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(Or would I be third, with Junior ahead of me? …. well, never mind that.)

That’s right. I’m Kamek, and I’m here to answer any questions you might have for me. I’m wise beyond years, after all, and I’m sure you’re just so eager to learn from me.

So there you have it. Ask away, kids.

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Newcomers Pt 17

Creten gathered what was left of his belongings from his home that had been burned down during the battle for his small town. There was not much left but he was happy to find a few of his books were still in good order or were salvageable. The Humans had offered his father a temporary robotic arm that he refused probably still bitter about being defeated. In fact Creten was sad to be leaving at all, for the last few days he had been welcomed by them and they had answered his mountain of questions and seemed pleased to meet someone who was interested in their culture. He and the rest of the now refugees as the Humans called them were being sent to Geeda with the others, they were told that it was being used as a holding area for those caught up in this war.

Ruffling through the burned wreckage he found what he was sent to find, a picture of his mother, he snatched it and ran out to the street.

“Father I found it!”

“Ah good” he said taking and looking at it with a smile on his face, he ran his finger over her features as if he was scared he might forget them. He knew that she had gone west towards the capital and that was likely where the Humans were going next. He hoped like they had done here they would not kill anyone they did not have to.

“You guys ready?” asked one of the Humans that was helping them into the trucks.

“Yes, let us go”

Creten helped his father to his feet and the Human picked up the bags and followed them to one of the rear trucks. Just as his father got on Creten turned to the Human.

“Can I really not stay here? I want to stay and see everything”

Hopkins looked down at him smiling and handed him one of the bags.

“You are brave little one and you have a good head on your shoulders, but the front is no place for you. Your strength lies inside your mind and your people will need you once this war is over”

“Can I at least…” Creten looked at Hopkins pocket smiling and he pulled out a few sweets.

“There those are my last ones”

“Thank you”

Hopkins lifted him into the truck and he sat by his father.

“Take care all of you, there are clean beds and hot meals waiting for you in Geeda.

“What about those who defended it?” asked Creten’s father and Hopkins turned to him.

“I can’t say for anyone specific but there are many survivors” Hopkins banged the side of the truck and it began to pull away with Creten waving goodbye to the Humans they passed.

They rode for hours with the tracks of the truck kicking up dust and dirt behind them making the small town they had called home fade from view as if being erased.

Going past them heading the opposite way were Gal and Human infantry running on foot and vehicles carrying other supplies and to Creten’s joy a Bastion. Behind him a flap that separated the drivers from the occupants opened and a Human handed them some protein bars saying the journey will be longer than expected.

The reason was traffic, there were a lot of vehicles trying to get in Greeda through only a small number of gates, and not all were Human vehicles.

In the weeks since Greeda fell it became the place for refugees to go and be housed by the Humans who felt it their duty to help those caught up in the war. One thing they did not stop and even in fact they encouraged was the travelling of Benemar merchants. They would come and trade their goods with the refugees and Humans alike who paid them well. Soon other merchants were making their way into Human controlled territory to trade their goods.

It was nearly midnight when they arrived at one of Geeda’s recently repaired gates and they were stopped once more by Human guards that came and inspected the truck. Many feared this was the moment the Human would show their true colours and kill them but all the guards did was ask them their names and hand them ID bracelets.

They passed through the gate and into the city which was rather quiet as it was close to the middle of the night now and everyone had retired to bed, the truck suddenly stopped and they were asked to disembark.

There was a waiting waiting of them and once they had all exited the truck it left them in the middle of the street with this guard holding a clipboard watching them.

“Hello everyone my name is Lieutenant Rosev and I am the one in charge of this section of the city. This building behind me is your new home” he indicated the large housing block that could hold hundreds of families, small townsmen like them could only dream of living in one of these.

“They have all been checked and stocked with beds and basic living needs, the water is a bit dodgy but we are working on fixing it. Tomorrow food will be distributed from a centre down the road. So yeah, find a bed and fall in I guess, goodnight” he saluted then and walked off.

