AU in which Kurt and Sebastian had met before.

Blaine and Kurt met not at Dalton, but at NYU, and started dating not long after. However, when on a break in the relationship, due to Kurt landing the once in a lifetime opportunity to work for a French designer in Paris for the summer, Kurt and Sebastian met. The designer was, in fact, Sebastian’s mother, consequently a very close friend to Blaine’s mother. The pair decided to leave their summer fling up to fate and the serendipitous chance that, if it was meant to be, they would meet each other again some day. So Sebastian went back to the University of Paris, Kurt to NYU and back to Blaine, until the day that they met again.

Kurt and Sebastian sorta based on Cacophonylight’s fanfic. ‘A Change in the Weather’ kinda how I picture the two at the wedding. It’s a summer wedding so it’s gonna be hot and I imagine Sebastian will lose the tie pretty quickly and unbutton his shirt. I don’t know about the story but I imagine there has been some tension, maybe fighting. Things are going well so far in the story so I imagine something is gonna come and ruin things, I’m guessing Blaine. Well I may be completely wrong but they are gonna have this crazy, intense dance. Mixture of hatred, love, sexual tension and it’s all gonna come to a boiling point. 

Again I may be completely wrong. I just love this fanfic and it’s my new obsession.

I used photos of Chris and Grant as references and looked at a few poses for Ballroom dancing. Although this might be the tango. I’m just learning the colors and brushes so please excuse any sloppiness. 

I’m gonna draw some Kurtofsky soon to balance me out. :p



kurt/sebastian (stepbrothers au) | one day


Kurtbastian Season 6 AU: (aka my perfect Glee season 6)

We all know that the Seb “someone else” means himself
and at the end of my perfect glee S6 Kurt and Seb are together he he