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thats great, haha I NEED TO SEE EVERYTHINGG

SO HERE YA GO, YOUNG PADAWAN (i might have overdone it a tiny bit…):

  1. minho protecting key from fans in a crowded airport;
  2. minho noticing key’s gravelly voice on sukira and offering him his bottle of water;
  3. minho trading rooms to stay with key and monitor him during the night when he fell sick overseas;
  4. key always touching minho (bonus);

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Jongsuk picks gifts for fans

Source: Youtube; Pallang0914 (thank you, anon who linked me!)
Translation note: Spreading the Jongsuk positivity. This is when he shopped for gifts to give to the fans at the Shanghai fanmeet. I also translate some of the stuff that was not subtitled.

This guy is Lee Jong Suk. What is he doing here?

Jongsuk: Sale! Final sale!

Is he here for the discounted goods??

PD. What are you doing here?

Jongsuk: I usually don’t really like going out, I’m nearly always at home. But today I want to come out to buy some presents. Because I am having my first fanmeeting in China, so I want to buy some presents for everyone.

What gifts did Lee Jong Suk choose for the fans?

Jongsuk: What gift would be good~?

Jongsuk carefully chooses gifts that he thinks his fans would like. He picks them up and even tries them on himself, examining them with care. (T/N: Aw look at cute Jongsuk with three different scarves!)

Jongsuk: (holds up caps) Which one is better? The one on the right? (holds up shoe) Aren’t these shoes cute?

PD: Do you think the fans will be satisfied?

Jongsuk: I hope they will be, but everyone has different tastes, right? (smiles)

He spent so much time choosing and choosing the gifts.

Then suddenly, he encounters a piece of clothing. (It is a shirt with the picture a sexy woman on it.)

Jongsuk: (shily) Oh, it’s too sexy!

PD: What are you buying now?

Jongsuk: The reason I’m buying scarves is that I usually go for a simple style in my clothing, so you can use scarves as the focal point to light up the whole outfit. As for the shoes, it is quite unique, pretty and has heels… So I bought those, and then what else did I buy…? Ah, bluetooth speakers, since it is somehing that I like very much myself. So I want to give it as a gift.

What else…? What did I buy? Hm??

Lee Jongsuk bought so much that he forgot what exactly he purchased.

Even after the photoshoot ended, he was still buying gifts for fans. He went to the headphone shop. 

Jongsuk: Yep! (selca-ing) Ooh, this is a little embarrassing. :D This place sells the pair of headphones I always use in ‘I Hear Your Voice’, so I want to come buy a pair for the fans. Wait, is the sound coming through right now? Can you hear me?

Then, he wants to show the fans what the headphones look like on himself, so he puts down the camera.

Jongsuk: Can you see? (takes a random pair of headphones) Wow, these are so big. (puts them on) It’s like those DJs. You’ll wear it in a club, right? *bops to imaginary music*

Jongsuk: Ah, those are the headphones I used in IHYV. PInk is so cute. Are these pretty? Should I get them?

Jongsuk is smiling happily with both hands full of gifts, ready for the fans.

Jongsuk: (holds up two full bigs) Ta-da!

PD: How are you giving them to the fans? 

Jongsuk: I don’t know yet. Through some games? Like they have to win a game? Or I just pick the first fan I see by feeling? I haven’t decided yet. Time to think about it… (lol you think about it now after buying…)

I want to give it to everyone, but since so many people will be here, I have to think about how to do this~

PD: Say something to the fans you are going to meet.

Jongsuk: It’s really the first time I have bought gifts like this for my fans. It’s thanks to everyone that I can come out for some shopping. It was so fun~ I had a good time. I hope that those who receive these gifts can use it well and treasure it.

The day we meet should be a happy one, but I’m soooo worried. Let’s meet happily! Annyeong~~

[End scene on derp smile.]

140222 GO2PM Arena T. Fukuoka(Day1) 2PM + GOT7 F/A updates

@besidewooyoung : 140222 2PM Arena Tour 2014 “Genesis of 2PM” at Fukuoka Day 1 Starts! ^0^

@_sorataec: Got7 members came & sit with hottests all screaming

@2PMFAH : GOT7 is in Stand A block!!!

@2PMFAH : GOT7 is not performing today! Watching 2PM’s stage with Hottests!

@2PMFAH : GOT7 is in first row of Stand A block.

@ClubHottest : 2PM had new white suits on for Step by step || cr: kana

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