They all looked around a bit dumbfounded, these were supposed to be luxury apartments for only the highly rich or privileged Benemar and they were being given to them freely and without questions.

“I don’t know about you lot but I have no intention of freezing out here on the street” Creten’s father Malthos said heading inside. He had become the town elder since the last was killed during the battle and the town survivors looked to him for guidance. They slowly followed him inside.

The next morning Creten ran to the window having been woken by the sound of low flying aircraft, there were hundreds of fighters and bombers heading west and flying low. He watched excited and memorizing their strange shape and holding his ears at the loud booming sound they made when they passed overhead. His father was none to happy at being woken so abruptly and simply shouted at his son to go to this distribution centre the Humans had told them about to get food.

Creten did not need telling twice as he already had his boots on when his father called for him.

The streets were packed, you would have been forgiven for believing that the city never came under attack nor was under Human occupation. The streets were filled with Benemar, both survivors of the when the city fell and refugees from other such towns like his. Children played in the streets, merchants had set up stalls and adults chatted. He headed in the direction the Human had told them the centre was and on the way he passed a building that was once a gathering hall but had been turned into a walk in hospital by the Humans. He looked inside and saw Human doctors treating sick Benemar offering such services freely. Such services on Bento were hard to come by sometimes and even if one could find a healer the price of such treatment was extortionate. But the Humans asked for nothing and gave without question. They were not unobserved though, looking up he saw Gal, not a large number maybe half a dozen looking down and moving along the buildings slowly, there were a few Humans sitting on perches but they seemed more interested in chatting with each other than keeping an eye on them. He went on his way and found the food centre, naturally there was a long line as it was the morning and people were waiting for their morning meals. He hated waiting, he wanted to explore and talk to the Human soldiers who he saw every so often wandering around unarmed but completely at ease.

“Creten?” he heard someone call his name and looked around but could not see where it was coming from. “Creten!” he heard again louder and closer and he was suddenly seized from behind and spun to face this newcomer.

“Selan!” he shouted leaping into the arms of his big sister “You’re alive!”

“What are you doing here?” she asked.

“Um..our town fell, the Humans sent us here”

Selan’s face fell “Why didn’t you leave and go to the capital?”

“Mother did, father and me along with a number of others stayed and fought”

“You fought the Humans?” Selan said shocked at the thought of her baby brother even lifting a rifle let alone firing it.

“We lost as you can see but they did not mistreat us, most of the those who stayed survived”

“Father?” Selan said quickly.

“He is at home, or the home we have been given”

Selan let out a breathe of relief.

“Where is Jeqan and Kop?” Creten asked.

Selan’s face dropped and she shook her head “They died fighting to the last and with honour”

Creten grew angry, he hated that word honour for in his mind it was worthless and so many died for it. “They shouldn’t have died at all and we shouldn’t be fighting either”

Selan glared at him “They are the enemy” she hissed.

“Are they? They have been nothing but kind to me and father once they saw we were not warriors, like now I am in line to get food which they say they do not charge for”

Selan said nothing.

“How many long hours did we spend in the salt fields scratching at the dirt in the hopes we might eat something or find enough to sell?”

Selan was a bit taken back by this, Creten was usually so submissive and easily spoken down to but now he stood tall. He had a new confidence that she had not seen before.

Finally he arrived at the desk where a Human female greeted him.

“Bracelet please” she asked holding out her hand and Creten put his arm up with his ID bracelet on and it was scanned.

“I see you have your father is in the city with you” she said reading a screen “Do you want to collect for him as well?”

“Yes please”

“One meal or the entire day?”

“Um…the whole day please”

She disappeared behind a curtain for a few minutes and Creten turned back to his sister who had said nothing.

“Have you tried their food?” he asked.

She looked at him out the corner of her eye as if refusing to face him “It’s not bad” she finally said and the Human reappeared with three large bags.

“This is your morning meal, your afternoon meal and your evening meal. There are few sweets in there as well”

“Chocolate?” he asked excited and the Human smiled and nodded. “Yay”

“Yay?” Selan asked not familiar with this word.

