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selective mute or partially nonverbal lance (depending on which you know more or would rather write)! If you find its too much trouble to research for its fine to discard this but imagine lance getting particularly upset over a comment and being a bit overwhelmed and cant bring himself to speak and maybe the team not understanding and getting frustrated at him, and him getting frustrated at himself and the others which makes it worse and maybe it ends in a breakdown. Idk a bit of self projecting

I’ll see what I can do!

Lance was no stranger to anxiety. It would always make him clam up when things got to much for him. 

Luckily only a few things got to him. Being yelled at, making mistakes and please talking about him. Good things it’s only those. 


Lance couldn’t remember what the comment was but it affected him a very negative away. He know that they didn’t mean any harm by it, but he had a very stressful week. 

Lance was silent, he listened to what the others were saying, but he couldn’t make out what they were saying perfectly. His pulse was racing and he could only hear his heartbeat in his ears. 

“So Lance why do you think?” Shiro took another bite of his goo. 

Shit, what were they talking about? Lance opened his mouth to speak but he couldn’t get anything to come out. He felt like someone poured cement down his throat and let it dry, blocking any words from bubbling to the surface. 

“Lance?” Shiro asked again, causing everyone to look at him. 

Lance wanted to hide, he couldn’t talk. Everything was too much for him. Lance did the only thing he could, he gave them a shaky shrug. 

“You don’t have an opinion? I thought you would.” Hunk slightly chucked. 

Lance wanted to laugh,he wanted them off his case but he couldn’t do anything. 

“So Lance what do you think?” Allura questioned as she leaned forward in her chair. 

Lance once again opened his mouth to speak but nothing came out. He tried again and again but it was silent. Like someone stole his voice. 

“Come on Lance, just say what you wanna say.” Keith mumbled beside him. 

I’m trying. Lance attempted again and fought back tears as nothing came out.

“Lance, quit playing games.” 

Lance tried again. It was too much, he couldn’t do anything about it. He just wanted to run away. 

The team kept talking to him and he snapped. Lance placed his hands over his ears and slammed his head down on the table causing a thump.  He was shaking but no noise was coming out. 

Everyone was silent. They weren’t sure what had come over Lance but they wanted to know what happened. 

Shiro carefully stood up from his seat and walked over to Lance. He crouched down and placed his human hand on Lances back. “Lance, what’s wrong?” He could feel the boy tremble. 

Lance slowly removed his hands from his ears and sat up. Tears had streaked his face and his eyes were puffy. 

Everyone stood up in a panic causing Lance to jump. 

Shiro motioned for everyone to be quiet and he turned his attention toward Lance. “Talk to me, what’s wrong?” 

Lance wiped his eyes, which did nothing to the tears that replace them and said nothing. 

“Lance, buddy talk to us.” Hunk pleaded from where he stood across the table. 

Lance shook his head. I can’t talk, I can’t explain what’s happening. 

Everyone was silent. Shiro rubbed small circles on Lance’s back and Lance focused on his breathing. He needed to calm down. In 4, hold 7, release 8. Once I can focus i should tell them what happened.  In 4, hold 7, release 8.

I hope you like it!!! 

I’ve never had any experience with this before and I’ve never heard of it before. 

I hope I did okay. 

Thank you!! 

it takes $0 to not be a dick

I’m fed up

I keep seeing these rudeass anons pop up like weeds in this community. Regardless of whether it’s just one asshole intent on harassing ask blogs or multiple, the amount of negativity these anons are spreading is absolutely sickening. Listen up.

Don’t go around policing other people what they should or shouldn’t do. The entire premise of having an ask blog is purely based on you. On doing the shit you want to do. 
The ask blog platform is ideal because it’s a medium that conveys your ideas in a fun and interactive way. And granted if you’re looking to make an ask blog just for the sake of being popular or getting notes, you’re going to have a bad time. I may not be in the position to say anything as one of the alleged ”””popular””” blogs, but if you enjoy your au and feel passionate about it, people are bound to feel it too. And they will enjoy it. It’s part of being part of a community that enjoys seeing each other’s content.

