Finally finished this drawing :D

Bigger image here on dA

Gabi ( is a friend who always has really awesome style, and changes her hair more often than I do.
When I began this drawing her hair was pink but she’s gone through blue, white and green by the time it was done.


Oedipus Rex - Costume Illustration for king Oedipus and queen Jocasta.

The play was directed by Abigail Akavia and produced by the Arts Council, the Classics Department and CES of the University of Chicago.

I was involved with helping Bambi put her ideas down on page. She gave me reference photos of inspirational dresses by M. Vionnet from the 20s and 30s, and I drew out the designs as directed by Bambi. The designs that existed as abstract ideas became solid on the page and we were able to proceed with modifications to the designs as they were needed.

Bambi then took the illustrations, confirmed with the director, and created the dresses.

More illustrations of the other characters to follow as I finish editing them!


So over the past few days I’ve gained some followers due to some of my illustrations being featured on Scientific Illustration tumblr. This is just a quick note to my followers, that I keep a separate blog ( where only my own artworks gets uploaded.

Since I originally intended for this blog( to be an inspiration blog with emphasis on fashion and costume, if you’d rather not be spammed by reblogged contents feel free to follow my art blog ( You will find my newest works, as well as some WIPs and the occasional studies/speedpaints.

Please excuse me in advance as I will be reblogging thing post a couple of times over the next few days. Love!