“It’s a Human word it’s used as a small celebration for when something happens that they like”

“Oh” she said “Let’s go see father then”

Creten turned and led the way and Selan watched him go a few paces “Traitor” she whispered to herself before following.

Newcomers Pt 21

Oolana ran and embraced her husband who for all his reserved nature could not hide his shock and joy at her appearance in their doorway. Selan being there too was too much and she embraced them all or tried to with her short arms and wept, her family was alive and safe. She would morn the loss of her two older sons but not only had the two younger ones survived but her husband too. She prayed her thanks to Oril the mother god for bringing her family back.

“Well this is a step up for us” she remarked some hours later enjoying a drink the Humans called tea. It was part of the food distribution that was handed out.

“Yes the Humans have been rather generous, they also offered father a new arm” Creten stated.

“Where is it then?” she asked Malthos who did not answer and only grunted.

“Oh I see, there is no shame in accepting”

“It is surrender” he said harshly “I will not submit to these creatures”

“But you do eat the food they give us” Creten said and his father looked at him both angry and surprised he was standing up to him.

“Food is to survive, offering such things as to give father an arm is to try and turn us against our own kind” Selan said coming to her father’s defence.

“I think the High Chiefs are doing a better job of that than the Humans” Creten shot at his sister and the two glared at each other.

“So Creten” Oolana said trying to change the topic of discussion “I saw you talking to a crowed of people when I arrived, what were you saying?”

“Are you still preaching that bullshit!” Malthos screamed getting to his feet.

“It is not bullshit, you only call it that because you disagree with me” Creten shouted back getting to his own feet, his father still towered over him but Creten shoot his ground.

“What you are preaching is traitorous!” Selan shouted getting in on the argument “You are a traitor!”

“To whom?!” Creten asked.

“Your own kind!” she stated as if obvious.

“What I purpose is for the betterment of our kind so how is that traitorous?”

“The High Chiefs-” his father started.

“The High Chief’s are not the whole of the Benemar! When was the last time they even left that city of theirs? Do they even truly understand or even know what is going on? Have you ever met one of them? Has anyone?”

Malthos and Selan had no immediate answer to that and Creten pressed his point.

“Exactly they sit there in big home and in eat their large meals, they are the trait-” he never finished his sentence as his father had struck him, being small he was lifted off his feet and thrown into the wall.

“You really are living up to your names meaning” Malthos said advancing on him “Unwanted one”

“A name I now bare with pride, for who said I ever wanted you for a father” he said quickly getting to his feet and running out the door.

Oolana stood, she had been stunned to silence by this argument and it was one they had clearly had had multiple times as if this was rehearsed. She went to her husbands side and he looked at her as if she would approve but she kept her face stern.

“I have lost two children because of the lessons you taught them and forced them to accept. I will not loose a third because of you” she looked at her daughter to signify that meant her as well and then went out the door after her son.

Creten had disappeared into he crowd mumbling and cussing to himself, he cared for his father but he hated him to, he was always so dismissive of anything he had to say and that infuriated him.

“Creten?” he heard his name and looked to see a Human looking down at him.

“It is you, Creten” the human said hugging him but he said nothing as he did not recognise this one.

“Oh right, you wouldn’t recognise me” she laughed “It’s me, Karen”

“Karen” he shouted and leapt into her arms again “I’m sorry I didn’t know it was you”

“You are not alone, I’m sure my own mother wouldn’t recognise me now” Karen pushed him away to look at his face and saw the large bruise appearing on the side of his face.

“Your father?” she asked and he nodded and she embraced him again kissing his head. “Come, let’s find somewhere quieter”

She walked with him to a bar and although he may be an adult by Benemar standards to Humans he was still under age so could only have soft drinks. Not that he mind as the sugar content was like nectar to him.

“Why are you here?” he asked.

“Humans don’t stay at the front forever, we are rotated and it was my turn to have some time off as they say. But I want to talk about you, you have been making waves” she smiled.

“Sorry” he said looking down.

“Don’t be, keep doing what you’re doing, even Jenkins said that he thinks you will do great things”

“Captain Jenkins said that?” his eyes wide.

