors.

So the ones at fault are the ones keeping this system up and those people are at fault because they are weak. They are controlled by the worst feelings humanity has to offer in the worst ways: greed, thirst for power, perhaps fear. Humans corrupt very easily for different reasons - I think this is what might’ve happened to the original Eldians who first got the Titan power or maybe even the First King, too.

So even if the leadership and the one thing holding this whole thing turns out to be a bunch of corrupt politicians, just like it was corrupt nobles within the walls, I wouldn’t mind because we’ve been told time and time again in the story that humanity’s real enemy is within itself. This means that all of those corrupt politicians are human - just very weak humans controlled by their negative desires. (I would love if that’s in some shape stated when these people are finally faced by the protagonists.)

It almost doesn’t matter who’s up there orchestrating this, though, because the focus point of the manga is to explore the people either suffering under this kind of system or taking advantage of it depending on the priviledge they are granted. It’s about a struggle of staying human within this cruel world someone has created.

It’s kind of brillaint how in it’s base form this was there already back in chapter 6.  

This chapter also further confirms my trio theory.

At first Reiner only got heart, nothing else.

I love the fact that we see all of the parents of the warriors this chapter. Zeke, Reiner and all of the kids are automatically humanized much more. Reiner even more so because all he wanted is a good life for his family - we’ve been told that in small snippets, but we’ve never actually seen it directly.

This chapter explains Reiner’s request for Gabi to be saved last chapter - she’s part of his family and Falco also seems to care for her. Zeke meeting his grandparents puts him in a more human light. He also genuinely seems to care for them and his subordinates. But as the chapter title says, actually referring to Reiner here, Zeke’s stuck inside walls and nothing has been there to tear them down.

Reiner even tries to fall back on the perspective he had prior to going to the walls, but it’s not exactly convincing, as we see from Gabi’s reaction above.

Reiner is the only one there to make the people understand, he’s only one person AND he is going to die soon. It’s depressing, but we also have our potential solution: the people who have seen what is actually going on letting those who don’t know.

Moving on, there’s a few smaller parts of the chapter that stood out to me.

I think Annie might just side with the walled people in the end.

She’s in the panel with Bertholdt saying loyalty is important. It might just hint at something framing-wise and she even leaves them behind. Also, she really is good at crushing those bugs. No wonder Petra was so Petrafied.

I hope this guy isn’t Eren - it would feel like a very clumsy way of connecting things. It would feel like a way too big of a gamble, no matter how many big gambles there have been taken by Erwin and the leadership of Survey Corps in general before. As I said in a post I did talking about this, I can see him being a fodder spy, either from the walls or some other country, though. 

It’s a great chapter in terms of character and thematic writing. Hopefully the Eldians and all the other races will be freed from war someday.

(This was probably the most important series of panels to me - this is all about ending the war.)

Reckless - Part 4

Part 4/?

Characters: AJ Styles, OFC, Baron Corbin

Summary: The newest woman on the roster finds herself making waves she never intended to, with men that are both off-limits to her.

Warnings: Nada

Previously: Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Check out the Master List

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Game of Flags Score Selections
Brian H. Kim
Game of Flags Score Selections

From Star vs. the Forces of Evil - Game of Flags. Sorry for the delay, folks. My wife gave birth to our son Sebastian early Monday morning and life has been a bit crazy. BUT LOOK HOW CUTE HE IS.

Anyway, here’s a collection of cues from Game of Flags. I love all the action and emotional beats in this episode, so I wanted to post a bunch of cues in one convenient, easy-to-share package. Included are “Ready Set Flags,” “Rain Zone,” “Star vs the Volcano,” “Queen Moon,” and “Perfect Blend.”

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THIS IS LONG college bio (or other sci) lab? Alex&Maggie are partnered on 1st day of class and sparks. Alex is "why are they making me take this weakass pre-req" and maggie is "chill danvers you aren't special. tho you are e-special-ly hot" On the last day of the add/drop deadline (my uni has this at 1 or 2 wks in?) Lucy adds bio and gets partnered w/ them bc Thats How Fic Works. A&M catch her up outside of class over pizza & beer and Don't get your greasy fingers on my txtbk i gotta resell that

Of course she gets partnered with the one girl in the class that managed to make her look twice. Maggie huffs, quietly gathering her stuff and trudging to the station their teacher had assigned them. She reaches it before her partner does, and Maggie does her best not to look like a nervous gay mess.

“Hey, I’m Alex. Alex Danvers.” 

Maggie chokes on her own name.