It’s not a competition.
Like my last point states, the idea of having an ask blog is not built on the foundation of ‘who has the most followers’ or ‘who can draw the best’. An ask blog is a process and ultimately the culmination of a person’s strengths and creativity. Yes, art happens to be one of the main appeals in an ask blog, and yes, it can also be a reason to start an ask blog, whether it’s for your own self-improvement or something of like, but art isn’t everything. It’s a person’s care they put into writing and culturing their ideas for their desired alternate universe. We don’t look out asks and immediately think ‘yes answering this will get me lots of attention’. We are selective in what we answer for the reason of having the inspiration/perfect idea to execute an answer. Like I said it’s a process.

At this point I’m repeating myself but I want to make it very clear. While I may say art isn’t everything, I can say that most of us here started our blogs with the drive to improve our art. Our ask blog is fundamental for our creative process because the messages and prompts you send feeds us with the ideas and motivation needed to even create art. We don’t fucking burst out of the womb like the baby from Alien making these drawings on a whim. At the end of the day we’re all still practicing- testing out new techniques, everything of that sort. If you berate those that intend on improving their craft, you’re only discouraging them from making the improvements that you want to see from them. 

We do what we do not only to satisfy the expectations of our ‘audience’ but because we love it. Your enjoyment comes first and foremost in a platform like this so don’t feel pressured to change if it’s not to your own consent.

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Say a character was experiencing an episode of selective muteism would it be possible for them to be partially verbal such as answering yes or no questions?

A Scriptshrink consultant answers:


It depends on the person, when my selective mutism was severe, I couldn’t say anything and nodded or shook my head to answer questions. But as I got better, it started with answering simple yes/no questions verbally. At first it was quietly and almost mumbling, but it got better in time. I’ve seen this pattern in others I’ve worked with, too - a progression from not speaking to then answering yes or no.


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i think u sAid once that colour is p important in some way in this comic and I noticed that alphys was all grey but pap was all colours in the latest update?? is this a "flowey specific POV" kinda feature or more like. omniscient narrator fact??

The main story is told only from Flowey’s POV. So the present of color is very important, i won’t explain why because I think it’s more fun for the readers to figure out what it represents.

OH! but if you thinking about bringing this up to a character, it’s not really something you can comment on to them, since it isn’t really something the character can see themselves.  

Navi Mishima

If Mishima were a Phantom Thief, I think he’d have a navi role instead of being in the fighting party. You could swap him around with Futaba, kind of how you can do so in Persona Q.

Since he’s pretty much the team’s knowledge broker in canon with the Phansite, he’d have a persona that specializes in gathering info on shadows.

Analyze Weakness - He could have the ability to analyze enemies and figure out their weakness. So I don’t have to constantly throw every attack element possible and hope that one of them is the weakness. Just command him to scan enemies and he’ll know their weaknesses in a couple of turns.

Appease Shadows - He could scan the enemy’s personality type and determine which dialogue choices would make them happy when you’re negotiating with them to join you. Or maybe something like Mishima sometimes warning you when you select an answer that would piss off the shadow. You’d pick a bad answer and Mishima is like “Wait don’t say that. I don’t think he’s gonna like that”. And you get a chance to choose again. (On a sadder note, this would reflect how Mishima probably acted when he was being abused by Kamoshida/ bullied by classmates. Watch out for their mood swings, and say whatever it takes to appease them so they don’t hurt you any more than they usually do.)

Target Hunt -  If you’re looking for a particular shadow (cause you need it to fuse a particular persona/or want to make skill cards etc), Mishima can scan and look for which shadows on the map will spawn the one you’re looking for. I personally would love to have this since I hate having to go through a ton of battles just to find the one shadow i need.

These are just the ones at the top off my head. I can probably think of a whole list of abilities for Navi!Mishima with a little more time. 

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Sorry if you've already answered this, I don't think you have though...I swear I looked! Can adults have selective mutism?

Yes, adults can have selective mutism. However, it almost always develops when they were a child, and carried over from then.

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Event Walkthrough - Midnight Cinderella - Cinderella Challenge Quiz Answers

Event Period: April 20th ~ May 1st

Ink Droplets. Collect 10 of these in order to answer a question!

Chibis. Depending on how many correct answers you have, you will be awarded Academic Chibi Suitors.