“Oh yeah, as Humans say, stir the pot once in a while, cause a bit of chaos, challenge everything” she grinned “Why do you think we all liked you so much?”

He lowered his gaze again “Humans are easier to talk to”

“How so?”

“You don’t…judge or jump to conclusions or interrupt anyone when they are talking even if you don’t agree with them”

Karen laughed “Firstly, everyone judges everyone else, it’s natural. When I first saw a Benemar I judged that your kind were idiots, a few I first met did nothing to sway that but over time I have been proven wrong. Secondly, jumping to conclusions is again natural we all do it, I have done so more than once in my life but the best you can do is not make it control your every encounter. As for interrupting…well that’s just rude don’t do it. I have met a lot of Benemar since coming to Bento Prime and I can honestly say although we may look different, especially now, we can be very much alike. You just need to show people that there are better ways to live than always being strong. Live lives that will make the world a better place than when you found it”

Creten looked up at her “See a lot of my kind don’t talk like that”

“Not a lot of Humans talk like that, I do because I read to the point of madness, you ever heard of tumblr?”


“Good stay away from it it’s the cesspool of humanity but it has a lot of good fiction stories I’ve spent sooooo much time reading it drives my wife mad”

“Your…your wife?” Creten asked confused thinking he had misheard.

“Yes my wife, I know I’m married shocking isn’t it. It had to be quick ceremony though as the invasion was about to start”

“You’re married…to a…female?”

“Yes?” Karen looked down confused then it clicked “Oh right, um…listen first of, when a mummy and a daddy who love each other very much–”

“No no I know about all that”

“Oh thank god” Karen said burying her head in her hands “Well in Human culture it is not unusual for those of the same gender to have relations and get married” Karen froze expecting the worst.

“Oh..okay….do you have any children yet?”

That caught her off guard “Wait” she said scrutinizing him “You accepted that awfully quickly”

“You explained it awfully quickly”

Karen smiled wide and placed her hand on his shoulder “You are a credit to your race you now that? I think Hopkins was right, after this war is over, this world will need you more than you know”

The reason for her surprise was that such actions were forbidden in the Alliance and actively scorned and even prosecuted by some. The Benemar as well had purge all those they thought were afflicted less they in their minds pollute the gene pool.

“Creten” his mother called from the entrance and ran inside to hug him.

She had found him by asking a Human guard and he had used the Link to ask if anyone in the city had seen him and Karen had responded. All this while they had been talking.

“Mother, this is my friend Karen, she looked after me before we came to Geeda”

Oolana knew what that meant, this Karen was part of the attack that saw her home town burned to the ground. “Nice to meet you” she gingerly greeted.

“Pleasure to meet you too” Karen said shaking her hand “You have a fine son here, you must no doubt be very proud”

“I am” she replied without pause.

“Well Creten, I shall no doubt see you again soon but for now I leave you in the care of your mother. If you would excuse me I am meeting someone very special and she is probably wondering where I am” Karen straightened herself and left with Creten and his mother watching her go.

“Wonder who she is going to meet” Oolana speculated.

“Her wife probably”

“Her what?”

Creten let short laugh and began explaining it to her as they made their way back home.

Attention Intermission Fandom

First of all, hi. How are you. We’re a bit dead right now yeah? It sucks a lot. I’m suffering. We’re all suffering. Sorry it’s like 2 am but hey, rise with the moon go to bed with the sun, yeah?

I’m gonna try to fix this. Starting with Midnight City Problems

for those of you who don’t know what Midnight City Problems is, You can read it over here

Some of you may remember that a year or two ago I started a project called Midnight City Problems. This project was to be a fan collaborative between artists and writers of the Intermission Fandom to create an entirely new storyline out of the Don’t Bleed On The Suits Intermission from Homestuck. You know, the one with The Midnight Crew that about 70% of the Homestuck fandom failed to read?

