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🌈Pastel Rainbow Vibes 🌈
Outfit Breakdown:

Wig: Toxic Unicorn by @dream-holicwigland
Jacket: @storedogdog
Top: @harajukuhaul
Skirt: @storedogdog
Socks: @chrissyskneesocks
Fuzzy 2-way clip & Shoot Star clip: @strawberryserenade
Holo Star Pins: @strawberryserenade
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♥ My mori & natural kei outfits from 2015 in review~! ♥

I wanted to make similar post year ago, but I didn’t have enough photos to post, because I’d just started my journey with this style and I used to wear mori clothes from time to time. Nowadays, I wear mori and natural kei everyday, but I still don’t have too much to show you. Taking outfit photos is hard work for me, because I want to going out perfectly, haha! But I hope that you appreciate this small piece of progess in developing my woodland wardrobe! (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑

Thank you so much for spreading it through the world!  ٩(♡ε♡ )۶

Please don’t remove caption under the post!  ( ≧Д≦)


Matching scarf and beanie~ 💕✨ ————————–
Outfit Breakdown:

Beanie & Scarf: @strawberryserenade
Wig: @dream-holicwigland
Tee: @strawberryserenade
Holographic Star Pins: @strawberryserenade
Skirt: @harajukuhaul
Over the knee socks: @charlotterusse
Fuzzy knee socks: @daiso

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[04.06.12] - 12. “Springtime fairy on her way to pick new flowers to press” - outfit post focused on simple sleeveless underskirt from Samansa Mos 2:

I feel happy the most when I’m wearing mori because it makes me feel like one of the Studio Ghibli characters who’s having positive attitude to life, embracing little things and caring about yourself and friends as much as they can. Also I want to apply this outfit for @little-acorn-village mori kei fashion show! I’m always so happy when I could share my greatest passion with others and show them how wonderful mori kei is. ♡