“I am uhhh… M-Maggie. Sawyer.” She thrusts her hand out awkwardly and Alex laughs as she shakes it, raising one immaculate eyebrow, before taking her seat opposite. The rest of the class is divided into groups of two and three and their teacher hands out a short quiz to gauge every groups knowledge level and skill. 

Alex takes the sheet and immediately reads it through as Maggie watches on, pretending her mouth isn’t dry and that she isn’t just hopeless gay idiot.

“Do you want to look at it or just let me do everything right?” Alex raises her eyebrow again, and Maggie’s small gay brain kicks into overdrive at the challenge. Because Alex thinks that she’s only in this class because she had been forced to select it.

Alex would be wrong.

Sure, you wouldn’t expect the star of the baseball team, class clown, barely averaging a C minus in a good seventy percent of her classes Maggie Sawyer to have actively selected Advanced Biology. But what Alex didn’t know is that Maggie has a brain for science, and Maggie has her sights set intently on the Science Division, and Maggie is nothing if not dedicated to achieving her goals.

So Maggie snatches to sheet from Alex’s left hand, the pen from her right, and speeds through all eighteen questions as quickly as she can. Slamming the pen down, she flicks the sheet across the table so that Alex can look at it.

And Alex raises her eyebrow yet again, looking up at Maggie in disbelief.

“Didn’t take you for a science nerd, Sawyer.” 

“You’re not that special, Danvers.” 

And then everything slows down, because her idiotic, dumb, gay mess of a brain decides that the next words out of her mouth should be the cheesiest pick-up line it can think of.

“But you are e-special-ly hot.”

Silence. Is it hot in here? Someone turn the thermostat down. Alex is staring at her, and then her mouth is doing something but Maggie is decidedly not looking at her mouth. But, who is she kidding, of course she is. Because Alex Danvers is scrunching her nose, an pouting her lips, and then smiling at her.

“Smooth, Sawyer.”

And like that, somehow Maggie manages to land a date with the hottest, most popular science nerd in National City.

Which all comes crashing down three days later when their teacher saunters over to their desk with another ridiculously gorgeous student.

“Danvers, Sawyer. This is Lucy Lane. She’s picked up bio this week and will be joining your group.” 

Alex shakes her hand, all smiles and then harshly nudges Maggie in the ribs when the smaller woman just stares up at the brown haired, green eyed beauty that is holding her hand out to shake.

“Uhhhhh M-”

“That would be Maggie ‘too gay to function’ Sawyer.” Alex cuts in, rolling her eyes playfully as Lucy shakes Maggie’s hand and drops into the seat beside her.

“Too gay to function, huh?” Lucy asks, smirking as Maggie scoffs indignantly, but still can’t get any words out of her mouth, because now she’s been partnered with the two hottest girls in the class and which Gay Overlord is looking after her?

“Definitely. Though at the start of the week she managed to blurt out the worst pick-up line I’ve ever heard.”

Lucy raises her eyebrows, her gaze flitting to where Maggie is sitting, wanting to just curl in on herself and combust because eyes like that should be illegal. 

Earned herself a date tonight.” Alex finishes, and Maggie thinks she can see some kind of evil glint in her eye as she studies Lucy closely, watching for a reaction. Lucy only nods, casting her gaze down towards her books awkwardly and God, Maggie can’t even believe her lucky stars.

“Want to join us, Lane?” Alex asks, causing the two brunette women to snap their gazes towards her. Lucy then looks over at Maggie, and Maggie does her best to smile like her stomach isn’t filled with a quadrillion butterflies.

Lucy swallows. And then Lucy nods.

“Sure, if you’re happy to reschedule your date.” Lucy smiles awkwardly as Alex and Maggie share a look. A look that communicates exactly what both of them want. Maggie nods and Alex smirks and Lucy just stares between them, entirely speechless.

“Who said anything about rescheduling?”

Just Shut Up

Written for @amarynthian-fortress who requested “Graves having amusing debates each day with one of his younger Auror colleagues at MACUSA, and slowly he realizes that he is developing feelings after realizing their little arguments became something that intellectually and emotionally stimulates him, something he cannot live without.” I hope this is to your liking!


Percival Graves’ bushy eyebrows twitch with annoyance. “I’m sorry, what?”

“We call them Muggles, sir. Not No-Majs.”

Deep breaths Graves, deep breaths.