The original plan was to create a fast paced continuously updating story using both characters from said Intermission and Problem Sleuth, Hussie’s first completed MSPA story. In the beginning, things went well. I had commissioned character bios, chapters were being released daily thanks to @selanpike and my combined writing skills, and all of our artists were having fun making up these scenes for each of the small snippets that were released during the week.

40 updates in, things started to fall apart. Artists started dropping left and right, some people weren’t up for the quick pace of the story, others never responded. Soon it was just Selan and I working on it together. We made updates a little bit more scarce, only having art for a few. Eventually, due to the depression of losing so many people on the project, we had to put the story on an indefinite hiatus.

After a long bout of deliberation, and my own inability to let things die, I have decided to pick up the story again for the sole purpose of seeing it through.

The only thing is that I don’t want it to be like before. I don’t want to start this with people and then have multitudes of artists drop the project.


If you are interested in helping continue the story, in helping our boys go through one more big adventure before they really are lost to the void, please feel free to send me a message. I’m happily willing to commission any artist who would like to be a part of the team. Each picture will be released with full credit and your name will be put on the list of artists who have contributed to the story, which you can see right over here.

I really want to pick up this project again. For those of you who have experience with my writing skills( RE: The Road To Redemption), you know that i’m pretty damn good at what I do. The question is, do you wanna be pretty damn good with me?

The choice is yours. The story will be written either way.

I would just like to have people there with me.

You can read the current entirety of Midnight City problems, along with the full character bios and list of contributors, right over here

Newcomers Pt 26

As was tradition, Ceran’s mother organised the preparations for his Crowning and his father took over finding him a wife. Letters were sent to every elder and high ranking member or those part of prestigious families that the new Chieftain was looking for a wife and that any unmarried daughters they had were to come and be presented. But Ceran had his own idea, he had come from humble beginnings and called a meeting of some of his supporters, these were men roughly his own age and some he had known from his home town. They shared a lot of his views and some had openly challenged him but he had swayed them to see a different path. With letters of summons he sent them into the city to invite low ranking families or even peasants who had unwed daughters to come. He had given them this task as on his behalf they would speak to the families and their daughters and see if they thought they would be worthy.

It was now three days after Ceran had been elected Chieftain and he was about to meet the various girls of which one he would choose as his wife. He wore his smartest tunic that had been made for him and through two very large doors his potential brides were waiting.

“Nervous?” his father asked.

“I’m shitting myself”

His father looked at him confused.

“It’s a Human expression, is means I’m scared”

His father laughed and Ceran looked up at him, he had not heard his father laugh in a very long time and it seemed so unlike him and out of place.

“Son” he said resting his hand on Ceran’s shoulder “I know I have not been a very good father to you, and we do not see eye to eye on a lot of things. But…I am proud of you”

Ceran looked up into his father’s eyes, those words he had wanted to hear for so long that he had almost given up hope he would ever hear them. He embraced his father who did the same smiling, Ceran’s bodyguard were smiling at this tender moment under their helmets. To them he was still so young.

“Right” his father said “Let us not keep the ladies waiting”

In the hall it was full of mothers and their daughters, the daughters dressed in the most elegant and expensive dresses that they could afford which for some was beyond sanity. Others who Ceran’s men had invited sat in simple dresses some of which they had made themselves. The mothers moved around their girls fixing the dress into place or touching up their makeup and putting their hair into various styles.

The ones who were not from such rich families were clearly visible and were the subject of more than one snide remarks, but like them they had the letter of summons and thus had as much right to be there as they did. The their annoyance.

Ceran stood by the doors, his legs were shaking and his breathing was erratic, all he had to do was signal the doormen and the doors would open but he did not.

“Need a little push?” his father said signalling the doormen and nudging his son forward.

When the doors opened the entire hall turned and curtseyed in the traditional manner, those that were sitting on the chairs shot to their feet to do the same. Ceran walked alone as his father held back a few paces, this was his son’s moment.

“Welcome all of you and thank you for coming”

He looked at them all as they raised their heads to look at him and he saw how beautiful some were, so much he almost forgot what he was planning to say.

“Um…yeah I am looking forward to meeting all of you and….good luck? I guess”

He turned around and looked at his father for some guidance but he just gave the thumbs up. So no real help at all.

