selcas doojoon

BEAST goes on vacation
  • Kikwang: Scares the aquarium guests, talks about eating crabs in front of the crabs, falls in love with the dolphin
  • Doojoon: Takes selcas all day, runs away from a horse, gets scared of a bee
  • Dongwoon: Can’t put the tent up, almost spills his drink all over himself, gets hit in the head by the tent
  • Hyunseung: Doesn’t know what to do about the live seafood on his plate so he pats it instead
  • Junhyung & Yoseob: Somehow ends up on a couple date, sings to the fish, catches seaweed, tries to scare Junhyung, almost breaks the fishing rod, goes for couple rides on Yoseobs bike, almost falls off

[19 Feb 2014]

@BeeeestDJ: 잘먹었습니다키키키키키키키키킼키키키키캬캬캬탸탸캬턑짱!!!!

[TRANS] @BeeeestDJ: I drank it well kekekekeekekkeekkekyakyakyakyakyawifkscks jjang!!!!

Dongwoon’s reply:

@beastdw: @BeeeestDJ 스타벅두ㅋㅋ팬들센스짱! 수고해요횽

[TRANS] @beastdw: @BeeeestDJ Starbuckdoo keke the fans’ sense are amazing! You worked hard hyung

Translation credits: @yongjunna