“You’re working at MACUSA now, which is in the United States of America. We call No-Majs, No-Majs. You’re free to call them whatever you want to in your free time, but don’t waste my time trying to argue about” he waves his hand irately, and you stifle a smile behind your hand, “Muggles and No-Majs and differences between the Daily Oracle and the New York Ghost.” You clear your throat and interrupt him again, and you swear you see a vein throb on his forehead. “It’s the Daily Prophet, sir.” Your boss groans and cradles his head in his hands. “Just get the reports done.” He raises a hand to stop your questions. “And no I don’t give a fuck about terminology and the differences between the U.K. and the U.S. Just get them done and get out of my office.” You scurry out with a smile on your face, and your boss wonders why he hasn’t suspended you, but then remembers you actually entertain him. Not that he’ll ever admit it to you.

You’re a British Auror recently transferred to MACUSA, specifically for the purpose of tracking down Grindelwald. The International Confederation of Wizards decided that a task force dedicated to apprehending Gellert Grindelwald, consisting of witches and wizards from Europe and the US would be formed. You had the immense luck of being selected for the task force, along with two other senior Aurors from the Ministry of Magic, and while you aren’t the strongest in combat, your specialty is in recon and intelligence, something the wizarding world desperately needs now with how slippery Grindelwald is. With the U.S being the next place Grindelwald is suspected to be targeting, MACUSA holds precedence over the task force, and Percival Graves, as director of Magical Security, is placed in charge. You find him to be an interesting man, and while you’re several years younger than him, he treats you as equals and isn’t patronizing as your other male colleagues can be. You do, however, enjoy riling him up and it’s a wonder he hasn’t kicked you off the task force for lack of professionalism, seeing as you’re always finding opportunities to argue with him. He’s an intelligent man with a flair for words, and he fires back the most eloquent responses to your jibes.

Not that you’re disrespectful, of course. You realize the boundaries set in place and the image you’re to uphold of you Ministry, and your debates have never gone beyond any professional line. You do suspect that the man actually enjoys these little debates, even though he always has this exasperate look on his handsome face whenever you appear in his office. To be fair, you do make it up to him by always bringing his favourite coffee (black, like his soul), and there’s this little line on his forehead that always softens when you do that.

The both of you debate about everything, from the differences in legislation between the two nations, to which is the shop that sells the best coffee and pastries, to whether men and women are paid equally and fairly for the work that they do. Some debates end up being the silliest things ever, like the time you stubbornly held fast to your belief that cotton candy is a legitimate ice cream flavor, and he had laughed in your face, challenging you to find a shop that sold such a ludicrous ice cream flavor. It so happens that a traveling circus from London was visiting New York at that time, and you knew they sold cotton candy flavored ice cream because every time you visited the circus, that was the first thing you would buy. You had somehow convinced him to go to the circus with you, and you had crowed triumphantly at the look on his face when he saw that you were right. Surprisingly, Percival hadn’t just Apparated home after you had proved him wrong. Instead, the two of you had spent a lovely day having fun at the circus, and there were times when he smiled at you that made your stomach curl in delight. You think that was the first time you truly believed that you might have feelings for him.

Whilst most of your debates are often light hearted and made in jest, there are times when you both butt heads and end up yelling at each other from across the conference table. This usually happens when Grindelwald disappears, yet again, and everyone is tense and on edge and looking for someone to blame. The meetings that happen after are often chaotic, with everyone shouting over the other about how if we had done this or that, he would be in chains now. Percival is always particularly peeved during these meetings, because pressure is coming down on him from every other nation and everyone is running out of time. He’s always harsher then, demanding explanations from the people involved in these failed operations, and once or twice, you see he’s on the brink of yelling at them, but he always manages to rein it in. But Percival is a far more terrifying creature when his anger is bound in a tightly curled ball that everyone feels, but no one dares meet his eyes because his stare is cold and his voice is quiet but ice when he asks, politely, seething, for everyone to please fucking come up with a plan so we can put the bastard behind bars.

He snaps though, one day, when a team consisting of six Aurors, including two rookies, run into an ambush and they come back a team of three instead. He roars at the three remaining Aurors when he realizes that he’s lost three people, including the two rookies, because of overblown egos and a lack of caution from the senior Aurors. Everyone in the conference room is silent because they’re losing more and more good people every day and nothing they do seems to be working. When Percival is done, he tells the survivors that they’re suspended and leaves without a word to everyone. You see the tense lines of his back, and his fists curled into tight balls, and you want to kiss his knuckles and tell him that everything is ok. But he’s not yours and everything isn’t ok, so you stay quiet and you throw yourself into work because the only way you can help him is by working harder, and being faster, stronger and better than Grindelwald.