The room was silent except suddenly someone at the back burst into laughter, clearly finding his awkwardness hilarious.

“I’m sorry……I’m sorry” she was able to say before falling into another fit of giggles.

Ceran couldn’t help but laugh a bit himself but righted his posture before nodding to one of his guards and returning to the back room.

The guards then began calling names and they would go into the back room to meet Ceran to the anger of the mothers they were not allowed to follow their daughters.

The first was the daughter of an elder who like him came to Geeda after it was burned down during a battle with the Benamar main forces.

“Greetings…Opoli is it?”

“Yes Chieftain” she curtseyed and sat opposite him, there was no table between them as Ceran thought it would create a barrier.  

“So what do you like to do for fun?” he asked and her face could conceal her shock, she did not expect that.

“Um…I err…I do know how to dance a little and I read”

“Oh really I love reading, what kind of books do you like?”

Ceran’s interviews as the Humans called them seemingly were about nothing and he would ask them about their family and what siblings they had and such. Then he would broaden the topic to include what they thought of the war or if their roles were reversed what kind of Chieftain would they be. Many of the girls had planned on winning over the young Chieftain by seduction or showing off their skills in various dances but all he wanted to do was talk and get to know them. Sometimes he would get carried away and begin speaking like a rant or speech and his father would have to shout through the door for him to shut up which would put him on track once more.

Hours went by and those who had spoken to the young Chieftain were sent home and forbidden from speaking to those still waiting, many heard the mothers of those girls shouting at their daughter for some reason or another believing they had failed.

Ceran was laying on floor, his back hurt as he had been sitting in that dam chair all day and he was tired. At the request of his father he had taken notes but to many it did not matter which girl he took as a wife only that he took one. In fact he had to actually command that he do this at all, as it was often done that a Chieftain would see a girl he liked and grab her. Or send a letter of intent to their father or mother but he wanted to know he would at least get along with his new wife.

“Got time for your big sister Chief?”

He looked up and saw Selan standing in the entrance to one of the side doors and he shot to his feet and embrace her.

“Oh am I happy to see one girl not trying to win me over”

“That is because you are my brother and I am under no obligation to like you” she said slapping him over the head and walking to his desk and going through his notes. “Bloody hell how many have you met?”

“I lost count ages ago”

“Do you want to know what I think?”

“Not particularly but I’m sure you are going to tell me anyway”

She then threw his carefully laid notes into the air to his horror “Stop taking notes, stop trying to organise things and stop thinking”


“You use what’s in here too much” she said prodding his forehead. “Use what’s in here” he pointed to his chest. “Feel, don’t think, I’m sure more than one girl has caught your attention and you can think of them without looking at your notes”

He was silent for a few moments before he replied “A few”

“Well there you go then” she clapped his shoulders then went to leave.

“Wait did you just come here to tell me that?”

“No, I came to annoy you, and tell you that we need to tomorrow to measure you for your Chieftain robes for the Crowning”

“Oh right”

Selan winked at him and left leaving him alone except for a guard by the door.

“How many more?”

“About 20”

“Lets get this over with”

The doors opened once more and another girl came in for him to speak to, he tried to be as keen and energetic as when he first started but he was tired, he was not use to talking to people this long and mentally he wanted just to soak in the bath.

But one did bring him to full awareness.

“…wait what did you say?” he asked.

“Oh you are listening I thought I was boring you” she said uncrossing her legs and leaning forward.”Sorry I’m nervous and I crack jokes when I’m nervous” she said rather sheepishly.

“What did you say though?” he pressed.

“…I don’t want to repeat it”

He looked at her in a manner of saying he could force her too and she looked around to make sure no one was with them. “I said if you wanted to, you could take me here and not wait till the wedding night”

He laughed “Well it made sure I listening”

“Which you weren't” she said without thinking and instantly regretted it.

“Indeed I’m sorry”

“No no you don’t need to apologise”

“Why not?” he asked.

