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Selective Outrage (I stopped counting)

Yes, I know, that last bit is obvious hyperbole. Of course the Internet said something. Plenty of people are pissed off and rightfully so. Not only is banning the media from your events except for the ones that like you the textbook definition of censorship, but also a shining example of the behavior of a tyrant.

But you know who wasn’t pissed off at the media ban? All the people who lost their shit, waved the censorship flag, and went on a big tirade about how “Those no good SJWs are ruining everything!” in reaction to the other events described above. I find that both disconcerting, yet also amusing that people who lose their minds and cry ‘censorship’ whenever somebody who doesn’t think like them and isn’t them gets their way for a change, but when actual censorship is performed the people who railed, ranted, and raved against Target for not carrying a year-old game and tweeted ‘#buttgate’ over the Tracer thing all suddenly get suspiciously quiet.

Here’s the cold, hard fact. There’s a word for people who do such things. If you jumped on a high horse and burned SJWs in effigy because Japan didn’t localize a shitty volleyball game in the US but didn’t say a word over Trump cherry-picking who does and doesn’t get to report on his actions and speeches, you’re a hypocrite.

Have a nice day.

For the anon who asked for a brush/coloring tutorial ! First off, let me just be clear with the fact that I have no idea what the hell i’m doing ever, my life is a constant phase of “Winging it”. So this is just literally what I do and how I do it, in terms of coloring. 

I really hope this makes at least some kind of sense, and when it comes to the brushes I use, there are similar equivalents in Sai/Photoshop/GIMP ! 

I’m putting this under the cut since it is very LENGTHY !

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 The Spanish FR7 and FR8,

By the 1950’s the Spanish, like most nations, were seeking a new semi-auto battle rifle or fully automatic assault rifle to replace their near obsolete bolt actions.  The Spanish chose the CETME, a select fire semi auto/fully automatic rifle fed from a detachable magazine and chambered in 7.62 CETME.  The CETME helped modernized the Spanish Army, however there was a problem.  A complex and expensive rifle, there were not enough CETME rifle’s to arm the entire Spanish military.  The new rifle was issued by priority, which often meant that less important units such as reserves, militia, police, and other rear echelon units did not have access to the rifle.

In order to sure up the numbers, the Spanish military turned to the idea of modernizing their massive arsenals of bolt action rifles.  After the bloody Spanish Civil War and World War II (Spain was neutral), the Spanish military was in possession of tens of thousands of Mauser type bolt action rifles.  Many of the rifles were taken out of storage, re-arsenalled, and modified to serve as a reserve arm.  The rifles were shortened into a more compact carbine length, new sights were mounted, and caliber was modified.  The FR7 and FR8 were very similar to each other, with the FR7 being built from Spanish Model 1893 Mauser actions while the FR8 was produced from 98 Mauser actions. A flash suppressor was installed, which was compatible with the firing of NATO type rifle grenades.  A bayonet mount for modern bayonets was also included.  What looks to be a gas tube is actually a storage compartment for a cleaning kit.  The most important modification of the FR7 and FR8 was in caliber.  Modified from 7x57 and 8x57mm Mauser, the FR7 was chambered in 7.62 CETME, while the FR8 was chambered in 7.62 NATO.  This was so that the rifles would share common caliber with the Spanish military as well as NATO.

First produced in the late 1950’s, the FR7 and FR8 was used by the Spanish military and the Guardia Civil (National Police) up through the 1970’s.  After being fully phased out, most were sold on the civilian market as military surplus, making popular hunting rifles and collectibles.  Back in the day they used to be cheap and plentiful on the milsurp market, today they are becoming fairly scarce.

anonymous asked:

hello! i was just wondering in post/164681704682/ridgeport-i-was-heavily-inspired-by how you got those leaves in the background? thank you!

i took this leaf pattern and selected one of the leaves using the auto selecting tool in photoshop and just added a new layer and filled in the shape idK if that made ANY sense omg

zur-en-arrhbatman  asked:

Dumb question time: I notice when you link your fic it's to a certain chapter. How do you do that? When I click share on tumblr it always links the first chapter even if I am not on the first chapter. :-/

Yeah the share function on ao3 auto selects the first chapter. Copy and paste the url for the correct chapter and then when you get to the tumblr post that auto generates, press the x to remove the heading ink at the top and replace it with the copy pasted url. 

i decided to take screenshots because i’m barely awake rn and not sure i’m explaining well. 

Preparing to shoot in the ballrooms at DragonCon: a white balance nightmare

So I read allll this stuff about white balance, then looked at my Nikon D50 camera– and it’s too old to do any of the fancy adjustments I read about.  

I’ve got three basic settings for indoors:  Auto, incandescent, and fluorescent.  This means the white balance in my pictures will be off, because those ballrooms have various types of mixed lighting.   I’ve tested the incandescent and fluorescent settings in these rooms before and I already know they don’t compensate adequately, and so I’ve selected auto for starters, but it’s notorious for failing to cope with mixed lighting, and I’m not sure it’ll be an acceptable solution.  

Sure, I could get a new camera– but that’s so damn expensive it ain’t happening until this old warhorse either dies or people stop making the batteries/SD cards it will accept.  

So.  I am shooting in RAW format to facilitate color manipulation, and if anybody sees a picture here that has bad white balance, and you think it’s good enough YOU would like to fix the color levels…. talk to me and I can set you up.  I can’t do it myself because I don’t have either Photoshop or the knowledge of how to use an image manipulator successfully to change photo temperature.  My past attempts have not resulted in improvement.

Deleted all my tumblr posts. lol All 8k + of them 

(before you ask, go to your dashboard, click on your post count. just below that is mass editor.

Put this script in the browser and it will auto select 100 posts, which is the max Tumblr will allow to be deleted at once: 

javascript:$(’.overlay’).slice(0, 100).click()

If your browser erases javascript: at the beginning, just retype that shit

hit delete at the top right. Repeat until done. And yes you have to keep putting that script in your browser thing).

You’re welcome.