QUIZ ANSWERS ARE UNDER CUT. I didn’t have the time to translate all of the questions and the answers, but they are probably going to be worded differently anyway. THIS IS NOT GUARANTEED TO BE 100% ACCURATE!! I am looking up more sites to check answers, but so far, two sites have the same selections and, since the answers won’t be posted until after it’s done, there is no true guarantee these are right until I find someone post something with the “right” answers, which I might not find.

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Domestic Drabbles - 7: The Hufflepuff Who Lived

Welcome back to another round of Domestic Drabbles :D Time for part 7! I needed something ridiculously cheesy and cute since part 6 left us all in an emotional mess (mostly me though).
I’m actually not 100% on Penny being a Ravenclaw. (I really can’t decide) But it worked out best for this fic.

Anyway, shoutout to the amazing @baz-n-simon for being the best beta, support, and friend EVER!

And to @eroticgropefest, whose drabble series originally inspired my series (:


Simon is obsessed with quizzes, and not the educational kind, or else he may have done better in school. No, it’s the useless quizzes he seems to love so much. The sorting kind: “What kind of bird are you?” “What would be your superpower?” “Pick a taco and we’ll tell you at what age you’ll get married.” (Incidentally, that one said he was already married, but I’m not suspicious.) It’s all totally useless knowledge. Bunce says that useless knowledge doesn’t exist, but she’s not dating Simon Snow. And she’s not the one being begged to take them all after he’s done.

I took a few of them at first, of course, just to humor Snow. It seemed trivial at the time. But after finding out that I’m a pigeon, and that my superpower is invisibility (and the countless vampire jokes that ensued shortly afterwards), and that I’m apparently never getting married because I’m not a fan of tacos, I had to put my foot down. But apparently, that means nothing because a laptop is being shoved in my face.

“No way, Snow.”

“But, Baz, we have to know!”

“We already know.”

“Not officially!”

Bunce walks in and gives us a questioning glare as I yank the laptop out of Snow’s hands and sit it down on the coffee table.

“What don’t we know officially?” She asks, sitting down on the end of the sofa. Then she glances between us. “You two aren’t flirting, are you?”

I roll my eyes. Snow makes a grab for the laptop, but I swipe it up from the table and walk away from the couch.

“We don’t know Baz’s Hogwarts house,” he says. He huffs and crosses his arm, glaring at me and then at the laptop in my hands. I almost smile at him. Because he’s pouting.

I slide the laptop onto the bookshelf and turn to him. “I’ve already told you, Snow. I’m not taking anymore of your quizzes.”

Bunce’s eyes widen. “You don’t know your Hogwart’s house, Basilton?”

I raise an eyebrow at her and give her a disappointed look. “Not you too, Bunce.”

“Penny is a Ravenclaw,” Snow says, nodding towards her. Bunce nods in return and sips her tea. “And I’m a Hufflepuff.”

“Of course you’re a Hufflepuff, Snow,” I say.

He rolls his eyes. “But we don’t know your house, Baz.”

“Of course we do,” I say. I run my hand cooly through my hair and smirk at him. “We all know I’m a Slytherin.”

Snow doesn’t react to this. “Not officially,” he says, and he points to the laptop. “You have to take the quiz.”

Bunce snorts. “I don’t buy that for a second, Baz. You may exude Slytherin on the outside, but you’re just as bad as Simon. I think” —she locks her eyes with mine— “that you’re a Hufflepuff.”  

Snow starts laughing, but I just frown. “I’m not a Hufflepuff, Bunce. That’s absurd.”

She shrugs and sips her tea again. “You’ll never know unless you take the quiz.”

Snow giggles a bit more, then smiles at me. Crowley, I think. I never win. Because the evening sun is setting, and the light is filtering through the windows. And Simon’s face is glowing. And he’s smiling so wide. And I hate him for it. Because that smile makes me weak. It makes me want to say yes. It makes me want to agree. It makes me want to do whatever it takes just to keep him smiling.

I roll my eyes and sigh. “Fine, Simon,” I say, grabbing the laptop from the shelf. I ignore Bunce’s questioning stare as I walk back over to the couch and hand the laptop to Snow. “I’ll take your stupid quiz.”

Snow takes the laptop happily and opens it as I sit down beside him. As he types away at it, I run my fingers through his hair, watching as the light reflects off of each curl. He swishes his ridiculous tail over at me and winds it around my arm. Bunce scoffs at this, then gets up and walks toward the kitchen.