She froze and looked to the side in thought “I don’t know that’s just what I always say”

Suddenly they heard someone shouting outside the door and she put her head in her hands “Oh please mother” she complained.

“What’s going on?” he called and a guard poked his head through the door.

“A woman is demanding to be let in, she says she is the girl’s mother”

“Tell her to wait like everyone else”

“Yes Chieftain”

Ceran looked at the girl in front of him, her dress was little more than a summer dress with her hair loose but brushed mercilessly straight and she wore very little make up unlike the others. She was clearly not from a rich or prestigious family.

“Taleena isn’t it?”


He put his pen and paper aside “Do you like to read?”

Newcomers Pt 23

“Karen! KAREN!” Creten screamed her name trying to rouse her, even after they pulled him from the rubble and separated him from her vines “KAREN WAKE UP”

“Shut up” Hopkin shouted throwing him to the ground “You wanted to see this, you wanted to see what war was, well here it is” he pointed at Karen laying there.

“This is war, people die, your friends die and maybe even you will die, war is little more than organised murder of thousands or even millions of people. Look, this is the face of war” Hopkins held Creten facing her, tears were flowing freely as he saw her lay there unmoving. He screamed, she had died saving him, she had a choice to either dig her way out of the rubble or save him and she had chosen him without a second thought.

Hopkins’s grasp on his arm loosened and he ran to Karen’s body and shook her.

“No! Oupa! Oupa wake up!”

Oupa in the Benemar language means mother or second mother considering the context. He shook her crying this name laying his head on her body as if trying to hear her heart come back to life. Hopkins knelt down next to him and Creten swung his arms around him, Hopkins was angry he blamed this child for her death. But he also knew that Karen would not want him to, he like all Humans in the Link had felt her fade, felt her die, she was not afraid except for Creten and even though Sharn had begged her to save herself she refused. Even when her body died her mind had lingered in the Link, bidding her final farewells before her voice was little more than a whisper and then gone completely.

“Creten” Hopkins said and he looked into the eyes of the life that Karen had saved. “If I remember correctly in Benemar culture when one sacrifices their life for another, the survivor become as Polintarin, a spirit carrier and holds the spirit of the life that was sacrificed. Correct?”

Creten wiped his tears away and nodded.

“Then you are a Polintarin and you now carry Karen’s spirit. I can think of none more worhty to do so”

Creten looked into Hopkins eyes again seeing no mockery of their ways or beliefs and once more he wept, he felt a presence behind him and turned to see a Human he did not know looking down at him.

“Is this the one?” she asked.

“Yes” Hopkins said standing and taking a step back.

“I am Sharn, Karen’s wife”

Creten’s eyes widened, did she blame him for her death? Did she want revenge?

He knelt before her and exposed the back of his neck, in Benemar culture this means he was offering his life to her. In fact in Benemar culture Sharn had to right to kill him and release the spirit of Karen from his keeping. But she only stood there, as if deciding what to do. Finally she knelt down before him and raised his head and embraced him like a son.

“Thank you for being with her in her final moments”

Creten returned the embrace “I will try to be a worthy Polintarin for Karen”

“If that is to start you need a better name” she said releasing the embrace.

“But I am a creten, we cannot change our names”

“Well now you hold the spirit of a Human and we can, how about…Ceran”

(Pronounced Care-rahn)

His eyes widened “Ceran” he whispered over and over again as if he couldn’t believe it.

“You are no longer an unwanted one, Ceran”

The city had been hit and hit hard, fires were still burning all over the city and the Humans were struggling to get them under control, many shelters had to be emptied less they become buried under the collapsed buildings. In a strange turn the local Benemar offered to help fight the fires and were quickly put to work doing so as the Humans could not afford to refuse. The death toll rose continuously as more bodies were found and thousands more were still missing and it would be likely their remains would never be found.

The bombers that had struck the city were intercepted by three separate squadrons on their return journey, these had been out on patrol and were the very ones the bombers had avoided when they made their run. Now they avenged Geeda, only 29 bombers returned and only 11 of their escorts but the High Chiefs celebrated this assault as a major victory.