You don’t realize it, but in the following days, your banters with Percival dwindle, and you’re working with your colleagues day in day out to find a lead on Grindelwald and you’ve only time to spare Percival a distracted good morning and good evening each day. He notices though, and if he’s honest with himself, he misses it. He misses the way your accent thickens as you get more excited and passionate about the subject you’re debating about, misses the way you roll your eyes at him whenever he disagree with you. He misses your intelligent conversations and the coffee you bring and the smile on your lips when you tease him. He’s not realized how much he looks forward to seeing you every day and to hearing your voice and how you intrigue him with your wit, and he thinks his office seems quieter and emptier without your daily visits.

You’re furiously deciphering an encrypted message, hoping that it contains important information when a cup of hot tea is placed in front of you. Startled, you look up to see Percival looking down at you with a crooked smile on his face. He nods at you, once, before he disappears back into his office. You’re somewhat baffled as to why he would take the time to make you a tea, and you gingerly lift the cup, breathing in the intoxicating aroma. You notice with a start, that it’s one of his cups and you wonder if he’s lost his mind, and then you notice a little note stuck to the bottom. Unfolding the piece of paper, you blush as you read the note he’s scrawled out, before you quickly slip the paper into your pocket, hoping no one notices it.

It’s lunch time but Percival is still working. The man lives off of coffee, anyway. His door flies open and he blinks and your face is in front of his. He has just enough time to wave the door close before you pull at his collar and kiss the life out of him. His hands curl themselves in your hair, and when you break away, you’re gratified to see his dark eyes glazed with affection and a hint of lust. You press a small kiss to the corner of his mouth and grin, “So you admit that you miss me?” He huffs at you, and one second he’s standing behind his desk, and the next he has you pressed against the edge of the desk, his hot breath next to your ear. He bites your ear gently, not leaving a mark, and he growls at you just as you’re trying to protest weakly. “For the love of god, just shut up, just this once.” And you’re drowning in him eonly sounds you make are little groans and squeals, and Percival thinks he very much likes these sounds you make as he nips at your neck. He thinks he’ll be keeping you around after all.

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Thanks! ❤️Your horror edit made my day lmao 😂😂 Is it bad that I actually saved it? Oh well. I have a question though: what are some of your favourite Jongup pictures? I'm trash and I cannot lie ^-^

Ok so

1. I’m so happy you enjoyed mullet-madness - it is both pure and pure evil

2. of jongup..favourite pictures of jongup..well, the challenge with this is how to narrow the selection down - I will force myself keep it to 7 general uppie trademarks that I enjoy..

*cracks knuckles*

Let’s go!

He’s all angles. Sharp, deadly (at times, literally)

ARMS. ‘Stronger than dumbbells’, ‘cheetos’ - he’s proud of them and rightly so.

Look at that smile - I dare you not to smile back ^^

HAIR. Is there any colour my child can’t make work? I THINK NOT. Black, brown, silver, indigo, pink, electric blue and my personal favorite 2013′s purple

His selfies. As he grows in confidence each year, his dares to show us more intimate day-to-day scenes, including a recent one with the love of his life

THE POSE TO END ALL POSES and something that never fails to make me cry

And finally, the only thing that could best the 1004 is this:

Jongup in December, 2015. 

Post-lawsuit, post-trauma, smiling, happy and back.

I’m sitting in the backseat of my mother’s car, driving to God knows where, when the subject of best friends had somehow come up
Immediately I tell her about my two best friends, two people who I wanted to spend all of my days playing with, going on adventures of make-believe and grandeur
I go on and on about these two lovely people in my life as a child, when mom interrupts me and says
“You have to pick just one”
I’m confused; why should I have to pick? Why can’t I have two best friends? What’s wrong with two?
Why should I have to choose between two people who mean a lot to me, two people who I care for so dearly?
And what’s so bad – what’s so wrong – about having two best friends? What’s so wrong about having a heart so full of love that it cannot be forced to select only one person and claim them as “the best”?
It isn’t fair and I don’t understand, and clearly I had not been educated on the matters of best friendship
I don’t say much else for the rest of the car ride

The age old question that haunts everyone on earth for as long as they can remember is, are you a cat person or a dog person?
I was born into a family with both a big, dopey dog who was afraid of the grates on the sidewalks and streets of Philadelphia and a cat who was oh, so cleverly named ‘Mr. Kitty’
When I was a bit older, I was finally able to have a cat of my own – an orange kitten small like me, who unfortunately passed away much sooner than he should have
And growing up we always had dogs in the house; big German shepherds who thought they were lap dogs and when the girl had puppies, there were even more dogs in our house
But as much as I loved dogs, as much as I enjoyed the company of dogs, I still loved the soft purrs from a cat, the way their whiskers tickled your face when they kissed you
So whenever that question came up, I always claimed to love both, that I just couldn’t choose
And before I can even begin to list my reasoning, I’m told
“You have to pick just one”

