selcas jonghyun


Shinee wanted to take a photo of their heart pose so they yelled for their manager to come and take one using Taemin’s phone.. then this happened haha 

Thank’s to smile-saranghae for the link of this video ! ♥ It’s from “We got married” with Taemin and Naeun, ep 28/194, for Shinee comeback with Everybody.

Credit : gif not mine

How to selca/instagram/twitter like SHINee:

Jonghyun: Smirk, collages duh, Cover half of your face, smirk, show them pearly fuqing whites, literally take the picture from the highest fuqing angle possible, derp up the country, V, fall asleep, look a song teaser, memes, wait 6 weeks and repeat

Kibum: OOTD, fuqing dogs, hey Look whats for dinner, make a video of you doing various poses, do some weird shit too, legs legs legs, thx Jeremy scott, 3 worded english caption, hey look at my friends, be gorgeous, #withthebae, #offguard

Onew: wall, be fuqing adorable, be natural, smile, byeok, be cute af, annyong, *coughdaddyafcough*, seriously u have to be the cutest shit on the planet, okay angles because you’re no professional, hashtag ur thoughts, fuqing smillleee, rocks, dork af, #nofilter

Taemin: Mom got a new smartphone, dammit mom got a facebook, that looks weird mom, dont forget eyes are meant for staring into the souls of those who gaze upon you

Minho: fuqing piece of fuqing handesome shit right there, normal poses, normal angles, be normal in the most attractive way possible, #traveling, #photography, soccer, charm needs to fall out of your ass and everywhere else