Jenkins sat in the control tower watching as the numbers came in, not just the survivors but the dead and the now homeless. It would take weeks to re home them all and probably a few more days before the fires were all out. Not only that, they had discovered the bombers target, their warehouses that held their supplies, nearly all had been levelled and nearly nothing was able to be salvaged.

“You have to admire their precision” Cho said “They knew exactly where those warehouses were”

“Yes, levelling most of the city was just a bonus to them, to try and kill as many of our troops and stretch our resources knowing we would help the population” Jenkins agreed feeling angry.

“This now puts us in an awkward position, it will take us months to resupply to the level we were previously”

Jenkins looked at his second in command “Giving our enemy more time to prepare the defences of Potellan and train their troops”

“So what are our options?”

“Well, we can wait till we are resupplied and drag this war out for at least another year maybe even two, or we can attack now and end it tomorrow, but we may loose the war tomorrow”

“Our enemy wants us to attack now, before we were truly ready” Cho stated “And if we do not, he gains the more time he needs to even call in reinforcements from the Alliance”

“Neither option is particularly inviting” Jenkins sat in thought for a long time “I shall speak to Admiral Winston and Captain Kiev to consult on this. The outcome of this war hangs in the balance”

Cho watched him leave so he may speak to them through the Link in private, he turned his attention back to monitor “Who would have thought a single attack could have such massive ramifications”

“Creten!” Oolana screamed running through the crowed as she saw her son and held him in her arms for a few moments before hitting him over the head. “Don’t you ever scare me like that again, you hear me!”

“I’m sorry mother” he said and she held him close once more.

Malthos came running but when he and his son locked eyes he slowed his pace, Selan was with him but she did not have the same reservations and embraced him.

“Creten” Malthos greeted but he did have a slight smile, he was happy he was okay.

“My name is not Creten any more”

“What?” his father shot at him.

“I have been given a new name, Ceran for I am now a Polintarin”

“Who’s spirit do you carry?” Oolana asked.

“Karen’s, you met her a few days ago”

Oolana’s mind went to that day she found him with her in the bar and how Karen had looked at Creten…Ceran with the pride and love usually seen from a mother.

“Well, my son…Ceran carry her spirit well”

“Cretens cannot change their names” his father said rather harshly.

“But Humans can and the spirit I carry is Human” Ceran replied.

Suddenly there was an uproar as people were shouting at a Human standing on a small stage and he was trying to calm them.

“Please be patient, food and relief supplies are on the way” the Human said holding his hands up.

“You are keeping them for yourself!” shouted one.

“You did this to us!”

“You brought war to our world!”

“You tore our world apart!”

People shouted more and more insults and were working themselves into a frenzy, the few Humans that were present moved their hands to their guns in fear of being attacked. Ceran frowned and took to the stage, some thought he was going to attack the Human but he turned to the crowed calling for them to listen to him. Many there had heard him speak before or knew of him so he stole their attention.

“The Humans did not do this to you, it was the High Chiefs, they sent those bombers knowing full well this city was full of Benemar!”

That made them silent and look at each other, they could not help but agree to that.

“Most of you know me, you know me as Creten, but I a Polintarin and hold the spirit of a Human” He went on to recount what he saw of the bombers and the wall of flame and how the Humans fought hard to defend the city and them. And of how Karen had grabbed him without a second thought and sacrificed her life to save his and did so willingly and without pause.

“I am Ceran now and I hold the spirit of Karen with pride and I will make sure I am worthy vessel for her reside in. And I start by saying truly now and without an ounce of hesitation, the High Chiefs are traitors to our race. It was them and those who came before them that choked our air and burned our soil and made us fight in their wars. The Humans are not here to conquer us, they are here to liberate us! The High Chiefs ordered the destruction of their world and the Humans come here to free us from them. Would they have shown the Humans such quarter as they have shown to you?”

The crowed was silent, a few in the back and out of sight of being identified shouted traitor and when Ceran offered them a chance to come and explain their view they shrunk away.  

“I stand with the Humans…Will you stand with me?”