When I finally set foot in the world of makeup, my options are endless and overwhelming but I know what I like – eyeliner
But even something as simple as eyeliner has its endless options and it takes me a while before I find what suits me, what makes me happy
My friends are all amateur makeup gurus and they offer their insight, gel eyeliner is better than them all
And while I like gel, I can’t help but feel partial to pencil; it’s always been there for me, it’s never led me astray
So when makeup comes up in our conversations, when I’m putting my face on in front of others, when I express my love for both I’m met with
“You have to pick just one”
And why should I have to pick just one? When both are equally as good for me?
When some days I prefer the simplicity of pencil and others I prefer the intensity of gel?
But they don’t just understand, because they’ve already made their choice and now I have to make mine

When I am finally old enough to drink, I am, once again, faced with my nemesis: options
I never cared much for alcohol to begin with, but on the weekend of my twenty-first birthday, I decided to go all out and try a little bit of everything
After all, it made sense; that way I was sure to figure out what I liked and what I didn’t
My dad and I went to a local bar and he ordered a beer, so I ordered a beer and that was the night I learned that I really liked beer; even though it was my first time experiencing its taste, I knew that it would not – it could not – be my last
Then later that night, my mom and my sister and my aunts, all the girls, we went out to a restaurant to celebrate my birth, and my mom ordered a glass of wine so I ordered a glass of wine
Wine is much different from beer, much lighter and a little sweeter, but I really liked wine; maybe not as much as I liked beer, but I knew my future was going to include a glass of wine on a Friday night
Just like I knew it was going to include a cold beer at a baseball game
After that weekend, people began asking me which drink was my favorite, and I dreaded telling them I liked both beer and wine because I knew the words that would come out of their lips would be
“You have to pick just one”
And hearing those words would make me throw up all of the liquor I had consumed in just three days, and in a panic I said wine because wine is classy and fancy and everyone likes wine
And now when I go out with friends, I order a wine because that’s what they expect of me, even on the nights when I long for a nice, cold beer

There’s a boy in the grade below me and everyone knows he’s bisexual, but he doesn’t know that he’s the punchline of all of their jokes
That he’s the reason “no one takes bisexuals seriously” because he’s dated both women and men – what is not to be taken seriously when that is the literal definition of bisexuality?
But when he dates a man he’s assumed as gay, and when he dates a woman everyone thinks he’s been straight all along
They call him wishy-washy and greedy and so many other words are thrown in his direction that hurt me personally, because they feel like they are being thrown at me
I’ve never been shy about the fact that I did not deny the possibility of one day marrying a woman
But hearing my peers say over and over and over again
“You have to pick just one”
Makes me succumb to a shyness that I didn’t even know existed

That narrative follows me all throughout my life
People telling me that I “have to pick just one”
Pick a boy to love, or a girl
Because I can love one or the other, but not both, no certainly not both
But I have spent my whole life being forced to choose between two things I love and I’ve had it, I’ve had enough
I am not going to be forced choose any longer
I will not let anyone make me choose when I don’t want to, when I don’t have to
Because I can love one and I can love the other, and I can love them both at the same time even if I love them differently, even if I sometimes love one more than the other
It doesn’t invalidate the way I feel and it doesn’t invalidate who I am
And who I am is someone who not going to be defined as whether they chose “this or that” but instead, someone who is not making choices anymore


YOU HAVE TO PICK JUST ONE // inspired by Blue and Green - A Slam Poem on Bisexuality by Alyssa Cassese

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It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all
—  J.K. Rowling, Harvard’s Speech

NEW RESEARCH suggests that humans became the large-brained, large-bodied animals we are today because of natural selection to increase brain size.
The work, published in the journal Current Anthropology, contradicts previous models that treat brain size and body size as independent traits responding to separate evolutionary pressures.

Instead, the study shows for the first time that brain size and body size are genetically linked, and that selection to increase brain size will “pull along” body size, a phenomenon that may have played a key role in the increase in both traits that occurred near the origins of modern humans and other species in the genus Homo.

“Over the last four million years, brain size and body size increased substantially in our human ancestors,” said paper author Mark Grabowski, a James Arthur postdoctoral fellow in the Museum’s Division of Anthropology. “This observation has led to numerous hypotheses attempting to explain why observed changes occurred, but these typically make the assumption that brain- and body-size evolution are the products of separate natural selection forces.”

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