I need another lady hero show that does a good balance of drama and lightheartedness, most (not necessarily all) eps ending hopefully, if not happily but isn’t a straight up comedy show.

I already watch AoS (it really doesn’t do that hopeful/happy thing) but I’m open to suggestions. Preferably lady-centric and diverse and not on the cringeworthy network…superpowers not necessary, badassery in any form is accepted.

What is a legacy? It’s planting seeds in a garden you never get to see.

for that unfortunate anon that thinks it was a good idea to challenge me


(audio from brooklyn 99 i’m going to die)




yixing in 2016 - solos


Part 1 (edit: fixed the quality)

Y’all thought this was going to be a cute thing? Boy, obviously you don’t know me.

Lance and Keith have been playing the game of throw and catch for a while, Lance decides that it has been enough of that and decides to confess his feelings to keith, it doesn’t turn out as he expected.