“Ready,” Snow says, then hands me the laptop. He leans against me and puts his head on my shoulder.

I read through the questions carefully and probably spend too long on each one. But maybe I’m dragging this out on purpose. Because Simon smells wonderful. Like cinnamon and citrus and a scent that I can never quite seem to describe. And his tail is still wrapped around my arm, and his thumb is moving against my leg.

When I select my answer to a certain question, Snow looks up at me with a questioning eyebrow raise.

“White?” he asks.

“What’s wrong with white?”

“You’re a vampire, Baz.”


“Your last name is Pitch.”

“What’s your point, Snow?”

He doesn’t say anything and puts his head back on my shoulder.

I read through the next few questions, then hesitate on clicking the ‘Find Out Your Results’ button.

“The moment of truth,” Snow says, sitting up and staring intently at the screen.

I roll my eyes and frown, then click on the button. We wait a few seconds (of course, Snow has the slowest laptop in existence), and then the page loads, and I immediately slam the laptop shut.

Snow is laughing. He’s doubled over and laughing. Too much and too hard.

“Shut up, Snow,” I say. I nudge him in the side, but he’s laughing too much to care.

Bunce walks back into the room, and I glare at her. She looks over at Snow, then smiles.

“Ah, yes” she says, grinning slyly. “Tyrannus Basilton Grimm-Pitch, the Hufflepuff who lived.”

I roll my eyes. “Fuck off, Bunce.”

Snow unwinds his tail from my arm, then gets up and shuffles quickly to his room.

“I told you so,” Bunce snarks.

“I don’t want to hear it,” I say, pinching the bridge of my nose. I just want to spell this laptop away from me.

Snow then comes out of his room, leans over the back of the couch, and drapes an obnoxiously large yellow and black-striped scarf around my neck.

“There, Baz,” he says, leaning over more to kiss me on my cheek. “We can be in Hufflepuff together.”

My cheek feels warm, tingly, almost like a burn, but I just scoff at him.

“I don’t want this bloody scarf, Snow,” I say as I try to push it off. But then I inhale, and the scarf smells like him. Like cinnamon and citrus and that scent that I can never quite seem to describe. But it’s the one that I know so well. And as it leaves my nose, I breathe it all in again.

And I think that maybe Hufflepuff isn’t so bad.

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Red Riot?

My boy!!!

First impression

He’s a good kid

Impression now

He’s GREAT! Canon SUNSHINE BOY! I love him! He’s my son! Amazing!

Favorite moment

Every time he smiles

Idea for a story

Kiri goes around town on his day off and he helps with little things/chores as he heads back to the dorms, but ends up with a bunch of items/snacks because they wanted to thank him, even though he tried to refuse them.

Favorite relationship

All of em

Favorite headcanon

Kirishima wearing Dark Shadow like a scarf and walking like a model when Tokoyami is in a bad mood

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what ever happened to the trc directory???

What do you mean? It’s still up!

It just functions as a place to find blogs that post about TR. I just added another person this morning at their request. Next step would just be coding in a separate section so mutlifandom blogs can submit too! 

I also have a button on my blog (top right off mobile) that links to it that I’m going to post instructions on how to add if people are interested?

Sibling Rivalry

Pairing: Neymar Jr x Reader

Reader Request (@xisabellaxo): Neymar imagine where our boys get jealous of our baby girl because Neymar pays attention and cuddles her more than them.

P.O.V: Second-Person

Genre: Romance/Fluff

Rating: T

Word Count: 3,860

Warnings: Extreme fluff and cuteness that will induce cavities and rot your teeth.

A/N: Ahhh, this isn’t my best writing but oh, well. I haven’t posted in a while and y’all deserve a lil treat for your patience, support, and love. ❤️✨ I’m starting to accept and write requests, so feel free to send them in! Lots of hugs and kisses! 😘 xoxo — jas

The soft whimpers of your three-month-old daughter sounded from the baby monitor, rousing you from your deep slumber. You shift around in the bed, a dent in the mattress as you propped your elbow, carding your fingers through your tangled knots of hair and plucking the loose tresses plastered on your cheek and mouth from the crusted trail of drool beginning from the corner of your mouth and ending at your chin.   Blinking a few times to clear your blurred vision, you reach towards your bedside table, and turn the digital clock on a slight angle towards you, squinting to check the time.


