j-u-s-t-sam  asked:

Just wondering, what would your response be if I asked you to fight me?

“I would quickly decline.”

He responded in the smooth baritone he normally carried.

“Harming a lovely of mine when it isn’t due is a crime. If they have disrespected me to the point of reaching a breaking point, I would not feel remorse giving them a few pointers on how to remember to shut their mouths. But simply asking to fight me isn’t exactly provocative. And I have nothing to prove to humans such as yourself. I’m not going to fight to show off strengths or weaknesses or whatever else.”


                                      a touch of gold and cobalt

                                “But baby I can’t delay it no more
                         The fact is all this time, been everlovin’ ya”

style inspired by this post created by kassareo. 

the colors and the lyrics are taken from the song called everlovin’ ya from the 2014 studio album called the golden echo by kimbra