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Full Name: Selithil Starfeather
Nickname(s): Sel
Age: 25 (Human equivalent)
Birthday: August 10th
Race: Sin’dorei
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Romantic Orientation: Panromantic
Relationship Status: Single
Religion: N/A
Occupation: Merchant, Purveyor of specialty items & Teas
Language(s) Spoken: Thalassian, Common, Orcish, Goblin, Zandali,  Taur-ahe 


Face Claim: Cervena Fox
Hair Color:  Red, long blonde bangs
Eye Color: Seafoam
Height: 5′4″
Build: Curvy
Distinguishing Characteristics: One full sleeve tattoo & Half sleeve,thigh tattoo, nose piercing, can be seen wearing various decorative plugs for her ears on different days


Positive Traits: Captivating, Confident, Debonair, Persuasive, Imaginative, Passionate, Playful, Daring, Charming, Independent  
Negative Traits: Sensual, Flirtatious, Fickle, Impulsive, Unstable, Secretive, Vain
Goals/Desires: To one day have her own shop instead of a merchant stall and a house somewhere.
Fears: Commitment, Being insignificant, Love
Hobbies: Beauty {Making make-up, experimenting with colors}, Soap making, Candle making, Leather Crafting — Lots of things to be sold in her shop, Traveling
Quirks: Collects shoes and bracelets and wears them whenever she gets the chance 
Likes: Flirting, Tea, Herbs, Soaps, People, Clothes, Assertiveness 
Dislikes: @tyloraniel, Anyone not forthcoming


Father: Deceased
Mother: Deceased
Sibling(s): Younger sister @gemisen
Child(ren): None
Other Family:N/A
Pet(s): None
Financial Status: Merchant Class


Criminal Record: None
Drink: Occasionally
Smoke: Occasionally
Drugs: No
Class: Monk
Miscellaneous: Stories Art


VIDEO: Instagram Story LIVE by Selena Gomez on 02/19

Bir kadın tanıdım çok ağlıyordu,
Gözünden sel gibi yaş akıyordu,
Teselli verecek dost arıyordu,
Eşinden ayrılmış bir hali vardı…

Dünyada sevilmek sevmek bu muydu?
Düştüğü yollar da hayat yoluydu,
Gözleri ümitsiz yaşla doluydu,
Eşinden ayrılmış bir hali vardı…

Yaralı kalbini benden gizledi,
Yalvardım yakardım bir sır vermedi,
Acıdım haline elim değmedi,
Evinden ayrılmış bir hali vardı…

             Atilla Alpsakarya

anonymous asked:

Selena is THAT BITCH that wifey material woman, that justin needs in his life. but every time he does hang out with a girl they show their true colors in the end. And I think justin knows that he will never find someone like Selena I mean she's a very classy, independent woman who handles herself with kindness and grace I hope that's who he ends up with in the end instead of someone who's only there for fame. Btw I don't ship Jelena lol I just preferred him better with Sel

This is dope, thanks for stopping bye :)😘


Cosmere Star Charts: Selish, Scadrian, Taldain, Threnodite, Drominad, Rosharan System (Colored Version)

Taken from Arcanum Unbounded.