A groan tumbles from your lips, as the whimpers from your daughter escalate into soft cries. You push yourself into a sitting position on the bed, slipping the duvet down to your ankles, as you swing your feet over the side of the bed. A calloused, warm hand encircles your wrist, tugging you back into the warmth and comfort of the bed, as you tumble into the sheets and duvet in a heap of fatigued limbs.

“Sleep, amor,” murmurs your boyfriend, stifling a yawn. “It’s my turn give her a bottle and place her back into bed.”

“Ney, you have training in a few hours.” You mumble, eyes drooping as you gaze at your boyfriend through the thick curtain of eyelashes framing your vivid eyes. “Besides, you’ve been lulling Leila back to sleep for the past few weeks on your own. I think this means that it’s my turn to relieve you of said duties and allow you to have a few decent hours of sleep.”

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A Little Time |open/selective

It had happened once or twice after Steve came out of the ice. He hadn’t understood it at first and he’d felt embarrassed and ashamed of himself for wanting or needing it. He’d finally gotten up the nerve to talk to Bruce about it and Bruce had sat him down and spent several hours over a couple of days talking to him, explaining it all and then helping him find things he could have in his apartment for those particular days he needed them. Bruce even promised to monitor him whenever he was in town if it would make Steve feel better.

A solo mission had gone terribly bad. Fury had put him in his place more than once since his return over everything that had happened, even if it hadn’t been Steve’s fault in the first place. He’d gone home, feeling lower than he had in a really long time. Once on his floor in the tower, he curled up on his bed and fell into a very distressed and unrestful night’s sleep.

The next morning, he tried to call Bruce, but the phone went to voicemail. With a soft whimper, he lay back down for a few minutes before getting up and crawling out of bed, moving into the living room and curling up on the sofa with a coloring book and his colored pencils that Bruce had helped him pick out. He flipped on the cartoon channel and just kinda drifted into his own head space, not even hearing when someone came on to his floor…

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😻 character you hated but now love

HARD but……. i think kishan from the tiger’s curse and aspen from the selection trilogy (i didn’t actually hate them but they were…… bleh)

😈 favourite villain

for the little that i read from the grisha trilogy i can say the darkling (i love him okay?) and sebastian from the mortal instruments

❤️ favourite ship

this is an amazing question!!!!! i wonder what are my favorites otp *pensative emoji* its feyrhys, shalid and kanej :)

emoji book ask!

First Impression: Clozemaster

I just heard about Clozemaster and I thought I’d give it a try. Clozemaster is “gamified language learning” based on filling in the blanks in sentences in your target language. I tried a little bit of N4 and N3, but I didn’t play for long so this is truly a first impression.

Here’s what the site looks like while you’re using it. The default is black text on a white background, but I like how you can switch to white text on a black background!

First of all, I really appreciate that this site has recordings of actual Japanese people saying every sentence. The recordings play automatically after you finish each question, but you can quickly skip ahead if you don’t feel like listening. 

I also like how the whole system is repetition-based, so sentences will keep coming up until you get them right.

My first criticism would be that the words are written in kanji, so you need to be able to read kanji in order to select the right answer. (Just knowing how to say the word won’t help you.) But that’s not necessarily a bad thing! Just depends what you’re trying to achieve. 

Since this is a game, you get points each time you get a question right. Getting a question right in the multiple choice mode (pictured above) gets you 4 points, but getting a question right in text input mode (pictured below) gets you 8 points.

If you get stuck, you can click the question mark on the right to make choices appear.

The next issue I encountered was related to the words being written in kanji - you can’t just type the answer in hiragana if there’s a kanji for that word. As you can see below, I got the answer incorrect because I typed は instead of 葉.

There’s an option to take away the English translation, and at first I thought this made the game way too hard, but I realized it’s actually pretty cool. The whole idea behind a “cloze test” for languages is that you’re able to really process the sentence as a whole and think about which word would make the most sense, rather than just translating the one English word that’s missing from the sentence.

Finally, here’s a look at the dashboard that keeps track of your progress:

Overall, I think Clozemaster is great. It’s not a stand-alone tool for studying Japanese (or any other language), but I already feel like I strengthened my Japanese from the 30 minutes or so I spent playing around with it.