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Sekond PS 2002: Light In Which Water Used To Be


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hot topic krew chaptar 12: sekond leader

hello guys it is me. i decided that being influenced by the meme brigade story here, to do an little musical number of my own in the chaptar

today we meet viridi and get to learn about the past. remember to stay cool and drink lots of capri-sun.

chaptar 12: sekond leader

dark pit and the rest of the hot topic krew made their way towards the temple of souls. the dark angel wondered what kynthia could possibly want to tell them and about this sekond leader. he couldnt help but wonder if there was more to that woman than meets the eye.

at first, he thought she was just an fucking arrogant nuisance who was overbearing and overall just plan irritating. no matter what he did or what any of the other krew members did, she would always be there to yell about something irrelevant, wonder where cia even was or heck, just to call them emo losers and some other really offensive slurs.

now, she wasnt too bad but that still doesnt mean he forgot her past actions. after all, even if she was helping them and aiding them she still loathed hot topic and especially, BLACK NAIL POLISH!!111!!!!

the krew arrived at the front gates of the temple of souls as the soul less wolf link and young link statues stared at them. before luigi could press the doorbell, wolf rushed over, whimpering like an poor dog who was lost or wanted to do something because he was being neglected and canines shouldnt be deprived of attention.

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Red Pill Tidbit

Hey world true to my word, I’m gonna be speaking a lot these next few days on a wide variety of subjekts. Now I don’t watch baseball. I’m full blooded amerikan, but I just never got into it.

Well there is Daniel Murphy, sekond baseman for the Mets. He is a proklaimed Christian as well. He kame out recently with some komments about his views on homosexuality, in sports and in life. He said as a Christian man, he is not fan of the lifestyle but feels it’s not the mark of a good human being to write someone kompletely off bekause they like or love someone of the same gender. He explained that people have parts, and explained that while it is possible to like or love someone as a person, you may not necessarily like all parts of said person.
I understand this philosophy, when I was koming up I was friends with guys who ran the streets. I mean, some of these guys turned into real killer types. Now granted most of them are dead or in jail, but I had love for them in the kontext of OUR friendships, OUR interaktions. Did I like they’re thuggery? No! I didn’t. However I loved them for the parts I understood.

Now the issue I’m having regarding this is, it seems that even though this man sought to find kommon ground between Christians like him and the homosexual kommunity, it’s being met with disdain from some within the homosexual kommunity. After all the struggles they’re kommunity went through just to be able live, they want to argue that everyone NEEDS to accept everyone in their entirety ? That’s asinine! A lot of people of kolor feel this way too, I hear people saying, “white people need love and want to be around us” and nonsense similar to that. I’m sorry, do you love a alcoholic when he drinking? No probably not. I like marijuana, some people don’t like that, but they love me all the same. I wish some people were more awake to the evil in world and were more willing to get involved and fight it, do I hate them for this? No, I still got love for them.

I guess long story short, is that love and respect amongst humans is not always what you wish it to be. It is what it is, this goes out to everyone wanting equality, love and acceptance, as long as we work towards kommon ground and mutual respekt, we must remember to show the same love and respekt to those we might not agree with. We must remember that part of love and respekt, is a need to be free to be who we ALL are. Even those who don’t see things %100 like you do. To do anything less makes you hypokrite.

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March 7th at The Saint - Asbury Park, NJ

Corey Glover with Lower The Vail (9:45)/ Negative Sky (8:45pm) / Ropetree (8pm) / Sekond Skyn (11:45)

doors at 7:00 PM EST / must be 18yrs to enter

sterrenvanger asked:

Ik las net iets, dat ik dacht dat je mooi zou vinden: 'Wij kunnen helemaal niet denken, want iedere schakel is een deel van een andere ketting; wij denken, maar iedere sekonde is het een ander die denkt, ergens anders in het heelal, in een andere kamer, een andere stad, op een andere aarde, zei hij - wij zijn een oneindig aantal anderen.' - Het Stenen Bruidsbed, Harry Mulisch

Mooi ja, sterrenvanger. Maar ik ben het niet eens met heer Mulisch.